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Israeli bulldozers destroy farmer’s land in Al Ma’sara

30 May 2011 | International Solidarity Movement

Yesterday private Israeli bulldozers arrived in the village of Al Ma’sara in the West Bank and destroyed a section of farm land belonging to the Brijia family, uprooting five grape trees and an abundance of wheat. The bulldozers were accompanied by Israeli military jeeps which belonged to an electrical company that was installing an underground cable to provide electricity to the nearby illegal settlement of Efrat. The family of farmers, who have legally owned the land since 1964 had been given no prior warning of the destruction and neither the workers nor the army could provide any paperwork when asked.

This latest destruction of property is a sad blow to a family who have already lost four dunums of their land to illegal Israeli construction.

Al Ma’sara, 13 km south of Bethlehem, is home to about 900 people. The village is situated in a mountainous and fertile rural area which enjoys an abundance of natural water resources. Construction and expansion of Gush Etzion – one of the nearby illegal settlements – has already confiscated a large portion of village lands.

Villagers believe that this latest destruction of land is part of the Israeli government’s bigger plan to expand the illegal settlements around Bethlehem and link them together, isolating Palestinian villages, who are already a minority in the area and strengthening Israel’s hold on the West Bank.

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  2. These farmers need to do some digging and cutting. Wish I was capable of helping them.

    Comment by Rob | May 31, 2011

  3. Another breach by Israel…. And another failure by the authorities of the workd to condemn this action….

    REmoval of land and ability to maintain themselves is pushing these people to an impasse.

    Stay out Israel… Lets hope the UN passes the resolution in September…

    Comment by Jeff | May 31, 2011

    • Unfortunately the UN and NATO are Zionist creations. They just follow the orders of their bosses with the funny noses. Nine centuries of inbreeding produces ugly genetic bombs. Ask the Habsburgs. It certainly does.

      Comment by The Observer | May 31, 2011

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