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Israeli official: Erdogan visit to Gaza ‘would harm Turkey’s relations with the US’

Palestine Information Center – 06/09/2011

ANKARA — Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he may visit the Gaza Strip next week in conjunction with his scheduled visit to Cairo after talks with the Egyptian Foreign Ministry.

Erdogan said in response to questions by reporters on Sunday that he could visit the besieged Gaza Strip after first visiting Egypt. But he said the visit to Gaza has not yet been determined on his official agenda.

Erdogan was scheduled to visit Gaza 21 June, but the visit was postponed indefinitely.

Officials from the Turkish Foreign Ministry said they were making contacts with their counterparts in Egypt with regard to Erdogan’s potential visit to Gaza.

They said that Egyptian Foreign Ministry was excited about the visit but that it would require Israel’s consent.

Meanwhile, an Israeli official has warned Erdogan against the visit, saying it would be a major diplomatic mistake.

The official said on Israel’s Channel Two that the visit would harm Turkey’s relations with the United States and challenge the legitimacy of the governance of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

Government officials in Gaza have welcomed the possibility, saying that the Gaza Strip would benefit from such a high-profile visit. But they said that no arrangements have been made so far apart from what was leaked by the media outlets.

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  2. Way to go, Mr. Erdogan. Like Gaddafi, he has made a very noticeable attempt at taking care of his people and representing their interests on the world stage. This will be interesting, watching how this unravels. I predict a dramatic 11th hour agreement, brokered by the Us of course (because, in their eyes, nobody else on the entire planet could possible be capable of conducting negotiations) and receive the usual propaganda push by the corporate media presstitudes.

    I knew very little about this man until recent months but he has earned my respect. Who the he** does the US or Israel think they are, attempting to dictate what the duly elected leader of a sovereign nation can and cannot do? Once again, the cowardly voice of Zionism threatening Turkey with reprisals from their slaves, the US government. Sorry to say, Israel, but you are being eyed very critically by the world… not because you’re Jews (which most aren’t anyway) but because you continue to employ arrogance, lies, intimidation and threats to get your own way, even when it is obvious to most people with a capacity for critical thinking that the favoritism shown to Israel above all other countries is far from healthy for a global democracy. The bully is always taken down and it will happen to Israel. They cannot bully Universal Principles and Laws.

    Comment by brightsorcerer | September 10, 2011

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