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UN General Assembly condemns Israel for ‘excessive use of force’ on Gaza border

RT | June 13, 2018

The UN General Assembly has adopted a nonbinding resolution condemning Israel’s use of ‘excessive force’ against Palestinian protesters in Gaza. A US amendment to condemn Hamas did not get enough support.

The resolution condemns Israel for “excessive use of force” against Palestinian demonstrators on the Israeli-Gaza border and calls for the “protection of the Palestinian civilian population” in Gaza. It was adopted with 120 votes in favor and eight votes against, with 45 abstentions.

The amendment offered by US envoy Nikki Haley sought to condemn Hamas, which runs the elected government in Gaza, for firing rockets at Israel. The amendment received 62 votes in favor, with 58 nations opposed and 42 abstaining. It needed a two-thirds majority to pass, however, so it was not included in the final resolution.

The nearly identical resolution proposed by Kuwait was vetoed by the US in the Security Council on Tuesday. Unlike the Security Council resolutions, those adopted in the General Assembly are non-binding.

Haley condemned the adopted resolution as “morally bankrupt.”

“The resolution is one-sided, makes not one mention of Hamas which routinely initiates violence,” the US envoy said during the debate preceding the vote, adding that “What makes Gaza different is that attacking Israel is their favorite political sport.”

Israeli ambassador Danny Danon slammed the resolution as “empowering Hamas” and the countries that support it as “colluding with a terrorist organization.”

“I have a simple message for those who support this resolution. You are the ammunition for Hamas’s guns, you are the warheads for its missiles,” he said.

Over 130 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces during the protests along the border with Gaza that began on March 30. The deadliest day so far has been May 14, when the US embassy officially moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

“We cannot remain silent in the face of the most violent crimes and human rights violations being systematically perpetrated against our people,” said Riyad Mansour, Palestinian envoy to the UN.

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  1. “… a nonbinding resolution”; that kinda says it all. On the other hand, (e.g., UNSC) binding resolutions pertinent to the psychotic criminality of the Zionist entity so-called Israel might as well be nonbinding, as the Zios condemn, cry and insist on their victimization, scheme, manipulate, disinform, divert, lie, and do whatever they want to do to the hapless Palestinians…with accustomed impunity, of course. Eff ’em, every one.

    45 ABSTENTIONS??! WTF?! Cowards…..

    Comment by roberthstiver | June 14, 2018 | Reply

  2. I’ve read a Reuters report of this GA action. The eight scofflaws who voted “Nay” are: “Australia, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Solomon Islands and Togo [TOGO??–WTF IS AN AFRICAN NATION DOING AMONG THIS NEFARIOUS GANG?!] joined Israel and the United States in voting against the resolution.” Just imagine how Bitchi Nikki linked arms with and smooched that crowd….

    Comment by roberthstiver | June 14, 2018 | Reply

  3. On surveying the list of those moral coward nation-states who abstained on this important U.N. General Assembly vote one comes across an entity we were previously unaware of named “Tuvalu”, then one wonders why Palestinians remain in the dreadful circumstances of suffering under apartheid. Of course, the U.S.A., Australia, Nauru?! … etc. are standing immovable and in the way.

    Comment by Jerry Alatalo | June 14, 2018 | Reply

    • I’m sorry to say, as I’ve said previously, Australia does what the “Big Boys” tell us what to do, and of course, our current Prime Minister(an Ex CEO of Goldman Sachs Australia) Malcolm Turnbull, obediently obeys his instructors.

      It has been said that, just as The British have the Gurkha’s, so the USA has Australia(to vote which ever way the USA wants).
      We do as we’re told.

      Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | June 14, 2018 | Reply

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