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US-led forces kill 5 Afghan civilians

Press TV – January 6, 2011
File photo of protesting Afghans

US-led foreign troops in Afghanistan have killed five Afghan civilians in the war-ravaged country, further intensifying security risks to the civilian population in the country.

Hundreds of people in central Afghanistan took to the streets on Thursday to protest the latest killing of the three Afghan civilians by the US-led forces in Ghazni, a Press TV correspondent reported.

The protesters said three Afghan civilians, including a student, were killed in an overnight raid in a remote village in Ghazni on Wednesday.

Carrying a copy of the Holy Quran with five bullet holes in it, the angry Afghans said the US-led troops desecrated the Holy Quran during the raid.

Earlier on Wednesday, two Afghan farmers were also reported killed in the town of Band-e-Chak in Wardak province.

Civilian deaths in US-led night raids have sparked several street protests in Afghanistan.

Earlier on Tuesday, Ghazni residents held a demonstration to protest what they called uncoordinated operations by US-led foreign forces stationed in Afghanistan.

NATO has claimed that the attack was aimed at a suspicious militant base, but Afghan police say no militants were in the area.

Thousands of civilians have lost their lives in attacks by US-led NATO forces occupying Afghanistan since 2001 in supposed effort to bring security to the nation.

Afghan civilian casualties were at record levels in 2010. The number of civilians killed or wounded in the Afghan war increased by 20 percent during the first 10 months of 2010, compared with the same period last year.

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