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Author of Retracted Children’s Mask Study Responds to TrialSite News

Dr. Ron Brown | Trial Site News | July 20, 2021

Yesterday, July 19, 2021, reported that a study of carbon dioxide in children’s masks was retracted by the editors of JAMA PediatricsJAMA Pediatrics Editors Retract Children’s Mask Study ( ). After requesting a statement from the corresponding author of the retracted study, Dr. Harald Walach, I received the following response by Dr. Walach from his German web address this morning, Eastern Time, which is presented here on :

Well, we published our response to the queries of the editorial office on Retraction Watch. [JAMA journal retracts paper on masks for children – Retraction Watch]. This is the material we sent to the journal.

The journal did neither respond to that except by saying our response was inadequate, without particularly telling us exactly what was inadequate. The journal said it had done an additional review. My request, sent yesterday morning my time, i.e. morning US business time, has not been answered until yesterday business closing time.

I do not see that any of the comments of the journal has either invalidated our results, nor have we left any of the queries unanswered. In the meantime we have received several comments of atmospheric and chemical scientists who have measured the same amount of carbon dioxide under face masks as we did.

My conclusion is: This retraction is political, as the retraction statement says, because of “public health implications.” In our view the public health implications would be that the wearing of face masks by children is carefully scrutinized and anybody who does not agree with our data should produce better data refuting our findings. This is the normal way of scientific discourse. Censorship because of data that – as one commentator put it – are “unhelpful,” i.e. not wanted, is not the way of science, but the way of autocracies.

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  1. Everyone behind the culling understands that “masks” work well for the purpose they have been mandated by the global cabal of pedovores and Satanic filth. Oxygen Deprivation Therapy has proven beyond a doubt that even the most retarded of sheeple and their spawn can be abused, silenced and contaminated even more than what was previously imagined by the drug cartels and the white coated butchers that some still call doctors. So shut up, cover your pie hole, stand back and roll up your sleeve for the kill shot!


    diminished availability of oxygen to the body tissues; its causes are many and varied and includes a deficiency of oxygen in the atmosphere, as in altitude sickness; pulmonary disorders that interfere with adequate ventilation of the lungs; anemia or circulatory deficiencies, leading to inadequate transport and delivery of oxygen to the tissues; and finally, edema or other abnormal conditions of the tissues themselves that impair the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between capillaries and tissues. adj., adj hypox´ic.  


    1. An abnormally high concentration of carbon dioxide in the blood, usually caused by acute respiratory failure from conditions such as asthma and obstructive pulmonary disease. It can lead to seizures and death if acute and untreated.
    2. Carbon dioxide poisoning due to abnormally high concentrations of carbon dioxide in an organism’s environment.


    Byssinosis is a chronic, asthma-like narrowing of the airways. Also called brown lung disease, byssinosis results from inhaling particles of cotton, flax, hemp, or jute.
    Although inhaling cotton dust was identified as a source of respiratory disease more than 300 years ago, byssinosis has been recognized as an occupational hazard for textile workers for less than 50 years. More than 800,000 workers in the cotton, flax, and rope-making industries are exposed in the workplace to airborne particles that can cause byssinosis. Only workers in mills that manufacture yarn, thread, or fabric have a significant risk of dying of this disease.
    In the United States, byssinosis is almost completely limited to workers who handle unprocessed cotton. More than 35,000 textile workers have been disabled by byssinosis and 183 died between 1979 and 1992. Most of the people whose deaths were due to byssinosis lived in the textile-producing regions of North and South Carolina.

    Onkel Adolf says Hypoxia macht frei
    Onward to Ouch Witz with the runts
    Same as it ever waZ


    Comment by Martillo | July 21, 2021 | Reply

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