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Iran: U.S. Hasn’t Learned Lesson from Hiroshima

Kayhan News, Iran
Translated By Michelle Quay
27 December 2009

After visiting the lingering traces of America’s crimes in Hiroshima, Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran Sa’eed Jalili declared, “At the very least, the U.S. should be punished with disarmament and the revocation of its right to veto for its crimes here.”

According to several agencies, Jalili spoke at a press conference on the last day of his trip to Japan after visiting the site of the bombing and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, describing the message of Hiroshima as the obvious need for American disarmament.

Jalili said, “Because nuclear weapons lack legitimacy, no country or party should have such weapons at its disposal.”

In response to a question on his opinion after familiarizing himself with the pain, suffering and problems of the survivors of the U.S. atomic attack on Hiroshima, he said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran is familiar with the crimes by the United States in various parts of the world, including in Iraq and Afghanistan and even in Iran.”

Jalili explained, “Unfortunately America, which committed the crimes of Hiroshima, still continues the proliferation of nuclear weapons and experimenting with new generations of these types of weapons. Nowadays, however, the overwhelming message from the international community is for the disarmament of that country and its nuclear capabilities.”

The Islamic Republic of Iran intends to hold a conference in Tehran soon on disarmament and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. In reference to this, Jalili said, “The Islamic Republic plans to hold this conference to honor of all the victims of weapons of mass destruction in Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Halabja and Sardasht, which all took place with the support of the United States and as a result of the incorrect behaviors of that country.”

The senior nuclear negotiator for the Islamic Republic of Iran warned, “Tehran intends to seriously follow up on the issue of disarmament and non-proliferation with the cooperation of the international community.”

Jalili clarified, “Those who have committed the worst crimes against the people of Hiroshima and humanity by using nuclear weapons should not be the ones to win a prize and enjoy the right of veto.”

He expressed regret that these powers still are continuing the politics of proliferation, the experimentation with new generations of nuclear weapons and the escalation of these weapons, and that they are even working towards nuclear proliferation.

Jalili added, “Who but America and some of its allies has given the Zionist regime control over nuclear weapons?”

Jalili reiterated the point that according to the core beliefs of the Islamic Republic, a lasting peace cannot be achieved without fighting against injustice and disarming America and the other nuclear powers.

While expressing his hope for the creation of a world full of peace, justice and happiness for all peoples of the world, Jalili emphasized that the events of Hiroshima must not be allowed to repeat itself.

In response to the question about why there is concern in the international community regarding Iran’s expanding nuclear program, the senior nuclear negotiator for our country said, “Visiting the nuclear power plant in Japan showed that nuclear energy, if utilized in a peaceful way, can be useful in order to serve nations, but unfortunately the United States has used them in weapons of mass destruction and today is creating more of these weapons and proliferating them. It has given the Zionist regime nuclear weapons and today intends to prevent nations from attaining peaceful nuclear energy.”

He said, “On the other hand, all nations must enjoy peaceful nuclear energy within the established framework of the International Atomic Energy Agency and the Non-Proliferation Treaty.”

On Hiroshima’s decision to hold a conference for countries that desire nuclear expansion, the representative of the Supreme Leader and Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council said, “It is a very good idea for those who possess nuclear weapons to come here and see what crimes America has committed against humanity.”

Jalili expressed regret that sixty years after the Hiroshima and Nagasaki disasters, still no American president has come to Hiroshima to offer an apology to the people of Japan and the city.

He added, “Even Barack Obama, the American president, who has used the slogan of change, refused to visit Hiroshima and Nagasaki during his trip to Japan.”

Jalili left Japan for Tehran on Thursday evening and extended an official invitation to the Japanese government for a five-day formal visit in Iran.

During his stay in Japan, Jalili met with senior Japanese officials including Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, Minister of Foreign Affairs Katsuya Okada, the head of the Japanese Diet and other groups of Japanese authorities, with whom he discussed and exchanged views on different issues in the interests of both countries, including ways to develop both international and regional cooperation.

In a meeting with Japanese experts and nuclear specialists in the Ferdowsi Hall of the Islamic Republic’s embassy in Japan, Jalili considered the latest developments in Iran’s peaceful nuclear program and responded to a limited number of questions from those present in the meeting.


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  1. The only thing America is good at is bombing people. Sadly not much with anything else.


