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TV won’t tell me why students are occupying Berkeley–

by annie on November 11, 2011

calNight before last I was visiting my Mom and over dinner we watched some television news. I have not had reception at my house since last spring and I’d forgotten all the reasons why I’d opted out. Channel 5 news had a segment on a puppy kidnapped from the rescue center with the overriding message ‘thieves do not make responsible dog owners’ and something about not eating imported honey.

Then they showed a clip of protesters in front of Sproul Hall at UC Berkeley. They were occupiers and although the television said there were a couple hundred of them it looked like around 700 to a thousand to me. Later it was reported that 3,000 were there.

Both my mother and I were wondering what they were protesting about.

The television didn’t mention why they were there but the programming kept cutting back to the crowd and updating us on the tent situation (4 tents..still negotiating) between stories of the puppy and other vital Bay Area news. Berkeley is not far from Oakland which has a strong robust OWS presence. But what’s happening at UCBerkeley?

Google is my friend. In the twelfth paragraph we are informed but do not blink because this is the only mention of the alleged cause of the protestors throughout the entire article:

Several on campus criticized the university for using any force against the protesters, who have watched the police response overshadow the issues that led to the demonstration: budget cuts, tuition hikes and tax policy. – (my bold)

Budget cuts, tuition hikes and tax policy. Hmm. Don’t you find it a tad unusual the TV anchors didn’t mention why all the students were protesting? What has happened to journalism in this country?

Last night a friend sent me this photo at top from the ongoing occupation of Sproul Hall. GO TEAM, we’re everywhere.  “Occupy Cal not Palestine”. Then she wrote me back and told me this same banner was just featured on Colbert Nation.  Last night he covered the protest.  OWS is a “cancer on capitalism has spread to every corner of the US”, and after flashing a photo of a person captioned ‘goldman sachs’ (is GS one person?) stated OWS has moved to  ‘patchouli granola dump site’ ‘hippie haven’ of UC Berkeley….and here it comes… “drastic state wide cuts in education spending” and showed close up footage of police abuse which he dubbed “nudging with battons”.

Stephen Colbert to the rescue.

November 11, 2011 - Posted by | Mainstream Media, Warmongering

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  1. What has happened to this country is, journalists are being censored because the Media is totally biased in favor of the criminal state of IsraHell.
    Wake up or we will wind up with the same system Germany had to put up with under the leadership of Adolf Hitler.

    Comment by B.Benhamid | November 11, 2011

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