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Five Norwegian PR Firms Reject Lucrative Offers to Improve Israel’s Global Image

Tania Kepler for the Alternative Information Center | 06 February 2011

Five of Norway’s largest PR firms have said ‘no’ to offers to improve Israel’s global public relations campaign, reported the Norwegian newspaper Dagens Naæringsliv.

Israel is attempting to widen its global public relations campaign by hiring foreign PR firm to improve its reputation abroad. With the increasing threat being posed by the international Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, and the publicity surrounding Israelis human rights violations in the occupied Palestinian Territory, Israel has contacted public relations specialists in Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, the Czech Republic and Norway for help.

The project, for which each firm would be paid around 3.5 million USD annually, is to help Israel promote its vision in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as well as prevent the international boycott, amongst other things.

“Israel is an highly controversial project,” Sigurd Grytten, the PR firm Burson-Marsteller’s Managing Director, told the paper.

Statements by heads of the public relations agencies Geelmuyden.Keise, Gambit H&K, Apeland Informasjon, and First House range from “difficult”, to “no comment”. Only one agency, Kreab, has said it might consider the assignment.

In response, Aviad Ivri, Counselor at the Israeli embassy in Oslo, said, “It’s no secret that Israel has a reputation problem.”

Norway has a growing boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement. The country’s Government Pension Fund Global recently divested from two Israeli companies, Africa Israel Investments and Danya Cebus, due to their involvement in the construction of illegal settlements in the West Bank.

“Several United Nations Security Council resolutions and an International Court of Justice advisory opinion have concluded that the construction of Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territory is prohibited under the [Geneva] Convention,” said Norway’s Minister of Finance Sigbjørn Johnsen at the time of the much-publicized divestment.

What’s more late 2010, Israel accused the Norwegian government of funding and encouraging blatant anti-Israel incitement. The accusations were based on reports that a local Norwegian municipality is funding a trip for students to New York in order to take part in the “Gaza Monologues” play, and view an exhibition by Norwegian artists.

The play, which “deals with the suffering of children in Gaza as a result of the Israeli occupation,” was written by a Palestinian playwright from Gaza, and was presented at the United Nations headquarters. The Norwegian government responded to the Israeli accusation, saying that the Norwegian government supports freedom of expression and will not be intervening in the arts.

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  1. “It is no secret that Israel has a reputation problem”.Wow,even a stupid Israeli diplomat finally got it!But what are they going to do about it?Stop torturing and murdering Palestinians,stop stealing more of their land,destroying more of their houses and olivetrees,building more settlements on the West Bank and in Jerusalem? Of course not!That would only interfere with their dream of a Greater Israel.So now they plan to spend millions of dollars on PR campaigns,
    because it is “only”an image problem,right?

    Comment by Franklin Ryckaert | February 6, 2011

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  3. Franklin, same thing goes for the various “liberation” Palestinian organizations, who torture, murder, steal money and land and do everything in their power to prevent peace. It takes two to tango. But Israel’s complaining that the world says that this tango is a one person dance.

    Comment by RoyK | February 6, 2011

    • Roy,

      To suggest an equal “dance” requires two parties of equal stature.

      How can this analogy work when one party holds all the power and the other none?

      Whose land is being stolen?

      Comment by aletho | February 6, 2011

    • RoyK thats a really desperate and dated move..Zionists always conceal their crimes by saying the other side is much worse.
      How can palestinians steal their own land?

      Comment by brian | February 6, 2011

  4. “It takes two to tango”.O.K. RoyK let us really make it a tango,shall we?During all these years of the socalled “peace process”
    Israel continued to confiscate more and more land and build more and more settlements on it.
    But that is part of the “road map”is it not?
    Besides, the West Bank (“Judea and Samaria”)
    is really “disputed territory”,right?So let us accept that and let the Palestinians be allowed to do just the same.Let them call Israel “desputed territory”and let them build settlements on it as they see fit.And of course let them set up some 500 checkpoints in Israel and have only-for-Arabs
    roads to complete the picture.Then we would have a real “tango”.Deal?

    Comment by Franklin Ryckaert | February 6, 2011

  5. ‘In response, Aviad Ivri, Counselor at the Israeli embassy in Oslo, said, “It’s no secret that Israel has a reputation problem.”’

    Aviad, israel has a huma rights problem…it also has a war crimes problem…it also has an ‘assassinate foreign leaders’ problem.
    israel has lots of problems…all self inflicted.

    Comment by brian | February 6, 2011

  6. Israel’s constant and repeated unsuccessful attempts at rebranding… ha ha, When will they understand that if the food is rotten whatever you do to it, is not going to make it taste and smell good.

    Comment by Seymour Alexander | February 6, 2011

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  9. Oooooh, they were to paid 3.5 million USD AKA Federal Israeli Reserve notes. Soon to be worthless as they crank up the printing presses to cover their ponzi schemes.

    Comment by RipTorn | February 7, 2011

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