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Progressive ‘Green’ Counterinsurgency

21rst Century Removal of Indigenous Peoples

By Atheo | Aletho News | July 5, 2010

The energy industry is aligning with government of the Philippines in reducing the burden of suppression of the insurgency in Mindanao.

Divide and rule tactics pitting Christians and Muslims against one another have failed to cement state power. Military occupation has proved ineffective. The intractable conflict with the rebels has persisted for decades despite the presence of US military advisers as well as generous  provision of the latest, most lethal, weapons.

During the Vietnam war, the US used napalm and agent orange in an attempt to isolate and expose the Viet Cong. Now a new and progressive method of fracturing the links between the insurgency and the population in which the insurgents move is appearing.

Tropical rainforests can now be cleared and converted into biodiesel. All the while, the stripped areas can be replanted with palm oil plantations. Local, newly dispossessed, people can be readily hired to provide plantation labor. What’s more, consumers in Europe will have to pay the premium cost of the biodiesel because the mandates for biodiesel sales are already established.

All these benefits for transnational investors accrue from meeting carbon reduction goals!

For countless centuries slash and burn agriculture provided a sustainable subsistence in harmony with the environment in tropical rain-forests due to ample rotation cycles. But this practice is simply impossible to exploit for the export of cash crops.

Forests are now being converted into energy farms around the world at an unprecedented rate.

Proposed changes to the Brazilian Forest Code, if accepted, will double deforestation in the Amazon. As a result of lobbying by the alternative energy sector, 85 million hectares of the Amazon could be destroyed. An area equivalent to the size of England and France together and more than the total that has been destroyed until now.

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  1. Rather than a co-operative lifestyle, the “Dog Species” are at work securing power to push ahead with their programmes of enslavement through destabilisation. They’ve had to adopt more of a “hands off” remote control style in recent years but the effects and goal are the same. A bit of genocide will not come amiss. It has served them well in North America, Palestine and elsewhere.


    Comment by Brown's Bottom | July 24, 2011

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