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Israel and Italy Cement Military Ties, Massive Arms to Be Exchanged

Palestine Chronicle | September 24, 2020

The Israeli and Italian governments concluded a major arms deal, according to a statement issued Wednesday by the Israeli Defense Ministry.

According to Israeli sources, the deal would allow Israel to sell “Spike anti-tank guided missiles and aircraft simulators in exchange for training helicopters to replace the Israeli Air Force’s aging fleet”.

Intense talks, which led to the agreement, began last February.

The military exchange is estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars and its consequences are expected to last for at least two decades. According to the newly-signed agreement, Italian military contractor Leonardo will provide Israel with 20 years of aircraft maintenance.

“The agreement signed today is another expression of the close security and economic relations between Israel and Italy,” Israeli Defense Ministry Director-General Amir Eshel said in a statement, which was quoted in The Times of Israel.

Israel is currently the eighth leading weapons exporter in the world, and its military hardware, touted as ‘combat-proven’, is coveted by many countries.

Dozens of olive trees burned in arson attack by settlers

Palestine Information Center – September 25, 2020

BETHLEHEM – A horde of Jewish settlers on Friday set fire to an olive grove in al-Khader town, west of Bethlehem, destroying dozens of trees.

According to local sources, settlers infiltrated into Wad ash-Shami area of the town and torched 50 olive trees whose ages exceed 20 years.

The olive grove belongs to a local resident called Ameen Salah. … Full article

Israeli Forces Injure Palestinian Protesters, Including Journalist, in Kafr Qaddum

Palestine Chronicle | September 25, 2020

At least seven Palestinians, including a journalist, were injured by rubber-coated rounds today as Israeli occupation forces attacked the weekly anti-settlements protest in the village of Kafr Qaddum, near Qalqilia city in the northern West Bank, according to local sources.

Morad Shtewi, coordinator of the popular resistance in the village, said Israeli soldiers fired live bullets, rubber-coated rounds and teargas canisters towards the protesters, injuring seven of them, including a journalist identified as Nedal Shtayyeh.

Several other protesters suffocated from teargas inhalation.

For many years, Palestinians have been organizing weekly protests in the village of Kafr Qaddum to demonstrate against Israel’s continued closure of the village’s main entrance, as well as against the growing colonial Israeli settlement activities. … Full article

Soldiers Shoot A Palestinian Near Jericho

IMEMC | September 25, 2020

Israeli soldiers shot, on Thursday at night, a young Palestinian man near Ein al-Sultan refugee camp, in the West Bank city of Jericho to the east of the Jordan River.

Media sources said several army jeeps invaded the main road near the refugee camp, leading to protests, and fired live rounds, gas bombs, and concussion grenades at Palestinians, protesting the invasion.

They added that one Palestinian was shot with a live round in the abdomen before he was rushed to a local hospital, while several residents suffered the effects of teargas inhalation.

Iran says EU statement on its human rights situation ‘selective, unacceptable’

Press TV – September 25, 2020

Iran has dismissed as ‘unacceptable, baseless and selective’ a joint statement by European countries on the situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic, saying it is in fundamental contrast with approaches to promote the issue globally.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran regards the European Union’s move to present the joint statement in the Human Rights Council as unacceptable,” Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said on Friday.

He added that any abuse of human rights mechanism and interference in Iran’s internal affairs is by no means acceptable.

“This is not a new episode that some European countries remain indifferent and silent vis-à-vis the biggest [cases] of human rights violation [committed] by the very states and their allies.”

“They are racing among themselves to sell billions of dollars of weapons to Saudi Arabia and [other] dictators in the region to kill the defenseless Yemeni people,” the Iranian official added. … Full article

Putin offers US exchange of ‘guarantees’ against meddling in each other’s elections or wider domestic affairs

RT | September 25, 2020

Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed on Friday that Russia and the US prepare a formal agreement that they won’t interfere in each other’s domestic agendas and sign a pact on preventing “incidents in the information space.”

