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Gil Scott Heron – Inner City Blues

Glen Ford | Black Agenda Report | July 13, 2016

… The times may not resemble the Sixties, but the Dallas shootings “bear eerie similarities” to Mark Essex’s killing of five New Orleans police officers and four white civilians, plus the wounding of seven other cops, from his perch atop the Howard Johnson’s Hotel, in 1973. An update from the New Orleans Times-Picayune explains that 23 year-old Essex, who had been in the Navy, was motivated by the recent police killings of two Black Southern University students.

Gil Scott-Heron, the late musician-poet, dedicated his spoken word poem “Siege of New Orleans” to Mark Essex’s day of retaliation. On his song “Inner City Blues,” Scott-Heron mixes the “Siege” with his version of Marvin Gaye’s “Make Me Wanna Holler.” Here are the words:

Did you ever hear about Mark Essex and the things that made him choose to fight the inner city blues

Yeah, Essex took to the rooftops guerilla style and watched while all the crackers went wild

Brought in 600 troops, brand new I hear, to see them crushed with fear

Essex fought back with a thousand rounds and New Orleans was a changing town

Rat a tat tat tat was the only sound, yeah

Bring on the stone rifles to knock down walls

Bring on the elephant guns

Bring on the helicopters to block out the sun

Yeah, made the devil wanna holler cause 8 was dead and a dozen was down

Cries for freedom were a brand new sound

New York, Chicago, Frisco, LA

Justice was served and the unjust were afraid

Because in spite of all the years and all the fears

Brothers were alive to courage found and spreading them goddamn rules around

Yeah, make you wanna holler black people and hold up both your hands and say


If Gil Scott-Heron were alive, today, Obama might put him on his Tuesday night Kill List. … Full article

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