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The Host and the Parasite – How Israel’s Fifth Column Consumed America

Review of Greg Felton’s “The Host and the Parasite – How Israel’s Fifth Column Consumed America” (Video Below)

By D. Saykaly

“The Host and the Parasite” is an extraordinarily important book that traces America’s slide into fascism and subservience to a foreign power.

Felton argues persuasively that 3 groups have converged and come to dominate American policy for the benefit of Israel. Those 3 groups are: the neo-conservatives; the Republican evangelicals (Christian Zionists); and Jewish Zionists. He backs up his analysis with over 800 footnoted references to government, scholarly and media sources.

Felton refutes the traditional progressive view that Israel is merely a client state of America. If this is so, he asks, how has America come to pursue policies that are so utterly contrary to America’s own national interest while being so highly beneficial to its junior partner?

Felton also refutes the theory that ‘it’s all about oil’, arguing that the first Gulf War was the last American oil war and that the 2nd Gulf War ignored the interests of American oil companies, increased American oil costs and reduced American national security. How could this have happened? The 2nd war, he demonstrates, can only be adequately explained by the take-over of American foreign and domestic policy for the benefit of Israel.

Felton’s book integrates a remarkable range of relevant material, including:

– the decline of American republican government from Vietnam to the present;
– the rise of American fascism since the Reagan years;
– the rise of the pro-Israel lobby in America and its growing influence on the presidency from 1948 until now;
– the subjugation of America’s Congress and Senate by the pro-Israel lobby;
– the anti-democratic philosophy of Leo Strauss and its corrosive influence on America via the neo-conservative movement;
– the growth and goals of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) and other right wing think tanks;
– PNAC’s search for a new ‘Pearl Harbour’ to permit the restructuring of America;
– The Israeli foreign policy goal of dismembering Iraq to ensure Israeli regional domination;
– the demonization of Islam;
– the origins and rise of the religious right in America and its obsession with Israel;
– the planned attack on Iran that is being pushed by Israel and its proxies in America;
– the extremely gloomy prospects for America to “return to normal”.

Felton is generous in his praise of others who have explored some of this material such as John Mearsheimer, Stephen Walt, Jimmy Carter and Paul Findley. Felton’s book, however, is a far more comprehensive study of the subject and integrates a much fuller range of issues and data to demonstrate the self-destructive nature of American policy in our time.

For those who imagine that America’s Mid East policy is motivated by “love of justice and democracy”, Felton reviews America’s shameful and ongoing record of supporting dictators and overthrowing democratically elected 3rd world governments.

For those who pretend that America’s Mid East policy is intended to serve America’s self-interest, Felton reviews the appalling cost to America of its pro-Israel policy: thousands of dead American soldiers; trillions of dollars of debt incurred over the years due to higher oil costs and ruinous wars; the enmity of the world; and the destruction of the American system of republican government.

And what has America gained by supporting Israel? Nothing, Felton argues, that can begin to justify the appalling cost.

The book’s cover (see above) makes it clear that ‘Israel’s 5th column’ includes secular neo-con crooks like Rumsfeld and Cheney; Christian evangelical maniacs like Bush; and Jewish Zionist power players like Perle, Feith and Wolfowitz. Together, these people have torn up the American Constitution, dedicated America to endless war, bankrupted the country and endangered its security while cynically promoting the interests of a foreign power.

Available in paperback

Review by Harrison Koehl

The Host and the Parasite is the most comprehensive account of the rise of American fascism, its causes, facilitating factors, and implications for the future. Felton analyzes the profound effect of simplistic and authoritarian political and economic theories, in particular “Straussian” economics, in concert with equally dangerous religious fanaticism and political Zionism.

This combination of elements has created an opening for people like Bolton, Perle, Bush, and Cheney to ascend to influential leadership positions. That is, people without conscience who give full support to a foreign pathocratic regime: Israel.

Felton examines the many myths behind the justification for the Iraq war, both official and alternative, and demonstrates that none of these reasons hold up. His conclusion is the only tenable one: Iraq was invaded for the sake of Israel.

The book also has the most compact and informative account of the events of 9/11, including the stories that most other researchers ignore. That is, the Israeli spy operations in the months leading up to 9/11 and the Israeli Mossad agents that were arrested in New York on 9/11.

In short, The Host and the Parasite is a thorough and logical analysis of American foreign policy and the truth behind the “War on Terror”.


