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  1. NPR is State Radio — forget “semiannual fundraisers”. OF COURSE they want you involved (and would love your contributions)! Just like “voluntary compliance” of U.S. income taxation. And “contributions” to social (in)security. Word usage and labeling are of utmost importance to statist/media obfuscation. Manipulation of words and phrases serve to redirect the attention of the masses AWAY from truth (and to encourage the sheep to continue marching on the treadmill of wealth production).

    99% of media use of the term “Jew” is non sequitur to begin with, as few are ancestors of Judah. Judah, from which “Jew” derives, is only one of twelve tribes of Israel. Israel (the political entity) should be labeled “Zion” (or anything but “Israel”). Zion (the political movement) gave rise to “nationhood” and concordat with U.S. Government.

    Few actual diaspora Jews have truck with or give support to the Zionist political entity in question. Most of the Arabic people (incorrectly called “Palestinians” by obedient state media) would simply like to work and live in peace and cease to be used as political football fodder.

    But war is the health of the state. Hate will continue to be accelerated in that part of the world.

    There will be war.



    Comment by Samarami | March 27, 2010

  2. In our family, it is jokingly referred to as “National PROPAGANDA Radio”.

    Only the terminally clueless take it seriously as a genuine source of truth, fairness, or analytic clarity.


    Comment by Spectator | February 21, 2011

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