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The pure lies and absurdity told by the US Task Force (s) and governments with their medical advisors that have doomed and hobbled the COVID pandemic response

Paul Elias Alexander, PhD | Trial Site News | July 13, 2021

This op-ed seeks to highlight the pure lies and efforts to deceive the American people (and world) and the former President. These blatant lies severely hobbled and essentially doomed the US pandemic response from February 2020 and it continues till today under the new administration which is being advised by illogical, absurd, irrational, nonsensical, and simply inept and incompetent holdover advisors as well as new ones. These so called ‘experts’ are politicized and seemingly corrupted, and spew utter nonsense and dangerous advice that harms the people. They are aided by a hysterical and absurd corrupted media that seeks to confuse and deceive the public at every turn. I refer below to what I consider to be pure, flat out, bold-faced lies, and the lies are as follows and I will be brief (note, this is my opinion):

1) This COVID-19 pandemic was never the ‘emergency’ that governments and technocrats and the medical community told you it was. Everything that our governments and the media told us and did were lies. Pure lies! That the media medical cartel has said for 24/7 for 16 months now. With their television medical experts. This was a lie out of the gate for we knew very early on that this so called ‘pandemic’ could have been handled without even the vaccine. A bold-faced lie. This was akin to a bad flu season and could have been dealt with via early therapeutics and proper securing of the elderly high-risk populations, combined with improved hand hygiene, vitamin D supplements, weight control, and allowing the low risk ‘healthy’ and well in the population to live largely normal lives taking reasonable safety precautions. There was no need to lock the society down or close schools, never. Only the first 2 to 3 weeks was defensible to get a proper handle but we knew soon after the initial lockdowns who was at risk and how to manage. This was all a lie that costed business owner lives, employee lives, and children lives. People committed suicide due to the lockdowns. The collateral damage has been catastrophic.

No doubt, this virus is deadly to elderly with underlying risks as well as very obese persons, or younger persons who are ill etc. But this is a segment of the population and not the vast majority. The vast majority were never at risk from COVID as was told by the governments. A pure lie. It is akin to the falsehood about deaths in children when close examination of all the deaths in children, found that in all of them, there was a serious underlying medical condition and even Dr. Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins states that to date (July 2021), we are unable to be definitive as to whether these deaths were causal or incidental.

The RT-PCR test used to diagnose positive infections is not a suitable test and it is very flawed and inaccurate. Any cycle count (Ct) threshold (spin or amplification) above 20 to 24 is essentially detecting viral dust, fragments, old particles, non-culturable, non-viable, non-infectious virus. The CDC etc. had set the CT at 40 and this really means that over 90% of the ‘positives’ are false positives in terms of being infectious etc. The viral load is basically zero, so little and of no consequence. This test is a pure disaster and a lie.

2) An ‘infection’ is not a ‘case’. Saying we have 10,000 new ‘cases’ is false. A case is when someone has actual symptoms and is sick. This play with words were meant to deceive. You are being lied to. It is also a falsehood for the media to be hysterical on infections when it is actual hospitalizations, ICU use, and deaths that are important.

3) This vaccine for COVID is not ‘safe and effective’ It has never been shown to be this. One is prohibited from stating that these vaccines are ‘safe and effective’ by FDA’s very own regulations. The CDC and FDA and NIH and health officials continue to make this statement when they cannot under law, but principally because the COVID vaccines are still ‘investigational’ and experimental. FDA’s rules state that if a drug or vaccine is investigational, one is prohibited from stating they are ‘safe and effective’. Why? It is still under investigation. It is that simple. You are being lied to. My view is today they must be withdrawn from the market and not one vaccine must be given to children.

It is also important to understand that the vaccine never showed it reduced hospitalization or death, or ICU use, or moderate or severe COVID, nor stops infection or transmission. It was only geared toward reducing ‘mild’ COVID symptoms. The media and health experts and doctors who state it reduces hospitalization and death lie openly.

4) The silence by the academic scientific community, the clinical medical doctors, the public health officials, all of them, is near criminal for the disaster of the pandemic response with the failed lockdowns, school closures, the mask mandates etc. and now the seemingly harmful vaccines. This silence is devastating and this has damaged the public and costed lives. Shame on all of them and a pox on all of them. I am hoping there is accountability at some point especially for the pushing of vaccines on children and pregnant women when they know it has not been safety tested. I want them accountable legally in some manner for the roles they have played in this fake emergency.

5) Asymptomatic spread was a blatant lie. I have examined the ‘asymptomatic’ spread evidence and the premise is pure nonsense. It is junk and absurd statements by Fauci and CDC and NIH and the ‘talking head’ inept and illogical medical experts and those Task Forces. We all know of the relationship between how much virus you have in the respiratory tract or lung and the amount of symptoms you have. The more well you are, the less likely you are to infect someone. This is pure immunology 101, virology 101 and what is being imparted is pure garbage about this asymptomatic spread. A healthy person does not infect, an asymptotic person does not spread. If you have little or no symptoms, you are not infectious. Yet this pure garbage ‘asymptomatic spread’ was used to lock down our societies and cost so many lives. Even Dr. Fauci stated early on in 2020 that it is not a driver of pandemics and rare if at all. He is on record stating this. WHO is on record stating this. We have studies that show this. It is a flat lie that was used to close down the world!