In a statement ahead of the forthcoming US American presidential election, Putin has offered Washington the chance to start an extensive dialogue on issues affecting both countries.

He suggested that Washington and Moscow exchange “guarantees of non-intervention into the internal affairs of each other, including into electoral processes” by using telecoms technology and other “high-tech methods.” … continue

Europe’s Refusal to Recognise Lukashenko Goes Against International Law, Kremlin Says

Sputnik – 25.09.2020

The refusal of European countries to recognise Alexander Lukashenko as the president of Belarus is against the international law, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Friday.

“We do not welcome such decisions [as refusal to recognise Lukashenko] that were made in some European countries. We think these decisions are against the international law,” Peskov told reporters.

The spokesman added that this refusal to recognise Lukashenko was covert interference in Belarusian affairs.

Peskov stressed that the position of these European countries would not impact the state and prospects of the Russian-Belarusian relationship.

Alexander Lukashenko was sworn in as the Belarusian president on Wednesday. Washington and its allies in the European Union have already condemned the inauguration and do not consider Lukashenko to be the legitimate president. … Full article

Much-hyped US-made Javelin missile FAILS during Ukrainian military drill attended by President Zelensky

RT | September 24, 2020

After all the ballyhoo about their supply to Kiev you think they’d at least work? A US-made Javelin anti-tank missile has malfunctioned during a major military exercise, in the presence of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Northern Command, Major General Valery Zaluzhny, confirmed the incident to local media on Wednesday.

“The Javelin didn’t work. The missile didn’t fly out. Maybe, it was a mistake by the operator. Maybe, it was something else. We have to figure it out,” Zaluzhny said.

President Zelensky attended the ongoing ‘Joint Efforts 2020’ drill in the country’s Nikolaev region. Around 12,000 service personnel are participating in the exercise from September 22-25.

The drill was described by Zelensky’s website as “the first exercise conducted in accordance with the standards of NATO after Ukraine had received NATO’s Enhanced Opportunities Partner status.”

Ukraine received the first batch of Javelin missiles in June 2020. The second shipment is expected in 2021-22.

Hack reveals UK’s propaganda campaign to drive Syrian regime change

By Johanna Ross | September 25, 2020

When I reported on the leak of Integrity Initiative documents back in 2018/19 which exposed the extent of the UK’s propaganda war against Russia, I didn’t think it could get much more organised and coordinated than it was. Involving hundreds of journalists and academics across the globe to spin disinformation about Russia and paint the country in as negative a light as possible in the mainstream media, the UK government-funded campaign was as sophisticated as the information war gets. But here we are in 2020, still uncovering the true scope of western government influence on the narrative plugged by the mainstream media. And it doesn’t speak well for our ‘democracy’. … continue

Are You Feeling Safer? ‘War of the Worlds’ Pits U.S. and Israel Against Everyone Else

By Philip Giraldi – Strategic Culture Foundation – September 24, 2020

The media being focused on an upcoming election, coronavirus, fires on the West Coast and burgeoning BLM and Antifa unrest, it is perhaps no surprise that some stories are not exactly making it through to the evening news. Last week an important vote in the United Nations General Assembly went heavily against the United States. It was regarding a non-binding resolution that sought to suspend all economic sanctions worldwide while the coronavirus cases continue to increase. It called for “intensified international cooperation and solidarity to contain, mitigate and overcome the pandemic and its consequences.” It was a humanitarian gesture to help overwhelmed governments and health care systems cope with the pandemic by having a free hand to import food and medicines.

The final tally was 169 to 2, with only Israel and the United States voting against. … continue

The False Flag Poisoning of Alexei Navalny

By Max Parry • Unz Review • September 24, 2020

On August 20th, Russian opposition figure and self-styled “anti-corruption” activist Alexei Navalny fell seriously ill while in mid-flight from Tomsk, Siberia to the Russian capital. The Moscow-bound plane was abruptly re-routed to make an emergency landing in the Siberian city of Omsk where the anti-Kremlin politician was subsequently hospitalized for suspected poisoning and placed in a medically-induced coma.

