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Silent school lunches: Govt claims it was never their rule

By Guy Gin | Making (Covid) Waves in Japan | December 2, 2022

The Japanese government has graciously decided to tell schools that they can stop treating kids like inmates of a maximum security prison and instead treat them like inmates of a medium security prison. From the Mainichi.

Japan’s education ministry released a notification on Nov. 29 confirming that students are allowed to talk with each other during lunch time if schools take appropriate COVID-19 countermeasures.

According to the notice, children are allowed to talk if necessary measures, such as positioning seats so they will not face each other, and securing ventilation, are taken.

To clarify the bizarre request about seat direction… continue

Hiding in Plain Sight

The lab origin of SARS-CoV-2 was published in 2015

By John Leake | Courageous Discourse | December 3, 2022

One of the most striking features of the corrupt pandemic response is that its innumerable elements of fraud, deception, malfeasance, unconstitutionality, and negligent homicide are NOT concealed. Because these criminal elements are not reported by the mainstream media, they remain unknown to most people. Like pebbles tossed onto a recently mown lawn, they are not immediately visible, but would be to anyone who looks a little closer.

This is not actual concealment; it’s just a matter of not drawing attention to something. Nevertheless, such systematic omissions result in ignorance for those accustomed to obtaining their information from the mainstream media. This ignorance is reinforced by the consumption of daily mainstream news, which diminishes awareness of any particular story that develops over a period of time.

A stunning form of this deception by omission is when public officials, scientists, and the media pretend not to notice extremely harmful and even criminal conduct that is detectable for anyone who bothers to look. Public officials and news reporters have no excuse for not looking because it’s their job to look. Their omissions are analogous to a police investigator choosing not to look at a video surveillance recording of a bank that has just been robbed by a man not wearing a mask. Those who have committed dangerous and even criminal acts are, in this way, allowed to hide in plain sight

A striking example is the histrionic debate over whether NIH grant recipients conducted Gain-of-Function research on bat coronaviruses. … continue

The Mysterious Case of Zika-Microcephaly’s Disappearance

By Randall Bock | Brownstone Institute | December 4, 2022

In 2015, a viral pandemic from Northeast Brazil exploded into the news, supported by breathless public health alarms that Zika — a flavivirus acknowledged for decades as harmless — was now suddenly responsible for congenital microcephaly (babies with small heads; diminished intellect). WHO-aligned experts within Latin America recommended that women forgo childbirth indefinitely — possibly until a Zika vaccine’s fabrication (still unrealized). Massive panic predictably ensued.

Not a single case of human medical illness had previously been attributed to Zika — a near twin of the dengue virus (which itself brings a million South American “bone-break fever” cases, yearly) – – and never with any associated congenital microcephaly. Brazil’s medical research establishment treated the Zika- (and later microcephaly-) claims with initial skepticism — but were twice overwhelmed by vested parties’ self-serving media leaks – the latter of which spiraled into full-fledged national panic.

The upheavals from Zika-microcephaly included outsized public health overreactions: travel advisories; Brazilian soldiers on the streets; indelible fear; emergency injunctions proposed for abortion; the eternal absence of more than 100,000 “ghosted” Brazilian children (babies not conceived during the panic).

Fortunately, the Zika pandemic has fizzled out inconspicuously and unceremoniously; never fulfilling the analysts’ predictions of an additional million microcephalic births yearly, worldwide. Nonetheless, its complete disappearance hasn’t resulted in a single scientist questioning the credibility of the underlying (likely false) premise: that receiving a Zika-carrying Aedes aegypti mosquito-bite early in pregnancy may irrevocably damage the cherished life within. … continue

France bans short haul flights – Agenda 2030 in full flow

The Naked Emperor’s Newsletter | December 4, 2022

… Last month, Doncaster Sheffield Airport (Which was named Britain’s best airport for the third time running in 2019) closed for good.

A newspaper report thought it unusual that the airport was closing.

Despite Doncaster Sheffield topping the Which? survey of best airports four years running and the offer of public cash to keep it open, the airport’s owners the Peel Group appear determined to close the transport hub.

Now France have found another way to achieve their Agenda 2030 goals. This time by banning short haul flights. France’s Climate Laws want to stop flights between cities where there are train journeys that take less than two and a half hours.

