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  1. One might add to Gilad’s correct analysis that making the holocaust the only real and important genocide in world history acts as a benefit to people who have committed genocide in other places and times. Thus what was done to the native and African people by the United States could be considered something other than the horrific genocide that it was because it has been established that the holocaust is the only genocide that matters.


    Comment by rhugus | January 27, 2013

  2. Israel SOLD the holocaust narrative. If you apply for a disability claim from an insurance company or, especially, the government, you have to PROVE you have been injured, REPEATEDLY. The insurance companies and government do not just “take your word for it” and never question you again. When Israel SOLD the Holocaust for Political Leverage and Monetary Reparations, Israel itself opened the Holocaust up to questioning.
    Someone with an actuarial chart should track back and see just HOW MANY PEOPLE YOU HAVE TO START OUT WITH, in order to have 600,000 survivors 65+ YEARS LATER.


    Comment by Patrick | March 19, 2013

  3. The Israeli deputy Defence Minister Matan Vilnai, is widely reported to have stated they would bring down a “shoah” (in Hebrew this is the same as saying “a Holocaust” in English) on the Palestinians during interview on Israeli Army Radio

    “The more qassam fire intensifies and the rockets reach a longer range, they (the Palestinians) will bring upon themselves a bigger shoah because we will use all our might to defend ourselves..” (sic)

    (From )

    So it’s OK for a zionist Jew to say it’s a shoa, but no-one else?

    My this political correctness*** is getting confusing

    ***Or would it citizen, be better called “thought-crime” (double-plus un-good ;-) ) ?


    Comment by Bluesman | March 19, 2013

  4. moreover the Shadrach Meshack & Abednigo test is invalidated by
    the NONHEBREW so-called “JEWISH” victims of the relocation program
    called the tranfer agreement which was covinously colluded upon by
    the Synagogue of Satan “MONEY CHANGERS” & PHARISEES and the
    NOT SEES …!, to tranfer
    the KHAZAR “PROSELYTES” to Talmudic Judaism from Germany to
    Palestine to massmurder and place in Concentration Camps/ DEATH CAMPS
    the native inhabitants of Palestine who are actually Semitic…

    Go Figure.

    No Dallas Cowboys at the Alamo
    No “Jews” in the Old Testament

    John 8:44.

    Truth isn’t on Holiday on account of “JEW” worshipping braindeadgoy!


    Comment by Anthony Clifton | January 26, 2017

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