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Does your Congressperson represent you – or Israel?

By Medea Benjamin | Mondoweiss | August 9, 2011

In this time of economic austerity, when jobs are being slashed and Americans are fearful about their future, the Congressional recess is the time for our elected representatives to be home in their districts, reaching out to their constituents and servicing the people they are paid to represent. Instead, this August one out of every five representatives will be taking a junket to Israel, compliments of an affiliate of the Israel lobby AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) but still clocked in on the taxpayer’s dime.

Americans who have lost their jobs and seen their life savings evaporate because Congress can’t seem to get it together deserve an explanation of how this crisis will be solved. Following the recent debt debacle, the public is hungry for information about the mysterious 12-person “super committee” that will slash over one trillion dollars from the federal budget. But instead of opening their doors to their constituents, 81 members of Congress will be getting briefings from Israeli government officials, touring historic religious sites, and perhaps “seeking a salty dip in the Dead Sea.” Representative Steny Hoyer, who is leading the Democratic delegation, said he is pleased members of Congress have this opportunity “to gain a deeper understanding of the issues involved in increasing stability in the region.” One has to wonder whether our elected officials are more concerned about the stability of Israel or the well-being of American families.

Not surprisingly, trip expenses are being paid by an affiliate of the all-powerful AIPAC lobby, the American Israel Educational Foundation. AIPAC lobbies hard to ensure that Israel is kept on the U.S. dole, with $3 billion of US taxpayers’ dollars a year going to the Israeli military. Without AIPAC and the financial contributions to Congressional campaigns made by its affiliate organizations, our representatives would be freer to speak out against funneling precious taxdollars to this already wealthy nation. This junket goes to show that those who claim AIPAC has a stranglehold over our Congress are not far off the mark.

Going on an AIPAC-sponsored trip to Israel is the moral equivalent of using an Anglo-Boer travel company to visit apartheid-era South Africa. Although they claim to be visiting leaders “across the political spectrum”, including Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, you can bet your bottom dollar that AIPAC will not be giving these 81 Congresspeople a fair and balanced view of Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. They won’t observe one of the weekly demonstrations in Bi’lin or Nabi Saleh, where Israeli soldiers routinely tear gas and arrest non-violent protesters. They won’t spend time with grieving Palestinians whose homes have been demolished to make way for more Jewish-only housing. They won’t spend a few hours at a checkpoint to witness how Palestinians are detained, abused and humiliated, or how this “thriving democracy” forbids Palestinians from driving on Jewish-only roads. They won’t go to Gaza, where 1.5 million people are suffering under an unbearable siege, unable to travel freely, conduct business transactions across borders or even rebuild their homes destroyed by the Israeli invasion. And they won’t likely be visiting the burgeoning tent cities in Tel Aviv where hundreds of thousands of Israelis are currently camped out protesting the lack of affordable housing, gas and food.

With the disapproval rate for Congress at a record 82%, now is not the time for our representatives to pander to AIPAC. Now is not the time for “free” junkets to Israel—with an implicit promise of $3 billion of our taxdollars in return. Now is the time to stop the freefall of the American economy. If our representatives want to earn more respect from the American public, they better prove that their allegiance is not to a foreign government or a group that lobbies on behalf of a foreign government, but to their constituents back home.


Medea Benjamin is cofounder of Global Exchange and CODEPINK. She encourages you to contact your congressperson and ask where they will be this August recess. Call  202-224-3121.

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  1. It is time to get the guillotines out and start executing these traitors one at a time. [after public trial of course]


    Comment by B.Benhamid | August 10, 2011

  2. Medea Benjamin doesn’t speak for me. Code Chartreuse is another joke. The one lady there who got in Rumsfart’s face with the blood on her hands, Desiree Fairzooz I think her name is, is the ONLY ONE in that group with any integrity.

    the rest? Pfft!! a lot of hot air and flatulence. One heroine in a group of chickenshits does not make an organization a real foe of Israel.


    Comment by PFFFTTT!!!! | August 10, 2011

    • Yeah, it’s a mixed bag for sure. Obsessing on the latest hate propaganda against the Taliban is rather pointless for “peace activists”.

      But Medea Benjamin seems to be set on being part of the BDS movement and we will be hearing about her in any event if we follow BDS.