The European Commission allowed this ban to go ahead in a decision implemented on Friday 1 December 2022. The law was initially proposed in 2021 but a number of French airports challenged the decision with the European Commission. However, unsurprisingly, the Commission have now approved France’s Agenda 30 laws. … Read full article

War on Global Agriculture: The Unsustainable ‘Sustainable’ UN Agenda 2030

By F. William Engdahl | Global Research | December 1, 2022

Over the past weeks a coordinated all-out assault on our agriculture—the ability to produce food for human existence—has begun. The recent G20 governmental meeting in Bali, the UN Agenda 2030 Cop27 meeting in Egypt, the Davos World Economic Forum and Bill Gates are all complicit. Typically, they are using dystopian linguistic framing to give the illusion they are up to good when they are actually advancing an agenda that will lead to famine and death for hundreds of millions if not billions if allowed to proceed. It’s driven by a coalition of money. … continue

Multinational Agrichemical Corporations and the Great Food Transformation

By Birsen Filip | Mises Wire | November 5, 2022

… The intense and coordinated international effort to facilitate an artificially designed transformation of the global food industry, based on Agenda 2030, is a testimony to the fact that we are witnessing the pendulum of civilization swinging back in many advanced societies, where striving to achieve a comfortable life could rapidly be replaced by a struggle for bare necessities in a lower level of existence, which is not supposed to occur in advanced societies. … Read full article

Windy Miliband and the wasted billions

By Paul Homewood | TCW Defending Freedom | December 3, 2022

In a report on wind farms on Wednesday, the Times wrote: ‘Labour argues that the ban on onshore sites has raised energy bills by £150. Ed Miliband, the shadow climate secretary, said Tories were “dinosaurs” for opposing them.’

It is a claim that has often been bandied around recently. So what is the truth of the matter?

The first point to make is that onshore wind was never banned. What did happen was that in 2016, subsidies were withdrawn from any new construction, while wind farms had to obtain local planning permission. It is quite extraordinary that Labour don’t want communities to make these decisions themselves.

The most recent wind farms built under the subsidy mechanism are paid an index-linked, guaranteed price of £100.31/MWh. For many years until last year the market price for electricity has hovered between £40 and £50/MWh most of the time. In other words, those onshore wind farms were heavily subsidised until last year, when market prices rose. The cost of subsidies is of course passed on to energy bills.

There is no evidence that the construction costs for wind farms have fallen since then. It is therefore evident that if more wind farms had been built since 2016, we would have been paying double the wholesale price until last year when prices began rising. … continue

Net Zero promoters “have no idea what they are doing” over multi-trillion dollar battery costs, says new report


Evidence grows by the day that the Net Zero fantasy is a societal and economic disaster waiting to happen. Not only is it based on the giant propaganda lie of ‘settled’ science, but it is almost laughably unaffordable. On just one level around the storage of ‘green’ energy, a new report from the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) is scathing. Noting a “heads-in-the sand” approach by politicians, it says that “one would have to conclude that the entire effort is either wholly unserious or breathtakingly incompetent”. … continue

Ye on Alex Jones: Christian Carnival King and Truth-Telling Holy Fool


Was it a terrifying display of anti-Semitism? A PR disaster? A plot to undermine what’s left of free speech? Or something else entirely?

Mainstream media reports on Kanye “Ye” West’s three-hour interview alongside Nick Fuentes on last Thursday’s Alex Jones show—just days after West and Fuentes dined with former President Trump at Mar-a-Lago—reported it as a Nazi hatefest. Consider these headlines… continue

Jewish settlers raze 40 olive trees north of Salfit

Palestine Information Center – December 3, 2022

SALFIT – Jewish settlers destroyed 40 olive trees in the town of Bruqin north of the West Bank city of Salfit on Saturday.

Local sources reported that Jewish settlers destroyed 40 olive trees in Al-Harayiq area north of Bruqin, adjacent to the industrial area of the illegal Ariel settlement.

They underlined that the trees belonged to the Palestinian citizen Muhammad Abdul Jalil, adding that the trees were seven years old.

In a related development, armed Jewish settlers, protected by Israeli occupation forces, attacked Palestinian farmers, forcing them to leave their lands in Sinjil town north of the West Bank city of Ramallah.

Jewish settlers have been escalating their attacks against Palestinian lands in the West Bank, attacking the Palestinian farmers’ property and destroying water lines that feed the lands.

Israeli Soldier Kills A Palestinian Near Nablus

IMEMC – November 2, 2022

On Friday, an Israeli soldier killed a young Palestinian man after dropping him to the ground in Huwwara town, south of Nablus, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said the slain young man has been identified as Ammar Hamdi Mifleh, 22, from Osarin village, south of Nablus.

The Health Ministry said the soldiers prevented a Palestinian ambulance and medics from approaching the wounded young man, who succumbed to his wounds before the army took his corpse to an unknown destination.

A Video documenting the Israeli attack shows the soldier wrapping his arm around Ammar Mifleh’s neck and trying to drag him away before two Palestinians tried to intervene and de-escalate the situation.