    Comment by B.Benhamid | December 30, 2009

  2. The approaching end of the oil era, and the decades long process of training the generation of engineers and the development of necessary technology to supplant oil dependence, would have Iran pursue the type of nuclear energy activities that the IAEA reports Iran is engaged in.

    Article IV of the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Treaty (NPT) states:

    ”Nothing in this Treaty shall be interpreted as affecting the inalienable right of all the Parties to the Treaty to develop research, production and use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes without discrimination and in conformity with Articles I and II of this Treaty.”

    In a September 17, 2009 press statement, IAEA stated:

    ”With respect to a recent media report, the IAEA reiterates that it has no concrete proof that there is or has been a nuclear weapon programme in Iran.”

    Defense Secretary Gates in an April 21, 2008 lecture at West Point, said “Iran is hell-bent on acquiring nuclear weapons”. Often, such a statement is accepted as an aphorism. It jibes with the caricature of a mad mullah salivating over a nuclear tipped missile. Cartoons aside, what are the likely calculations of flesh-and-blood human beings who happen to be mullahs?

    Iran consistently claims nuclear weapons have no place in its defense doctrine. Presumably because every possible scenario involving mere possession of nukes (let alone threats to use or actually using nukes) would spawn a spectrum of calamities ranging from Iran’s total isolation as a pariah to its preemptive “obliteration”.

    Iran must be well aware that nuclear weapons did not forestall the Soviet collapse from internal discord. In the absence of economic progress, the USSR’s arsenal did not accord it meaningful prestige in world fora. Indeed, at the zenith of Soviet nuclear stockpile (45,000 nukes), only the British, and the American ‘workers of the world united’ to crown Margaret Thatcher, and Ronald Reagan in landslide elections. Plainly, U.S.A’s extravagant nuclear arsenal has not enabled it to control the price of oil, nor has it hurried Syria, or Lebanon into signing peace treaties. There does not appear to be any benefits to be stacked against the prohibitive costs of nuclear weapons development, let alone the deployment costs of a credible nuclear arsenal. It is not just in the Iranian context that “the bombs are substantially valueless, a very considerable waste of money and effort, and “absolute” primarily in their irrelevance”. John Mueller contends nuclear weapons are not and have never been of any utility to anyone.

    At best, the alleged Iranian desire for the bomb could be construed as an insurance policy in case of regime change, though with premiums far in excess of the contingent loss, the supposition is absurd and unlikely. Squirreling money in Abu Dhabi bank accounts beats all other insurance schemes for ease, reliability, discreteness, and it earns interest.

    Feigning sympathy, some pundits point to the existential threats facing Iran. Given the neighborhood, they argue that it would be insanity for the mullahs not to develop the bomb — mad if you do, mad if you don’t. This begs the question: why is anybody threatening anybody else’s existence in the 21st century? If it is loose rhetoric that ‘understandably’ lead to proliferation, then are the threat mongers aware that by threatening one, they are perceived as a threat to all, and are taken seriously by a vanishing few?

    The danger of Iran sharing nuclear technology and/or actual weapons with a terrorist group is probably the most fatuous premonition stenographed by establishment media. Doubtless there can always be the first time in recorded history that a state actor gives the means for its own extinction to a foreign ‘group’. But, is there no likelier candidate for setting a new low in staggering shortsightedness, other than Iran? Are we to accept as a given that the millennially-minded 3000+ year surviving civilization not only aspires to national suicide, but wishes the timing of its guaranteed obliteration to be at the whim of a foreign terrorist group?

    The fear of a regional arms race is proffered often by Western pundits, but ironically, they are usurping Iran’s own fantods. Regional proliferation would transform hostile Arab governments from an over-the-horizon security concern, into Iran’s proximate security nightmare. Free-for-all proliferation would squander Iran’s geographic/population advantage, vitiate Iran’s conventional defensive capacity, and render even the tiniest of its neighbors a military equal. No wonder that Iran has been pushing for a WMD-free-zone in the Middle East.


    Comment by Bibi Jon | December 30, 2009

  3. Bibi,

    While there are many valid and under-explored points in your comment, it is premised on the meme of impending oil scarcity. If anything, we are headed into a prolonged era of declining oil and gas prices due to excess production capacity coupled with the fact that new technologies have doubled the known reserves.