      Comment by aletho | August 10, 2011

      • BDS is working. but not because Medea BinJammin supports it or not. It’s because millions of people globally support it without her.

        interestingly about BDS, my asking Costco about 7 29 shit on their shelves got me speshul attention with the dept of JUST US, per the law.

        my query to them was to the Customer Service dept. Now you’d think that a Seattle based (Kirkland, Actually) company would be pretty progressive and intellectually direct and honest with their customers about a legitimate concern. Not so.

        in the end, American Express suddenly and without warning cancelled my card which I used for gasoline and food purchases there. When I complained to Costco about that, I got zero help from them. Not even an incident report. Matter of fact, the customer service jerkoff was both rude and condescending. So I cancelled my Costco account right then and there.

        after awhile, because I so enjoy my food court treats and the occasional splurge with my 3 bags GoldFish that occasionally get purchsed, I relented and re-joined them. But Costco then began to mess with my rebate which they never paid me even when I quit the first time but still had on the books. It gets better. On the day I went in to re-join them, the same snotty customer service agent accused me of being in there three days earlier trying to re-join them. I told him that had I been there to do that, I would have certainly remembered that and unless there was a double of me there, someone was playing identity theft games with them.

        then a female supervisor intervened and disarmed the situation.

        but clearly, it is now against the law in the U.S.S.A. to ask about 7 29 shit in any store or vendor location. It’ll get you on a list at Dept. of JUST US. if you use a credit card as a courtesy device as I did the AMEX card out of convenience, it’ll get cancelled on you.

        Israel has long tentacles in the U.S. It controls the government here to the extent that the very people who are sworn to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution now subrogate that document and shit on it at every juncture in time. These so called servants of ours have pieces of shit like Janet NaPOLEtano decry all of us as ‘domestic terrorists’ for our views.

        BDS in America is a risky business. Does that deter me? Absolutely not. But as I have had NSL’s served on my banking for other reasons by the dept of JUST US, about the only thing they haven’t done is try to deport me. I would actually go willingly from this shithole and nightmare now if they actually did that. My best guess is their next move will be to make it both impossible for me to get work in my career fields, and secondarily, probably pull both my certifications I hold for operating aircraft and land vehicles, in retaliation.

        Do I care? Sure I do. but spare me the Medea Benjamin shit. Please. In the past few months I’ve had more bullshit foisted on me from this illegitimate cabal in Washington D.C. than I have in my 39 year long career. I’ve been a whistle blower most of that, so I’m no stranger to retaliation and bullshit of that nature. I’m just getting so very tired of the same pricks who took the same oath of office I once did, butt fucking me or going out of their way to butt fuck me, for doing what is right.

        BDS is right. Decrying Israeli involvement in 9/11 is right. Railing against HIGH TREASON by the scum in this government is RIGHT.

        patting Medea Benjamin, a relative johnette come lately on the back, is just WRONG, because others have been at it so much longer than she, and at greater risk than she, and a lot of us never get any recognition for consistently never ever just rolling over and letting them get away with it.

        someday I know I’ll leave when I just can’t stand it here anymore, but that day will be of my choosing and not theirs. And I’m far from done with their sorry treasonous asses here yet!

        Far from done. I’ve got a lot more work to do before I see this place in my rearview mirror and breathe a sigh of relief and maybe some sadness that in the end, I had to leave just to stay sane.


        Comment by Thanks, Aletho! | August 11, 2011

  3. wanna learn about ISRAEL’s handiwork?

    go to YOU TUBE and in the search window, put in these words


    you’ll see their handiwork, and then ask yourself why so many of these filth in this government show fealty to the same slime who engineered this.

    look at the comments by the ‘israeli’ shills (usually identified by a two digit number in their posting handle, either in front of or after their names, in the You Tube commentary about crimes they committed and are being exposed in) they’re easy to spot.

    YOUR GOVERNMENT IS OWNED AND OPERATED BY TEL AVIV, and it did MURDER THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE on Sept. 11th. 2001, although we’re finding out the official death toll is way too high for the actual number we can prove were truly killed that day and not fake identities the government swears died but per their corrupt DoD forensics lab, couldn’t find one drop of HIJACKER DNA in any of the remains. Nor show any of them on the manifests.