The young man, who managed to get free from the soldier’s neck hold, wrestled with him for brief seconds before the soldier started removing his pistol out of its holster, his rifle fell in the process, and then he pushed the Palestinian, dropping him to the ground, before firing four rounds at him.

The soldier then approached the Palestinian again and before using his pistol to fire another round in a clear indication he executed the young man although he posed no threat, before picking up his rifle.

The soldier’s life was not in danger, especially since the young man was already on the ground, and he could have subdued him at gunpoint to allow other soldiers to arrest him.

Eyewitnesses said the scuffle was fast and brief and that when the Palestinians seemed to have grabbed the muzzle area of the rifle, he was trying to ensure it wasn’t pointed at him. … Full article

Iranian tanker formerly impounded by Greece docks in Syria

The Cradle | December 3, 2022

The Lana, an Iranian crude oil tanker impounded by Greece and whose contents were illegally seized by the US earlier this year, delivered an estimated 700,000 barrels of oil to the Syrian port of Baniyas on 2 December, Reuters reported, citing a satellite tracking agency.

The oil delivery marks the end of a period of uncertainty regarding the fate of the shipment onboard the Lana tanker.

Greece’s impounding of the ship and the US seizure of its oil cargo took place in May of this year and was immediately condemned by Iranian authorities as an illegal act of ‘maritime piracy.’ In response, Iran seized two Greek tankers that same month, retaliating to the coordinated theft of its oil by Greece and the US. Tehran eventually released the Greek tankers on 16 November.

While part of the oil cargo was initially meant to be diverted to the US by the Ice Energy ship chartered by Washington, a Greek court ruled to return the oil to Iran in June.

The oil delivery to Syria comes as the country is facing severe fuel shortages due to the US occupation and looting of its oil fields. The oil looted by the US is smuggled out of Syria in massive quantities.

Lately, Turkish bombardments against the country’s energy facilities have also exacerbated the crisis.

According to data from the US-based United Against a Nuclear Iran lobby group, Syria received around 1.39 million barrels of oil from Iran in November alone. These oil shipments alleviate Syria’s crisis and improve Iran’s standing as an energy exporter – a role that it has been working hard to expand despite the sanctions imposed by Washington.

As the west fights to survive the man-made energy crisis and the ramifications of the Ukraine war, Iran has been attempting to build a strong economy based on mutual cooperation aimed at circumventing the sanctions against it.

Can You Catch Covid From Groceries?

By Dr Carl Heneghan and Dr Tom Jefferson | Trust the Evidence | December 3, 2022

The BBC’s pandemic coverage has strictly followed what is now known as official science. No questions asked; just report what you are told.

One of the most incredible features of the media coverage has been the ignorance of existing research on respiratory viruses. We use ignorance as a generic term as we are unsure whether the reporters were ignoring the large existing body of knowledge or were ignorant, i.e. did not know it existed.

Now we have the latest fantastic revelation: respiratory viruses, specifically SARS-CoV-2, “survive” for days on certain types of surfaces and foodstuffs, from pastries to canned products.

The news item is from a Food Standard Agency laboratory study carried out using credible methods: viral cultures.

Except that the final paragraph of the discussion hints that something is not quite right… continue

Fake and Defective

By Rob Slane | The Blog Mire | December 3, 2022 

The overriding phenomenon of our times is the pretense that stuff that is happening isn’t happening, and that stuff that isn’t happening is happening. That’s another way of saying that we live in the Land of Inverted Reality surrounded by the Ocean of Lies. … continue

The Agenda of the COP27 Climate Change Conference in Egypt

By Mateo Requesens | The Postil | December 1, 2022 

The EU is pursuing one of the most radical climate change policies of the major CO2 emitters, having committed itself to reducing its net greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030, compared to 1990 levels, and to eliminating such emission by 2050. To achieve this, the EU, unlike China, India or Russia, is willing to sacrifice its economy, its industry and its middle classes to advance climate ideology. Reaching zero emissions by 2050 would require a decrease of 1.4 GtCO2 each year, comparable to the fall observed in 2020 emissions because of COVID-19, to achieve which would imply no more and no less than the paralysis of all Western economies. … continue

Under the influence: Sunak and the Net Zero zealots who surround him

By Stephen McMurray | TCW Defending Freedom | December 1, 2022

Who are the people fuelling the British government’s obsession with Net Zero, an obsession that is fast leading to the country’s economic destruction – to ‘zero energy supplies, zero growth, zero food and zero hope’ as Stephen McMurray put it in TCW yesterday. The first part of his investigation into the elite and privileged group exerting their influence over Prime Minister Rishi Sunak concentrated on the ‘Friends of COP26’. Today his focus turns on the influence of the climate zealot MPs, peers and Sunak’s family ties.