Two days later, Navalny was airlifted to Germany in an evacuation arranged by a Berlin-based “human rights” NGO at the request of Pussy Riot spokesman Pyotr Verzilov. His transport on a medically-equipped plane with German specialists was permitted by the Russian authorities who now stand accused of culpability in the alleged attack, all in the midst of the ongoing pandemic. … continue

Open letter from medical doctors and health professionals to all Belgian authorities and media

Dr Malcomb Kendrick | September 19, 2020

In order to make you aware that there are a growing number of doctors in Europe who feel that Lockdown has been an unmitigated disaster, I have downloaded an open Letter from doctors in Belgium. It can be seen here.

Doctors in other countries e.g. Germany have done much the same thing. I am putting this on my blog so that as many people as possible read it. … continue

UK’s chief scientific adviser has £600,000 of shares in vaccine maker contracted by govt – reports

RT | September 24, 2020

UK Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance reportedly holds a bonus of tens of thousands of shares in a pharma giant developing a Covid-19 vaccine for the government. Yet, London says there is no conflict of interest.

Vallance, who also chairs the government’s expert advisory panel on vaccines, appears to have retained over 43,000 shares in GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) – a UK-based multinational pharmaceutical company – worth £600,000, The Telegraph reported.

The shareholding appears to be the legacy of his previous job as the head of research and development at the very same company. Over his tenure from 2012 to 2018, Vallance accumulated a total of 404,201 GSK shares worth a whopping £6.1 million in his hands, according to the British media.

However, he sold more than £5 million worth of shares after being appointed to the government. GSK, meanwhile, has entered the global race to provide the world with a vaccine against coronavirus – alongside some 20 other drug manufacturers and research centers. The endeavor might prove quite lucrative, should the company succeed.

The pharma giant working together with another drug manufacturer – Sanofi – has already struck deals with the UK and the US governments to supply them with a Covid-19 vaccine in case its efforts are fruitful. The contract would see GSK providing as many as 60 million doses to the UK and 100 million doses to the US. Washington already reportedly paid the two companies £1.65 million to accelerate their efforts. … Full article

Cheaper Than Remdesivir: Russia to Supply Anti-COVID Avifavir to 17 Countries

In late May, Russia registered the world’s first anti-COVID-19 drug, based on favipiravir, an antiviral medication. The medicine has been extensively used in Russian clinics to treat coronavirus disease since June, and has since been obtained by hospitals in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Bolivia and a number of other countries.

The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), the investor which funded the development of the world’s first vaccine against coronavirus, and Moscow-based ChemRar Group have agreed to supply the anti-COVID drug Avifavir to 17 countries.

Avifavir, the world’s first favipiravir-based drug to be approved for the treatment of COVID-19, will now be delivered to Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Serbia, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Kuwait, Panama, Paraguay, Slovakia, South Africa, the UAE and Uruguay.

After being first registered in Russia on 29 May 2020, it has already been used for COVID-19 treatment in more than 70 Russian regions and subsequently purchased by Belarus, Bolivia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.The efficacy of favipiravir against COVID-19 has been confirmed by Japan’s Fujifilm Holdings Corp, several months after Avifavir trials in Russia. … continue

Israel soldiers expand illegal settlement, open fire at Palestinian youth

Israeli forces fire at Palestinians during a protest against the illegal Israeli settlement in Nablus, West Bank on 11 September 2020 [Nedal Eshtayah/Anadolu Agency]MEMO | September 24, 2020

Israeli bulldozers razed Palestinian land near the village of Jalud, south of occupied Nablus, this morning as part of efforts to expand an illegal Israeli settlement.