    This article written by Iranian-American economist Ismael Hossein-zadeh dispatches up many of the myths:

    I don’t seek to argue that Iran is interested in nuclear technology for weapons but the “peak oil” rationale will not stand the test of time and should be abandoned.


    Comment by aletho | December 31, 2009

    • Thanks for reading. The opening paragraph does imply the whole thing is premised on oil being a finite resource, (and the insanity of using it and poluting the air hopefully is also finite).

      Past the opening few lines, the excerpt I pasted is also premissed on several other facts, such as inspectors not finding evidence, that mullahs are life-loving human beings, that nukes are unusable, and therefore useless, etc. etc. etc. You can find the whole piece in


      Comment by BiBiJon | December 31, 2009

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  5. It´s a mad mad world!


    Comment by Roland Rafael Repczuk | January 22, 2010

    • Yes, Roland Rafael Repczuk makes a good point. Also people tend to forget that America was not the one who threw the first punch. What about the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor?


      Comment by galactic_muffin | March 17, 2011

      • Sanctions are an act of war, and as such, the US did start the war with Japan. A war of choice by any assessment. Every war crime that follows the choice for aggressive war accrues to the aggressor.

        Japan absolutely relies on the freedom to navigate shipping and had no option.


        Comment by aletho | March 17, 2011

  6. I don’t mean to argue with anyone, but i do not think what happenes to Hiroshima is a crime. And I do think the Unites States has learned its lesson. Back in the 40’s they did not know about the radiation or all that. Everyone that worked on the Manhattan Project died from radiation. The United States was in a crisis at war in two places. Nuclear weapons nowadays are really just insurance if that. Like the other guy said they are pretty much useless but if worse comes to worse and everything goes to hell, we would have one last choice, which i don’t think the United States would use. Nukes are just there.


    Comment by Jacques | February 2, 2010

  7. Jacques,

    Pat Buchanan’s recent book Hitler, Churchill and the Unnecessary War makes a solid argument that WWII was always a war of choice for the allies, some could go further and argue that they provoked it out of aggressive motivation.

    When the decision to commit the heinous crime against humanity of using atomic weapons was made the US was certainly in a position to negotiate an end to hostility with Japan. The evil choice was made to force unconditional surrender on pain of civilian annihilation. There simply is no greater evil in human history and those that wield these heinous weapons (Obama and Clinton)assert their dominance through brandishing them to this very day.

    Vile and despicable, no two ways about it.


    Comment by aletho | February 2, 2010

  8. This Entire Post is pretty fucking retarded. just saying, japan was stupid to not surrender so we fucked them up. why don’t you all stop bitching and quit too.


    Comment by An american | March 3, 2010

  9. If I may, I think it is blatently obvious that this article and this whole website is run by a bunch of allahfags.

    Secondly, the US issued an ultimatum to the Japenese emperor, demanding immediate, unconditional surrender, or to “face imminent destruction”. The Japenese didn’t surrender within the time allotted, and the US did what they said they would do. Also, after the bombing of Hiroshima, the US dropped leaflets urging the Japanese to surrender and to evacuate major cities. And, while there was civilian loss of life in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, there were, also, substantial military targets in those cities.

    If the US hadn’t dropped the bomb, millions of Americans and millions more Japanese soldiers would have died. The bombs were, effectively, a weapon that saved more lives than it took. However, if the Japanese had surrendered at first, the bombs wouldn’t have been needed.

    And, on the topic of Iran, I don’t trust the leadership. At all. It would not surprise Me in the least to learn that they really do want nuclear weapons. Oh wait, Mahmoud Armourdinnerjacket has said repeatedly that he wants them! My bad.

    Prepare to be whois’ed. I’m finding out where this website is from.



    Comment by Lvcivs Veritas | April 19, 2010

    • Reading your post, the phrase “ugly American” comes to mind. Please research with your “whois”. And, since you have convince yourself that you know all about the importance of using nukes, tell us whose nukes these are:


      Comment by rediscover911com | August 6, 2015

  10. Sure, lets feel sorry for the very innocent Iranian leadership and let’s feel sorry for those poor Japanese that never hurt a single person before the Americans dropped an atomic bomb on them for no reason at all. How ridiculous. I’m sure those in charge of this website will block this message or quickly delete. I mean, why should we get to see two side to the story? Here are some pictures of those innocent World War 2 Japanese.