AS noted, various Friends of COP26 have links to the UK government, but there is another group of Net Zero promoters linked to the UK parliament who may also have undue influence over Rishi Sunak. These are Peers for the Planet,  members of the House of Lords who have even established their own limited company. They, too, wrote a letter to Sunak urging him to attend COP27. They have also previously written to him to push him to follow the Net Zero agenda. … continue

Parent groups revolt over French power outage plan

RT | December 3, 2022

Closing schools to combat the energy crisis in France is unacceptable, French parents’ groups announced this week, after the government instructed regional authorities to brace for potential localized power outages.

Schools were not prioritized by planners in the event of limits to the energy supply network during the winter.

“Parents do not want school closures. We have seen the impact of closures on students,” Valerie Desouche, Deputy Secretary of the National Union of Autonomous Parents’ Associations (UNAAPE), told BFM TV on Thursday, referring to the lockdowns during the Covid-19 pandemic.

She added that it was “unthinkable” not to treat schools as a priority during the energy crisis. … continue

Switzerland, facing an unprecedented power shortage, contemplates a partial ban on the use of EVs

It turns out that you can have battery-powered cars, or you can have renewable energy, but you can’t have both.

eugyppius: a plague chronicle | December 1, 2022

The Swiss Confederation usually imports electricity from France and Germany to keep the lights on over the winter, but this year neither country has any power to spare. Many French nuclear power plants are down after years of postponed maintenance, while in Germany we suffer from a superfluity of idle wind turbines and a (self-imposed) shortage of natural gas.

The Federal Council of Switzerland has therefore published draft legislation, which outlines four tiers of escalating measures to conserve electricity and avert potential blackouts. The first prescribes a lot of temperature restrictions for things like refrigerators and washing machines. The second includes more unusual rules, such as the demand that heating in clubs and discotheques “be set to the lowest level or switched off completely,” and that “streaming services … limit resolution of their content to standard definition.” The third foresees cutting business hours, banning the use of Blue Ray players and gaming computers, and also limiting the use of electric cars, which should be driven only when absolutely necessary. A fourth and final tier mandates closure of ski facilities, casinos, cinemas, theatre and the opera. … continue

Protesters rally near derailed train with NATO hardware

RT | December 3, 2022

A group of Greek protesters gathered near a train carrying NATO equipment that derailed on Friday. The demonstrators were rallying against the presence of US military bases in Greece and the involvement of Western countries in the Ukraine conflict.

The train went off the tracks near the port of Alexandroupolis in northeastern Greece. According to local media, it was heading to the Balkan and Baltic states as part of NATO’s campaign to ramp up defenses against Russia.

It was transporting tanks, armored vehicles, and a number of containers.

The accident happened when the train was moving at a slow speed, and a wheel on one car leaned to the side due to the heavy cargo and slipped off the track, local media reported. Following the accident, cranes and other equipment were moved in to salvage the military hardware. There have been no reports of any injuries or damage to the equipment.

According to footage posted to social media, roughly a dozen people held a protest close to the train. The participants cried out a slogan: “Alexandroupolis is the port of the people, not the stronghold of the imperialists.”

“No participation in the war in Ukraine“ and “let the military bases and the Americans get out,” they said. … continue

Maxine Waters Praises Sam Bankman-Fried For His Honesty And Forthrightness

By Chris Menahan | Information Liberation | December 3rd 2022

California Rep Maxine Waters, the Democratic Chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee, heaped praise on crypto scammer Sam Bankman-Fried for his “candidness” and “willingness” to “help” his company’s customers and investors.

“.@SBF_FTX, we appreciate that you’ve been candid in your discussions about what happened at #FTX. Your willingness to talk to the public will help the company’s customers, investors, and others. To that end, we would welcome your participation in our hearing on the 13th,” Waters tweeted Friday. … continue

FTX Scandal is Tip of Iceberg: How Corruption Flourishes on the Hill & in Executive Residence

By Ekaterina Blinova – Samizdat – 03.12.2022

The FTX scandal is continuing to reverberate through the Capitol’s corridors and Wall Street’s halls. Sam Bankman-Fried, the founder of the now-collapsed crypto trading company FTX, is facing criminal inquiries, lawsuits, and other legal repercussions. The question, however, is how it all got to this point. … continue

What’s missing from the Twitter files: The truth about the FBI

By Miranda Devine | New York Post | December 3, 2022

Elon Musk half-delivered on his promise to tell all about Twitter’s censorship of The New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story before the 2020 election. What was missing were details of specific warnings we know the FBI made to Twitter about a Russian “hack and leak operation” involving Hunter during their weekly meetings with top executives of the social media giant in the days and weeks before The Post published its exclusive bombshell.

