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Clinton: US “Can’t Stop” Israel From Settling

US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton (PNN Images)
PNN | January 13, 2011

Doha – At a press conference in Doha, Qatar, US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton said the power of American foreign policy was inherently limited when it came to pressuring Israel.

Asked by an al-Jazeera reporter why Arab countries should take US advice when US pressure on Israel proved ineffectual, Clinton explained, “Israel is a sovereign country and it makes its own decisions. [The US] can’t stop a lot of countries from doing things that we disagree and we speak out against. I wish there was a way we could tell a lot of countries what they should do because there are a lot of countries doing things that are not in the best interests of their own people, their neighbors, or the world.”

American pressure on Israel’s illegal settlement policies has amounted, in the past months since Israeli-Palestinian peace talks were derailed over the issue of settlements, to statements of disappointment and discouragement. Most recently, Clinton called the demolition of the historic Shepherd Hotel in East Jerusalem a “disturbing development.”

However, neither Clinton nor US President Barack Obama has been able to enforce any kind of settlement freeze in the Palestinian territories. Clinton speculated that Israel’s intransigence was due to caution over possible new violence in the West Bank.

“You often make decisions based on your own experience and history,” said Clinton. “And when the Israelis pulled out of Lebanon they got Hezbollah and 40,000 rockets and when they pulled out of Gaza they got Hamas and 20,000 rockets.”

Secretary Clinton was in Doha for a regional development conference.

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  1. Clinton is a useful shill for the Zionist Entity and each time she opens her mouth she exposes her forked tongue to the world.

    Comment by B.Benhamid | January 13, 2011

  2. Hillary Clinton’s public statements are political rhetoric. Her actions are criminal.

    I believe that she was paired by her CIA superiors with CIA agent Bill Clinton; a ‘Mission Impossible’ coupling inspired by the TV program that Nelson Rockefeller said fascinated him. So, it became operational, and I think on the Mossad model as well.

    We know of Mena Airport cocaine drops when Bill was governor and her law partner Vince Foster and alleged lover, was the bagman with the drug profits before he was assassinated while working in the Clinton white house. There were rumors that Hillary was involved in his assassination, and many irregularities in the case.

    Secretary Clinton procured 20 additional F-35 jet-fighters for Israel on the bogus basis that it would halt the rabid Zionist imperialism in Palestine with further illegal occupation housing/garrisons.

    What is not in doubt is that as Secretary of State, just as a US Senate, she has conspired in the continuation of US wars of aggression and is therefore guilty of War Crimes.

    Like Albright and Rice before her, she is a national disgrace and an enemy of the constitution for wanton violations of binding treaties in force: The Nuremberg Principles, Geneva Convention, and the Prevention and Punishment for Genocide Treaty.

    Her husband actually signed into law the US War Crimes Act of 1996 that carries the death penalty. Bill Clinton violated that Act in Yugoslavia, just as George Bush Jr did in Afghanistan and Iraq, and as Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Robert Gates, Eric Holder, Leon Penetta, and Hillary Clinton are today.

    Comment by Bill Mitchell | January 13, 2011

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