Ghassan Daghlas, a Palestinian official in charge of the settlements file in the northern West Bank, told Wafa news agency that settler bulldozers were seen leveling large tracts of land that belong to Jalud villagers to expand the nearby illegal Israeli colonial settlement of Shvut Rachel.

He added that this was carried out a day after Israeli forces and settlers prevented the villagers from reclaiming their land and constructing an agricultural road.

Earlier this year, a project for 204 homes to expand Shvut Rachel was advanced through interim planning stages.

Israel has intensified its demolition policy against Palestinian homes and structures under several pretexts, including that they had been built without the impossible to obtain planning permissions, while it continues to expand illegal Jewish settlements in these areas. … Full article

Samidoun stands with CUNY student, Palestinian activist targeted in Zionist attacks

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network – September 24, 2020

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network expresses our strongest solidarity with Nerdeen Kiswani, a Palestinian organizer and the chair of Within Our Lifetime – United for Palestine. Nerdeen has been subjected to a slew of racist, Zionist attacks, not only on social media but directly through demands for her university to expel her, because she clearly upholds Palestinian rights and rejects occupation, oppression and settler-colonialism, including the symbols of the Israeli occupation forces, such as the logo of the Israeli army.

The racist campaign targeting Nerdeen has focused on a social media protest performance video shared in bad faith by a Zionist organization aiming to incite harassment against the second-year law student at CUNY Law. The protest performance in question features the specific logo of the Israeli military: the same force involved in the murder, extrajudicial execution, siege, ethnic cleansing and creeping genocide of the Palestinian people on a daily basis, and the same force involved in excluding Nerdeen from her homeland.

In response to this racist campaign against their student, rather than protect a law student and community leader, the CUNY Law administration chose to make two public posts on their social media profiles, first declaring that “CUNY Law stands against hate and anti-Semitism,” then replacing that with “CUNY Law stands against hate and harassment,” before deleting both of the posts, although leaving another “CUNY Law stands against hate” image up on Facebook. In both posts, university administration expressed concern for the “pain caused by a social media video,” yet showed no concern at all for their student targeted in a series of vicious social media attacks and threats to “have her expelled” from her university.

In other words, the law school administration was concerned about the feelings of those who were allegedly “hurt” by a protest performance implying that “Israeli Defense Force” sweatshirts and merchandise could be burned, although it is difficult to understand any form of “hurt” caused by a protest against the symbols of an occupying, invading military force. The well-being of Nerdeen and fellow Palestinian students – not to mention the countless thousands of Palestinians slaughtered and wounded by the Israeli military and the over one million imprisoned in its occupation prisons – rated nary a mention, although the university now claims that it will be issuing a future statement. … continue

Zoom Cancels Webinar with Palestinian Resistance Icon Leila Khaled

Palestine Chronicle | September 24, 2020

Web-based video-conferencing platform Zoom has canceled a webinar hosted by San Francisco State University in which Palestinian resistance icon Leila Khaled was to be one of the guest speakers.

Facebook and YouTube have also chosen to censor the event, both of whom – according to Electronic Intifada – have a long history of censoring Palestinians on behalf of Israel.

“Zoom is committed to supporting the open exchange of ideas and conversations, subject to certain limitations contained in our Terms of Service, including those related to user compliance with applicable US export control, sanctions, and anti-terrorism laws,” Zoom said in a statement.

“In light of the speaker’s reported affiliation or membership in a US-designated foreign terrorist organization, and SFSU’s inability to confirm otherwise, we determined the meeting is in violation of Zoom’s Terms of Service and told SFSU they may not use Zoom for this particular event,” the statement continued.

The Jerusalem Post reports that Zoom’s canceling of the SFSU webinar came amid pressure by Israeli and Jewish lobby groups including the Lawfare Project and the newly established #EndJewHatred movement.

