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  1. It’s the double standard! All my life I’ve heard about white privilege and how bad Americans are. The poor (fill in minority group here). The bad white Americans did (fill in tragedy here). It is racist bigotry for generic Americans to advocate for themselves , their country or their interests.

    Yet… even though only a bigot would mention Jewish media control, Jewish political control or Jewish economic control… it might by okay to say something IF you are Jewish and are allowed the privilege of speech.

    Why is it okay for Jews or any other group to act as a tribe, an affiliation, (a gang), an identifiable interest but not for Gentiles to want to maintain political and economic control of their own destiny?

    I’ve been searching for the words to describe this, and that is one key: it’s the double standard. It’s okay for the tribe to be tribal, even though for years they have said they aren’t, that such was only the imaginings of the anti-Semitic.

    I saw a statistic online, and I don’t know if it is accurate, but it claimed the Jews are about one and a half percent of the US population and control 40% of the wealth. If true, that is an astounding statistic. And while I know Jews place great emphasis on education and are intelligent and ambitious, etc., which would explain their being above average in wealth, it also points to a privilege of network that all the WASPs stacked end to end could never have hoped to achieve – and was the very thing affirmative action sought to dismantle. Why is the one case decried and the other discreetly celebrated? The new, accepted bigotry? The new class of privilege, where the generic American is the new whipping boy for every nascent race-based power group with the Jews at the top of the new world order? What an achievement for the world to have done nothing to change the evils, but only to have changed the jerseys.


    Comment by G Street | July 27, 2010

  2. You gorget that Jews once in power–hire appoint Jews only. It has nothing to do with being smart but belonging to a clut. One word that is becoming a standard to be band from internet postings-Ashkenazism.
    The germans were fleeced into beLIEving that Nazi was non-Jewish. But these same cult got Germany in a mess –millions died. This could repeat itself in USA–The Hitler regime was hardcore zionist and controlled by the same folks,getting us to fight Iran and next China/Russia.
    Obama is surrounded by Jews. This is nothing of news. Nixon tapes after one week in office said–“I’m surrounded by soooo many FKN Jews “


    Comment by geo1671 | July 27, 2010

  3. We need to start using two terms for these people. Jew should be used to describe a person’s religious affiliation. Zionist is a political term for citizens, dual citizens, and people promoting the political interests of Israel. The Jews who live outside of Israel are taking the heat for the actions of Zionists/Israelis.
    If Jew is to be used as a nationality, then Israel should be using DNA that traces their ancestry. This should eliminate a lot of Russians and Eastern Europeans who claim to be Jewish.


    Comment by a j weishar | July 27, 2010

    • a j,

      Israelis would argue that its the Jewish Lobby (as it is called in Israel) that emboldens the Zionist regime. That without US backing Israel would have become a more normal nation.

      I agree that religion is a separate issue but I can’t say the same about the question of where the “heat” belongs.


      Comment by aletho | July 27, 2010

  4. Not only Obama’s Administration is Jewish.

    Whatever happen to the separation of Church and State that Obama was supposed to bring???

    Well, with the Jewish Administration in the Obama White House, it’s more a marriage of Church and State as in Talmudic Judism.

    Ain’t that the reason why we’re in Iraqi, Afghanistan and soon to be Iran.

    For the Church/Religion state of Israel!!!

    Heck talk about mixing religion and politics, before one even gets to serve in Congress, Senate and President.

    One has to pledge support to Israel so they can get funding for their campaigns, plus get flown to Israel to put on a yamuke to worshipp the Jews.

    Plus funding comes from AIPAC and ADL which are religion based.

    Based on the Babylonian Talmud.

    Which is respecting an establishment of a church.

    Which is a violation of the 1st Amendment.

    From the wars and bloodshed, now i understand why the founding fathers wanted a separation of Church and State.


    Comment by roninfreedom | July 27, 2010

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