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Barak: “The Only Way out of Iran Crises is a Bold Israeli Move”

Al-Manar TV – 19/04/2010

Israel Defense Minister Ehud Barak told Israel Radio on Monday that the only way out of the current “stalemate” with Iran is a bold Israeli move, adding that he felt that Iran did not pose an “immediate existential threat” to Israel.

Barak also responded to remarks by Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the U.S. military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, who said Sunday that the military options available to Barack Obama would go “a long way” to delaying Iran’s nuclear progress but may not set the country back long-term. He called a military strike his “last option” right now.

Barak told Israel Radio that the time has come for sanctions with a specific deadline “in order to facilitate what Mullen’s remarks imply.”

“I prefer to refrain from speculation about the future,” Barak added. “Right now, Iran does not pose an existential threat to Israel. If Iran becomes nuclear, it will spark an arms race in the Middle East. This region is very sensitive because of the oil flow, the region is important to the entire world. The fact that Iran is not an immediate threat, but could evolve into one, means that we can’t let ourselves fall asleep.”

On Sunday, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates, releasing a statement about a secret memorandum he sent to the White House in January, said he identified “next steps in our defense planning process” that would be reviewed by decision makers in the coming weeks and months.

“There should be no confusion by our allies and adversaries that the United States is properly and energetically focused on this question and prepared to act across a broad range of contingencies in support of our interests,” Gates said in the statement, issued to refute characterizations of the memo in a New York Times report.

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  1. Ther is one bold move you can do, talk to thee iranians, and, help each other.
    Kinda like you do already, but, open.

    Comment by Ld Elon | April 19, 2010

  2. Why do I get the impression that the leadership of the Zionist Entity is sick in the head. For example, just look at this image and see for yourself.

    Comment by B. Benhamid | April 19, 2010

    • r we talkin descendant of the french monarchs maybe? Marie ‘wheres my head’ Ant…etc

      Comment by John Hancock | October 14, 2011

  3. Uh oh, beware world. Israel’s ready to commit another false flag operation ala 9/11…

    Comment by 9/11 returns soon | April 19, 2010

  4. Their is only one country in the middle east that openly brags that all the capitals in Europe are within reach of their missiles. A belligerent nation that follows no rules. One with openly kills women and children. One who kills its citizens (of course they don’t claim them) to harvest their organs. Has assassination teams all over the world that respects no international boundaries. This country is the one who needs discipline not Iran.

    Comment by paul l | April 19, 2010

  5. Iran has stated that it has no nuclear weapons and is not trying to produce any. This has been confirmed by US intelligence agencies and by the IAEA. So how can Iran prove to America’s (read Israel’s)satisfaction that it is not developing nukes? Of, course it is developing nuclear energy but they have the right to do this.

    I guess America and its misbegotten spawn in the Middle East need to create their own nightmares in order to justify their constant need for aggression against, and aggrandisement at the expense of, those countries not willing to be their slaves.

    Comment by Thunderhawk | April 20, 2010

  6. Life is not that complicated! Look for the liars and deceivers in high places and put them in the firing squad.
    When you find an army of termites, call in the spray squad–save the Country and the greatest gentile Nation in history.
    Put an end to lie-speak.

    Comment by HARDTRUTH | April 21, 2010

  7. another bold Israeli move is to hook all of your nuclear weapons up in parallel in Dimona, and detonate them all to save yourselves from the massive amount of angst and pissed offedness that is going to drive every last one of you sorry piles of frauds into the fucking Dead Sea where you all belong.

    how about that bold idea, you murderous fake piece of khazrian shit?

    Comment by Ehud Barak needs to suck on an UZI that's with a loaded magazine in it | October 13, 2011

  8. He called a military strike his “last option” right now.

    Barack Obama does not have the option to commit acts of aggression, assassination, in clear violation of the US Constitution, treaties made under it (Nuremberg Principles; Geneva Conventions; Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide), and any such order is patently an UNLAWFUL ORDER that must be rejected by all Members of the United States Armed Forces.