6) The vaccine manufacturers were not required to study where the spike protein travels to in the body and for how long and how much of it and for how long it would be produced. As we speak, the spike protein can be produced ‘forever’ in you. This is a shocking understanding and is a devastating action by the vaccine. I need this explained to me of why this was done this way. Someone please tell me I am wrong. We do not know where the spike proteins go and how long it lasts. We are seeing that the spike protein triggers blood clotting in humans. And the FDA seems to not require this from the vaccine developers. I cannot find it anywhere. I plead, please do not take these vaccines. Never ever allow your children to be vaccinated with this. This was a pure lie used to close down society and close schools. A pure lie by the US Task Force.

7) The issue of re-current infection or of re-infection. I have examined the ‘recurrent’ infection narrative and the evidence and the premise is pure nonsense. Bogus! This is a lie, a complete lie used to also lockdown and scare you to vaccinate and it is rare, if at all. There is no definitive evidence that this occurs. All cases (which are a very few that have been published) can be counted on two hands and can be explained via a flaw in interpretation of the PCR test results. There is no evidence of re-current infection.

8) A protein called syncytin-1 is crucial for the formation of the placenta. There are emerging reports that there are antibodies due to the COVID vaccine against syncytin-1. It is a lie by the medical community to claim that there is no similarity between some sequences of the amino acids in SARS-CoV-2 spike protein and syncytin-1. It is a lie to state that the risk is small when it has not been studied in the vaccine trial. How can the medical community dismiss this potential risk when it has not been studied? Last time I checked pregnancy is 10 months long and the vaccine developers studied the vaccines for a few months and not the duration of pregnancy. How can they even know that it is safe in pregnant women given they did not study this? Or importantly, safe for the developing child in utero? Did they stop to think of the baby, the life in the womb? How the vaccine would affect the fetus in utero? How it would affect the pregnant woman?

9) It is a lie to state that these vaccines confer better, stronger immunity than natural exposure immunity. These vaccines with the narrow ‘spike-specific’ immunity cannot compare to the broad, comprehensive, durable, long-lasting immunity with its rich immunity library, that natural immunity can confer.

10) Myocarditis is rare. This is a lie by the CDC and NIH etc. A pure lie when teens in the US have emerged with myocarditis due to the COVID vaccines. The seeds of heart failure are sown when there is myocarditis and there is elevated risk that 20 years into the future, those who get past myocarditis from the vaccines, will suffer heart failure and can potentially die.

11) It was a lie to state that we should not use a more ‘focused’ age-risk stratified approach. This was a pure lie for we knew early on that COVID was amenable to risk stratification and your baseline risk was prognostic on your mortality. A focused tailored approach was far more optimal than a broad ‘carte blanche’ one-size-fits-all approach that decimated the vast majority of the population.

12) It was a devastating lie to state that there were no therapeutic options for this pathogen. That there were no early drug treatments that could have saved lives. This was a pure lie and one can see today that the FDA issued an EUA for the vaccines that is based on the non-existence of any viable drug treatments. So, the FDA had to deny the existence of early safe, effective, and cheap therapeutics that would allow them to authorize the EUA, which I must remind, means the vaccines are only investigational and not deemed safe and effective. This is the most treatable respiratory viral infection ever. Estimates are that 80 to 90% of the deaths in the US could have been prevented, which means we could have saved 550,000 of the 630,000 who have died thus far. Denial of early drug treatment (anti-virals, corticosteroids, and anti-blood clotting drugs see McCullough, Risch, Zelenko, Cory etc.) costed thousands of lives. This can be considered to be criminal.

13) It was a lie by the US Task Force to imply in March 2020 etc. that all persons were at equal risk of severe illness and/or death if infected with COVID virus. This one lie severely hobbled the response for the general public still believes this lie that was meant to drive fear and compliance.

14) It was a lie by the US Task Force and medical experts including the nonsensical television medical experts to allude to and suggest that lockdowns were effective, that masks were effective, that school closures were effective, that mask mandates were effective etc. when all evidence clearly showed and very early on, that all of these measures were complete failures. None of them reduce transmission or deaths. There is no nation, no setting, no where, in the entire world, where there is any evidence, after 16 months, that any lockdowns, school closures, mask mandates or any of the policy decision by these Task Forces, worked to reduce transmission or deaths. None! Not one! It was all a lie and a failure. I have examined all of the evidence on each of these lockdown and closure policies.