      There are a number of issues in ‘INTERCEPTED’ that had Balsamo actually spoken to me about first before release, could have been fixed to portray more reality of the events of that day:

      First, for the record, in the PilotsFor911Truth forum, under the FDR analysis discussions about FLT 77, specifically debunking the Legge-Stutts bullshit non-peer reviewed paper that Kevin Ryan supports, I cited a number of things from Pandora’s Black Box, also on YouTube now in it’s entirety.

      Those issues are:

      No aircraft upsets or A/P disengagement during the cockpit takeovers. FL-180 Altimeter ‘kollsman window’ resets climbing up thru FL 180 and shown in the NTSB recreation (which is fine because that’s an absolute must for vertical separation at altitudes above 18k feet), and of course, the reset occurs on the descent (no hijacker would bother with this) and is shown in the .CSV data which was derived from the CPM memory dump from the recovered FDR (which we obtained from the NTSB). And the reason why I state this, is that only experienced airline crewmen who routinely operate in the PCA above 18,000 feet, would know to do this reset to 29.92 above FL 180, and then back to the local baro pressure for the destination which was derived by listening to the ATIS or having the approach controller give that to you. The significance of this action means that clearly a hijacker was not flying the plane at this time because they would have no concern for vertical separation issues as MODE C is not there when the transponder is turned off and unable to send encoded altimeter data to the ground radar so ATC can call out your altitudes to other traffic for collision avoidance issues, even if they are not talking to you. What’s more important about the pointing out of this, is that the .CSV file and the NTSB’s recreation clearly do not jive with regard to the reset on the way down to the Arlington airspace, and though NTSB says that the NTSB recreation is a derivative of the CPM dump and for us, the dump’s resultant .CSV file, that’s clearly not the case because the altimeter is not really set in the .CSV data on the descent thru FL 180 to the Dulles altimeter setting, and because it is depicted in the NTSB recreation, then one has to wonder which is correct? They should exactly concur with each other as the NTSB says they did the recreation from the FDR data from the CPM memory. Apparently not.

      Now as I glossed over this issue you need to understand that collision avoidance is neither something the hijackers would be concerned with, nor would they be so thorough to do what an airline crewman would do for safety reasons, because they’re going to crash the aircraft anyway, so safety clearly is not an issue when you had to know that turning the transponder off makes it impossible for controllers to know your altitude from MODE C altitude reporting. Watch Pandora’s Black Box for the importance of this issue
      At the end of the flight. In the end, the aircraft’s last position is too high to have struck the building, because the government had asserted that the FDR data ends six seconds before impact with the building. As of late, the Legge-Stutts guys magically found 4 more seconds of data they said NTSB and L-3 couldn’t possibly decode themselves..but had vehemently argued that the FDR ceasing recording before the airplane either hit the building or broke up for other reasons, is perfectly normal. Smell a rat yet? In real life, the recorder would record for approximately 500 milliseconds past building impact, because it is designed to do that until that section of the plane has completely been destroyed by impact forces. Mind you that the FDR sits in the very tailcone of the aircraft for that reason, to assure that ir survives most of the crash, assuming the plane comes down nose first, which in some cases is not possible due to inflight breakup or flat spinning of the aircraft with the nose in an up pitch position on ground impact. The recorder itself can continue to record for at least half a second after power is gone and must demonstrate this during certification testing under stringent Mil. Std. 704 types of power transient tests incorporated into DO-160, the commercial aircraft certification protocols for Part 23 aircraft. Let’s just suffice to say that the government apologist and excuse makers assertions that the FDR can quit recording for no good reason at any time, is both ludicrous and absurd. They are intended to capture the accident at the end of the deadly flight, and to make them that cheesy and unreliable truly would defeat their very purpose or reason for existing. But let’s get on with the rest of this, shall we?