    Comment by Another American | May 30, 2010

    • Yes Another American, sanctions are an act of war, and as such, the US did start the war with Japan. A war of choice by any assessment. Every war crime that follows the choice for aggressive war accrues to the aggressor.

      A further point – while both the Japanese and Americans engaged in executions, only the Americans committed the genocidal crime against humanity of nuking cities.


      Comment by aletho | May 30, 2010

      • That is rubbish. So what if the Japanese had sanctions? If the United States and it’s allies decided not to sell goods to the Japanese because they understood the intentions of the Emperor and his alliance with Hitler’s Germany, than this is a good enough excuse to kill people at Pearl Harbor? You are saying, that you may show hostility to me or my friends, and in an effort for me to not be a part of giving you the means to continue doing so, you have the right to kill me, and I have no right to defend myself? Are you joking? That is such rubbish and i can’t understand how people of such intelligence cannot understand that. Unless, those people do understand it and have an agenda so they will say anything they can to push that agenda. Which appears to be the case here. I don’t care what any of you say, the United States may have agendas of their own, but so do you. So does Iran. So does everybody else on Earth. Here is the truth, if a country pushes it’s agenda and another country attacks them because of it and engages in a hostile war, the country who attacks better be prepared for the consequences. In Japan’s case Nagasaki and Hiroshima were the consequences. If middle eastern people don’t like the United States military in the middle east right now, the people should have risen up and stopped the Taliban from attacking the U.S. Especially on American soil. Then when these wars get started, we have to listen to a bunch of crybabies, who started the hostile acts, about how unfair it is that a power such as America is hurting them in warfare. Does that not sound silly to you? I simply don’t understand your reasons. I really don’t.


        Comment by Another American | June 13, 2010

        • A.A.,

          The US had blocked Japan’s shipping of it’s own oil using US naval force. A clear and irrefutable act of war.

          What do you suppose the US would do if a naval force blockaded US shipping? Sing songs?

          The US chose to have war with both Japan and Germany, both nations had tried to avoid conflict with the US through diplomacy. The US opted for aggression.


          Comment by aletho | June 13, 2010

  11. You and I see this from opposite perspectives. I see it like this, if the US had an embargo via a naval blockade and the US chose to attack the blockade, then the USA better not cry about it if it’s gets attacked in retaliation. Is it right or wrong? That is only up to each person’s opinion. Our perspectives are different so this disagreement could go on forever. We must just understand that we disagree with each other. I don’t wish to make enemies with you or this website. I agree with many things posted here. I respect that you allow opposing opinions to be made here and you refute them instead of just deleting like many other sites do. For that, I commend you and I will back out of this disagreement in a friendly manner. Take care my friend.


    Comment by Another American | June 13, 2010

    • A.A.,

      You see things according to the law of the jungle, might makes right.

      International law views naval blockades as an act of war. An illegal act.

      Your view would never ring true to the peoples of the victimized nations, only to the tribalist orriented members of the aggressor nations.

      Holding to one-sided views such as that which you express here would create an environment for endless warfare. Was WWII a good thing? Really?

      Don’t take my word for it. Please read Pat Buchanon’s Hitler, Churchill And The Unnecessary War.


      Comment by aletho | June 13, 2010

  12. I will check out that book. Thanks for that info. I will have to say, i whole heartedly disagree with the holocaust. I don’t think Hitler had the right to kill millions of Jews. He could have rounded them up just the same and sent them out of his country. Other then that, I have to say, I think Hitler had a good plan and his Germany could have prospered if he had been more patient. Maybe i ma a little biased because I am of German heritage but from what I have learned, Hitler had a good plan and made his country prosperous. If he had more patience and hadn’t killed so many people in the holocaust I think he would have been successful.


    Comment by Another American | June 13, 2010

    • A.A.,

      A usually hurried over fact is that there is no current claim that the concentration camps in Europe were used as death camps until at least after mid 1942.

      During earlier years Zionists had supported the Nazis and even removal of European Jews to Palestine.

      If one considers that the US entry into WWII occurred prior to that date, one could view the holocaust as a consequence of US involvement.

