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The Moment Biden Casually Committed To WW3 Over Taiwan At Last Night’s Town Hall

By Tyler Durden | Zero Hedge | October 22, 2021

Apparently the commander-in-chief thinks that the United States has some kind of treaty or “commitment” to defend Taiwan in the scenario of an attack from China.

There is absolutely no commitment to do such a thing, but the casualness with which Joe Biden at last night’s 90-minute CNN town hall pledged that he’s ready to send young American men and women to die over an island in the Western Pacific is staggering and hugely alarming.

A Loyola student asked what President Biden would do to “keep up with China militarily” after reports of testing a hypersonic missile, and “what can you do to protect Taiwan?”

“Yes and Yes,” the president answered.

“I don’t want a Cold War with China, I just wanna make China understand – that we are not gonna step back, we are not gonna change any of our views…” – and that’s when Anderson Cooper cut in:

Cooper: “Are you saying that the United States would come to Taiwan’s defense if China attacked?”

Biden: “Yes. Yes, we have a commitment to do that.”

Though after this surprise emphasis on having a “commitment” to go to war on behalf of the tiny self-ruled island which lies over 7,000 miles away from the US mainland, Cooper didn’t follow up and simply moved on.

As the South China Morning Post noted in follow-up to the exchange, Biden’s words sparked immediate confusion over longstanding US policy:

Though Washington does not have official diplomatic relations with Taipei, US law requires it support the island’s efforts to defend itself, including through the sales of weapons. But the Taiwan Relations Act does not include an explicit commitment to intervene militarily in the event of an invasion of or attack on Taiwan by the mainland.

… The US has long maintained a policy of strategic ambiguity on Taiwan, opting not to state whether it would take military action if the island came under attack. The strategy is designed to discourage Taiwan from taking any unilateral action to declare full independence, while also dissuading Beijing from unilaterally seeking to annex the island.

“RIP strategic ambiguity,” Derek Grossman, a senior defense analyst at the Rand Corporation, wrote in a tweet soon after Biden’s remarks.

It goes without saying that a direct military confrontation with China in the Western Pacific and South China Sea would make the 20-year Afghan fiasco and nightmare pale in comparison, not to mention the inevitable collapse of the economy and global trade while two military superpowers duke it out using advanced weapons on each other like hypersonics.

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  1. “but the casualness with which Joe Biden at last night’s 90-minute CNN town hall pledged that he’s ready to send young American men and women to die over an island in the Western Pacific is staggering and hugely alarming”.

    President Biden is, quite clearly, a “BRAIN DEAD IDIOT”.

    Certainly, in my lifetime, American Presidents have never worried about sending brave(but naive) American soldiers into horrific War zones,(Korea, Vietnam, Iraq(twice)Libya, Syria, Panama, South America, etc…….)

    America’s Military Industrial Complex, only serves the “MONEYMEN” who have ALL THE SAY, in the USA……..(President Johnson REFUSED to save the USS LIBERTY in it’s hour of need)……What’s another Multi thousands of dead American soldiers matter???


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | October 23, 2021 | Reply

  2. “We have a commitment to do that.” What commitment? Is there a ‘treaty’ with that country? Does any reader know? The “Sino-American Mutual Defense Treaty” was effective to 1980. It’s “mutual”? Taiwan’s to come to our defense against… what? Cuba?

    And what does the word “commitment” mean? And to whom?

    What an asinine statement! What an asinine man. He can ‘commit’ the United States to war, apparently.

    For whom is he speaking and whom will he commit?

    If past presidents can launch wars throughout the middle east, really for the protection of Israel, at Israel’s beck and call, if this asinine man can war without a Declaration of War from Congress, this asinine man might just launch a war for “…Mutual Defense.”

    Whatever ‘mutual defense’ is bandied about by Israel as it gets American media to bandy about the benefit of an alliance with it, what benefit will be proclaimed as to any military action for “Mutual Defense” of Taiwan?

    In regards to Israel, it is not an ally. It is the opposite. As to Taiwan, what’s it to America?

    Will the asinine lead and make asses of America?


    Comment by michael | October 23, 2021 | Reply

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