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War against Iran more likely — thanks to Wikileaks

By Paul Woodward on July 28, 2010

If the release of the Pentagon Papers epitomized the value of government leaks as a means of speaking truth to power, Wikileaks at this point can claim no such distinction.

As if to underline the extent to which the Afghan war logs are making the fog of war more, not less, dense, Katrina vanden Heuvel says: “more than a few commentators — including Daniel Ellsberg himself — have called [the war logs] a 21st-century Pentagon Papers.”

She may understandably have been misled by a headline in The Guardian that read: “Daniel Ellsberg describes Afghan war logs as on a par with ‘Pentagon Papers’.” However, “These documents are not the Pentagon Papers — we still await their equivalent for Afghanistan,” is what Ellsberg unambiguously told the Financial Times.

While Wikileak’s founder, Julian Assange, is no doubt sincere in his hope that these intelligence revelations will expose the futility of war, the fact is, because intelligence is not intelligent it can very easily be used to serve a host of diverging political agendas.

If opponents of the war in Afghanistan now feel better armed, so do proponents of an expanding war in Pakistan. Likewise, those pushing for military action against Iran will welcome a new supply of ammunition served by Wikileaks.

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reported:

Cooperation among Iran, al Qaeda and other Sunni extremist groups is more extensive than previously known to the public, according to details buried in the tens of thousands of military intelligence documents released by an independent group Sunday.

U.S. officials and Middle East analysts said some of the most explosive information contained in the WikiLeaks documents detail Iran’s alleged ties to the Taliban and al Qaeda, and the facilitating role Tehran may have played in providing arms from sources as varied as North Korea and Algeria.

The officials have for years received reports of Iran smuggling arms to the Taliban. The WikiLeaks documents, however, appear to give new evidence of direct contacts between Iranian officials and the Taliban’s and al Qaeda’s senior leadership. It also outlines Iran’s alleged role in brokering arms deals between North Korea and Pakistan-based militants, particularly militant leader Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and al Qaeda.

Here we see one of the most bizarre twists in the story: US government sources now using the leaked documents to buttress the current anti-Iran narrative and in the process acting as though the intelligence reports are providing information that hadn’t been accessible inside government until they were leaked!

At the very same time, the State Department’s leading expert on Iran, John Limbert — a genuine source of intelligence and “the most qualified person on the Iran team at State in the three decades I have lived in the United States,” according to Haleh Esfandiari, head of the Middle East program at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars — is about to resign.

At Foreign Policy, Barbara Slavin writes:

[I]t’s hard not to view Limbert’s departure as a turning point and yet another missed opportunity in U.S.-Iran relations. A number of players with more skeptical views about the prospect of rapprochement with Tehran — such as White House aide Dennis Ross and nonproliferation experts like Robert Einhorn and Gary Samore — appear to be driving U.S. policy now, and the president himself blames the Iranian government for failing to respond to his outreach.

What could please the attack-Iran lobby more than to see the departure of the most skilled American proponent of engagement and at the same time to be served a prize piece of propaganda by an outfit aligned with the anti-war movement?!

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  1. Unfortunately, once the bombs and cruise missiles start to kill people on the ground in Teheran and outlying areas around Iran, it’ll be too late.

    I think at this juncture in time that it’s time to mobilize any and ALL RESISTANCE against the zionist murderers in the U.S., and Israel, and begin to take their murderous regimes apart.

    I’m not advocating helter skelter killing, but initially, NON-VIOLENT RESISTANCE, and ENCIRCLING THE WHORE HOUSE at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Washingtoon, District of Corruption.

    Then, if the government doesn’t capitulate, it’s FOURTH BOX time for them.

    Enough is Enough. Murdering tens of thousands in Iran, and more than several million in Iraq, and scores more in Pakistan and Afghanistan, are WAR CRIMES and those who are continuing that MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE and SUFFER CAPITOL PUNISHMENT for HIGH TREASON and CRIMES AGAINST ALL HUMANITY when they are convicted.



  2. Blaming wikileaks is stupid!

    As Woodward notes, the gov’t knew all this stuff already.

    You’re helping the govt by pointing to wikileaks as the problem.

    Dumb dumb dumb.


    Comment by Linda J | July 28, 2010

    • Linda,

      Of course the government knows about these lies. They have been periodically making the very same allegations, always lacking in evidence.

      Now, thanks to Wikileaks and its collaborators at the NYT and Guardian, the preposterous allegation that Iran supports the Taliban has broad credence.

      Or perhaps you have an innocent explanation for Wikileaks decision to “expose” these pernicious pieces of uncorroborated raw intelligence.

      I’m all ears.