Khaled, who as a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and notable in the hijacking of the El Al Flight 219 on 6 September 1970, was due to speak yesterday at an event hosted by SFSU’s Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas (AMED) study program, titled “Who’s Narratives? Gender, Justice and Resistance: a conversation with Leila Khaled”. … continue

UAE signs contracts with Israel firms on UN blacklist

MEMO | September 24, 2020

Emirati companies have signed contracts with Israeli firms and banks blacklisted by the United Nations (UN) for supporting illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank, an investigation by Anadolu Agency revealed on Wednesday.

In February, the UN released a database of 112 companies on its blacklist for doing business inside Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

On 13 August, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel announced a US-brokered agreement to normalise their relations. The move was followed by a series of announcements on agreements and contracts between companies from both countries.

However, Anadolu Agency found that some of the deals struck between the two sides included Israeli companies and banks on the UN blacklist. … continue

US: UAE will not get F-35 jets for up to 7 years, despite Israel peace deal

MEMO | September 23, 2020

US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, said that the United Arab Emirates, which has recently signed a historic US-sponsored peace deal with Israel, would not receive American F-35 stealth fighter jets for six or seven years.

“The Emiratis have been trying to get the F-35 for six or seven years. And delivery time is probably another six or seven years from now,” the official told the Jerusalem Post in a pre-recorded interview.

Washington has not yet expressed explicit approval of an Emirati purchase of American F-35s. Israeli newspapers reported that the UAE expects such approval after the Gulf Arab country signed a deal normalising its diplomatic relations with Israel, to the dismay of many supporters of Palestinian rights across the world.

Last Tuesday Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz held meetings in Washington with his counterpart Mark Esper and White House senior adviser Jared Kushner. The American and Israeli officials discussed the possibility of the US sale of F-35 stealth fighter jets to the UAE based on the principle of Israel’s military superiority in the region. … continue

Algeria president: Palestinian cause remains sacred

MEMO | September 23, 2020

The right of the Palestinian people to have a state with Jerusalem as its capital is not subject to bargain, the Algerian president said on Wednesday, Anadolu reports.

Abdelmadjid Tebboune’s remarks came at a speech he delivered at the 75th UN General Assembly via video link.

“The Palestinian cause remains a sacred cause for Algeria and its people,” Tebboune said.

He went on to express firm support for the Palestinian people and their “inalienable” right to establish their independent, sovereign state with Jerusalem as its capital. … Full article

Western media manufactured narratives to rally support for Syria militants: Report

Press TV – September 24, 2020

Western governments and their media outlets have been concocting narratives to sway public opinion in favor of militant groups operating in the Arab country, according to a report.

Citing leaked documents, the investigative journalism group Grayzone revealed in a report published on its news website on Wednesday that Western governments and their affiliated news agencies carefully organized English- and Arabic-language media coverage of the war in Syria to drum up support for the militant groups there.

“Virtually every aspect of the Syrian opposition was cultivated and marketed by Western government-backed public relations firms, from their political narratives to their branding, from what they said to where they said it,” the article said.

The group said US and European contractors trained and advised Syrian “opposition” leaders, including young media activists, at all levels and organized interviews for them on mainstream outlets such as the BBC and the UK’s Channel 4.

“Western government public relation firms not only influenced the way the media covered Syria, but as the leaked documents reveal, they produced their own propagandistic pseudo-news for broadcast on major TV networks in the Middle East, including BBC Arabic, Al Jazeera, Al Arabiya, and Orient TV,” Grayzone said.

The UK-funded firms functioned full-time to serve the militant outfits in Syria, according to the article, with one contractor, called InCoStrat, saying it was in constant contact with a network of more than international 1,600 journalists and “influencers,” and used them to promote anti-Damascus narratives. … continue

Tehran: Guardian report meant to paint black picture of Iran rights situation

Press TV | September 24, 2020

Tehran has denounced a recent report by Britain’s Guardian newspaper about Iran’s treatment of duly convicted prisoners in the country, saying such “commissioned” reports are an attempt to portray the human rights situation inside the Islamic Republic in a negative light.

