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Who Will The Israelis (Or Their Proxies) Attack During Purim?

By Keith Johnson | Revolt of the Plebs | February 15, 2012

Based on a fable from the Old Testament Book of Esther, the Jewish holiday of Purim celebrates the slaughter of 750,000 Persians and the hanging of Persian Prime Minister Hamam and his ten sons.

Purim is perhaps the only religious holiday that celebrates death, destruction, and pagan decadence. It is more akin to Halloween than Christmas–where rowdy party animals dress like Gene Simmons from Kiss, drink like Charles Bukowski, and wander through town looking for trouble like soccer hooligans whose team just won (or lost) an important match.

This year, Purim will be celebrated from sunset, March 7 until nightfall, March 8.

Over the last twenty years, some of the most egregious war crimes and massacres committed by—or on behalf of—the Israelis have occurred during this holiday. It begs to wonder what they’ll be up to this Purim? […]

Here is a short (but by no means exhaustive) list of some of the more notorious bloody events that transpired while Purim was being celebrated:

Bombing of Libya—March 19, 2011—US and British forces launch “Operation Odyssey Dawn,” firing more than 115 Tomahawk cruise missiles on Libyan targets near Benghazi. The seven-month military assault ultimately resulted in the almost complete annihilation of Libya, the brutal assassination of Muammar Gaddafi, and the deaths of as many as 30,000 people.

Iraq War—March 17, 2003—Then-President George W. Bush issues a 48-hour ultimatum to Saddam Hussein and his sons to either leave Iraq or brace for invasion. An air strike on the Presidential Palace in Baghdad came two days later. The resulting attack led to a bloody eight-year war that “officially” ended last year—but is still going on—with no end in sight!

Cave of the Patriarchs Massacre—February 25, 1994—Israeli settler Baruch Goldstein, a member of the far-right Israeli Kach, opened fire on unarmed Palestinian Muslims praying at the Ibrahim Mosque in Hebron. In addition to the 29 killed and 125 injured at the scene, 19 more Palestinians were killed by the Israeli Defense Forces following riots and protests that erupted throughout the West Bank.

The Highway of Death—February 28, 1991— Under a white flag of surrender, Iraqi troops were making their way back from Kuwait to Iraq when they came under attack by U.S. military ground and air units. Somewhere between 50,000 to 150,000 were slaughtered on what was later referred to as “The Highway of Death.” According to investigative journalist and author Sherman H. Skolnick, “U.S. Military bulldozers were ordered by Bush to bury these slaughtered surrendering Iraqi troops, some of them still alive, in mass, unmarked graves in the desert.”

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  1. “Based on a fable from the Old Testament Book” if the truth be known, should read, “based on one of many fables from the fabled old/new testament books”…since the ‘jews’, aka zionists, aka illuminati, aka free masons, aka satan, aka devil, aka jesus, aka lucifer, aka the deceiver,aka the father of ALL liars, aka anything and everything evil….. wrote the non holy bible, FOR the jews, BY the jews, aka nazis. Even so, they couldn’t help but including a few key verses here and there, to tell us the whole story. They hide the true word of GOD under the Vatican, under lock & key, guarded heavily, with the trillions worth of gold buillion. Now we know why. We live in the age of the Apocolypse.. the revelation of TRUTH.

    This terror by evil is coming to an end, finally. They will reap what they have sown, and it will be for eternity. SOON


    Comment by Joyce | February 15, 2012

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