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Israel Released Several Faked Photos – How Can They Be Trusted in ANY Investigation?

By EdwardTeller | Fire Dog Lake | June 2, 2010

Proof has surfaced today that many of the so-called “evidence” photographs being distributed by the Israeli government as examples of terror weapons on board the Gaza aid flotilla date back years:

The bulletproof vest photos on the Israeli flickr page are dated February 2006.

The axe photo was taken in 2003.

The pepper spray photos – 2003

The iconic pictures of knives and other weapons on the Saudi flag and other stuff:

Hi. Just to confirm that the EXIF metadata points to this photo being taken in 2006:
barney@benchwood:~$ identify -verbose bab2e_o_d.jpg | grep Date
exif:DateTime: 2010:06:02 10:38:47
exif:DateTimeDigitized: 2006:02:07 05:52:19
exif:DateTimeOriginal: 2006:02:07 05:52:19

And on and on…..

Absolutely, this is strong evidence that by allowing the Israeli government to be trusted in any aspect of the investigation of these high seas crimes will be foolhardy and negligent.

The most recent evidence we have of how the Israeli government deals with crime scenes where American lives have been put in jeopardy is in the ongoing civil suit brought by Rachel Corrie’s family against the Israeli government. Testimony will resume some time – or not. The Israeli government is trying to stop the trial. But so far, here’s some of what has come out that reflects on the ability of the Israeli government or military to conduct honest investigations:

March 24: Military investigator testifies that head of IDF Southern Command instructed bulldozer operator not to cooperate with investigation.

March 15: Eye Witness Testifies: Israeli Military Investigator Tried to Influence My Statement.

March 14: Autopsy doctor admits to violating court order in Rachel Corrie autopsy.

Essentially, aspects of IDF conduct involving their handling of the death of Corrie clearly violate Israeli law, and call for trial, possible conviction and imprisonment of all officers involved:

But now evidence has emerged in the civil suit that Israel’s then Gaza commander obstructed the military police investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death.

The apparent intervention of Major-General Doron Almog, then head of Israel’s southern command, is documented in testimony taken by Israeli military police from the commander of the bulldozer a day after Ms Corrie was killed.

The handwritten affidavit effectively puts the entire state of Israel on trial. Is it willing to tolerate Maj-Gen Almog’s gross interference in the investigation or will it hold him to the three years’ imprisonment the law accords for such an offence?

In the affidavit, the commander of the D-9 tells military police investigators that he did not see Ms Corrie before she was wounded.

However, Alice Coy, now a nurse in Glasgow, and an ISM volunteer activist who was near Ms Corrie during the incident, said in an affidavit to the court that “to the best of my knowledge the bulldozer driver could see Rachel while pushing earth over her body”.

The D-9 commander, a reservist named Edward Valermov, was in the middle of his testimony when a colonel dispatched by Maj-Gen Almog entered the room and ordered him to stop speaking, according to the document.

The military police investigator wrote: “At 18:12 reserve Colonel Baruch Kirhatu entered the room and informed the witness that he should not convey anything and should not write anything and this at the order of the general of southern command.”

In his testimony before he was stopped, Mr Valermov said that the bulldozers, manned by two people, were ordered by their company commander to continue their work despite the presence of the ISM protesters.

He said that troops in an armoured personnel carrier threw stun grenades, used tear gas and fired shots toward the ground in order to scare the protesters away.

“It didn’t help and therefore we decided to continue the work with all possible delicateness on the orders of the company commander,” he added.

Mr Valermov testified that the protesters nearly touched the bulldozers, making it impossible to advance, but that after the company commander’s order “we started moving with the D-9, we continued laying bare the area from all of the things that were there.

“It was only when we moved the D-9 backwards that I saw her. The woman was lying in a place where the instrument had not reached. As soon as we saw the harmed woman we returned to the central corridor, stood and waited for orders.”

Mr Valermov’s last statement before Maj-Gen Almog’s interdiction was, “my job was to guide. The driver cannot guide himself because his field of vision is not large.”

In a phone interview from Olympia, Washington, Rachel’s father Craig Corrie termed Maj-Gen Almog’s intervention in Mr Valermov’s testimony “outrageous”.

Maj-Gen Almog has angrily denied halting Mr Valermov’s testimony.