“The purpose of these commissioned reports, which are meant to paint a black picture of the human rights situation in the Islamic Republic of Iran, especially at the current juncture, is crystal clear,” Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said on Wednesday.

He also noted that politicking and selective measures on the part of the United States and some European governments have always dealt the biggest blows to the principle of human rights. … continue

The American deep state revives its tired allegations of Russian interference in November’s presidential elections

By Scott Ritter | RT | September 23, 2020

CIA and FBI officials, helped by MSM chums, allege the Kremlin’s running a campaign to denigrate Joe Biden. But where’s the evidence? The real threat to US democracy isn’t Russia, but the anonymous sources behind the claims. … continue

Betrayal. Infuriating, Betrayal

By Mike Whitney • Unz Review • September 23, 2020

… Russiagate was not a one-off, but just the first shocking example of how the Democrats operate. If we examine the Dems approach to the Covid-19 crisis, we see that their policy is actually more destructive than the 4-year Russia fiasco. … Read full article

Coming Soon to a U.S. Neighborhood Near You? Regime-Change Foot Soldiers Parading as Social Justice Warriors

By Robert Bridge | Strategic Culture Foundation | September 22, 2020

Is the ‘Trump regime’ about to get a taste of the color revolution tactics that America has employed in the past against “illiberal” foreign governments that refused to toe the neoliberal globalist line? It’s looking highly likely.

Despite great efforts by the mainstream media to play it down, an increasing number of Americans are being subjected to a level of aggression, intimidation and street violence that the authorities seem unable or unwilling to control. This is no accident.

Since 2016, a series of actions by the political left indicate that the chaos unfolding on the streets of America is no grassroots movement on behalf of ‘social justice,’ but rather a carefully coordinated plan to oust Trump in the event the Democrats fail to get Biden into office. Indeed, for the orchestrators of this coup, what happens on Nov. 4 is of far more relevance that what happens on Election Day.

The first sign of trouble came in 2016, when none other than George Soros began spending a king’s ransom in local judicial elections. As the Daily Signal noted, “[r]adical social justice activists will serve as the top prosecutors for three major Washington, D.C., suburbs—including the two wealthiest counties in the U.S.—after George Soros’ political action committee poured $2.1 million into ordinarily sleepy local races.” … continue

War on Justice? UK Gov’t Urged to Reconsider Bill That Could ‘Decriminalise Torture’ by British Army

By Max Gorbachev – Sputnik – 23.09.2020

… The government of Boris Johnson has been urged to rethink its plans to introduce a bill that critics say would “dicriminalise torture” by British servicemen. The proposed bill would create a statutory presumption against the prosecution of troops and veterans for alleged offences that were committed more than five years ago. The legislation also proposes to introduce time limits on the filing of civil suits in connection with the military’s overseas operations. It would apply to all armed forces personnel, including those who served in Afghanistan and Iraq. … Full article

License to Kill: New UK Legislation Would Reportedly Permit Spies to Commit ‘Necessary’ Crimes

By Lilia Dergacheva – Sputnik – 23.09.2020

After a backlash from a number of human rights groups concerned about what crimes the intelligence community in Britain, home to the Bond universe, was allowed to commit throughout its undercover work, the Investigatory Powers Tribunal ruled that Mi5 in particular held an “implied power” under the Security Service Act.

British undercover spies may soon be universally licensed to kill under updated laws expected to be unveiled soon, as they will provide them with legal protection to commit crimes, the Daily Telegraph reported, citing sources. … Full article

“Justice” Department Fighting to Hide Records of FBI’s Protection of Epstein

Daily Stormer | September 23, 2020

Jeffrey Epstein was apparently a Mossad agent who was also given credentials as an American intelligence agent so that he could operate his underage sex blackmail ring in the United States without being bothered by the authorities.

It’s an embarrassing situation for everyone.

Miami Herald :

A federal judge on Tuesday kept alive a citizen muckraker’s quest to pry loose for the public’s benefit tens of thousands of FBI documents about disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein, including his time as a government informant.