      Next, on all of these plane’s tracks going west, the course reversals back to the east do show very clearly defined STANDARD RATE TURNS being executed. The fundamental reason why an airline pilot will do nice gentle turns of this nature is to not disturb the PASSENGERS. More to the point, why would a hijacker care about precision
      Turn executions when their intent is to get to the ground target in a hurry to avoid interception? A highjacker is not going to be concerned with whether he or she pastes the aft cabin occupants to the walls of the fuselage during the high G turn to get the plane on course to the target. Yet these course reversals are nice perfect STANDARD RATE turns that airline pilots routinely make. Why do you suppose that is? Is it because these hijackers know that professional pilots will someday examine their flight paths and critique them for precision? I certainly don’t think so, and it’s a given they surely didn’t care about whether they’d make the passengers air sick, for damned sure!

      Another issue not covered is the W. VA ‘radar hole’ the F.A.A. alleges is over that area in W. Va. Where an actual FPS-117 Long Range, 3-D air search radar system was located on Sept. 11th., 2001, making the assertion of the radar hole rather asinine because even if the radar were not in final driver stage amplification, it still had decent range and IFF capability. This destroys the excuse the F.A.A. and NORAD have for losing FLT 77 from radar in that area. This is NOT COVERED in much detail in Pandora or INTERCEPTED, by the way.

      Lastly, and more importantly, the final trajectory for FLT 77 is a 10k fpm ‘dive’ and circling maneuver at very high speed, with the end trajectory well inside ground effect of the aircraft for the last half mile or so before it struck poles and hit the building. Ground Effect is defined as half wingspan or less distance from the earth, and is a very hard to fly in region at high speeds due to the aircraft’s desire to climb when developing so much lift that close to the ground. It is therefore physically impossible for the plane to execute a 4,600 fpm in the final phase descent rate and round out into level flight without a phenomena called ‘phugoid oscillation’ due to high inertial mass going down hill and very inadequate horizontal stabilizer authority versus inertial mass, resulting in a porpoising or pitch oscillation effect. As you can see in the small clip the FBI released, the plane is in flat trajectory (or something was) and not in pitch oscillation, and well deep inside ground effect. And, a white solid rocket propellant trail is visible, way too thin to be vapor from an engine bleed of fuel due to some unknown damage.

      So, to sum up here, we have a plane that never has any A/P disengage, which is unbelievable when you consider the fact that the act of having one’s head sawed off by a hijacker would make the pilots kick their feet and or strike the yoke, which results in immediate A/P disengage and nearly immediate loss of aircraft stability in at least the pitch and roll axis. This never occurs. And lastly, the rudder position of at least FLT 77 is so static that it meant that whichever hijacker who was in the cockpit had too short of legs to reach the rudder pedals, or he was without legs, because the reported rudder positions defy explanation. They strictly show aerodynamic air loads on the rudder after the planes level off, and never reflect any attempt by the pilot to control the aircraft using the rudder. Even a hijacker has legs, and in most cases, would clumsily over control the aircraft using the rudder pedals, just out of lack of flight experience. The reason I bring this up is that for one reason or another, the rudder movement on FLT 77 gets mighty
      Dead after the plane levels off at cruise altitude. This is just as if the aircraft were being flown by joystick inputs only, just like a drone pilot sitting in a chair somewhere else, without rudder pedals beneath his feet because the drones more often than not use controls that yaw control the drone more precisely than a drone pilot would who’s just using a joystick.

      Last comment here is that in ‘INTERCEPTED’ after careful analysis and replaying the documentary, the ATC and AIRCRAFT communications between AA 11 and ATC sound both scripted and unreal. In the aircraft transmissions, they’re eerily lab quality without the usual 400 hz. Inverter noise all jet aircraft have. Now, after having spent a lot of hours in airplanes of all types in controlled airspace for 30 plus years, it’s also painfully clear to me that both the PILOT and ATC personnel for at least some of the conversations in ‘INTERCEPTED’ were done in a laboratory environment and did not come from real ATC or AIRCRAFT radios. If you listen closely to them, even a non pilot can hear the scripted nature of the conversations. And the lack of normal radio noise.

      In the end, I would have insisted that Balsamo made the audience aware of that.

      So we’ve covered a lot of ground here and of course if you’ve not watched either of these videos yet, you should. But make no mistake, clearly these aircraft were not being flown by neophyte pilots ever. And a whole side issue is the NEADS radar delay of nearly 26 seconds, which is approximately ‘2’ times the radar sweep interval of the long range, 12.5 second FPS-117 3-D air search radars which are the nominal 200 mile enroute radar tracking device for most of the airspace. The shorter range ASR terminal radars are much quicker, as they cover about 65 miles max and their primary job is to get more information in the terminal phase of flight were aircraft separation is much more critical to get rapid position updates on.

