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  1. Chomsky, more than anything ignores the incredibly profound history provided by Douglas Reed in his 1956 book, THE CONTROVERSY OF ZION.

    There is no question whatsoever of the Zionists total control over the socio-political of the United States via the Money Powers. With usury this cabal has bought and assembled a ‘protection racket’ for themselves ‘the loansharks’. The history is clear and it is as simple as this.



    Comment by hybridrogue1 | September 17, 2010

  2. Chomsky is a zionist gatekeeper more than he’s a truth teller. he incessantly does anything he can to obfuscate and cover up Israel’s involvement in 9/11/2001 mass murders that now have cost the United States tens of thousands of military lives in ‘2’ illegal wars, growing to a third illegal war in Libya.

    Zionists like Chomsky have no credibility, and they should get virtually zero alternative media attention based on their selective bias that protects Israel.

    Protect Israel at all costs is Chomsky’s goal. truth to him is like a condom, blow a load in it and toss it into the toilet, but don’t ever expose Israeli wrong doing and mass murder.

    I don’t know why Aletho gives Chomsky any air time here. he should get zero exposure, because he’s another Elie Weazel (wiesel) and same goes for Amy Goodman, another zionist who won’t ever talk about Israel or for that matter, the Rotshchilds.


    Comment by chomsky is a GATEKEEPER for zionism and hence, exposed as a literary fraud!!!! | June 27, 2011

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