Greg Felton:

The Host and The Parasite (Part 1) – Click here to continue

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  1. I would argue that the first Gulf war was not about oil either. The oil companies argued against an invasion of Iran. However I don’t believe that the Sr. Bush administration went to war for Israel. In reality the first Gulf war was the first POST-COLD WAR action by the U.S. in order to test the crumbling power of the USSR. The fact that Gorbachev put up no resistance was a victory for the neo-cons and the anti-communists. The end of the Sr. Bush and the rise of Clinton followed by Bush enable the neo-cons (who are mostly Jewish Zionists) to consolidate their power and shift U.S. policy in the direction as describe by Felton.


    Comment by Deadbeat | February 11, 2012

    • I also don’t see the first Gulf War as being “war for oil.”

      I see the first Gulf War as the culmination of the 1980’s “Dual Containment” strategy in which Iran and Iraq were prevented from challenging Israel’s hegemony by setting them to war against each other. After the Iran/Iraq war ended a new means of keeping them down was needed.

      Not long after Iraq was destroyed in 1991 Iran was accused of developing nuclear weapons and was subjected to sanctions by the US.

      It is true that the HW Bush regime was more influenced by independent (non-Zionist) interests than the successor regimes.

      Felton covers a lot of territory and it is not surprising if his complete analysis is not entirely identical to each of ours.


      Comment by aletho | February 11, 2012

  2. As long as we ( the analysts , specialists , the Pillars of our Trust in explaining the World ) keep referring to Israel as the Cause and Master of USA , Canada and generally Common Wealth countries , we can not achieve the necessary understanding simply because the premisses forwarded are … false .

    Israel is the creation of the Balfour Accord of 1917 paid and achieved by the Banksters Rothschild as documented by History ( see ) hence addressing as in the presented Article , Israel as THE Cause , it is Misleading , inappropriate and an Act of Deceit !
    NAME the Cause by its name , Not by its Proxy name … or you’ll lose Credibility … No Screwing around with This issue , editor …


    Comment by Doru | February 11, 2012

    • Contrary to Doru’s assertion there is no need to invoke the quasi-mystical scribbling of the “illuminati” crowd to understand the real-world reality of Israel’s domination of the U.S. As I show in my book, Israel clearly IS the parasite that preys on the American host, and it became so for clearly identifiable political reasons. There is simply no need to complicate the matter by inventing a world banking scheme. Occam’s Razor never gets dull.

      Also, Doru errs when he or she claims the Balfour Declaration crated Israel. No “document” created Israel. The illegal UNGA “Partition Plan” of Nov. 29, 1947, was never ratified, and anyway still had at least three months to run when Ben Gurion declared statehood on May 15, 1948.

      To free ourselves of the zionist yoke we need clear-headed analysis; not speculative digressions.


      Comment by Greg Felton | February 12, 2012

      • Thank you Boycott Kosher ( and I do ) and indeed , London is the city with the highest number of Video Survaillance cameras , which , between the lines , Certifies that indeed the ‘Elite’ is peeing in their pants thinking of ALL the world enemies that it made , and the Pay Back time they try to delay …

        Greg , please read the Balfour Accord to see that Indeed , Israel was approved and helped be created by the parties listed .

        Ratification of the Partition , Hence a Definite AREA is not even today on the table since Isreal continuosly steals territories from Palestine , hence to put Borders on Israel ( or Palestine , as a State ) would be counter-productive to their plan …

        Further Greg , Israel would dissapear ‘overnight’ if USA tax payers would stop handing $ 4 billion a year since the late 1950s .

        Search and find out that Israelis have a standard of living below
        Canadians which in it self speaks volumes about the Sacrificial Lamb role that Israel has …

        I hope you don’t believe the UN is also a decent un-biased organization since it supports the Crimes commited by Israel in Palestine and assassinations all over the world …
        Should we take that as a Hint that the World is indeed Controlled by ‘some group’ ( the Banksters and the Bilderbergs ) ? I do .

        See our world as it should be at , future shocking .


        Comment by Doru | February 12, 2012

        • Doru: The whole purpose of my book is to explain the cause and effect of the zionist blackmail of the U.S. So although your statement “Israel would disappear ‘overnight’ if USA taxpayers [stopped] handing $4 billion a year since the late 1950s” is correct, it is unnecessary.

          The failure in your line of thinking is that you can’t PROVE anything. There is no definable cause-and-effect leading to and tangible evidence of banksters creating Israel. I agree than many influential Jews own banks and that these banks manipulate the U.S. economy, but that does NOT prove they founded Israel. The most you or anyone can do is assert the truth of the bankster cause but you cannot go beyond assertions. That means, you theory is not analyzable and not defensible.