We know that FBI Supervisory Special Agent Elvis Chan testified Tuesday in a lawsuit against the Biden administration brought by Republican attorneys that he organized those weekly meetings with Twitter and Facebook in San Francisco for as many as seven Washington-based FBI agents in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election.

Twitter’s then-head of Site Integrity Yoel Roth has stated in a sworn declaration that he was told during those meetings to expect “hack-and-leak operations” by state actors involving Hunter Biden.

Twitter cited its new “hacked materials” policy on October 14, 2020, when it locked The Post’s account for two weeks and censored our story revealing an email from Hunter’s Ukrainian benefactor thanking him for meeting with his father, the then-VP, in Washington, DC. The email was not “hacked material”; it came from Hunter’s laptop, which was the legal possession of Delaware computer repair shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac. … continue

European Commission threatens Twitter with a ban unless it abides by strict content censorship rules

By Didi Rankovic | Reclaim The Net | December 1, 2022

The authorities in Washington and Brussels seem to be coordinating in putting pressure on , in his role as the owner of .

In particular, the US and the EU seem upset by his moves that appear to be meant to pave the way to more free speech on this social network, and less censorship, which has become rampant there over the several past years.

Just how serious of a “threat” such developments are seen as by the elites in power on both sides of the Atlantic is evident in the players currently openly involved in attempting to tighten the screws on Musk: the European Commission, and US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

Musk spoke with EU’s Commissioner for Internal Market Thierry Breton, who is also a lead in enforcing a new Digital Services Act, the purpose of which, among other things, is to “clarify” obligations of online platforms.

Officially, this has to do with giving smaller businesses legal clarity and a level playing field – but when Breton got on a video call with Musk, the talk was about putting an end to reinstating de-platformed users “arbitrarily” (the EU is not on record as reacting negatively when they would get banned arbitrarily).

Further, Breton wants Twitter to continue with an “aggressive” approach to “misinformation,” and submit to an extensive “independent audit.” Failing all this, the company could face bans across the EU’s 27 member-states, or be forced to pay fines rising up to 6 percent of its global turnover. … continue

Macron wants more Twitter censorship to stop people saying “crazy things” about vaccines, pandemics, and war

By Cindy Harper | Reclaim The Net | December 2, 2022

French President Emmanuel Macron criticized ’s owner  for relaxing content censorship policies on the platform, arguing that content on Twitter needs more regulation. Macron made the comments in an appearance on ABC News ahead of his visit to The White House.

Macron said that democracies are under “very strong pressure” from forces like social media where users can say “crazy things about a vaccine, a pandemic, the war.”

This week, Musk said he would relax content moderation policies surrounding topics like the coronavirus.

Good Morning America and ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos said, “He’s making it worse, isn’t he?”

“I think this is a big issue,” Macron responded. “I think it deserves to be largely engaged. What I push very much for, want, is exactly the opposite – more regulation.”

Macron further argued that speech in a democracy has to be “based on respect and political order.” … continue

New Zealand admits it has direct access to Facebook takedown portal where it can flag content for censorship

By Tom Parker | Reclaim The Net | December 2, 2022

New Zealand’s government has officially admitted that it has partner access to ’s controversial content takedown portal.

This portal is designed specifically for government agencies to flag content to Facebook for censorship. According to The Intercept, which reported on the portal in October, government partners can also use the portal to “report disinformation directly” to Facebook.

And in a recent response to a New Zealand Official Information Act (OIA) request, which asked whether the government has partner access to Facebook’s takedown portal, the New Zealand government confirmed that the Department of Internal Affairs has access. While this was the only government department that was confirmed to have access to the portal, the OIA response also said “we cannot advise if any other government agency has access to the takedown portal.”

The OIA response didn’t detail how much content had been censored via this Facebook takedown portal. However, other reports on similar types of backdoor content takedown arrangements between governments and Big Tech have shown that governments regularly use them to target legal content such as parody accountsaccounts questioning the effectiveness of Covid vaccines, and so-called election misinformation.” … continue

CDC Lied about Vaccine Myocarditis Being Mild: 20% of Sudden Deaths Caused by Myocarditis

CDC Policy: avoid autopsies; German Study Explains What They Were Hiding

By Igor Chudov | December 2, 2022

When our health officials talk about Covid vaccine victims, we always hear the same story:

  • Deaths are unrelated to vaccination
  • Myocarditis is mild, and nobody dies of it
  • They refuse to autopsy the victims

This gaslighting became an art form for Covid vaccine advocates, with fact-checkers and social networks suppressing any discussion.