Self-styled public information crusader Angela Clemente sued in May, seeking to force the FBI to release the documents on the grounds that Epstein is now dead, albeit under mysterious circumstances, and that there is an overarching public interest in releasing documents. The Justice Department, representing the FBI, is fighting the effort. […]

Clemente’s lawyer, James “Jim” Lesar, told McFadden that the FBI continues to sit on documents for which it had already cited other provisions that effectively waived privacy protections. And in any event, Epstein is dead, and the public has a right to know about Epstein’s relationship with the FBI. … continue

Hunter Biden raised ‘Counterintelligence and Extortion’ concerns, potentially Sex Trafficking: Senate Report

By Tyler Durden – Zero Hedge – 09/23/2020

… A long-awaited Senate report on Hunter Biden’s financial dealings with Ukrainian, Chinese and Russian businesses created potential “criminal financial, counterintelligence and extortion concerns,” and alarmed US officials who perceived an ethical conflict of interest and flagged potential crimes ranging from sex trafficking to bribery. … Read full article

Spotify employees flex muscles to censor Joe Rogan, getting their revenge, even if it means killing their cash cow

By Helen Buyniski | RT | September 22, 2020

Top podcaster Joe Rogan has all but capitulated to media establishment bullies with an uncharacteristic apology, after claiming leftist activists were starting wildfires. He can expect a lot more apologizing – and no absolution.

Rogan issued a groveling apology via Instagram last week for claiming during a conversation with British conservative commentator Douglas Murray that “left-wing people” had been arrested for lighting forest fires in Portland. Amplifying the rumor already circulating among conservative outlets was “definitely a mistake” and “very irresponsible,” a downcast Rogan stated.

“I will take this into consideration, certainly, when I say things in the future,” the podcast host intoned as he delivered his stilted-sounding “apology and retraction.”

It wasn’t enough, of course – such apologies never are. […]

Adding insult to injury, many of the outlets that pounced on Rogan for pinning the wildfires on rampaging lefties regularly amplify unfounded claims themselves. The entire Russiagate phenomenon, for example, wouldn’t exist without the media signal-boosting evidence-free, frequently anonymous claims that everything wrong with America can be traced back to the Kremlin.

Unfortunately for Rogan, showing weakness in front of ideological bullies only encourages them. Apologizing for an offhand comment about the supposed political affiliation of the arsonists caught setting fires in Oregon and Washington while under attack for unrelated wrongthink is like going swimming in shark-infested waters while bleeding from a dozen paper cuts. … Read full article

‘Serious Security Threat’: Beijing Claims US Spy Planes Posed as Airliners Over 100 Times in 2020

By Morgan Artyukhina – Sputnik – 22.09.2020

In light of increased attention being brought on the activities of US spy planes near China, Beijing has accused the US of disguising them as civilian airliners more than 100 times in 2020 alone, calling the practice a “serious security threat” and warning it poses a danger to actual civilian aircraft.

Several times over the last few weeks, observers have noticed US intelligence aircraft seeming to “disappear” in mid-flight on international flight-tracking programs, only to be replaced by what seems to be a civilian aircraft broadcasting what turns out to be a fake transponder code. These “civilian” aircraft then fly typical spy plane routes, patrolling intensively over an area for several hours, before mysteriously turning back into US spy planes on their return flights.

On September 16, a Chinese government official confirmed those suspicions, saying the US has made the practice routine over the last year.

“It is the old trick of the US military to use a transponder code to impersonate civil aircraft of other countries,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin told reporters last Wednesday. … continue

In refusing to extend New START, the US puts the world on the path of collective suicide

By Scott Ritter | RT | September 21, 2020

Statements by the US chief arms control envoy make it clear the US is committed to a nuclear arms race free of the encumbrance of the New START treaty. However, it’s a race the US cannot win, and the world will not survive. … continue

Iran has no military presence in region, only supplies defense know-how: Armed Forces spokesman

Press TV – September 23, 2020

Iran has only provided Yemen with the know-how in the defense sector, says the spokesman for the Iranian Armed Forces, dismissing claims about the Islamic Republic’s military presence and ‘intervention’ in the region.

