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Ed Dowd’s Grim Accounting

By John Leake | Courageous Discourse | March 29, 2023

Everyday Dr. McCullough and I speak to people who have been injured—or have a family member who has been killed—by one of the COVID-19 vaccines. Almost every day, Dr. McCullough examines one or more vaccine injuries in his clinical practice. Because he has become a go-to doctor for people who are suffering from these injuries, his view of the problem is not statistical, but at the individual human level.

The United States has a census counted population of 332 million. Thus, if even a small percentage of these people are injured or killed from COVID-19 vaccines, it’s still a frightful number.

Consider that 58,000 men were killed in ten years of fighting in Vietnam. This was just a tiny percentage of the 100 million American men counted in the 1968 census, but it was still a huge number of men to die in their early twenties.

Yesterday, former BlackRock portfolio manager Ed Dowd and his analysts at the research firm, Phinance Technologies, published a report on the cost of the COVID-19 vaccine program in the United States for the year 2022. … continue

Australian senators refuse to investigate the WHO pandemic treaty

By Tom Parker | Reclaim The Net | March 29, 2023

An Australian senator’s motion to hold an inquiry into the ‘s (WHO’s) controversial international pandemic treaty was blocked after Labor and Greens voted against it.

The treaty, which will be legally binding under international law, will expand the WHO’s surveillance powersallow the unelected global health agency to target “misinformation,” and more. The next stage of discussions on the treaty will begin next week.

The motion, which was introduced by Senator Malcolm Roberts, called for the WHO’s international pandemic treaty to be referred to the Foreign Affairs Defense and Trade References Committee for an inquiry.

Numerous lawmakers supported the motion and blasted the pandemic treaty during a debate.

Senator Roberts accused WHO Director-General of “misleading the public about what the WHO is doing with the pandemic treaty.” … continue

China Urges US to Stop Interfering in Other Countries’ Affairs Under Pretext of Democracy

Sputnik – 28.03.2023

China urges the United States to stop interfering in other countries’ internal affairs under the pretext of democracy and creating divisions in today’s world, the spokeswoman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Mao Ning, said on Tuesday.

“We advise the US to stop pointing fingers at other countries and stop interfering in their internal affairs in the name of promoting democracy,” Mao said at a briefing.

She noted that today’s world does not need creation of divisions in the name of democracy and promote a policy of unilateral action, but to strengthen solidarity and cooperation based on the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, advocating true multilateralism. … continue

High Stakes as Uncle Sam’s Days of Impunity Are Finally Over

By Finian Cunningham | Strategic Culture Foundation | March 28, 2023

Russia and China are determined to hold the American perpetrators of the Nord Stream sabotage to account. Uncle Sam’s days – indeed decades – of wanton criminality are over. There’s going to be hell to pay as the imperialist tyranny in Washington hits a wall of reality.

Several weeks have gone by with the United States and its Western lackeys stonewalling at the United Nations Security Council, squirming and resisting calls from Moscow and Beijing for an international criminal investigation into the sabotage of the Baltic Sea pipelines that were blown up in September.

A swathe of independent observers, such as American economics professor Jeffrey Sachs and former CIA analyst Ray McGovern, have concurred with the investigative report published on February 8 by renowned journalist Seymour Hersh which claims that U.S. President Joe Biden and his senior White House staff ordered the Pentagon to take out the natural gas pipeline that runs along the Baltic Sea bed from Russia to Germany.

Russia and China are adamant about not letting this vital subject be ignored. They want a proper investigation, international accountability and criminal prosecution. Moscow and Beijing are right to insist on this. Washington and its Western allies’ presumption of impunity has gone on for too many decades. The buck stops here and both Russia and China are strong enough to ensure that the United States cannot threaten, blackmail, or arm-twist its way out of scrutiny. … continue

Moscow Suspends Transfer of All Types of Notifications Under New START

Sputnik – 29.03.2023

MOSCOW – The transfer of all notifications between Russia and the United States under the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START), including notifications about test launches, has been suspended, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov told Sputnik on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, US Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space Policy John Plumb said that Russian defense officials during their interaction on March 27 with US counterparts said that Moscow would not exchange semi-annual data with Washington in line with the New START treaty. As a countermeasure, the United States has decided that it will also not provide the semi-annual data on high-level numbers back to Russia.

“All forms of notifications, all formats are suspended, all inspection activities, data exchange, in general, all types of work under the agreement are suspended, they will not be carried out. This does not depend on the position that the United States can take,” Ryabkov told reporters.

In February 2023, Moscow announced the suspension of its participation in the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START), which was signed by Russia and the US in 2010 and envisaged mutual inspections of the strategic nuclear facilities of the two countries. Putin said in his annual address to the Russian parliament then that the US had demanded that Russia unconditionally fulfill its obligations under the treaty while itself being arbitrary about its own obligations.

UN spokesperson raises eyebrows by denying US military presence in Syria

Press TV – March 29, 2023

A United Nations spokesperson has raised eyebrows by denying the US military presence in Syria and obfuscating facts about Washington’s war crimes in the Arab country after he was grilled by a Chinese journalist.

Farhan Haq, the deputy spokesman for UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, made the inflammatory remarks on Tuesday after a Chinese reporter tossed a question about the legality of the US military presence in Syria.

Haq first tried to dodge the question, saying it was not an issue the world body is “dealing with at this stage.”

But the reporter, China Global Television Network’s Xu Dezhi, prodded him about the American military presence in Syria and drew a stark comparison between the situation in Syria and Ukraine.

That prompted the UN spokesperson to deny the US military presence in Syria, only to be left with an embarrassing look when called out by the reporter.

“There are no US armed forces inside of Syria. And so I don’t have a… It’s not a parallel situation to some of the others,” he said.

When asked by the journalist if he’s sure there’s no military personnel in Syria, Haq replies, “I believe there’s military activity. But, in terms of a ground presence in Syria, I’m not aware of that.”

A video of the exchange has gone viral on social media… continue

ICC irreversibly crosses the line of legal decency

By Stephen Karganovic | Strategic Culture Foundation | March 29, 2023

… ICC, like its precursor ICTY, is a disgrace to law in all its civilised forms. State parties should be encouraged to withdraw from it while it is still possible for them to avoid embarrassment by association. – Read full article


By Cesare Sacchetti | The Eye Of The Needle | March 26, 2023

The end of the last week was shaken by an unreal announcement. The ICC tribunal, which has its headquarters in The Hague, announced that it issued a warrant arrest against the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

For those who have not any familiarity with this court, it does not have any jurisdiction in Russia due to the simple fact that Russia never signed the treaty that instituted the ICC.

Moreover, the ICC does not have a good reputation at all. We are talking about the court that was illegally prosecuting, according to several jurists, former Serbian president, Slobodan Milosevic with the charge of genocide.

Milosevic was very close to getting an acquittal because he was demolishing the case against him in court. Unfortunately, he could not get one because he died in never clarified circumstances before the end of his trial.

