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Israeli Consul General wants to rescue US town from ‘foreign’ influence

By Phan Nguyen | Mondoweiss | September 28, 2011

recent lawsuit against the Olympia Food Co-op for boycotting Israeli goods has strangely made Olympia, Washington, the site of the first anti-BDS lawsuit since the Israeli government passed its anti-BDS law.

Although the official plaintiffs of the lawsuit are five Olympia residents, investigations by Ali Abunimah (here) and Richard Silverstein (here and here) have uncovered evidence linking the lawsuit to Israeli Consul General Akiva Tor and the pro-Israel group StandWithUs.

On Nov. 4, 2010, Akiva Tor was interviewed on Seattle conservative talk radio. On the air, Tor accused the Olympia Food Co-op boycott of being the work of outsiders:

“I think that people [in Olympia] feel that a foreign agenda, an unfair agenda, a doctrinaire agenda, has been imposed on them from outside, and they’re suffering. They’re suffering through it, and it’s a terrible thing.”

Tor then explained that steps would be taken to fight back:

“It’s an awful thing, and when we find ourselves on the end of it, we have to respond….There is an organization, StandWithUs, which is very concerned and working hard on it.”

According to StandWithUs meeting minutes, Tor arrived in Olympia on March 10, 2011, where he gathered with StandWithUs co-chairs Rob Jacobs and Carolyn Hathaway, along with attorney Avi Lipman. None of these individuals lived in Olympia, but they had converged there to meet with unnamed “Olympia activists.” Meeting minutes state that a “legal presentation” was given at the meeting.

Lipman, who is one of the attorneys in the lawsuit, refused to tell Abunimah what occurred at the March 10 meeting, citing attorney-client privilege, and thus confirming that some of those unnamed “Olympia activists” were or would soon be his clients.

StandWithUs executive committee meeting minutes additionally refer to the “law suit [sic] against the Olympia Food Co-op” [sic] as a StandWithUs “project.”

And so it transpires: A representative of the Israeli government coordinates with an Israel advocacy group based in Seattle, and that leads to a lawsuit against Olympia’s only food cooperative—in order to save Olympia from a “foreign agenda…imposed on them from outside.”

Curiously, though, the defendants named in the lawsuit are local residents.

September 28, 2011 - Posted by | Deception, Solidarity and Activism

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  1. yeah, those fine upstanding zioturds are sure honest enough to fully expose the fact that ISRAEL is controlling virtually every aspect of life in the U.S., inclusive of shoving ISRAELI shit down our throats.

    most people in Seattle are aware of what ISRAEL is, but per the bus advertisements that were stopped by the ADL and SPLC bastards via their allies in the City Council, you cannot dare tell the truth about ISRAEL anywhere in the U.S.
    any longer.

    matter of fact, thanks to legislation already on the books, you can’t even ask your local grocer if they currently carry
    any goods, such as Costco with it’s ISRAELI TOMATOES, by the way, without being reported to the F.B.I.

    it’s a federal offense to even ask a retailer about 7 29 barcoded shit in their stores.

    but of course this is because ISRAEL is our friend and they are only trying to HELP US. right.

    Comment by ISRAEL IS OUR FRIEND AND ONLY TRYING TO HELP US | September 29, 2011

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