      The significance of the delay I found in the radar data, is that never did it happen before Sept. 11th. With the NEADS radar feeds back into the aggregate radar pipeline, nor did it ever happen afterwards.

      My theory about ‘why’ on Sept. 11th. Is simple. It allowed use of pre-recorded radar video from prior exercises recorded by NORAD, and second, it allowed composite use of that exercise video, as well as mixing of live but delayed radar returns to prevent massive numbers of midair collisions had they used strictly SIM RADAR without the live targets.

      But it served an even more important purpose, as you’ll see in the unprecedented continuance of the SIM radar stuff for more than half an hour after the buildings were hit.

      It prevented any possible interceptions, because in some cases, the ‘recorded’ radar video
      Had no real targets under the data blocks because as you can imagine, planes recorded a year or so before would not be truly there in the sky at those ‘recorded’ positions a full year later. That’s why so much of this required Cheney’s stand down to be rock solid, for had ANY interceptors gone in full AFTERBURNER or REHEAT or FULL MILITARY POWER to any position of any target, they most likely would have encountered NOTHING their own fire control could lock onto because those targets did not exist in that space at all that day. The recorded tracks were that imperative, and so very indicated by the STANDARD RATE TURNS we see in every single course reversal that day.

      Needless to say the documentary would have run a full hour to address these issues.

      As I have extensive hands on experience with radar video recorders from my military service, I also know what digitized and replayed radar data looks like, and I was the one who found the delay in the NEADS radar data by virtue of that. And the resultant ALIASING or scan time staggering of all of the NEADS radars. This simply would never have been the case had the RADES data been just recordings of purely live radar traffic that day. But I doubt NORAD ever dreamt a guy like me could easily see this.
      NORAD needed this 25 or so seconds of delay to inject REAL targets, and make damned sure that the ones they didn’t want anyone to ever have a chance to intercept, were totally culled out of the video altogether. Two sweep intervals of the longer range FPS 117 radars would ensure that, before piping that video back down from the E-4B’s and allowing the radar controllers to see it finally. That’s why the delay occurred that day, and never before, nor ever afterwards. And why when this discussion took place in e-mails years ago, CIA in Langley was watching the traffic with eagle eyes, and the PAO Officer at the Air Force’s Langley AFB Office suddenly refused to talk to us about the delay we had discovered in the RADES data. One thing you might need to understand is that time synchronization signals are sent to all equipment racks so that with absolute precision the time is known by all systems, per atomic cesium ion beam clocks that are sync’d with the NBS clock in Washington, D.C. and Boulder, CO. It’s not as if there was a watch setting issue here. And interestingly, this was the only time we saw real CIA monitoring of the website during these discussions about the delay. Someone was very nervous we knew, in other words, about the radar delay.

      So watch the videos and form your own conclusions. But this is reality. And that is why this new documentary is getting so much heat. For the most part, it proves NORAD was using the E-4B’s as the exercise control platforms doing all the coordination.

      And yet NORAD denies the fact these planes were in the skies that day and how convenient the one in Arlington airspace and the one over the swap points, and the one over NEW YORK really were. This documentary proves they are guilty of HIGH TREASON.

      And the finger points at Richard C. Myers taking orders under Dick Cheney.

      Now I know a lot of apologists will decree that the government was incompetent and FUBAR that day in Sept. 2001, but quite the opposite was true. Their only crime was that inadvertently, they failed to cover up all tracks others like us would someday find buried in the mountains of analyzed data obtained by FOIA requests. It’s a fair assessment that a significant amount of litterbox coverup of shit occurred after the fact and that for the most part, no significant effort was made of evidence obfuscation after the F.B.I. grabbed all the videotapes of the approach of FLT 77 with the Pentagon.

      This makes F.B.I. Director Robert S. Mueller an accessory to TREASON.


      Comment by Final Analysis of 'INTERCEPTED' and 'PANDORA' | August 11, 2011

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