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Jews are fleeing a Swedish city– why?

By Philip Weiss on July 14, 2010

The Forward has an important story this week on Jews leaving Malmo, Sweden, because they are being targeted by Muslims there. The incidents that the piece describes are largely harassment, threats, expressions of rage.

And of course most of them turn on Israel:

Malmo, Sweden’s third-largest city, with a population of roughly 293,900 but only 760 Jews, reached a turning point of sorts in January 2009, during Israel’s military campaign in Gaza. A small, mostly Jewish group held a demonstration that was billed as a peace rally but seen as a sign of support for Israel. This peaceful demonstration was cut short when the demonstrators were attacked by a much larger screaming mob of Muslims and Swedish leftists who threw bottles and firecrackers at them as police seemed unable to stop the mounting mayhem.

The piece reflects the usual understanding in official Jewish circles about why people criticize Israel: “Criticism of Israel is a great way to express your anti-Semitism in an indirect way.”

Then there is this about free-floating Islam:

Swedish experts agree that integration of Muslims into Swedish society has failed, and this undermines the development of a more diverse society. Many pupils in heavily Muslim schools reject the authority of female teachers.

“We are Swedish but second- or third-class citizens,” said Mohammed Abnalheja, vice president of the Palestinian Home Association in Malmo. The organization teaches children of Palestinian descent about their bond to a Palestinian homeland. “We have a right to our country, Palestine,” he said. “Palestine is now occupied by Zionists.” Abnalheja was born to Palestinian parents in Baghdad and came to Malmo with his parents in 1996. He has never been to the place he calls Palestine…

“The place he calls Palestine” is unfortunate and insulting. Also, the Forward piece characterizes the Gaza rally as a “peace rally” that angered leftists. That rally was held as Israel was snuffing the lives of 400 children, and pouring white phosphorus on schools. No wonder it angered leftists.

This is actually what anti-Zionists said would happen, 65 years ago, when they warned that the creation of a Jewish state would sow discord. Or as the late Robert Lovett, architect of the Cold War, wrote when he was in the State Department under Truman (emphasis mine): “a number of people of the Jewish faith… hold the view that the present zeal of the Zionists can have the most dangerous consequences, not merely in their divisive effects in American life, but in the long run on the position of the Jews throughout the world.”

And lo, this has come to pass. Jews feel threatened because of the claims of Jewish nationalism… Full article

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  1. Countless articles like this one were published in the Western media to fuel the hate and instill the fear among Jewish communities in the Arab countries. Moreover, the aim was to maximize the sympathy and the financial support to the Zionist Organization and force Jews to immigrate to Israel. It is simply an industry.

    “Wars are never fought for altruistic reasons. They’re usually fought for hegemony, for business. And then of course there’s the business of war.”


    Comment by Ziyad Olives | July 14, 2010

  2. Hey, I wonder if the assholes there cite the ISLAMO-FASCIST IMPERIALISTS who are taking over the entire planet, with only the ‘gentle’ jewish people in Israel (gentle as lambs)(mavi marmara murders/uss liberty/911 in new york excepted)??

    Hey, do they have the A.D.L. and S.P.L.C. in Malmo??? If so, then hey, there’s just nothing to fear from those ISLAMO FASCISTS with all that Mossad firepower brought to bear on them, right???

    I hope that in all honesty, that throughout Europe and the world, that zionist jews are shown the fucking door, wherever they exist. This does not mean ALL jews, I said ZIONIST JEWS, they are not all the same. A young jewish lady lost an eye protesting against ZIONIST MURDERING not too very long ago, and we know that the Israeli MOSSAD OPERATED KNESSET has sanctioned an arab M.K. person for her outspoken attitude towards ZIONIST MURDERING GLOBALLY.

    as for the BUSINESS OF WAR, ever notice how certain families in Amer’ka who think they’re on the good side of the ROTHSCHILDS (BAUER) zionist murder cartel based in London, aka THE BUSH FAMILY, seem to like to control all the oil and weapons of death industries they can get their greedy meathooks into???? I mean, look at the Carlyle Group Grope…it seems to truly like anything connected to KRUPP/THIESSEN werks and DEATH, wherever it may be found (in the U.S.S.A., it’s called Lockheed-MARTIN and BOEING).

    folks in Malmo or wherever, don’t sweat the small stuff. If the ZIO-nazi bastards are leaving your community, you should CELEBRATE IT, not look at it as an insult. And the rest of Europe should look at other mass exodus’ going on in the world with ZIONIST JEWS and make those ROLE MODELS FOR THE WORLD!



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