      Certainly those camp internees killed by US bombing of the camps would be deaths attributable to US involvement. Furthermore, rail lines which serviced the camps were relentlessly bombed which would have resulted in large concentrations of poorly fed people, a recipe for typhus. These deaths would of course be attributable to the Nazi captors as well as the USAF bombers.


      Comment by aletho | June 13, 2010

    • I’m saddened to see that one of German heritage has overlooked research into the holocaust (holohoax) narratives. To give you some impetus to do this research, watch the full YouTube version of HELLSTORM. Then look at the over 200 references to “six million” in literature starting in early 1900’s BEFORE the figure was trumpeted after the Nuremberg trials. There was no zyclon-b industrial gassing program. You’ll have to research to know this.


      Comment by rediscover911com | August 6, 2015

  13. Yes, I can agree with that.


    Comment by Another American | June 13, 2010

  14. First off Iran has no business stating anything about crimes against people… dont throw stones if you live in a glass house. And 2nd our crimes against hiroshima wow really lets not forget that the USA stayed OUT OF THE WAR until oh thats right JAPAN attacked us and killed over 1200 soldiers who were asleep in their bunks that December morning. The whole reason we even care about Iran developing nuclear weapons is because they are third world people who still use camels as their main mode of transport and they want to be trusted with building a dangerous bomb? I think the hell not.


    Comment by tiffyt | July 7, 2010

    • tiffy,

      It is preferable for commenters to read the thread before formulating their comment. Perhaps you should review the previous comments.


      Comment by aletho | July 7, 2010

      • after all, this is what Glenn Beck told her, or Rust Limpdong, “hate them thar camel jockeys!!!” and “only white anglo saxon protestants have the savvy to properly operate NOOK YOO LUR anything.. :) It’s amazing that as many as 25 or so percent of the U.S.S.A. can pour piss out of a boot, let alone think for itself long enough to see thru the propaganda. Oh, Tiff, Japan attacked the U.S.S.A. because the U.S.S.A. embargoe’d it and CUT OFF ALL IT’s FUCKING OIL!

        but you didn’t know that, and you also didn’t know that the U.S.S.A. intentionally allowed the attack on Pearl Harbor and had foreknowledge of it and took absolutely not one measure to sortie the fleet out of Pearl Harbor to safer locations far away from there. It’s so tragic you are so poorly educated and informed, Tiff…but you have at least 70 million more exactly like you, who get your information from the Faux Noize and the Limpdong show, and MSM.


        Comment by give Tiff a break already | August 7, 2010

    • Tiffy, Amerika cut off oil supplies to Japan and started the conflict. The US President knew of the coming attack on Pearl Harbor and let happen so USA could a war against Japan for their Imperialist goals. So for the soldiers killed at Pearl Harbor you may blame the USA government.


      Comment by kim | August 6, 2010

    • tiffyt needs to stop watching FOXNEWS or whatever mass media. Take a day or two and read George Orwell’s 1984, watch the videos: “THE MATRIX” and “THEY LIVE”. There is a very uncomfortable awakening in store for you–if you have the courage to look farther than the Big Lie Machine tells you to look. Oh, Iran did not and does not have a desire to produce a nuclear weapon. Even Israeli intelligence states as much.


      Comment by rediscover911com | August 6, 2015

  15. Yes and Amerika proliferates atomic
    technology to India; a non-signer of the
    non-proliferation treaty (NPT).

    Amerika has no regret for their crimes;
    not in Hiroshima
    not in Nagasaki
    not Vietnam
    not in Palestine

    Amerika has no regard for human life at all.
    They are criminal regime that thrives on
    death and destruction for worthless dollars.

    The world must band together to disarm the ‘beast’


    Comment by kim | August 6, 2010

  16. What the U.S.S.A. did to Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a WAR CRIME that should have been punished at Nuremburg or wherever they would have held the trials. The crew of the bomber shouldn’t have borne any of the responsibility because even though Tibbets was a warmonger and asshole militarist with no remorse for what he’d done, he literally didn’t connect the idea that his actions ended the lives of a bunch of innocent Japanese people and american POW’s, whom he also showed no remorse for killing.