“We provided them (Yemenis) with the technical experiences in the defense sector. They have learned how to produce missiles, drones and weapons in Yemen on their own,” Brigadier General Abolfazl Shekarchi said in a televised program on Tuesday.

He emphasized that Iran has not supplied Yemen with missiles. “We have shared our experience and knowledge with the Yemeni people.” … continue

Fear of US sanctions spooks insurers into refusing to cover construction of troubled Nord Steam 2

By Jonny Tickle | RT | September 23, 2020

A large group of shipping insurers will refuse to insure vessels participating in the construction of Nord Stream 2, as companies worry that providing services for builders puts them at risk of violating US sanctions.

The decision made by the thirteen members of the International Group of P&I Clubs, who collectively provide marine liability cover for approximately 90% of the world’s ocean-going tonnage, will seriously complicate the pipeline’s construction process, which is already 90% complete.
Washington using Navalny situation as excuse to block Russian-German Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, Russian intelligence chief says READ MORE: Washington using Navalny situation as excuse to block Russian-German Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, Russian intelligence chief says

On Monday, a circular sent by the group announced that they would no longer insure “activity involving or related to the Nord Stream 2 or TurkStream construction projects” to ensure that nothing “puts the club in danger of violating sanctions.” … Full article

Egypt: 320 trillion cubic feet of gas discovered in Eastern Mediterranean

MEMO | September 23, 2020

The Egyptian Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Tariq El-Molla, yesterday revealed that 320 trillion cubic feet of gas were discovered in the Eastern Mediterranean region which could turn the area into a global centre for the gas industry.

The seven member states of the East Mediterranean Gas Forum, Egypt, Israel, Cyprus, Greece, Jordan, Italy and the Palestinian National Authority, yesterday officially turned the alliance into a regional organisation headquartered in Cairo.

Speaking at the launching ceremony, El-Molla said the United States wants to join the forum as an observer while France wishes to join as a full member.

The Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum said in a statement that the forum aims to establish a regional market for gas, rationalise the cost of infrastructure and offer competitive prices.

The forum was launched in January 2019 to reinforce cooperation among member states.

However, a spokesman for the Turkish Foreign Ministry, Hami Aksoy, described the forum as an anti-Ankara bloc, adding that transforming it into a regional organisation is “far from reality”.

Israel won’t engage in any regional confrontation as long as Saudi Arabia, UAE fight on its behalf: Ansarullah

Press TV – September 23, 2020

The spokesman for Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement has denounced Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) over submission to Israel, saying the regime will not engage in any military confrontation in the Middle East as long as Riyadh and Abu Dhabi act as its proxies and wage wars on its behalf.

“As long as the Saudi and UAE regimes fight on behalf of the Zionist regime and spend millions of dollars in its stead, the latter will not engage in any war in the region,” Mohammed Abdul-Salam said in an exclusive interview with London-based and Arabic-language Nabaa television news network on Tuesday evening.

He noted that the United States, together with Saudi Arabia and the UAE, decided to launch a devastating military campaign against Yemen after realizing that the country was seeking to assert its independence.

“Had the September 21 Revolution (the 2014 popular uprising that toppled the Saudi-backed government of former Yemeni president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi) not broken out, the Americans would have put Yemen in the line to normalize relations with Israel,” Abdul-Salam pointed out.

“Before the 21 Revolution, there were more than 120 American Marines deployed to the US embassy in Sana’a. They had a special regiment at the airport, and were in control of al-Anad Air Base [in Yemen’s southwestern province of Lahij],” he said.

The senior Yemeni official went on to say that the Palestinian cause and the anti-Israel resistance front had long been targeted and constrained by the Arab regimes that lately normalized ties with Israel. … Full article