Some observers hold The Hague accountable for his death because Milosevic could have unmasked years of lies spread by NATO against him. … continue

Indian imports of Russian oil skyrocket – official

RT | March 28, 2023

… Russia now covers 35% of India’s total oil imports, up from less than 1% in 2021. Energy has accounted for a large part of the surge in the countries’ bilateral trade.

The world’s third-largest crude importer, India began to boost imports of Russian oil shortly after the start of Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine and the ensuing Western sanctions. The restrictions resulted in Russia losing its traditional oil buyers in the West, and forced Moscow to seek alternative markets by introducing discounts on its energy.

New Delhi, which has repeatedly stressed that energy security is its top priority, chose not to succumb to Western pressure and continued to stock up on Russian supplies even after the EU embargo and the G7 price cap on Russian oil came into force late last year.

According to the Russian Energy Ministry, the country’s overall oil exports increased by 7.6%, to 242.2 million tons, in 2022, while crude production rose by 2% to 535.1 million tons. – Full article

Russian oil export pivot succeeding – energy minister

RT | March 28, 2023

Moscow has completely redirected all of its oil exports from ‘unfriendly states’ to new markets, Energy Minister Nikolay Shulginov stated on Tuesday.

According to the minister, supplies are now destined to Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East.

“Already we can state that we have managed to fully redirect the entire volume of exports which initially fell out due to sanctions. There is no decrease in sales,” Shulginov stated.

Earlier on Tuesday, the deputy prime minister and former energy minister, Aleksandr Novak, also noted that the volume of exports to India alone rose by 22 times in 2022. Russia also became China’s top oil supplier in the first two months of 2023, with delivery volumes in January-February surging 23.8% year-on-year. … Full article

Beijing has vowed to take countermeasures should Tsai Ing-wen meet with the US House speaker

RT | March 29, 2023

Taiwan president Tsai Ing-wen is set to travel to the United States, this week, with planned stops in New York and California, where she is expected to meet US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, despite strong warnings from China.

Tsai will depart for the US on Wednesday as part of a 10-day trip, which will also include visits to Belize and Guatemala, according to the president’s office.

While the politician has not confirmed any meeting with Rep. McCarthy, Taiwanese officials previously told the Financial Times that she would indeed sit down with the Republican lawmaker during her visit to California. […]

On Wednesday, a spokesperson for China’s Taiwan Affairs Office, Zhu Fenglian, slammed the upcoming visit, saying that Tsai would not merely be staying in a hotel, but meeting with American officials.

“If she has contact with US House Speaker McCarthy, it will be another provocation that seriously violates the One-China principle, harms China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and destroys peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait,” she said, adding: “We firmly oppose this and will definitely take measures to resolutely fight back.” … Full article

Ex-UN Rapporteur Reveals 8 Ways Int’l Nord Stream Probe Can Be Pursued Despite UNSC Stonewalling

By Ilya Tsukanov – Sputnik – 28.03.2023

The failure of a Russian-Chinese Security Council resolution to set up an international probe into the Nord Stream attacks is not the end of the road, and Moscow has over half a dozen avenues to pursue the matter, both at the UN and at other venues, says Dr. Alfred de Zayas, a former UN rapporteur and veteran expert on international law.

Moscow expressed confidence Tuesday that the truth about the Nord Stream explosions would eventually “break through” in spite of the United Nations Security Council’s failure to adopt a Russian-Chinese resolution demanding a formal international investigation into the sabotage. … continue

China wants Nord Stream attackers ‘brought to justice’

RT | March 28, 2023

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has said the saboteurs of the Nord Stream pipelines must face consequences, as it condemned America’s failure to support a UN-led investigation into the incident. A Russian-sponsored resolution for an international probe did not pass a vote at the UN Security Council earlier this week.

Speaking at a media briefing on Tuesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning claimed that Washington is “keen to carry out so-called ‘investigations’ of developing nations, yet is secretive on this incident.” The diplomat argued that the US attitude was an example of “obvious double standards,” and suggested that officials in Washington were “afraid of” something. Mao added that China hopes the perpetrators will be “brought to justice” as soon as possible. … continue

IAEA on Kiev’s Remark on Capturing ZNPP by Force: Nuclear Plant Should Not Be Target

Sputnik – 29.03.2023

The Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) should not be considered as a target during current hostilities, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director General Rafael Grossi said on Wednesday, commenting on Kiev’s statement about capturing the plant by force.

During his visit to the territory of the ZNPP, Grossi pointed to the need to agree on one important thing — the nuclear power plant should not be attacked and used for attacks in the other direction.

The idea is the basis of a new concept, currently being developed to protect the ZNPP, the IAEA chief said, adding that it envisages narrowing the safety zone around the plant. He insists that new measures have to be taken in order to protect the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant as situation here is not getting better. According to Grossi, hostilities around the area are intensifying so the agency is developing a new protection concept for the plant, and discusses this issue with Russia and Ukraine.

Rosenergoatom, a subsidiary of Russian state nuclear energy corporation Rosatom supports the stance of IAEA head Rafael Grossi that the ZNPP should not be used as a target or for blackmail, Rosenergoatom spokesman Renat Karchaa said on Wednesday.

“We fully support the position of the IAEA and Mr. Grossi on the inadmissibility of using the ZNPP as a target, but we are also categorically against the use of the plant as an instrument of blackmail and manipulation,” Karchaa told reporters after inspecting the plant’s territory with Grossi.

The Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant, under the control of Russian forces since March, is persitently shelled by Ukrainian militants. Moscow has repeatedly warned that such attacks should be considered as acts of nuclear terrorism.

Bulgaria refuses to send weapons to Ukraine, joins Hungary and Austria’s neutrality stance

REMIX NEWS | March 27, 2023

After Austria and Hungary, Bulgaria has also joined the minority group of European Union countries that refuse to send weapons to Ukraine, news and opinion portal Mandiner reports.

Bulgaria has declared that it will not take part in the EU’s joint ammunition purchase program, nor will it supply fighter jets or tanks to Ukraine, Euronews reports. Bulgarian President Rumen Radev is under enormous pressure from opposition parties, but he has said he stands by his position.

“Bulgaria does not support and is not involved in the joint procurement of ammunition for Ukraine. However, we will support efforts to restore peace. As long as the interim government is in power, Bulgaria will not make its fighter aircraft, anti-aircraft missile systems, tanks and other equipment available to Ukraine,” said Radev.

At the end of January, Hungarian Defense Minister Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky and his Austrian counterpart, Klaudia Tanner, said in Budapest that neither country will offer any kind of military assistance to Ukraine in order to “prevent further escalation.”

Although many of its Western allies accuse Hungary of siding with Russia in the war based on its firm stance of not sending weapons to Ukraine, last December Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that his government is simply on the side of the Hungarians. … continue

Serbia and Hungary form Strategic Council despite EU opposition

By Ahmed Adel | March 29, 2023

The idea of ​​forming a Serbia-Hungary Strategic Council was announced by Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić after his meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in Belgrade on March 25. Specifically, Vučić announced that the strategic council between the two countries would be established in May. As Serbia is a non-EU/NATO member, unlike Hungary, it is guaranteed that Brussels and Washington are not happy about the strengthening ties between the two neighbouring countries.

