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  1. There is one more angle to the Purim story that Norr left out. It is an article of faith among a vile minority of Jews that it is OK – even commendable – to send their own beauties to seduce and corrupt the ‘king’ to secure advantage for Jews. Many American Zionists compared Monica Lewinsky and. perhaps, Chandra Levy to Esther because by compromising Bill Clinton and the California Congressman (can’t remember his name), they ensured pro-Israeli tilt in their foreign policies! It is important to note that the parents of these two ladies may have fully acquiesced in, and may have encouraged, the liaison of their daughters (even though the Lewinskys themselves were divorced). There was an article on this subject in one of the leading American Jewish periodicals crowing about the brilliant exploits of these ladies but unfortunately I am unable to cite the article itself. Maybe someone else can.
    I want to emphatically state my belief that the majority of American Jews are quite dismayed by those sordid episodes and do not take pride in the activities of Monica Lewinsky or Chandra Levy and certainly would not want to compare – and celebrate -the ancient with the modern examples of Jewish vindictiveness. As far as I am concerned Jews are no different from the rest of mankind when it comes to villainy. In response to the accusations that Arabs (Muslims) send their sons to die and kill, one pro-Arab commentator had retorted that Jews send their daughters to corrupt the kings. Sending ones daughter to seek illicit romances is as horrifying to Muslims as sending ones son to act as a suicide bomber may be to the Westerners but they are both equally vile, in my opinion. And lastly, how come Jezbel is ‘bad’ but Esther is ‘good’?
    Interesting creatures us humans, aren’t we?

    Comment by Inayat Lalani | March 20, 2011

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