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Israeli bombs spread cancer in Gaza

Press TV – March 4, 2011

The number of cancer patients has been climbing in Gaza due to the use of depleted uranium by the Israeli military during its onslaught on the impoverished enclave two years ago, medical sources say.

After the war, cancer cases have reportedly increased by about 30 percent in Gaza, Press TV correspondent reported on Thursday.

“We have seen a sharp increase in blood cancer and other types of the diseases. Many patients come from the areas that were attacked by Israeli fighter jets using banned chemical weapons,” Oncologist Mohammed Atteya said.

Shifa hospital, Gaza’s major health provider, has witnessed a sharp rise recently in the number of cancer patients.

Doctors say that most cancer patients reside in areas that were heavily bombed during Israel’s onslaught on Gaza in the winter of 2008-2009.

The war left about 1,400 Palestinians dead and thousands injured; the majority of victims were civilians.

At the time, Norwegian doctors volunteering in Gaza hospitals said some victims had traces of depleted uranium in their bodies.

Environmental damage and pollution is another unfortunate byproduct of the war.

Post-war measurements suggest some areas in the enclave are 1,000 times more radioactive than natural levels, and cancer cases have begun to emerge on a daily basis.

“The number of cancer patients has gone up significantly. Israel used depleted, white phosphorous against the city. The city became a testing ground for all these banned weapons,” environmental expert Zekra Ajour.

A common denominator among cancer patients is that they lived in areas that were badly bombed.

The majority of high tech weapons today contain depleted uranium and/or other Heavy Metals.

The residue of a depleted uranium weapon can be spread by the wind, infecting residents in the immediate vicinity and contaminating the food chain.

According to medical and environmental experts, the Gaza strip’s environment and population will suffer the grave consequences of Israel’s use of internationally banned weapons during the war.

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  1. Like their heartless benefactors, the Israelis think nothing of the mass murder and suffering they inflict on others, as long as they get what they want. The fact that they are committing war crimes and genocide is besides the point, and therefore irrelevant.

    But, like the US, Israel does not want a bad public imagine, but not enough to not use depleted uranium, when it is so effective in infant mortality, grotesque birth-defects, and it is free from the big Satan, the USA.

    DU is a chemical, biological and radiological weapon of mass destruction aimed at ethnic cleaning into perpetuity. The US never intends to live in Iraq or Afghanistan, or Iran for that matter. So, for the US for permanently poison those countries is not critically important, the US just wants all the oil and staging position for further aggression to loot every country in the world, unless they will just “say uncle” as Ronald Reagan expressed it in regard to Nicaragua.

    Insanely, the Zionist Israelis are pretending ignorance of the inescapable reality of the consequences of their permanent contamination of Palestine. Their is no ideological, racial, or religious immunity to DU and its deadly consequences!

    But, to think of name their CIA has adopted, the Mossad, after Mossada. Masada today is one of the Jewish people’s greatest symbols. Israeli soldiers take an oath there: “Masada shall not fall again.” – but is was a suicide pact, they kill themselves, to the last child, women, and man.

    Psychotic with nuclear weapon they have threatened the world with, and have instigated the ‘”War on Terror'” and its pretext for being, as co-conspirators with the US criminal elite, 9/11 itself!

    A few video links for young readers and folks who missed the great DU revelations in recent years.:

    depleted uranium beyond treason gulf war iraq birth defects : 2 min 27 sec

    Deformed Babies in Fallujah : 3 min 52 sec

    Poison DUst – pt 8/8: 11 minutes


    Comment by Bill Mitchell | March 4, 2011

    • Bill,

      The US is certainly not occupying these nations to get oil. Oil is easy to purchase and relatively inexpensive. Energy of all sorts is abundant and freely traded.

      Wars are about territory, dominance and exploitation. Rarely do commodities enter into the realm of motivations.


      Comment by aletho | March 4, 2011

  2. Aletho,

    Agreed, what is involved is “ethnic-cleansing” and terrain-deniability; a military term of securing strategic positions exclusive to the use of ones own forces.

    The US dollar is being replaced by the Chinese with their own currency for international trade, with Asia following in their footsteps.

    The US option is total military monopolization of oil that fuels the industry and mobility worldwide in the modern era.

    John D. Rockefeller wanted invade Russia in 1898 as I can best remember to secure their oil fields. WW2 was about oil, and so is the war on terror, and as likely World War 3 if it happens!

    Of course it can be perished on the world market, but the US has bogus money and more arms than the rest of the world combined. And that is the option the US has long taken, to take by force of arms; armed robbery under propagandist excuses, that we spend so much of our time debunking, and less on the “nature of the beast”

    Imperialism is, as imperialism does!


    Comment by Bill Mitchell | March 5, 2011

  3. Bill,

    Along the theme of “terrain denial” we can also include “resource denial”, but that only enters into the equation in a total war scenario where the opponent has no oil (Germany in WWII being an example).

    In the current situation the Zionists seek to deny their potential adversaries the income and trading relations that derive from their oil exports. It’s not about getting the oil but simply disabling the potential resistance to Zionist expansion.

    They likewise seek to deprive their perceived adversaries of any type of economic development whatsoever, case in point being the utter destruction of Iraq’s industrial capacity as well as the assassination of scientists and professors.

    The focus on oil is a distraction.

    Remember, oil is both abundant and widely dispersed. To control it you need to control global shipping lanes not occupy production fields.


    Comment by aletho | March 5, 2011

  4. Aletho,

    Thank you for that, and I concur; but was looking at the US mindset, not the Zionist; but maybe that is a fallacy… is there a deep difference, in who’s interest is being served!?

    Certainly the Palestinians are “non-persons” to the US ruling usurping power elite; anymore than the lives and well-being of peoples of the world as whole.

    Capitalism is basically a misanthropic economic system, and republics its now transparent veneer for Plutocratic concentration of power to protect and inheritance and exploit their advantage without a scruple or impediment.


    Comment by Bill Mitchell | March 5, 2011

  5. Capitalism seems to be taking a back seat to Zionism, at least within the halls and boardrooms of power in the US. We have been witnessing one act of Congress after another which harms corporate interests yet serves Zionism (ILSA for example).

    Meanwhile, the private sector continues to decline while the public sector is the only area of growth for almost a decade. The war economy is not a market economy and does not foster free enterprise.


    Comment by aletho | March 5, 2011

  6. And to what end? World Conquest! Why? “because we can!”.

    That was the answer I got from the staff director of the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations in 1972 in reference to Vietnam.

    Apparently the Israeli Zionist are of the same mindset, arrogantly impervious world public opinion, or guilty conscience. On the contrary, they are delighted with self-validation with 93% of the Israelis approval of the atrocious attacks on Gaza in operation ‘Cast Lead’ ( DU ) according to Haaretz.


    Comment by Bill Mitchell | March 5, 2011

  7. That’s about it Bill, power, at any price.


    Comment by aletho | March 5, 2011

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