Accordingly, the council would deal with the issue of security, the fight against terrorism, and opens the possibility of cooperation between their armies and police in the military-technical sense. It is for this reason, despite the benefits that this strategic cooperation brings for both countries, Brussels and Washington are not happy with this emergence.

The issue of security is very important and is back at the forefront due to the crisis in Ukraine. More than ever, the spotlight has not just been placed on security in the traditional sense, but also in regards to energy. Serbia and Hungary are connected not only by good mutual relations, but also by their tense relationship with the European Union. Although Hungary is an EU member, it has a number of open issues with the bloc, such as the handling of the war in Ukraine. Fundamentally, Serbia’s and Hungary’s current interests are opposed to that of the EU, and it is also this factor which unites them. … continue

US senior citizen comes under attack in Israel

Press TV – March 28, 2023

A senior citizen from the United States has been brutally attacked by an Israeli settler amid growing tensions in the occupied lands.

Cassandra Auren, 65, this month suffered a potentially fatal blow to her head in the West Bank, US media reported on Monday.

The mother of two from the Midwestern US state of Wisconsin was hospitalized for two days and required six stitches after she suffered a fractured skull and internal bleeding.

Auren told The Daily Beast that an Israeli settler struck her in the head with a long wooden stick as she was visiting the village of Tuba in the Massafer Yatta area south of the old town of Al-Khalil.

“The attack by the male settler, who had a small child with him, took me totally by surprise as there was no prior confrontation and no provocation on my part. It all happened so fast I had no time to think about whether my life was in danger,” Auren said. … Full article

The depopulation agenda, Part 3: Vaccines and infertility

This is the third in a series tracing the history of population control through to present day depopulation ‘aspirations’. You can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here. The question raised today is whether vaccines could have impacted on fertility and reproduction.

By Stephen McMurray | TCW Defending Freedom | March 28, 2023

For the last 70 years, fertility rates have decreased worldwide, with a total 50 per cent decline, according to the World Economic Forum. The reasons given typically include women’s ’empowerment’ in education and the workforce, lower child mortality and the increased cost of bringing up children. What is not mentioned by this pro-vaccine body is the possible impact of vaccines.

This however has been brought into sharp focus by the now well documented adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines. A recent Project Veritas undercover report revealed Pfizer executive Jordon Trishton Walker confirming there were specific concerns about the Covid vaccines interference with women’s menstrual cycles: ‘There’s something irregular about their menstrual cycles. We will have to investigate that down the line, because that is a little concerning.’

His comment turned out to be an understatement. According to Pfizer’s own records, at least 82 per cent of pregnant women who were vaccinated lost their babies. Since this was known before the vaccines were given emergency approval by the US Food and Drug Administration, how it was that they recommended them to pregnant women is alarming. … continue

FAA Granted Medical Clearance to Pilot With History of ‘Possible’ Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis

Acute myocarditis can develop “suddenly”

By Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D. | The Defender | March 28, 2023

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a first-class medical clearance to a pilot whose medical history includes “possible” vaccine-induced myocarditis, according to a letter leaked anonymously by a pilot.

This letter was leaked amid recent revelations the FAA is prioritizing keeping pilots in the air at the expense of the safety of pilots, passengers and the general public.

FAA data indicate the number of medical flight diversions increased in 2021 and 2022, compared to 2019 and prior.

Other documents reveal that in 2021, the FAA strongly recommended, in writing, pilots receive the COVID-19 vaccines issued under an emergency use authorization (EUA), despite the agency’s own regulations prohibiting pilots from taking medications or therapeutics that have been on the market for 12 months or less.

The leaked letter — with names and dates redacted — issuing a first-class medical certificate to a pilot with a history of “possible” vaccine-induced myocarditis — originated from the FAA’s Civil Aerospace Medical Institute in Oklahoma City. … continue

Flight from Romania to Egypt diverted: 30 year old pilot had chest pain and collapsed in-flight

7th pilot incident this month

By Dr. William Makis MD | COVID Intel | March 28, 2023

A TAROM Boeing 737-800, registration YR-BGK performing flight RO-7673 from Timisoara (Romania) to Hurghada (Egypt) with 184 passengers on board, was enroute at FL370 about 150nm south of Bucharest in Bulgarian Airspace when the first officer reported the captain had become incapacitated and they needed to turn around and divert to Bucharest. The aircraft landed safely on Bucharest’s runway 26R about 80 minutes after departure.

The aircraft remained on the ground for about 90 minutes, then departed again.

The airline reported the “medical emergency of one of the members of the command crew” prompted the crew to divert to Bucharest.

According to media reports in Bulgaria the captain (30 years of age) complained about chest pain and increased heart rate, then fell unconscious. The captain is on his way to recovery. … Full article

Autopsy Studies of COVID-19 Illness Rule Out Extensive Myocarditis

Systematic Review of 50 Studies with 548 Hearts Does not Find Heart Inflammation as Significant Contributor to Death

By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH | Courageous Discourse | March 28, 2023

From the original Baric study demonstrating beta-coronavirus loading in laboratory models can cause myocarditis to the first year of the COVID-19 crisis there has been a concern that SARS-CoV-2 infection in humans could cause heart inflammation. Epidemiologic studies relying on ICD codes triggered by routine cardiac troponin testing and or results implied that hospitalized patients were developing myocarditis with the respiratory illness. None of these studies were confirmed with clinical adjudication or autopsy. In 2020 the NCAA Big Ten athletic conference, US Military, and many other organizations screened for myocarditis on clinical grounds—handful of cases were found without any reported hospitalizations or deaths. Tuvali, et al from Israel, demonstrated that myocarditis in 2020 was not any more common that the low levels of baseline myocarditis from parvovirus, giant cell, and other conditions.

Almamlouk et al performed a systematic review of 50 autopsy studies and 548 hearts of patients who died of or with COVID-19. Usual post-mortem findings of tissue edema and necrosis were reported commonly. About two thirds of hearts had SARS-CoV-2 found in the tissue. However, none of the hearts had extensive myocarditis as the cause of death. … continue

The Reopening Racket

By Jeffrey A. Tucker | Brownstone Institute | March 28, 2023

At this time, three years ago, the nation was in shock and shambles, with businesses and churches closed, Main Street boarded up, people huddling in terror in their homes, and everyone dealing with travel restrictions between states.

Parents had left work to care for their children because the child care facilities and schools were shuttered. Commerce had died. Not even the hospital parking lots had cars in them because they had all but shut for anything but Covid and other emergencies. People stayed home out of fear.

It was then that the money began to flow from Washington. Congress voted for a $2.2 trillion spending package that went to states and kept the lockdowns going. The reason was simple: they were getting more money from lockdowns than they were missing in sales tax. The governors chose money from D.C. over the rights of their own citizens.