          Yes, the Balfour Document “approved” a state but it did not CREATE it. When ben Gurion proclaimed the state of Israel he did so without legal, moral or political legitimacy. That is why I said, and showed, that no DOCUMENT created Israel.

          In that regard, should know that I do not have much regard for the UN.

          Please look at history from a broader perspective.


          Comment by Greg Felton | February 12, 2012

          • Hi Greg and All ,

            You say to me ” The failure in your line of thinking is that you can’t PROVE anything. … ” .

            There is One thing that We can prove beyound the shadow of a doubt , as I pointed before Greg , it is not the Regular Israeli citizen that profits , see the standard of living in Israel .

            All I am saying Greg , let’s not call the Israelis , the Regular Population , as THE Parasites …
            Hence let’s focus on the people that manipulate our world and where Israel is just another puppet to control ( other way They wouldn’t let Israeli children go hungry … ) .

            Those people are the ones that controll the world and the money : the Banksters , NO ONE ELSE Prints money … and the printing presses are not in Israel but in Central Banks/IMF/Federal Reserve. In what Chapter of your book do you address this reality ?

            Your dismissal of the critical Balfour Accord of 1917 is Highly Suspicious , since it was That document presented to the United Nations to help create Israel in a land where ( according to international Maps of the day ) 99 % of all names , geographic features , roads , towns and villiges , were in Arabic …

            The Solution is in


            Comment by Doru | February 12, 2012

            • Hi Doru:
              The standard of living of the average Israeli is not relevant to my book, which examined the origins of the zionist occupation of America,

              Israelis ARE parasites, and I go to great lengths to prove that. The idea that Israel is a bankster puppet is unsupported by any evidence. This is an example of the unsubstantiated assertions that drive the “City of London is behind everything.” I disagree with your claim, and ask that you provide some SPECIFIC evidence.

              The fact that the Balfour Accord was presented to the UN is irrelevant. The UN did not create Israel, so any documents that claim otherwise are off-topic. Please have a look at the earlier links I posted.

              TheRecipeForaNation is too much of a ramble. It needs focus and editing.

              The bankster argument has meaning for the Euro crisis and the Federal Reserve, but not for the creation of Israel.


              Comment by Greg Felton | February 12, 2012

              • But does not the Balfour Accord have any relevance in the establishment of the Zionist entity? Regardless of its validity under international law etc…


                Comment by aletho | February 12, 2012

                • No, it doesn’t. It only speaks to the attitudes of the British Government toward the establishment of a Jewish State. As I have shown, the State of Israel is not based on any document, since the Partition Plan does not exist.


                  Comment by Greg Felton | February 12, 2012

          • Hi Greg and all ,

            Greg , you are telling me ” I agree than many influential Jews own banks and that these banks manipulate the U.S. economy, but that does NOT prove they founded Israel. ” .

            I am pointing exclusevly at the Rothschilds critical involvment in the Balfour Accord of 1917 in which the King of England via Lord Balfour informs Baron Rothschild of their OK to create the state of Israel in Palestine . Of course , none of them had ANY Jurisdiction in Palestine what so ever ( The Rothschilds are Askenazi , not Semitic ) . It was a Zionist ploy and the Accord shows clearly that the Rothschild Bankers were the Heads of the Movement as they were THE ONLY ONES NAMED IN the Accord …

            So my point and answer to your comment : the Rothschilds were and are the Mega Banksters , they Were involved up to their necks in creating Israel so …. what are you saying ?


            Comment by Doru | February 12, 2012

            • First, the Balfour Declaration is irrelevant to the declaration of Israeli statehood.

              Second, Balfour and others in Lloyd-George’s government were anti-Jewish and were sympathetic to the removal of Jews from England. It’s not surprising that Balfour agreed to Rothschild’s request. The only opposition to the Balfour Declaration came from Edwin Lord Montagu, the only Jew in Cabinet.

              The myth that Jews needed their own country dates to the late 19th-century and does not have any connection to banking, The fact that Rothschild was a banker does not mean anything other than he agreed with the zionist movement.

              You are imputing motives in the absence of evidence.


              Comment by Greg Felton | February 12, 2012

      • Hi again Greg ,

        Your book and Work are impressive , no doubt !