We instinctively know not to trust them, but had no scientifically validated studies of people who died suddenly after vaccination – until now. … continue

Prof. Emeritus at Kyoto University warns billions of lives could ultimately be in danger due to Covid vaccines

Natural immunity has been suppressed

The Naked Emperor’s Newsletter | November 30, 2022

Japanese professor Masanori Fukushima is a distinguished expert and author who has published articles on biomedical research and translation medicine. He is the director and chairman of the Translational Research Center for Medical Innovation and the Foundation for Biomedical Research and Innovation at Kobe. Masanori has over three decades of experience as an oncologist and to top it off, he is Professor Emeritus at Kyoto University.

In a heated meeting with officials, the Professor gave his opinion on the dangers of Covid vaccines and how science has been supressed… continue

The Recurring Threat to Reimpose a Broad Mask Mandate in Los Angeles County

By Adam Dick | Ron Paul Institute | December 2, 2022

Barbara Ferrer, the director of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, is once again threatening to reimpose a broad mask wearing mandate on people in the county, purportedly to counter coronavirus. […]

As reported by ABC News out of Los Angeles, on Thursday “Ferrer said the mandate would be issued if two hospital metrics reach [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)] thresholds — a daily average admission rate of more than 10 per 100,000 residents and a greater than 10% rate of staffed inpatient beds being occupied by COVID patients.”

Maybe people in Los Angeles County will luck out and not be subjected to the reimposition of the broad mask mandate because what ended up happening over the summer happens again: In July, the coronavirus numbers ultimately just missed tripping a CDC-inspired threshold, denying Ferrer her anticipated mandate. … Full article

US federal government pays $5M for software to turn citizens into online “misinformation” responders

By Dan Frieth | Reclaim The Net | December 2, 2022

Journalism group Hacks/Hackers was awarded $5 million by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to develop software that would encourage ordinary Americans to warn their friends and family about misinformation in their online speech. Users of the software would confront alleged misinformation by replying with text recommended by the software. … continue

Rumble files lawsuit to challenge New York’s social media censorship law

By Tom Parker | Reclaim The Net | December 1, 2022

Free speech video sharing platform  and its subscription platform  have sued New York Attorney General (AG) Letitia James to challenge a social media censorship law that they say would force platforms to target constitutionally protected speech.

Rumble and Locals are being represented by the free speech nonprofit Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE) and are joined in the lawsuit by constitutional law professor Eugene Volokh, the co-founder of the Volokh Conspiracy legal blog.

“The law is titled ‘Social media networks; hateful conduct prohibited,’ but it actually targets speech the state doesn’t like — even if that speech is fully protected by the ,” FIRE said in a statement. … continue

The eyes of Amazon: a hidden workforce driving a vast surveillance system

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism | November 21, 2022

Inside a vast Amazon warehouse in Beaumont, California, squat blue robots carrying eight-foot yellow shelving units perform a jerky, mechanised dance around each other as they make their way to human workers.

Amari* works 42 hours a week there as a stower, placing products on the shelves robots bring to him. “Cameras are trained on your station at all times,” he said. “It’s kind of demeaning to have someone watching over your shoulder at every second.”

But it’s not just Amari’s managers who are watching. An AI camera system also monitors the stowers’ movements – and if it fails, a video is sent to someone thousands of miles away whose input helps to improve Amazon’s machine learning tools.

The videos are reviewed by workers like Viraj in Bengaluru, India. “It is very hectic work,” he said. “We shouldn’t blink our eyes while reviewing a video, because our accuracy will go less. We have to be on screen at least eight hours – which is kind of painful.”

Amari and Viraj may work in different countries doing different jobs. But both perform mind-numbingly repetitive tasks whose output is strictly monitored, all of it serving to fine-tune the very system used by Amazon to closely monitor its own workers – and create the seamless experience enjoyed by its customers.

Reviewers like Viraj get through up to 8,000 videos a day, with their output ranked against that of their colleagues. The relentless pace of their work can take a serious physical toll. They are paid as little as £212 a month. … continue

Secret Service Has Hunter Biden Gun Docs They Denied Possessing

Samizdat – 02.12.2022

Hunter Biden, son of the incumbent US president, is infamous for his involvement in many scandals, including substance abuse, commercial sex, infidelity, tax fraud and, probably, corruption at the highest level. Yet he always got away. However, the “gun incident” may change this.

The Secret Service admitted the existence of documents connected to Hunter Biden’s alleged illegal ownership of a gun, even though they previously denied possessing the files.