      Comment by aletho | July 28, 2010

      • I concur with your assessment, Aletho. Let’s watch the CIA and MOSSAD jump into the blogs, scurrying like cucaracha’s with the lights on them, trying to obfuscate more of this stuff. I just read another article that cites this WIKI-CIA-DA crap as the reason to terminate aid to Pakistan.

        The ‘real’ reason they’re terminating the aid to Pakistan, is that they’re trying to DESTABILIZE IT and INVADE IT.

        this WIKI crap is propaganda. And Assange, the 9/11 Truth Denier, is a CIA/MOSSAD cointelpro turd, who exposed himself by prancing around all over the globe, grabbing oodles of MSM attention, and declaring the U.S. wants his ass ‘dead’ or that ‘he fears for his life’ and in reality, if this were the case, the son of a mossad agent would be pushing up daisies already! His ass would already be at room temperature a long, long long time ago.

        the proof of this is the crap released about Bin Decomposin’s cavorting around in 2006, when clearly, unless you’re BERNIE, you don’t get to cavort around too much from the grave.

        On December 14th, 2001, Tim Osman, CIA ASSET, was dead. The folks at AL-CIA-DA that faked all those poorly done, obviously FAKE videos of him, knew this.

        the only way the terror machine keeps going is for COINTELPRO turds like Assange to be legitimized by bogus hype about his WIKI-PROPAGANDA site.

        nothing in the stuff he has released so far, lends any creedence to it being a serious threat to national security, and it makes me wonder when they’ll take Bradley Manning out of his fake military uniform and send him back to Langley, VA. where he came from.

        sorry, Linda, but you’re the poster child for THICK AS A BRICK today!


        Comment by another SHILL this Linda J is, Aletho | July 28, 2010

        • No, I don’t think that Linda is a shill. But I do wish she would take the time to read all of the material I’ve posted on Wikileaks and address the pertinent points.

          Deception is to be expected and Wikileaks seems to be performing the same function as all the other anonymous pentagon sources that normally feed the militarist line to the big papers.

          I’m still waiting for Linda to respond to the question I posed to her.


          Comment by aletho | July 28, 2010

          • Aletho, hard to read Linda J’.s reply. Either it’s “you 9/11 Truth people are ASSHOLES and ENEMIES” or it’s; “oh Julian, you are my HERO, I’ll go to the ends of the earth to defend your SHILLING FOR AL-CIA-DA and the MOSSAD (whom she works for, probably!)

            but who knows. A lot of people wanted to believe in Assange, until it was painfully clear that MSM was fully on board with his bullshit, and nobody in their right mind could honestly believe that AL-CIA-DA wouldn’t have found a syringe to jab into his ass at some public venue so he could croak right on the spot from a ‘heart attack’ (and then the ensuing fake medical report about his bad heart).

            Assange probably made a deal to avoid prosecution for his ‘hacking’ days, something like; “we have a job for you, if you accept it, you don’t go to PRISON..” gig.

            As for Linda, she could just pretty gullible and think that AL-CIA-DA and the U.S. government wouldn’t indeed have MURDERED Julian Assange had he been a true threat to them.

            He failed the 9/11 Truth litmus test, and his willfully leaking garbage about Bin Decomposin being alive in 2006, when everyone knows Tim Osman is ‘dead’ for a long long long time now, doesn’t quite pass muster, nor does his incessant whining about how “THEY IZ OUT TO GIT ME!” to the oh so very compliant to tell his story, MSM. :)

            Assange has ‘shill’ written all over him. Linda J., on the other hand, has ‘gullible’ written on her, or MOSSAD or DISINFO AGENT perhaps.


            Comment by hard to read her reply below, but it's quite ambivalent as far as I can see | July 29, 2010

            • No, I think Linda just focused on that one aspect (9/11 truth) of the picture, possibly thereby excluding consideration of the many other warning signs of the likelihood that Wikileaks (and its relationship with the NYT etc…) can’t be taken as presented.

              As you point out there are many things we don’t know about Assange and he has a very short and media turbocharged record.

              I think that there really is no potential of “helping the govt” by having skepticism. That’s just not thought through.

              It is proving to be the case, as the recent Reuters article that has Karzai demanding NATO troops invade Pakistan shows, that Assange is actually our new Judith Miller.


              Comment by aletho | July 29, 2010

              • I too wanted to believe in Assange, but my military intelligence background really had problems with him almost immediately. I think the tripping point for me was the handling of Bradley Manning, and the completely ‘toothless’ assaults on him, almost tongue-in-cheek, coming from the Whore House and the Pornogon. They were so half-assed in nature, that a whole lot of; “this does NOT COMPUTE” began to happen once I saw that the way the MSM was hawking the Helicopter Murder video, it was more propaganda going in the; “you muzlimz, you’re up against withering fire from totally uncaring and murderous foes” angle. Posting the video was perhaps in the same context as the incessant DRONE MURDERING going on, which is more designed to make everyone wonder if ‘they’re next’ if they speak out against this goddamned illegitimate zionist operated cabal that runs the U.S.S.A. from Israel’s Tel Aviv via Langley, VA.