    The U.S.S.A. is capable of murdering again and again and again and again. Just as long as it’s population is totally fine with the Military Industrial Complex and the CIA/FBI, which is a ROTHSCHILDS ENFORCER, who’s sole purpose is to suppress resistance of any kind, flying cruise missiles, or drone strikes, or strategic nuclear missiles against any person or entity or group of people that a small and very ugly minded cabal of banksters and corporatists are calling the contract murders out on. It’s not just the U.S.S.A. that’s a danger to all civilization, it’s also the government of the United Kingdom, and France, and any and all ROTHSCHILDS BANKROLLED and CONTROLLED nations would be, because as the CFR and TRILATERAL COMMISSION also has it’s members in other governments across this globe, their only agenda is to kill and destroy whatever they have to, to keep stealing resources from countries who object to their theft by artifice or court edict, and will, in fact, resist an armed occupation that is designed solely to steal their resources, be those resources OIL or GAS or PRECIOUS METALS or any of the things the ROTHSCHILDS NEED TO TURN A PROFIT.

    Israel is the ‘NEVERLAND’ of the Rothschilds, based in London, whom the Queen of England is sworn to protect.

    Unfortunately for the global population at large who’ve come to the conclusions about the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’ out there who are destroying and killing, at will, whenever they feel like it, we have very little recourse but to either S.T.F.U., or organize a GLOBAL LABOR STRIKE where NOTHING HAPPENS till they accede to our demands that the ROTHSCHILDS BANKING CARTEL and their ILLEGITIMATE USURY CENTRAL BANKS, are DISBANDED and the wealth returned to the peoples of the world so irreparably harmed by these banksters and corporations who take everything and give nothing but misery and death in return.

    Hiroshima and Nagasaki were WAR CRIMES, but they won’t be the last. Iraq and Afghanistan are ONGOING WAR CRIMES, as is PAKISTAN, and parts of Africa (SOMALIA) that Africom are now killing civilians they falsely label as THE TOILET in, as well.

    Till all of the nations grow a spine and say; “you know what, Britain, France, Amerika, Israel, you need to STOP THIS SHIT, then this nuclear killing will go on and on and on and on and on. It’s about to happen again in IRAN right now, and the world can stop it, if globally, everyone says; “Not today, don’t you dare do this again!!” to Israel and the U.S.S.A.

    Don’t think China or Russia will stop anything or counter the U.S. and British and Israeli hegemony and murder,because they too have ROTHSCHILDS TENTACLES inside their guts thru their banking structures as well.

    It’s about to happen again. We need to stop it. Now.



    • No, it’s not resources that drives the militarism. Resources are readily had through advantageous trade relations.

      It’s about dominance and supremacy. These ends are mostly acquired through control over territory. Another means is through the dispossession of the victims who then become dependent and subservient.


      Comment by aletho | August 7, 2010

      • ..they have been making such a huge global ‘push’ to divest all of the proletariat of everything they thought they ‘owned’, because the dispossessed are much more easily controlled by fear and resources which are denied to people to sustain them, necessities for life such as food, water, and breathable air. Though they haven’t quite figured out a way to totally take away the atmosphere we all breathe, they do have the ability to render it so harmful to you to breathe, that you vacate your land and your rightfully owned possessions, and ‘flee’ (like in the gulf coast states now and after Katrina).

        Once people are totally fleeced of everything, the big supremacy and control plan is to dole out just enough food, water, and maybe tent shelter, to allow the proletariat who are US, by the way, to feel secure enough not to rebel or revolt or overthrow the illegitimate puppet governments who spy on us and fuck us all over with unjust onerous laws and regulations that strip us of any semblance of ‘natural’ liberty that we should all be entitled to.

        the 13 families, aka, the ‘illuminati’ or the top one tenth of a percent of us who OWN IT ALL and CONTROL EVERYTHING, are trying to foment another GLOBAL WAR as a mass diversionary tactic away from their obvious and bloody eugenics campaigns against all of us who by our slave labor, provide the goods and services they covet and they hoard in their mansions.

        France had a pretty good remedy for it not too long ago. For eight years, they searched them all out and cut their f’ing heads off with guillotines. I don’t think we need all that drama, a good supplier of hemp neckties over here would suffice just fine.

        the day is approaching when the bough will ‘snap’ and just enough people globally will finally get the lightbulb on in their way too out of use thinking cap, and realize that what the French did was the best solution, and as has happened over the years, the recurrence of that solution over time is the only way to control these 13 scummy oligarchy clan families, and wrest control and supremacy away from them to the degree where they flee to some country who’s stupid enough to take their bribes and shelter them, or they wait for a pissed-off prole to find them hunkered down in some basement somewhere, while the prole’s friend’s throw a rope over a tree branch or light pole ouside somewhere for them.