        I only suggest to present some other Angles , such as :

        1)The Fact that the Rothschilds were instrumental in the creation of Israel through the Balfour Accord of 1917 ( creating a Country based on Religion – Judaism – when the Rothschilds were Ashkenazim , not Semitic blood ) , shows a great interest from those mega-Banksters in that piece of Desert . If you tell me they did it due to their love for Judaism ( the Rothschilds apparently are like myself Atheists ) , then we can stop the analysis right here . Other way let’s go to point 2 ….
        2)If the Creation of Israel would be from their creators love for Jews , Israel would Prosper today , which is not the case . So , Greg , where are the Four Billion Dollars the American tax payers give annually to Israel via the corrupt American politicians ? Of course , the money is in Demona , nuclear bombs and a Military to envy , never mind the pay-offs and Entreprizes in US and around the world but that have nothing to do with the Economy .
        3)Than why a Bankster would need a Country to control ? Simply to have an Army and Nuclear weapons as they were developed later . There is no better way to protect their money AND threaten Others but with nukes .
        4)If Israel and the Jews would have been The Parasites living of USA , shouldn’t Israelis prosper ( as I pointed above ) ? But , search , it was reported that Thousands of Israeli children go Hungry !!! So , Greg , I have a very hard time believing that the Regular People of Israel benefit at any great/luxurious extend from USA . So , Who gets the Money ?? What is your answer to this , please ?

        Thank you !


        Comment by Doru | February 12, 2012

        • Hi Dora:

          Glad you like my book, but I think you may need to go over a few areas again:

          1) This is an error, as I showed earlier.

          2) Israel was not created for the love of Jews. It was a naked land grab based on cultural chauvinism and Jewish fascism. Don’t forget that zioJews colluded with Hitler to rid Europe of its Jewish population. The only difference was that the zioJews insisted all Jews go to Palestine or die.

          3) The billions the U.S. gives Israel mostly go to the military, businesses and government operations. Israel has a low standard of living because it is a bloated garrison state. Why do you think Jews are emigrating in larger numbers, and to Germany!

          4) This question is beside the point. You might as well as why so many Americans go hungry. This question is predicated on the false assumption that Jews are the beneficiary of the U.S. blackmail. They aren’t. The fascist Jews that control Isramerica, are a caste unto themselves and they pillage the world for their own self-aggrandizement.


          Comment by Greg Felton | February 12, 2012

  3. Thanks for your courageous and trenchant entry into this most important arena, Mr Felton.

    Is it necessary to ignore the evidence of the “directed history” line of analysis (utilized by the Daily Bell, for instance) in order to acknowledge the dominance of Israel over the US? It seems to me that reality includes both…


    Comment by Spectator | February 12, 2012

    • Hi Spectator:
      The “directed history” line is unsound, and is evidence of nothing. The language of Delwyn Lounsbury, who described the directed history conspiracy is overheated and hysterical. Anybody who would call Franklin Roosevelt a fascist is not to be trusted.


      Comment by Greg Felton | February 12, 2012

  4. I agree with Doru.
    ‘does Israel take orders?’
    Yes, I see nothing quasi mystical or speculative about a hidden hand.. London bankers have never stopped playing chess with themselves, israel is a mad dog, follow the leash to London


    Comment by boycott kosher | February 12, 2012

    • Hi Boycott Kosher:
      When you say ‘I see nothing quasi mystical or speculative about a hidden hand,” you are engaging in quasi-mystical speculation.


      Comment by Greg Felton | February 12, 2012

  5. Apsolutly corekt!
    1. Criminals of the Bible!
    2. Deuteronomy&Holocausy=Gaza!
    3. New York&Baghdad&Oil for Israel!
    4. From Deuteronomy to Gaza and Baghdad!
    5. US-Christian Presidents and 50 Wars of C.I.A.
    6. World Enemy is USA!
    7. Depleted Uranium Wars of USA!
    8. Military Bible and Christians US-Soldiers!



    Comment by god war | February 21, 2012

  6. Franklin Roosevelt instigated over 500 new laws and regulations. The weight of the multifold increase in onerous government regulations delayed and hindered America’s resurgence from the depths of the Great Depression for at least five years. Franklin Roosevelt was a fascist. Fascism is when the leader or executive branch has control of business, which he surely did outlawing gold ownership and saddling us with all the New Deal socialism. The grain and sugar subsidies are still with us to this day. Thanks to FDR’s fascism and Keynesian inflation, we now get the Greater Depression – three times larger.
    Delwyn Lounsbury – The Deflation Guru @ and org


    Comment by netmarketingproducts247 | July 26, 2016

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