According to media reports, representatives of the Secret Service approached a firearms shop owner where Hunter Biden had illegally bought a gun, and demanded the paperwork connected to this transaction. The gun shop owner refused to comply, suspecting that the Secret Service officers wanted to hide Hunter’s ownership of the firearm.

This incident did not go unnoticed. Conservative activist group Judicial Watch sued the government agency for all materials concerning Hunter Biden`s ownership of a gun. The government watchdog group also highlighted the oddity of the Secret Service changing its stance on the case several times.

Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch President, marks the fact that “The Secret Service’s changing story on records raises additional questions about its role in the Hunter Biden gun incident.” … continue

Robert Malley: Biden is willing to take military action against Iran if JCPOA talks fail

Press TV – December 2, 2022

US Special Envoy for Iran Robert Malley has said President Joe Biden is willing to take military action against Iran if Tehran rejects Washington’s terms on the nuclear deal.

The Iran nuclear deal, also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), was an agreement signed in 2015 by Tehran with the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia and China, during the presidency of Barack Obama. However, Obama’s successor Donald Trump abandoned the JCPOA in May 2018 and slapped cruel sanctions on Iran. Biden had vowed to resume talks to revive the Iran nuclear deal and remove the harsh US sanctions. Two years into the presidency, Biden has failed to keep his promise and is now threatening to take military action.

In an interview with Foreign Policy’s podcast Playlist broadcasted on Wednesday, Malley said Biden is prepared for a military option if nuclear talks between Washington and Tehran and others fail to reach an agreement.

Malley said that Washington was exerting unprecedented pressure on Iran to accept the terms of the nuclear deal. … Full article

Israel and US hold drills targeted at Iran

RT | December 2, 2022

The Israeli military has conducted joint training operations with the United States, holding a series of air drills to simulate strikes on Iran just days after West Jerusalem pressed US officials to accelerate their “operational plans” against Tehran.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) detailed the drills in a statement on Wednesday, saying they practiced “various scenarios in the face of regional threats” while singling out the Islamic Republic by name.

“These exercises are a key component of our two militaries’ increasing strategic cooperation in response to shared concerns in the Middle East, particularly those posed by Iran,” the IDF said.

Four Israeli F-35 fighter jets and four American F-15s took part in the war games, which “simulated a long-range operational scenario and long-distance flights,” the IDF added, noting that a US KC-135 tanker aircraft also refueled a number of Israeli F-16s during the exercise. … continue

Activists force UK government to cancel major Israeli defense contracts

The Cradle | December 1, 2022

According to the collective action organization Palestine Action, the United Kingdom has suspended its contracts with Elbit Systems, Israel’s largest-scale arms company in the country.

The suspended government contract, estimated at around $180 million, included training the Royal Navy crew of the Dreadnought submarine. Another part of the contract, estimated at around $150 million, includes the Project Selborne Royal Navy training but is still up for negotiation, according to Minister of State for Defense Procurement Alex Chalk

The Ministry of Defence announced on 30 November that the company lacks the “operational sovereignty standards for the UK’s highest priority capabilities.”

Minister Chalk revealed the information in response to inquiries from Labour MPs Chris Evans and Kevan Jones, associated with the Labour Friends of Israel group.

As a consequence, the Elbit stock price dropped by 10 percent from 29 November to 30 November, according to Al-Mayadeen.

The loss of the government contracts is seen as a significant setback for the company, which attempted to create a presence in the United Kingdom.

First and foremost, the contracts were awarded to Elbit following the Israeli firm’s intricate involvement in procurement and training for Israeli security forces across the army, navy, and air forces.

The cancelation of the defense contracts is considered a major victory for Palestine Action, which has been putting pressure on the British government and business organizations to suspend the agreement.

In the past, Palestine Action activists came together to take on Elbit Systems and its partners, putting pressure on the British government and business organizations to stop doing business with the Israeli firm by breaking into its factories and offices and preventing them from fulfilling their contractual obligations. … Full article

Syria raps EU for hoodwinking international community with claims of chemical weapons use

Press TV – December 2, 2022

Syria has dismissed the latest remarks by the European Union foreign policy chief in which he accused Damascus of non-compliance with the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), calling it an attempt to hoodwink the international community.

“Certain Western states and EU officials have gone too far in deceiving the international community over the alleged use of chemical weapons by Syrian and Russian forces,” Syria’s ministry of foreign affairs and expatriates said in a statement on Thursday.

“Such attempts are meant to tarnish the image of the two countries in favor of the West’s colonial schemes,” it hastened to add, noting that some EU member states and other Western nations have themselves used chemical weapons across the world.

The ministry strongly refuted the claims that the Arab country has used such weapons but added that such weapons have been used by West-aligned terrorist groups in the war-ravaged country.