    Further, Barack Obama is a planted usurping agent of high criminal cabal that put him there to continue the imperialist Juggernaut under the facade of NATO.

    Furthermore, Barack Obama was elected under a total deception as to verbal compact/commitment he made with those who granted him their proxy based on his pact of lies, campaign fraud, in conspiracy of the corporate controlled mess disinformation media; and the complicity of most of the “alternative media!”

    Further & furthermore, Barack Obama has impeached his credibility to the point of perjury in the court of world public opinion. In judicial proceedings when a witness under oath, is caught lying on the witness stand, the judge instructs the jury that they must disregard everything they had said completely.

    It matters not what Barack Obama utters, he has no credibility, has committed Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes. The fact that the ‘Checks & Balances’ the essence of US Constitution, has been abandoned by the US House of Representatives, where Articles of Impeachment have not been filed by any of the 435 members; is likewise self-impeached as suborning treason and war crimes. Making congress ‘Null & Void’ – ‘no longer existing & never could because unconstitutionality. Likewise, the judicial has not taken a case, nor rendered a decision to anything remotely curtailing the unconstitutionality of the Barack Obama regime!

    In conclusion, it is beyond a reasonably doubt that under the United States Constitution, there is no constitutional governance whatsoever on the national level. For by commission and or complicity, all three branches are ‘Null & Void’

    That vacuum can not be filled by another election on the first Tuesday, after a Monday, in November in even numbered years. Meaning congressional and presidential elections.

    ‘”To keep doing the same thing over and over again, always getting the same result, but expecting another one; is insane!'”

    Comment by Bill Mitchell | October 14, 2011

  9. (continued)

    Therefore think of decisions to go to war to be made solely by the direct popular vote of the majority of the American people. Again, congress is pathetic missing as a constitutional instrument for other than propagandizing, covering-up, and funding the crimes of this our nation!

    Pure Democracy is the solution, and that would also settle the Palestinian crisis at its root cause; the dispossession of the indigenous people, the Palestinians by the Zionist imperialist bring with them a racist mind-set of racial superiority and viewing the Palestinians as sub-humans, therefore able to murder them as if they were insects in their ruthless mindset.

    Israel Defense Minister Ehud Barak was the Prime Minister of Israel on September 11th, 2001, and that certainly is not incidental, nor coincidental! It was central to the 9/11 conspiracy, which is was instrumental. An except from Chris Bollyn.:

    ‘……. The war in Afghanistan, begun on 7 October 2001, cannot rightly be called Obama’s war. It can, however, be called “Barak’s war” if we mean Ehud Barak, the current Israeli defense minister and former prime minister. Barak was the first person to call for a U.S. war against Afghanistan and the chief architect of 9-11. By being the first to interpret the attacks and articulate the desired response, Barak revealed his role as a chief architect of 9-11…..’

    ‘…… As defense minister, Barak led the criminal aggression known as Operation Cast Lead against the civilian population of Gaza from December 2008 through January 2009. Although Israeli forces under Barak’s command committed egregious war crimes in Gaza, neither Israel nor Ehud Barak has been held accountable by the international community. The Israeli military, for example, flagrantly used banned white phosphorous bombs on the civilian population and intentionally bombed an American-run school and U.N. compound. The Israeli assault killed some 1,300 civilians.

    ‘……. Ehud Barak is a chief architect of 9-11. As Israel’s highest military strategist in political office, his role in the false-flag terror attacks of 9-11 was at the highest architectural level. As the Israeli prime minister and defense minister from 1999 through March 2001, Barak was at the top of Israel’s political and military establishment when the false-flag terror attack was being prepared. Although Barak was replaced as prime minister by Ariel Sharon six months before 9-11, the project had been planned and was set to go before Barak left office. Barak was given a high-paying position with Electronic Data Systems, an American company, only hours before the 9-11 attacks. Israeli crimes like 9-11 and the murder of President John F. Kennedy are planned well in advance and compartmentalized for operation security……’:

    Comment by Bill Mitchell | October 14, 2011

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