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Australian Political Activist Attacked for Speaking Out Against Israel

Sputnik – 10.11.2015

Political activist Max Igan was physically assaulted in Australia after delivering a pro-Palestinian speech in public, the victim told Radio Sputnik in an exclusive interview.

While giving a speech Igan, a radio host and political activist, noticed an unknown man who kept aggressively interrupting him during his presentation. When Igan left the conference and went to a restaurant he was attacked from behind.

“The person who attacked me came up on me as I left the restaurant and attacked me from behind, he hit me on the back of my head and when I fell to the ground he kicked me in the ribs and told me that I needed to shut the [censored] up,” Igan told Radio Sputnik.

The attack was definitely connected to Igan’s political activism, as the assailant told Igan to stop doing what he was doing and saying what he was saying — advocating for the rights of Palestinians.

Igan added that he isn’t scared of future attacks and that he will keep pushing his activism further and speak out about his message even louder now.

The attack might have taken away his sense of security, but if anything he now understands even more what Palestinians go through every day of their lives when facing Israeli soldiers, the political activist said.

Igan isn’t willing to put off his political activism as according to him, Israel continues to openly violate human rights and article 33 of the Geneva Convention.

“I’m not prepared to allow that to happen. I will continue to speak out and encourage other people to speak out,” Igan said.

Otherwise, if people ignore the fate of Palestinians, eventually the same thing will happen to the rest of the world. Western political leaders, most of whom are criminals and should be held accountable for violating human rights, could put in place similar inhuman frameworks around the world, Igan argued.

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  1. A great, principled man, Mr. Igan. As one who was myself physically assaulted by a Zionist in 2007 here in Hawaii as I held a lonely sign in public protest of a visit by the execrable Ziowoman Tzipi Livni (who addressed an international women’s forum; we had a female Jewish-Zionist governor at the time, and the dots could be easily connected), I have empathy and remembered pain….

    What to do with these Zionists worldwide? They deserve full-on confrontation and punishment for their untold/myriad/endless crimes against humanity — i.e., any humanity not capitulating to their demented agenda of complete-spectrum domination and control. Starting with Palestine, activists must rid the planet of these vermin! Viva Palestine!


    Comment by roberthstiver | November 11, 2015 | Reply

  2. As an Australian resident, this incident has not been mentioned in our(gutter) Press, that I am aware of. Not surprising though. The only news we get is the news they want us to hear.


    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | November 11, 2015 | Reply

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