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  1. This is such an absurd ruling that it reminds me of the old joke about the prostitute who complained to the police that she had been raped a few days previously. In court, the judge asked her when she realised she had been raped and she replied: “When his cheque bounced!”


    Comment by jonathan | July 22, 2010

  2. I think this decision of the Honorable Judge belongs to the Guiness Book of world records. Section:the most absurd.


    Comment by Helena | July 28, 2010

  3. This wasn’t a racist sentence. He got 18 months because he brutally raped a mentally unstable and abused woman.


    Comment by Liz | September 6, 2010

    • Looks like a much belated attempt at damage control Liz.


      Comment by aletho | September 6, 2010

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