                Then, the fact that I ‘bit’ and dowloaded the crap and looked at it, and knew that either Assange was a ‘moron’ or a ‘fool’ to not then suspect he was being used as a mere conduit for disinformation. Of course, his staunch backers like to say; “fuck you, he has no right to edit it..” which is, in fact, quite true, but if he were, in fact, REAL, which he is not, he’d have published; “no, I don’t quite think so about a lot of this” on his website. Instead, he pawns the whole kit and kaboodle off as a HUGE INTELLIGENCE COUP being fomented on those lackeys in the massive U.S. Military Industrial Complex in Washingtoon, District of Corruption.

                Well, I can tell you from this former military intelligence member’s standpoint, that there is no fucking way that ‘anyone’ that is a loose cannon with dangerous to the regime information is allowed not to have an ‘unfortunate accident’ as did the entire crew of a B-52H that left Minot, ND. with nukes on the wing pylons, and flew down to Nellis, and then went to Barksdale, have happen to them, inclusive of people further up their food chain. clearly the Cheney run J-Wad fucks under McCrystal rigged ‘unfortunate accidents’ for an entire crew that likely got the launch EAM for those birds on the pylons that day, and if that can happen to the last crewman, and yet Julian Assange can roam around the globe ‘unfettered’ but screaming; “deyz out to git me” all day, pretending to be hiding, but shows up in MSM studios all over the place…then someone has a screw loose if they still don’t start to wonder who is letting him still live.

                Linda J. might be just like most of us, desperately wanting to see a ‘leak’ be reality, or she could be a ‘cover up the tracks’ agent of AL-CIA-DA or the MOSSAD, or one of Cass Suntein’s ‘disinfo shills’ working out of F.B.I. headquarters in Washington. Or she just could be very poorly informed. Whichever it is, it’s sad that Assange just does’t pass muster for being a ‘leak’ and unfortunately for the whole world at large, it means that the pricks in Tel Aviv and in Langley, VA., and the Pornogon itself are incessantly becoming much more desperate to debunk the ISRAELI CONNECTION to 9/11 and the killing of more than 3,000 people on U.S. soil that day, by their boy, Dominic Suter and his moving company.

                I have one comment for Linda J., and it’s sincere. Listen, Linda, Julian is not a ‘real’ leaker, and the information he has chortled out there to the world is a bunch of HORSE SHIT without much real substance to it. If you mix 10 percent real cake mix with 90 percent SHIT, you still get SHIT when you bake it. Even if you’re a jewish bakery in Tel Aviv or Langley, VA. :)


                Comment by maybe Judith had a SEX CHANGE operaton in Sydney?? | July 29, 2010

                • I had reservations about posting the Iraq snuff video.

                  As far as I am aware snuff films only result in a net anti-war reaction if the victims are not the demonized ‘enemy’.

                  I don’t see that Wikileaks has offered up much of real value to those opposed to war to go along with the trove of warmongering propaganda it dropped in the lap of the NYT with a two week jump on the rest of us. Not much at all.


                  Comment by aletho | July 29, 2010

                  • it’s not your fault, at first, the release of that video kind of seemed ‘real’ for about ten seconds, until you got to hear the ‘spin’ afforded it by the MSM. Most of that went into the direction of; “oh well??”, or “it’s not REAL MURDER if you’re DOING IT TO MUSLIMS or DARK SKINNED IRAQI’s or ENEMY DU JOUR” crap.

                    Unfortunately for the U.S., people have no soul if they can allow their government to get away with the wholesale slaughter of more than 1.3 million Iraqi’s, and millions before that in the 1991 ‘April Glaspie sez GO ON IN THERE” war for the Military Industrial Complex and Carlyle Group profits.

                    People in Amerika have got absolutely no problem with blowing up innocent men, women, or children, just as long as they are MUSLIMS…or the ENEMY DU JOUR, which, by the way, could be your ‘TERRORIST NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR WHO DOESN’T LIKE THE GUVMINT’ in the not so distant future..

                    Oh, how George Orwell had it right. How he had it right!



              • Perfect: “Assange is actually our new Judith Miller.”

                Bonus: 9-11 who? Economic what? Crickets…


                Comment by G Street | December 6, 2010

  3. 9/11 Truth! Julian Assange, you have spurned some powerful enemies!


    Comment by Linda J | July 28, 2010

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