Trump’s lockdown edict of March 16, 2020 was designed as an emergency measure but the 15 days were then extended to 30 and more. He had been told early on that this virus was likely a bioweapon but not to worry because the military was working with pharmaceutical companies to produce the antidote. All we needed to do was minimize infections via restrictions on mobility and gatherings and then the magic potion would arrive to fix everything. … continue

Missouri v. Biden – Court Denies Government’s Motion for Dismissal

Good news in our lawsuit challenging the federal Censorship-Industrial Complex: the court rules that the case will proceed to trial

By Aaron Kheriaty, MD | Human Flourishing | March 27, 2023

… The government’s defense that it was just helping social media companies abide by their terms of service, and that the appearance of centralized coordination across different platforms was just coincidental, looks increasingly implausible in the face of the evidence uncovered in our case… Read full article

RFK, Jr. and CHD Sue Biden, Fauci for Alleged Censorship

By Brenda Baletti, Ph.D. | The Defender | March 27, 2023

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Children’s Health Defense (CHD) on Friday filed a class action lawsuit against President Biden, Dr. Anthony Fauci and other top administration officials and federal agencies, alleging they “waged a systematic, concerted campaign” to compel the nation’s three largest social media companies to censor constitutionally protected speech.

Kennedy, CHD and Connie Sampognaro filed the complaint in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana, Monroe Division, on behalf of all the more than 80% of Americans who access news from online news aggregators and social media companies, principally Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. … continue

Trudeau invokes “flat-earthers” and “anti-vaxxers” as he calls for social platforms to be liable for “disinformation”

By Christina Maas | Reclaim The Net | March 28, 2023

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked “flat-earthers” and “anti-vaxxers” to call for a crackdown on “disinformation” online. He made the comments during a town hall event in Ottawa last week.

Trudeau began by saying the government should find a balance between censorship and free speech to protect people from disinformation.

“Governments have very limited tools to protect people in an online world, which is a good thing. It allows for a tremendous amount of freedom – freedom of expression, freedom of discovery – no oppressive governments controlling what you see, what you want, but it also opens us up to a tremendous amount of crap, of hate speech, of things that are illegal, but also things that are just going to bring us down roads where we’re going to get lost,” he said.

He then talked about misinformation in terms of anti-vaxxers and flat-earthers.

“I remember a few years ago before the pandemic, getting really fascinated by flat-earthers, and trying to understand – sort of – the thinking behind them, of people who decided actively to create an identity for themselves that was to just clearly reject what science settled thousands of years ago with the ancient Greeks and that there’s no real contrast to,” he explained. … continue

Baltimore blocks East Palestine toxic water dump

RT | March 28, 2023

A Baltimore contractor has agreed to relocate the processing of hundreds of thousands of gallons of toxic wastewater from the site of last month’s Norfolk Southern train derailment after local officials mounted strong opposition to the disposal plan. Clean Harbors of Baltimore Environmental Services announced on Tuesday morning that approximately 600,000 to 800,000 gallons of water from East Palestine, Ohio would be processed elsewhere.

Local officials had only learned on Friday that Norfolk Southern had contracted with Clean Harbors to ship enormous amounts of contaminated water from the derailment site to Baltimore. From there, the water would have been piped into Baltimore’s aging, leaky sewer system, and from there it would travel to the city’s troubled Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant. Just last year, the state declared the plant to be on the brink of “catastrophic failure,” and less than a month ago one of the plant’s buildings dedicated to processing sewage sludge suffered a massive explosion requiring its closure.

While the Baltimore city council voted on Monday to implore the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to reconsider allowing the wastewater to be sent there, the agency has refused to hear any objections, having warned state environmental agencies in a letter earlier this month that blocking Norfolk Southern’s hazardous materials from their jurisdictions would be “impermissible” as a violation of the Interstate Commerce Clause of the Constitution.

However, Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott concluded that the city did not have to accept the wastewater from Clean Harbor into the local sewer system once it was inside Maryland state lines. On Monday, he announced the city could “shield its sewer system from the Ohio wastewater by modifying the discharge permit issued to Clean Harbors to ‘safeguard Publicly Owned Treatment Works’.”

Last month’s Norfolk Southern train derailment in East Palestine spawned an environmental disaster of rare proportions after local authorities permitted the burning of highly toxic vinyl chloride that spilled from five of the cars, releasing numerous toxic substances including dioxins into the surrounding air, water, and soil. While the EPA attempted to reassure residents the pollution did not pose a health risk, numerous scientists have argued otherwise, pointing out that even small amounts of chemicals like dioxins can accumulate over years with deadly results.

Japanese environment economist says treated Fukushima radioactive wastewater still contains radionuclides

Tokyo  urged to stop dumping plan

By Xu Keyue | Global Times | March 27, 2023

While stressing that the so-called treated water from the destroyed Fukushima nuclear plant still contains radionuclides that are not able to be removed, a renowned Japanese environment economist said in an exclusive interview with the Global Times recently that we must persistently demand that the Japanese government and the Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) stop dumping the nuclear-contaminated wastewater into the ocean.

Kenichi Oshima, professor at Ryukoku University, told the Global Times that the Japanese government and TEPCO should not release the nuclear-contaminated wastewater.

The Japanese government and TEPCO plan to use ALPS – Advanced Liquid Processing System – to treat the nuclear-contaminated wastewater from the Fukushima nuclear accident and then release the treated water into the ocean. The treated water contains radionuclides including ruthenium, strontium-90 and iodine-129, in addition to tritium, Oshima noted.

Before the release, TEPCO developed a “Radiation and Environmental Impact Assessment Report on Ocean Discharge of ALPS Processed Water” to assess the impact of ocean discharge.

“Nevertheless, we believe it is impossible to accurately predict the ecological effects of ocean discharges over the next several decades,” the Japanese environment economist said.

Commenting on the so-called treated Fukushima water, Mao Ning, spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said on Monday that Japan has been claiming that ALPS-treated nuclear-contaminated water is safe and harmless and that it opposes calling the water “nuclear-contaminated”. The fact, however, is that the water contains over 60 radionuclides, many of which cannot be treated effectively with existing technologies. … continue

Climate Change Is “Bigger Existential Threat Than Nuclear War”, Says Nutty Sustainability Advisor

By Paul Homewood | Not A Lot Of People Know That | March 26, 2023

Why does the Telegraph give publicity to nutters like this?

To claim that the impact of climate change meant that the construction and use of buildings are now a “bigger existential threat than nuclear war” is something that nobody in their right mind would say, and is an insult to those who lost their lives in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

And he is not even right about “buildings accounting for 15% of emissions”. It is the people who live in them who need energy to live their lives.

And it is irrelevant how “green” you make buildings – their construction will still require concrete, metals and equipment, all of which involve large amounts of fossil fuels in their production, transportation and use.

And I doubt whether his preference for refurbishing rather than new build will have much effect either, since new builds can be designed to be much more energy efficient.

The end logic of Mr Sturgis is that we should all go back to living in mud huts.

Unfortunately Sturgis is just another of those attention seekers, who want to push their extreme agendas onto the rest of us. Shame on the Telegraph for giving him the opportunity.

Funding Ukraine ‘War Machine’ Against Russia Means Austerity in Europe

By James Tweedie – Sputnik – 28.03.2023

Western sanctions on Russia over its de-Nazification operation in Ukraine have ricocheted with disastrous results for European economies. Dr Linwood Tauheed, associate professor of Economics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, linked them to civil unrest now wracking the continent.