Moshe Negbi, legal commentator for the state-run Voice of Israel radio, said of Maj-Gen Almog’s interdiction: “If a commander prevents a witness from testifying than it is disruption of an investigation, a criminal offence whose penalty is three years’ imprisonment.”

By deciding Maj-Gen Almog’s fate, Israel will be deciding if it is a state of law or a state of the generals – past and present.

Anyone who thinks the officers involved in the Corrie coverup will be held accountable is a fool. Anyone who thinks that the Israeli government will conduct an impartial investigation of Sunday morning’s tragedy is even more foolish, especially in light of mounting evidence that the Israelis are already disseminating totally false images as examples of some sort of forensic evidence.

It is time to put pressure on our government to demand the truth, rather than accept criminally motivated bullshit and lies.

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  2. There’s been a huge amount of leftosphere blogging on this issue, and there seems to be a high probability that the EXIF dates are incorrect. They reset to mfg. date when the battery dies or is removed, and they stay there unless someone changes them. One of the dates is apparently for a time before the camera was available for sale….

    Please don’t swallow every damned leftosphere blog claim before anyone really knows anything. The story is unfolding, and deeply uncertain. And there’s a good chance that no one really KNOWS what happened anyway. Read up on witnessing events. It’s really eye-opening what we see and don’t see, how we can be manipulated into “knowing” all kinds of stuff. (See Kahnemann and Tversky, et al.)

    There’s a Turkish passenger around somewhere who has released video at least half-confirming that the Israelis were actually attacked. Note, this is from a TURKISH passenger. I don’t have a link handy, but the NYT or WaPo probably had the story since I read those this morning.

    So far the best explanation (not excuse, mind you) is a structural one.

    The two sides pushed one another in quite structurally-to-be-expected ways. They behaved “rationally” given their positions and the worst happened.

    We’re not miles away in structure from the BP mess, come to think of it.

    It’s rational for a corp. to take cost-cutting steps whenever it can. They’re not in business to be humane. Externalizing as much cost as possible and grabbing as much profit as possible is rational and it’s what happens. If BP becomes the sucker or sap with a great voluntary safety record, then it gets crowded out of the market by any company that doesn’t take the same safety measures. This is merely a version of the prisoner’s dilemma, and it’s THE central justification for governmental regulation. We need help out of our prisoner’s dilemmas, and we need to do it collectively or we shall all be oil covered separately.

    Regarding I/P, again, each side did the rational non-communicative reasonable thing, and the prisoner’s dilemma bit them. Ouch. Bit some dead, caused a huge international mess that might spiral out of control. Destabilization is always risky. Causing events is risky.

    (I recommend to anyone who wants, read Baudelaire’s very short story, “Counterfeit Coin”. It’s discussed by Derrida in _Given Time_ and it’s all about causing an event in someone else’s life. Two pages worth reading.)

    What we really need to be doing is trying to figure out how to deal with HIGH COST low probability events where paying for them NOW might be really dumb.

    AND what we need to be doing for I/P is not driving the traumatized crazed Israeli population further to the right. I’ve pointed this out here numerous times. The flotilla was a bad idea at this level of challenge. Far better to use a thousand rowboats with one or two unarmed brave souls and one rose per boat. There can be no argument against that.

    If Paul’s note that Iran is getting involved is true, this is really fucked for the world. Thanks Free Gaza. You got your event. And maybe you’ve externalized the costs to a whole bunch of other people.

    Watch out for events. Sometimes they bite back.

    (and now back to radio silence. I read a whole lot more (Connected (on network theory), and Animal Spirits by Akerlof are in the works, and life is more peaceful without the two very bizarre posts here in recent weeks.)

    (and I note happily that both Josh Marshall at TPM and Steve Clemons have taken occasional steps to intervene in some of the comment sections without censoring. it’s been quite pleasant to see. thanks.)

    Comment by SarahConnor | June 6, 2010

    • Sarah,

      Regarding I/P, again, each side did the rational non-communicative reasonable thing, and the prisoner’s dilemma bit them. Ouch. Bit some dead, caused a huge international mess that might spiral out of control. Destabilization is always risky. Causing events is risky.

      You seem to be ignorant of the Zionist doctrine which calls for revolutionary events which can be taken advantage of to push forward the realization of eretz Israel.

      A word of caution. Comments copied and pasted from other forums will be deleted in the future.

      Comment by aletho | June 6, 2010

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