“Damascus has not and will not use such weapons, even though they have been used by terrorist groups and operatives of Western intelligence agencies in Syria… The Syrian government also stresses that it emphatically rejects the use of such munitions at any place and time,” it stressed.

On November 30, Josep Borrell, the EU’s high representative for foreign affairs and security policy, issued a statement published on the website of the EU Council, condemning the Syrian government over its alleged use of chemical weapons. … Full article

OSCE nothing more than a branch of NATO

By Ahmed Adel | December 2, 2022

The West is attempting to turn the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) into a subsidiary organisation of NATO, which is paradoxical because it is meant to be concentrated on peacebuilding, unlike the Atlantic Alliance which fosters tensions to justify its existence in a post-Soviet world. It is for this reason, among others, why Poland refused to grant a visa to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, thus barring him from attending the OSCE meeting held on December 1 and 2 in Lodz.

Poland claims it refused to grant Lavrov a visa because he is on the list of people who have been sanctioned. However, this does not explain why many from the Russian delegation were also denied visas despite not being on a sanctions list.

This weak excuse is to justify Warsaw’s consistent policy of provocation against Moscow, especially in the context of the current war in Ukraine. Poland and the West are hoping that by humiliating Russia, the country will withdraw from the OSCE. The West are desperate for Russia to withdraw so as to be able to implement and impose whatever it wants on the OSCE. … continue

Ukraine war doubled Jewish migration to Israel

MEMO | December 2, 2022

An official Israeli report has revealed that the number of Jewish immigrants to Israel has doubled over 2022 following the Russian-Ukrainian war.

“The number of immigrants to Israel in 2022 has reached some 70,000, which is double the number of immigrants the country hosted last year,” the report read, according to Safa.

The study pointed out that the “majority of the Jewish immigrants were fleeing the escalating war in Ukraine,” adding that the immigrants were also “exploiting the Israeli government’s efforts to bring home all Jews in warring countries.”

“Fifty-four per cent of the immigrants this year arrived from Russia, 21 per cent arrived from Ukraine, five per cent from the United States, and four others from France,” the report read.

It pointed out that 22,000 of the Jewish immigrants were “recruited by the Israeli army over the last decade, 15,000 of whom had no families.”

Over the last decade, the Israeli army received a total of 6,440 doctors and 22,400 engineers, most of whom came from the former Soviet Union, according to official data.

Parallel society: Ukrainian children in German schools

Free West Media | December 2, 2022

Around one million Ukrainians have left their homeland due to the war in recent months and sought refuge in Germany. Among the refugees are tens of thousands of children who are now going to school in Germany. But there are simply too many and the problems are mounting.

Educators responsible for foreign children have given up telling the success story of an integration that doesn’t exist.

So-called “bridging classes” have been set up everywhere for Ukrainian schoolchildren, in which German language skills are taught more intensively. But to no avail – further support and integration have overwhelmed German teaching staff, the chairman of the Bavarian Philologists’ Association, Michael Schwägerl, had to admit. … continue

US troops are combat ready on Russian border – Lithuanian commander

RT | December 2, 2022

The US forces stationed in Lithuania have switched their stance from deterrence of Russia to combat readiness, Lithuanian Chief of Defense Lieutenant General Valdemaras Rupsys has said. The country shares a border with Russia’s Kaliningrad exclave on the Baltic Sea, as well as with Belarus and Latvia.

“The main factor used to be deterrence, the demonstration that they were here and could increase our forces at any time,” Rupsys told radio LRT on Friday.

“And now the situation has changed: those units are being deployed so that they can fight immediately. It’s a seamless … transition from one mode to another.” … continue

Attacks in Spain: another anti-Russian false flag?

By Lucas Leiroz | December 2, 2022

In Spain, attacks are taking place with explosives placed in postal service’s packages. On December 1st, the Spanish Ministry of Defense reported an incident of this type at its facilities. The Prime Minister of Spain also received a package containing a bomb, as did an air force base and some other locations. Previously, the same situation had already happened at the Ukrainian Embassy in Madrid. On the internet, pro-Kiev netizens baselessly accuse Russia of being behind the acts. However, it seems more likely that the cases are just another false flag operation against Moscow.

The office of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, the headquarters of the country’s Ministry of Defense and the Torrejón de Ardoz air base in Madrid received via postal service packages with bombs on the first day of December. All bombs were detected before they were opened, and there were no injuries or damage, according to spokespersons for the Spanish government. But the Spanish national police activated the anti-terrorist protocol across the country in light of the attacks. This alert authorizes police and bomb squads to carry out special operations to block roads and airports in order to search explosives and arrest suspicious people. … continue