        A global revolution, as in, WORLD WIDE, of We The People, finally decide, once and for all, that we will not be reduced to chattel, or barter meat, or cannon fodder for their wars, but we will indeed fight them, and rise up against them, and burn their fucking castles to the ground for them!

        This struggle will ensure as long as human beings are on this ball we live on. How sad it is that We The People let these scum run roughshod over us for so long that we let them beat us down and dehumanize us and reduce us to automatons who work for peasant wages in perpetual SERFDOM.

        We can all fix that. The solution, is, in fact, REVOLUTION.


        Comment by that's why.. | August 7, 2010

  17. Despite some wide awake comments above from those who have read their Mullins and Carr, very few people seem to be aware that the entire world has been run by what are known as the 13 Families, those whose bloodlines stretch back to Sumerian times. Their aim has always been _total_ control of all wealth, all humanity, all resources. They are now so degenerate and psychotic that their only route to pleasure is to see others humiliated, hurt, maimed and preferably killed, with lots of blood, misery and wholesale destruction (Hiroshima anniversary was yesterday – a vile act that turns out was only ‘necessary’ for the bloodlust of these 13 Families, as Japan had already surrendered!).

    Strangely enough, most of their names, from Rothschild/Rockefeller to Li to Reynolds, and their locations will already be well known to many of you. Their second and third tier organisations even more so.

    Bottom line: Until these awful people (controllers of third-tier monsters now screaming for war with Iran), with their near all-enveloping blanket control of what and how we think, even what we are taught from birth, are exposed for what they are, arrested and incarcerated for ‘life’, no amount of well-meaning effort can change anything. No amount of statements by Iranian officials will make the Rothschild’s minions desist from trying to force their way into one of the few remaining central banks that are not under their control.

    But we forget (or are coerced into yet another of their wars to MAKE us forget). Over and over again, aided by ‘their’ fear police; ‘their’ poisonous pharmaceuticals (mercury), ‘their’ poisonous processed foods (GMOs plus a myriad of mind dumbing chemicals), ‘their’ poisonous water (Fluoride) and ‘their’ poisonous media, spreading fear and loathing throughout the world.

    It’s way past time to once again throw these psychotic moneylenders ‘out of the temple’ and straight into jail, for they now almost own our souls…


    Comment by justanotherhuman | August 7, 2010

  18. A couple of years back I urged the President of Iran to close their nuclear plant because I did not want them destroyed by America/Israel and asked him to look deeper into his Islamic faith and learn that perhaps Allah did not want Iran to split the atom. He had stated that their Islamic faith prohibited the acquiring the nuclear bomb and by extension I suggested they should abandon their reactor as well and concentrate on renewable energy. I did this through the Presidents website but never heard back from him. I still suggest the same thing today….for Iran; unfortunately they will proceed with Russia. Maybe Japan will change their mind…


    Comment by kim | March 17, 2011

  19. Venezuela President Chavez has taken the lead again, with his suspension of their nuclear reactor, Italy has a vote in June on their reactors, etc,, so we will see changes coming.

    Iran should show their leadership and abandon theirs, as well. It is plainly obvious that radioactive materials should not be handled by humans. The height of hubris to think can use them safely.

    Another aspect is how the USA & Western allies are using depleted uranium to make toxic Muslim nations for eternity.

    They did this in particular in Iraq because their society was more advanced than Israel,
    since they had a higher literacy rate and free medical care and were progressing;

    while Israel occupation, militarism and land thievery/settlement building was draining their regime and lowering their living standards

    (they are still declining in Israel with the gap between rich & poor growing and increasing poverty & decline in care for their people, in Israel.

    The Israel/American plan to crusade against Islam was implemented and ongoing right now in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and every Muslim nation will be hit sooner or later; to destroy their gene pool with birth defects, untold suffering and set back their nations for generations ; so they are less threatening to Israel’s world domination,
    ambition and the Zioncon plans to bring about the second coming of Christ.

    We have our work cut out for us.


    Comment by kim | March 20, 2011

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