The wave of strikes and protests sweeping Europe are in response to austerity policies prompted by sanctions on Russia, an academic has said.
Linwood Tauheed told Sputnik that Europeans are “not willing to be stoic about this any longer.”

The unrest was “an indication that some of the issues caused out there directly by the sanctions, which, of course, was caused by the war, are affecting them greatly,” he said.

The sanctions have been centrally co-ordinated by the European Commission, the unelected executive of the European Union (EU), which has also diverted billions of euros from the ironically-named European Peace Facility fund to buy arms for the Kiev regime. … continue

US and Taiwan plan to equip Kiev regime forces with ‘swarms-of-swarms’ drones

By Drago Bosnic | March 28, 2023

There’s very little doubt that warfare has changed dramatically in recent decades, with the tactical gap between leading militaries and those of local powers (or even the usually overlooked small countries) narrowing as the proliferation of unmanned systems continues unabated. With the advent of the information era, the abundance of war footage has essentially eliminated the once-assured readiness of tens of millions to go to war, leaving militaries around the globe struggling to meet their recruitment quotas. Losing even a hundred drones is certainly preferable to having ten soldiers (or even one) killed and/or wounded in action, particularly for politicians and their respective parties seeking reelection. As a result, drones, robots and other unmanned vehicles have become increasingly important.

The combination of these factors created the “perfect storm” for the dramatic rise and adoption of unmanned systems by most militaries around the world. Perhaps the best proof of this has been the mass usage of drones by both sides of the Ukrainian conflict. Ranging from commercial quadcopters to HALE (high-altitude, long-endurance) military drones, these weapons are changing the face of warfare in a manner no less revolutionary than airplanes and tanks did during the First World War. Interestingly, as both the Russian military and the Kiev regime forces deploy advanced long-range air defenses (particularly the former), the role of larger drones has subsided, leaving smaller platforms as the more cost-effective alternative, while also providing significant tactical advantages.

Aside from circumventing advanced SAM (surface-to-air missile) systems, miniature drones offer an important upper hand in terms of first-strike capabilities and forward reconnaissance. Apart from Russia and the Kiev regime, the US-led political West is also taking this into account, especially when considering the fact that NATO’s massive ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance) capabilities have been used to observe virtually every inch of the vast Ukrainian battlefields. Precisely this is pushing the belligerent alliance to equip the Neo-Nazi junta forces with the latest unmanned technologies, both as a way of providing its favorite puppet regime with weapons to counter the Russian military, as well as battle-testing the said drones against an advanced state adversary. … continue

Here’s why HRW deliberately only scratched the surface in exploring Ukraine’s use of banned ‘petal’ mines

By Eva Bartlett | RT | March 28, 2023

Since Ukraine dropped hundreds of mines on the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) in July, 104 people have fallen victim to the internationally-banned PFM-1 ‘petal’ (also known as ‘butterfly’) devices. Nine of them are children. Of which three died.

Among the most recent civilians to be injured, on March 19, were two 60-year-old men. On February 26, a woman in her sixties was wounded in her neighborhood. On February 14, a teenager stepped on a petal mine near a school. These are just a few documented examples from recent weeks.

The first wave of over 40 victims came within the first few weeks after Ukrainian forces deployed the mines over Donetsk en masse in July 2022, and the number has more than doubled since. Since then I, along with other reporters on the ground, have documented their lingering presence and the civilian victims. … continue

US politicians urge Biden to send cluster bombs to Kiev

By Lucas Leiroz | March 28, 2023

Once again, American politicians are pushing for new escalations in the Ukrainian conflict. Now, lawmakers want the Biden regime to supply cluster munitions to the Ukrainian armed forces. This type of measure would be seen as a serious provocation by Russia and would certainly have strong impacts on the battlefield and in the current diplomatic crisis.

Recently, some Republican senators formally asked the government to “not hesitate” to send cluster arms to Ukraine. James Risch and Roger Wickers, both from Mississippi, led the Congress campaign, and were also supported by Michael McCaul, from Texas, and Mike Rogers, from Alabama. According to them, Washington should ship such bombs as quickly as possible to Kiev, ignoring what they think to be “vague concerns about the reaction of allies and partners and unfounded fears of ‘escalation’”.

The pressure comes amid a context of “despair” on the part of the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev and the more pro-war groups of American domestic politics. Faced with the Ukrainian military failure and the imminent Russian victory, despite the systematic sending of weapons by NATO, the only solution seems to be to resort to the use of “non-conventional” arms. In this sense, the use of cluster bombs would be one of the “alternatives”, which is why Ukrainian politicians have asked US congressmen to increase the pressure for the government to allow the export of such equipment. … continue

Use of Depleted Uranium in Ukraine Could Spark Global Health Crisis: Here’s Why

By Ilya Tsukanov – Sputnik – 28.03.2023

The US and Britain expended over 2,000 tons of depleted uranium (DU) in Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Syria. Now, London plans to hand DU shells to Ukraine. British and US officials insist the weapons are safe, but what does the evidence say? Sputnik investigates. … continue

Japan’s Opposition Blasts PM Kishida’s Silence on Depleted Uranium Ammo to Ukraine

By Svetlana Ekimenko – Sputnik – 28.03.2023

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida paid a surprise visit to Ukraine to meet with Volodymyr Zelensky a day after Russian President Vladimir Putin hosted his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, in Moscow. Both visits came as the announcement of future DU ammo supplies to Ukraine hit the headlines.

Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has been condemned by the opposition for staying tight-lipped on the UK’s announced delivery of depleted uranium ammunition to the Kiev regime, according to media reports.

Taro Yamamoto, leader of the opposition party Reiwa Shinsengumi, is said to have raised the issue at a budget committee meeting in the Japanese parliament’s upper house. … continue

Police identify Nashville school shooter

RT | March 27, 2023

Authorities in Nashville, Tennessee have identified the person who killed three students and three teachers at the Covenant School on Monday morning as Audrey Hale. The 28-year-old was said to have been a former student at the Christian elementary school, and identified as a transgender man. … continue

When Poppy became Alex – a cautionary tale

By Julie Sandilands | TCW Defending Freedom | March 27, 2023

Let me introduce you to Alex.

Alex is 14 years old and until quite recently was called Poppy. Alex is now the responsibility of Children’s Services following her request to be taken into care. Alex explains to Jane, his foster carer, that her parents don’t believe him when she says he’s non-binary at the moment and refuse to call her by his preferred name. So, she kept running away from home and school until he was eventually assigned a social worker who supported her request to be taken into care.

When Jane asks why she chose her new name, Alex explains that it is more gender fluid and feels that this is important because he is currently identifying as both male and female. She says he had begun to think about his identity during a PSHE lesson where she learned that gender is assigned at birth, and it is possible that he could have actually been born into the wrong body. Jane, after having read the latest resource – A Starting Guide for supporting LBGTQ+ Young People in Care kindly sent to her by the local authority, nods understandingly because after reading page 01, Jane has learnt that she should ‘use the name a young person asks you to use, even if it isn’t their registered or official name, when they are around or when they are not’, and that ‘if a child is in care and wants to change their first name, the local authority can make an application to change the child’s first name by deed poll without the consent of the child’s parents/other persons with parental responsibility so long as the local authority is satisfied that it’s necessary to do so in order to safeguard or promote the child’s welfare’.