15) It is a lie to state (Dr. Anthony Fauci and CDC and NIH and other medical experts) that children need to be vaccinated so that population level ‘herd’ immunity can be attained. This is a pure lie. The United States was at or past herd immunity late December 2020 and early January 2021 and certainly in many States, and way before any shots entered any arms and there were any possible effects. But importantly, when you consider cross-protection from prior coronaviruses and common cold coronaviruses, as well as the near 200 million Americans who had COVID and recovered (cleared the virus), then well over 75% of the population were immune. Dr. Fauci is mistaken and being untruthful when he claims that children must be vaccinated to arrive at herd immunity. These health officials are being duplicitous and using the very tame yet infectious Delta variant to scare parents into vaccinating their children. This is near criminal and Dr. Walensky who is the CDC director blatantly lied recently when she reported on a rise in teen hospitalization in the US by showing half of a graph and data, deliberately omitting the peak and downside slope of the graph. Shame on her as the head of the CDC to deliberately deceive the nation this way.

Children are at very low risk of acquiring the infection in the first place due to limited ACE 2 receptors in their nasal epithelia and upper respiratory tract and also cross-reactivity/cross-protection from prior coronaviruses. Children do not spread the virus to other children, do not spread it to adults, or take it home. This is stable settled science globally. No question. Children do not get ill or die from COVID and thus they are not at risk from it. So why the interest in vaccinating them with a vaccine that has been untested for safety?

The safety profile is unknown and there is a reasonable expectation for harm for the following groups at all age ranges:  COVID-19 recovered, suspected COVID-19 recovered, women of childbearing potential, children, persons with one or more chronic diseases. But we are focusing on children here, and for children and young persons particularly, they have a near statistical zero risk of severe illness or death from COVID. and spread usually comes from adult home clusters to children. Children symptoms are usually non-existent and if there are, it is usually very mild and self-limiting. We lack the proper safety data to attest to the safety of these vaccines and with 80 odd years of life facing children, we ask again, why would we subject them to a vaccine with potential risk of serious harm, yet vaccine that confers no benefit? We simply do not know the long-term possible harms and as such, given the potential expectation, then we have to say a definitive ‘no’. Any reasonable risk-benefit analysis today will point to a potential for risk yet no benefit, and thus skew the risk-management decision to avoidance of the risk. Children must be fully exempted from these vaccines.

We also never ever ask our children to protect adults, it is always the other way around. We do not need children to be vaccinated to arrive at population level herd immunity and this is a falsehood being stated in the media and by public health leaders who know better. Between prior cross-protection/reactive immunity, immunity from persons who have recovered, and from those already vaccinated, we are already at or past herd immunity threshold and there is no need to include children.

Importantly, we have early treatment and prophylaxis (even suitable to children/young persons) that could be used in lieu of these potentially harmful vaccines especially for the groups outlined who should be exempted. Such treatments are optimal for high-risk persons, regardless of age. We must be willing to trust the immunity conferred by natural exposure rather than the sub-optimal narrow ‘spike-specific’ vaccine immunity with its very limited immune library. Natural immunity can offer way better protection than the vaccine immunity in these vaccines and especially against the variants e.g., Delta.

I close by saying how disappointed and dismayed I am, and I know many share this view, by the abhorrent, distasteful, and shameful behavior by doctors in the US and elsewhere. They have stood by and have been silent. Silent so that they will not lose their research grants and positions. Silent because they fear their university leadership. Silent because they are academically sloppy and lazy and refuse to do the work to read the science and are just not informed optimally. Silent because they are just hiding behind the pure garbage trickled down to them from their colleges and regulatory bodies. Silent because they are politicized and corrupted, and bring their biases to the table when they should have checked them at the door. Shame on them. Their silence cost thousands of lives. They know early drug treatment works via the use of anti-virals very early on in the disease sequelae. They know it. They know natural immunity is way better and robust than the ‘narrow’ immunity conferred from this sub-optimally developed vaccine. They know that the vaccine is unsafe. It cannot be safe if it was developed in months versus the decade it typically needs. They know the vaccine does not prevent transmission or infection, or death or hospitalization. They know children in no way require this vaccine, and they know it is potentially very dangerous for pregnant women. Shame on them and they are placing thousands in harms way by their silence. Their silence has garnered them a significant loss in credibility and I wonder if it can ever return.

Paul Elias Alexander, PhD has expertise in the teaching of epidemiology (clinical epidemiology), evidence-based medicine, and research methodology (former A Professor at McMaster University in evidence-based medicine); former COVID Pandemic advisor to WHO-PAHO Washington, DC (2020) and former senior advisor to COVID Pandemic policy in Health and Human Services (HHS) Washington, DC, US government; education: graduate studies at University of Oxford England, University of Toronto Canada, McMaster University Canada, York University Canada; currently independent academic scientist and consultant.

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  1. You’ve got a lot of courage to Speak these Truths. I bet they will be watching your emails, texts, and Social Media posts from now on. Please Take Care, and Please Keep On Speaking Out. Too many lack the courage that it takes. Thank God for those who do.


    Comment by Sarah | July 15, 2021 | Reply

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