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Hearing Loss, Tinnitus & Vertigo Linked To Covid – “Scientists”

By Richie Allen | March 22, 2021

UK scientists have claimed that hearing loss and vertigo may be caused by coronavirus. Researchers from The University of Manchester and Manchester Biomedical Research Centre, compiled data from 24 studies.

They believe that 7.6 per cent of people infected with covid experience hearing loss, while 14.8 per cent suffer tinnitus. They also believe that 7.2 per cent of coronavirus patients develop vertigo.

Speaking to SKY News, Professor Kevin Munro, director of the Manchester Centre for Audiology and Deafness said;

“There are big implications for clinical services if this means there could be a big increase in the number of people coming forward. There are some people who say the symptoms are ongoing. There are others who say it seems to have settled down a bit so there are lots of unknowns right now.”

In other words it’s just more scaremongering by UK scientists enabled by a totally inept media. Temporary hearing loss isn’t uncommon. It can be caused by a variety of viruses including the common cold, exposure to loud noises, a build-up of fluid, earwax or an ear infection.

SKY News acknowledged on its website:

The researchers’ data primarily used self-reported questionnaires or medical records to obtain coronavirus-related symptoms, rather than the more scientifically reliable hearing tests.

It’s garbage dressed up as science. No self-respecting journalist would touch it. They’ve previously linked coronavirus to depression, heart palpitations, hearing voices, sore toe, memory loss and rashes. They use terms like “may” or “might” and the media publishes as if it’s a fact.

Covid-19 is harmless to nearly everybody. It has a 99.7 per cent survival rate. The average age of someone dying WITH it, is 83. Yet every other day a scientist claims that covid may lead to other serious conditions. The evidence is always anecdotal. That isn’t science.

The reason for this is obvious. The public is waking up to the fact that covid isn’t nearly as dangerous as it was led to believe. The public wonders why society hasn’t reopened. Therefore, the public needs to be scared into complying and having the vaccines.

This isn’t about a virus. By now, the most vulnerable people in the UK have been vaccinated. We were told it was all about them. They’ve had their jabs and yet the government will not end the lockdown.

Now scientists are claiming that mask wearing and social distancing may be with us for years. See my previous article. Apart from a few Tory backbenchers, there is no opposition to any of it.

This week, the government will ask parliament to permit it to extend powers to impose restrictions until September 25th. This despite Boris Johnson’s stated aim to remove most restrictions by June 21st. Labour and The Liberal Democrats will wave it through.

Life will never return to the way it was in January 2020. It was never meant to.

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  1. Noted — but this merely seems to me like an extended “bitch” session. What’s wrong with “science” assessing side effects, undertaking studies, making tentative-then-more-reasoned-and-supportable conclusions, obtaining peer review…? This coronavirus is a *reality”!–and I didn’t read Richie Allen claiming that it was a hoax way back in January 2020….

    I suppose I’m grinding an axe here: my (2016) departed wife suffered a urinary-tract infection in perhaps 2012; before we knew it, her already-compromised immune system had allowed a body-wide sepsis to take over. She recovered, with massive anti-biotic intervention, but an immediate result was a near-total loss of hearing…some fine hairs in her ear canals had been “burned” by the sepsis…voila. Whouda thunk? (I don’t think a “sore toe” resulted from the sepsis, but who knows?). But I damned well might and do hope that medical researchers/scientists continue to study sepsis and what it might result from it in the way of unintended consequences…and to alert medical practitioners to take action to prevent or mitigate the uc before they occur.

    (This week, the government will ask parliament to permit it to extend powers to impose restrictions until September 25th. This despite Boris Johnson’s stated aim to remove most restrictions by June 21st. Labour and The Liberal Democrats will wave it through.” Aside from “Labour and The Liberal Democrats,” what is Johnson doing? Isn’t he the head of the government”? Has Richie contacted BJ to alert him to this contradiction/apparent internecine bickering that has potential far-reaching implications?)


    Comment by roberthstiver | March 22, 2021 | Reply

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