After reading page 03, Jane has also learnt about Gender Affirming Treatment – Puberty Blockers and Cross-Sex Hormones and that ‘a child of any age who is deemed to be “Gillick competent” by their treating clinician can consent on their own behalf to the administration of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones (if a child is 16 or over)’ and that ‘a child who is “Gillick competent” does not need parental consent or the consent of the local authority.’

Finally, Alex is happy because Jane understands her and Jane is happy because she understands him. Poppy’s parents are deeply unhappy: they love and miss their daughter and just want her home. … continue

Deliberately Engineered Confusion

The Hallmark of the Greatest Biopsychosocial Operation in History

NewZealandDoc’s Newsletter | March 27, 2023

Years ago, when I sat on the Board of the American Psychiatric Association as a psychiatrist-in-training, the word ‘biopsychosocial’ was used frequently to describe the range to which the profession of psychiatry aspired in its categorization of and treatment approaches to mental illness. It was meant, in other words, to encompass everything: every aspect of human thought, feeling and behavior. Rather grandiose, I remember thinking, but in keeping with the compulsion in the field to cover every base, as it were.

It strikes me now that the term is especially relevant as a descriptor of the covid agenda because it does, with realistic accuracy, embrace the scope of this uniquely massive operation that has been played out across the globe. Thus covid, the measures adopted by authorities to manage the so-called pandemic, the jabs, the jab passports, mandates, digital identification and, essentially, centralized control over human autonomy – this may be accurately described not merely as a ‘psyops’ but as a ‘biopsychosocial’ operation. An operation designed to influence virtually every aspect of the human condition – biology, psychology and social relations.

The magnitude and breadth of the covid operation render it historically unique, and, as a result of this operation – still ongoing – the world has demonstrably been altered, perhaps irrevocably so. … continue

Did Boris Johnson fake His Covid-19 illness?

By Niall McCrae | TCW Defending Freedom | March 27, 2023

Of all the theatricals of the last three years, one of the most dramatic was Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s dice with death by Covid. Having won a landslide in the general election of December 2019, he found his fresh mandate diverted almost immediately by the deadly contagion from China. But was Johnson really blindsided, or was he aware of the coming Covid-19 regime before it spread from Wuhan? And if he knew, this leads to another sensational but serious question.

If you believe, as I do, that Covid-19 was an elaborate hoax, this burdens you with a need to explain how such a massive scam could be conducted so successfully. At what level of the powers-that-be would the truth be known, and who was running the show from the outset? Probably the vast majority of politicians, like scientists, health service managers, doctors and other clinicians simply took the novel coronavirus as fact, but leaders of prominent nations must have known more: in some cases, their contribution went beyond giving daily briefings to press and public to actively performing the pseudopandemic.

A leading character, I suggest, was Boris Johnson. His role was to get himself admitted to hospital, and to nearly die from the terrifying disease. If you deny the existence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, there are two possible explanations for Johnson’s admission to St Thomas’ Hospital in London in April 2020. First, that he succumbed to illness as a result of overwork and stress, although it would be unusual for a man of his age (he was then 55) to be knocking at death’s door with a common respiratory infection. The second is that this episode was a psy-op to escalate fear in society. … continue

Football Players Still Collapsing, Having Heart Attacks, And Even Dying On The Pitch

By Steve Watson | Summit News | March 27, 2023

In the past week, two high profile football (soccer for Americans) players have collapsed on the field of play, continuing a trend that has seemingly now become the norm.

Last Wednesday, 28-year-old Brazilian player Zé Carlos, from the club Ferroviário suffered a sudden illness while playing in a cup match.

He was treated as the game went on, according to reports, and returned to the pitch for a short time before being substituted and then collapsing and being taken to hospital in an ambulance. … continue

Air Transat Flight from Fort-de-France to Montreal, Airbus A321-200: pilot incapacitated in-flight

6th incident this month

Dr. William Makis MD | March 27, 2023

On March 18th, 2023, an Air Transat Airbus A321 was flying from Fort-de-France to Montreal when the aircraft’s first officer became incapacitated. The incident occurred as the aircraft was flying over the United States, 200NM south of Montreal. (click here)

According to The Aviation Herald, the March 18th incident took place aboard Air Transat flight TS739, an Airbus A321-200 service from Fort-de-France, capital of the French territory of Martinique to Montreal, Canada.

At FL360, about 200NM south of Montreal, the first officer reportedly became incapacitated. The Canadian Transportation Safety Board reported that a second officer was available onboard and was thus able to replace the incapacitated first officer. Unfortunately, no additional details on the first officer’s condition were made available. … Full article

Ecological Data Point to COVID-19 Vaccines as a Determinant of Increased All-Cause Mortality

Countries Must Urgently Merge Vaccine Administration and Death Databases

By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH | Courageous Discourse | March 27, 2023

The biggest global news story in 2021, 2022, and now in 2023 is that people around the world are dying in ever great numbers as the pandemic winds down. This is just the opposite of what was expected since COVID-19 mortality was largely in the elderly and those with many medical problems, the viral illness should have had a “culling” effect leaving 2022 and now 2023 to have decreased mortality.

Multiple sources of data suggest the swell in mortality occurring is not just among the elderly. Edward Dowd’s book “Cause Unknown”: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 & 2022 numerous sources of insurance data are cited suggesting death claims among working age persons are skyrocketing.

Aarstad et al have published an ecological analysis demonstrating that deaths tracked with increased COVID-19 vaccination rates. But as the authors point out, these observations are not conclusive that the vaccines independently are responsible for the alarming trend.

Public health agencies should immediately merge the vaccine administration and all cause death data to analyze temporal association. In other words, to produce a frequency histogram of deaths occurring on days 0, 1, 2, 3, etc. after the shot. From a regulatory perspective, any death within 30 days of an injection should be attributed to COVID-19 vaccination since all vaccines have conclusively caused death(s) as published in the peer-reviewed literature. Given the long-acting nature of mRNA and Spike protein, one could argue any death within a year is reasonable to consider as a vaccine death.

In conclusion, governments hold all the data on vaccination and death and it will be public health agencies or independent researchers who acquire the data that will deliver these important answers. Death cannot remain “cause unknown” forever.

They knew: FOIA document shows government anticipated mass vaccine injuries, then observed them from day one


Nobody disagrees at this point that there is a plethora of excess deaths and a dearth of births, a trend that should be the number-one alarming public policy issue. Yet when any of us suggest that the gene therapy ubiquitously given to the world right around the time of the jump in these numbers might be responsible, people look at us like we are from Mars.

However, it turns out, based on newly released FOIA documents from the CDC, that our government knew about and even anticipated massive reports of injuries from these shots from day one. … continue

Moscow calls out US’ rules-based order in Europe


… Washington is hard-pressed to respond to Putin’s remark that Russia is only doing something that the US has been doing for decades. The point is, a mutual commitment not to deploy nuclear weapons in third countries was one of the proposals Moscow made to Washington in December 2021, alongside a commitment that Ukraine would not join NATO. The US ignored it and precipitated the Russian special military operation in Ukraine.

The crux of the matter is, as with the Cuban missile crisis of 1962, the Russian decision on tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus is retaliatory, drawing attention to the US missiles stationed close to its borders. (An estimated 100 nuclear weapons are stored in vaults in five European countries — Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Turkey.)

Worse still, the US practices a controversial arrangement known as “nuclear sharing”, under which it installs nuclear equipment on fighter jets of select non-nuclear NATO countries and train their pilots to carry out nuclear strike with US nuclear bombs. This is when the US, being a party to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), has promised not to hand over nuclear weapons to other countries, and the non-nuclear countries in the NATO’s sharing arrangement have themselves promised not to receive nuclear weapons from the nuclear weapon states!

NATO declared last year that seven NATO countries have contributed dual-capable aircraft to the nuclear sharing mission. These countries are believed to be the US, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey and Greece. And all are signatories to the NPT!

Welcome to the rules based order! What is perfectly permissible to the “collective West” is forbidden for Russia! … Read full article

The Best Way to Protect US Troops in Syria

By Ron Paul | March 27, 2023

Last week saw a sharp increase in attacks on US troops occupying northeastern Syria, with a drone strike against a US base blamed on “pro-Iran” forces and a US counter-strike said to have killed at least 19 people. After the US retaliation, another strike by “pro-Iran” forces hit a number of US sites in Syria. It may be just a matter of time before there are more strikes against the 900 US troops based in Syria against Syria’s wishes. One US contractor was killed last time. Next time it could be many more Americans.

What’s behind the sudden escalation? Fundamental changes in the Middle East over the past month have highlighted how indefensible is the continued US occupation of Syria and Iraq.

Take, for example, the recent historic mending of relations between former arch-enemies Saudi Arabia and Iran which was brokered by Washington’s own arch-enemy, China. US policy in the Middle East has long been “divide and conquer,” dating back at least to the Iran/Iraq [“dual containment”] war in the 1980s. US switching sides in that war guaranteed that the maximum amount of blood was spilled and that the simmering hatreds would continue to prevent any kind of lasting peace.

Then the US invaded Iraq twenty years ago and turned Iraq into an Iranian ally. That’s neocon foreign policy for you: a 100 percent failure rate.

So this month China, which is interested in creating a regional transportation corridor that would include Iran, came in and instead of bombing, invading, and occupying – Washington’s modus operandi – actually brokered the restoration of diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Republicans and Democrats in the US both love to attack China, but China has achieved what the US has resisted for years: peace in the region. Should we be surprised that the continued US occupation is not welcome in the Middle East? … Full article

Israel: hate crimes against Christians in occupied Jerusalem rising

MEMO | March 27, 2023

Hate crimes including vandalism and assaults carried out by Israeli Jews against Arab Christians in occupied Jerusalem have been rising sharply since the start of this year, Haaretz revealed on Sunday. Church leaders attribute the rise of anti-Christian hate crimes to the rhetoric of the most extreme far-right government that Israel has ever had.

According to Haaretz, the Israeli police do not take the issue seriously enough and refuse to recognise the growing number of hate crimes. Christians now feel that it is futile to report such incidents.

An Armenian priest quoted by the Jerusalem Inter-Church Centre said that he has been spat on more than ninety times this year already, mostly in Jerusalem’s Old City.

“It is no coincidence that the legitimisation of discrimination and violence within the current Israeli political environment also translates into acts of hatred and violence against the Christian community,” said Father Francesco Patton, the custodian of the Franciscan order in the Holy Land. “We expect and demand that the Israeli government and law enforcement agencies act decisively to guarantee security for all communities, to guarantee the protection of religious minorities and to eradicate religious fanaticism. We refer specifically to these serious incidents of intolerance, crimes of hatred and vandalism directed against Christians in Israel.”

Israel police denied the Christian narrative and claimed that all reported incidents are dealt with quickly and decisively, and that suspects had been arrested in most cases, and charged in some of them.

RT pointed out that Christians made up 25 per cent of Jerusalem residents 100 years ago, but are just one per cent today. The number of Arab Christians in Jerusalem started to decline following the 1967 occupation, as Israel has since confiscated 30 per cent of their land and stolen many properties through questionable land deals. – Video

US democracy ‘a facade’ – Russian security chief

RT | March 27, 2023

The US is not really a democracy, nor does it seek to promote democracy in its relations with other nations, contrary to Washington’s claims, senior Russian security official Nikolay Patrushev has said. He made the remarks while commenting on the upcoming ‘Summit for Democracy’ hosted by the US government.

Patrushev, who is the secretary of the Russian Security Council, described the US economy as “dependent on corruption and lobbying connections going to the White House and Capitol Hill.”

Corporate interests have hijacked the levers of political power in the US and use the country’s international clout to pursue their own agenda, he said in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta newspaper, to be published in full later today.

Their democracy is a pretty facade for the political system, which serves to hide the neglect of the rights of ordinary Americans. … continue

Oversight of Billions for Ukraine Is Not What Is Needed

By Laurence M. Vance | FFF | March 21, 2023

… is congressional oversight really what American taxpayers need? Is more oversight really what American taxpayers want?

It doesn’t matter what form the foreign aid for Ukraine takes—security assistance, financial support, refuge resettlement, or humanitarian aid—it is still money taken from U.S. taxpayers without their consent and given to a foreign government. How much money would be collected for Ukraine if the U.S. government went door to door and asked Americans to donate? Certainly not enough to buy Ukraine one tank or airplane, and probably not enough to buy one missile. How many Americans could even locate Ukraine on a map unless it was labeled with big, black letters? How many Americans know even the most basic history of Ukraine and Russia? … Read full article

The EU is losing relevance in the emerging new world

By Timur Fomenko | RT | March 27, 2023

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping met in Moscow last week, and Western circles predictably responded by accusing Russia of becoming “subservient” or even a “vassal state” to China.

MEP Guy Verhofstadt, a Euro-fantasist and former prime minister of Belgium, jeered on Twitter, “Putin’s appalling legacy now includes turning Russia more and more into a Chinese vassal state,” oblivious to the irony of his own words. As the United States took the lead in denouncing China’s peace plan for the Ukraine conflict, publicly setting out the conditions on which it should end, the European Union was nowhere to be seen, or at least had nothing original to say.

This makes Verhofstadt’s comments a damning display of lacking self-awareness. Russia and China are setting out their vision for a new multipolar world, while the US struggles against them in seeking to maintain its hegemonic position. Meanwhile, the European Union has been reduced to the status of a mere bench player in it all, and has become effectively irrelevant. The failure of EU countries to stake out their own will and position amidst the larger powers, as well as their total subservience to the US, has made a mockery of the “strategic autonomy” concept once championed by Emmanuel Macron. … continue

Russian tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus – escalation or legitimate response?

By Drago Bosnic | March 27, 2023

On March 25, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia will start deploying its tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus. Construction of designated storage facilities for the weapons is planned to be completed by July 1. The decision to transfer nuclear weapons to Belarus was made after Minsk issued a formal request, essentially mirroring Washington DC’s nuclear sharing agreements with several NATO member states. And while the decision was officially made after the United Kingdom announced it would supply depleted uranium munitions to the Kiev regime, the actual reasoning might have to do with much more sinister plans by the United States.

Namely, Warsaw and Washington DC have been floating the idea of transferring some of the US nuclear weapons stockpiled in Europe to Poland. The move has been mentioned several times in recent years, including in early October last year, when Polish President Andrzej Duda mentioned it in an interview with Gazeta Polska. The US has nuclear sharing agreements with the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Turkey, with approximately 100 (mainly air-launched) tactical nuclear weapons deployed in all five countries. Greece also took part in the program, but discontinued its participation in 2001, although it’s widely believed Athens still keeps the necessary storage facilities functional. … continue

New START Talks Depend on US Abandoning Its ‘Hostile Policy’ Toward Russia, Russian Envoy Says

Sputnik – 27.03.2023

The prerequisites for talking about the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START) will emerge only if Washington abandons its hostile policy toward Moscow, Russia’s Permanent Representative to International Organizations in Vienna Mikhail Ulyanov told Sputnik.

“Our demands are quite modest, clear and absolutely justified. We need the United States to give up its hostile policy toward Russia, and then there will be prerequisites for talking about the New START treaty,” Ulyanov said. … Full article

Moscow waiting for Western leaders ‘to sober up’ – Lavrov

RT | March 27, 2023

Moscow will determine how its future relations with Western nations will develop only after they come to their senses, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Monday.

Speaking at the Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund, which provides support to Russian and foreign NGOs and think tanks, Lavrov accused the US and its allies of being “mired in cave Russophobia, while sacrificing the glaring problems in their own societies.”

“When and if they sober up, we will decide on our position regarding further relations with them. But we will make this decision, of course, on our own and based on our terms,” the foreign minister added. … continue

NATO militarizes civilian structures in Europe with €1 billion fund

By Ahmed Adel | March 27, 2023

NATO is launching a new investment fund worth €1 billion, which is expected to be officially activated at NATO’s annual summit in July. The fund aims to militarize the civil sector by using the knowledge and skills of manufacturers, scientific institutions, and start-ups to develop technology with military and defence applications.

The fund, described by NATO as the “world’s first multi-sovereign venture capital fund”, will invest €1 billion into developing dual-use (civilian and military) emerging and disruptive technologies over a 15-year time frame. However, it demonstrates that NATO wants to permanently employ the European economy to the Russian border so they can collectively focus on the Ukrainian crisis.

It will also serve as preparation for any future war against Russia, something that is at great risk of eventuating considering Western efforts to deter Moscow from its special military operation in Ukraine have failed. … continue

Ukrainian Forces Shell Villages in Russia’s Kursk Region – Investigative Committee

Sputnik – 27.03.2023

MOSCOW – Ukrainian troops shelled three villages in Russia’s Kursk Region, disrupted power supply and damaged buildings, the Investigative Committee of Russia said.
None of the local residents were injured, the committee specified, adding that some agricultural facilities were damaged.

“According to available information, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired at the village of Plekhovo in Sudzansky District and the village of Gordeyevka in Korenevsky District of the Kursk region, as a result of which the electricity supply in the villages was interrupted. Two households were also damaged. The village of Nikolaevo-Darino in the Sudzhansky district of the Kursk region was also subjected to shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” the Investigative Committee said on Telegram.

On Sunday, Russian health authorities said that at least three people received minor injuries after an explosion occurred in the Tula Region. The region’s emergency services told Sputnik that, according to preliminary data, the explosion was caused by the fall of a drone that carried ammunition.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that Ukraine had attempted to carry out an attack in the Tula Region, using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) of the Strizh type, but the drone’s navigation system was disabled on Sunday by the Russian Pole-21 jamming system.

Ukraine Receives 18 German Leopard 2 Tanks: Report

Sputnik – 27.03.2023

Ukraine has received 18 German leopard 2 tanks, as promised by Berlin, a German media reported on Monday.

According to the report, Ukraine also received approximately 40 Marder armored infantry fighting vehicles. The German government is not disclosing the exact delivery route of military equipment for security reasons.

Earlier, Defense Minister Boris Pistorius promised to hand over 18 Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine by the end of March.

Russia has repeatedly warned countries giving weapons to Ukraine that it sees military shipments as legitimate targets. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said that NATO allies’ arming and training Ukrainians amounts to direct involvement in the conflict.

Why is the West Paranoid About the Putin-Xi Summit?

By Salman Rafi Sheikh – New Eastern Outlook – 26.03.2023

The recently concluded summit consolidated Russia’s and China’s joint bid to challenge the US-dominated global system as well as concerted US efforts to undermine, using any means, emerging global powers. That the push to challenge this system is gaining momentum, evident from the support that both Russia and China continue to receive from the non-Western world, has left the West – especially, the US – paranoid about the future of the system they created after the Second World War. This growing paranoia is at the heart of an arrest warrant that the International Criminal Court issued last week against Putin. Ridiculous as this may sound, such actions only reveal the West’s inner anxieties about the failure of their combined efforts to defeat Russia in Ukraine.

On the contrary, even as reports in the mainstream US media show, assembling enough military strength from within NATO countries for Ukraine against Russia has become an extremely difficult task, as more and more NATO countries are becoming “worried” about their own ammunition stockpiles. In addition to this, as reports in the US media show, there are growing differences between Washington and Kyiv as well with regard to the conduct of the war. How will Russia be defeated in such a case? For many Western powers – especially, the US and its old allies (the UK) – this is nothing short of a nightmare.

This nightmare is exacerbated by the Russia-China alliance. … continue

Compensation Claims for Nord Stream Blast After Identifying Responsible Justified: Kremlin

RT | March 27, 2023

Moscow may insist on compensation for the blasts that ruptured the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines last autumn, Dmitry Birichevsky, head of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s department for economic cooperation, said on Monday.

Speaking to RIA Novosti, the diplomat said that Russia did not rule out “the possibility of later raising the issue of compensatory damages over the explosion of the Nord Stream gas pipelines,” which directly connected Russia and Germany under the Baltic Sea.

Birichevsky did not say from whom Russia would be demanding payment, nor did he specify in what form or amount it should be.

He noted that after veteran investigative journalist Seymour Hersh released his bombshell report last month pinning the blame on the US for the sabotage – a claim dismissed in Washington – Russia prepared a resolution urging the UN Security Council to launch an independent international investigation into the matter.

However, Birichevsky claimed that “Western countries are actively sabotaging the work on the draft resolution, claiming that the international investigation lacks ‘added value’.” … continue

Jabbed pilots’ roll call of death and injuries

By Sally Beck | TCW Defending Freedom | March 27, 2023

‘Mayday! Mayday!’ is something no airline pilot wants to say, and no passenger wants to hear, but this month Virgin Australia, Emirates, United and Southwest airlines have all turned back aircraft or made emergency landings because air crew have suffered serious health incidents. … continue