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Health watchdog urges limits on jabbing children against Covid

RT | December 6, 2021

Children aged between five and 11 should get a Covid-19 jab only if there is a “high risk” of severe infection for them or for someone in their inner circle, Finland’s health watchdog has said.

Vaccination for all children aged between five and 11 cannot be recommended until there is more information available on the vaccination safety for this age group, including rare side effects, Finland’s Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) said in a statement last week, adding that relevant government decrees should be amended before a general vaccination campaign for young children could be launched.

So far, only those facing an acute risk of severe infection or who have “severely immunocompromised people” within their inner circle should get a jab, the THL said. It added that a vaccination campaign for children could start early next year provided sufficient evidence for the jabs’ safety is there.

“The main reason THL does not recommend vaccinations now for all children aged 5 to 11 is their own low incidence of the disease. Infection in children of this age is usually mild and severe symptoms are very rare, compared to other diseases that have been prevented by vaccinations,” said Hanna Nohynek, THL’s chief physician.

The health watchdog believes that vaccination of children “does not significantly slow down the epidemic” in its current form. “If a society wants to influence the course of the epidemic by vaccinating children, and … benefits are small, safety information is even more important,” Nohynek explained.

In Finland, just about 5% of children aged between five and 11 were diagnosed with Covid-19 by the end of November 2021. Only 33 children have been treated in a hospital since the start of the pandemic, THL said, adding that treatment courses lasted just one or two days on average. All vaccinations, including those against Covid-19, are voluntary when it comes to children, it added.

Vitamins once more – mainly B vitamins and homocysteine – with a special mention for magnesium

By Dr. Malcolm Kendrick | December 6, 2021

Here I am on vitamins again. I don’t wish to give the impression that all I care about is vitamins. However, I have been thinking about them recently for various reasons.

The first thing to say is that I do find it slightly strange that we have substances which are absolutely essential for life, that we must eat., because our bodies cannot make them. It seems a design flaw. I want my money back.

Added to this absolute reliance on them, we do not get any hint that we are running out. If we become dehydrated, we feel thirsty, and we drink. If our energy supplies are running down, we feel hungry and we eat.

On the other hand, if our Vitamin B12 supplies are becoming perilously low – we might end up feeling bloody awful. In the final stages we could end up paralyzed, then dead, without knowing why. Vitamin B12 is essential for the health of neurones (amongst other things). But there is nothing that triggers our desire to forage around for foodstuffs rich in vitamin B12. Supposing we knew what they were anyway.

I presume this means that whilst we were evolving from the primeval soup, there were plenty of vitamins (and minerals) about. We had no need to seek them out specifically, because they were always present in the things we ate. In ample supply? Always …? Of course, it is not just vitamins, there are minerals we need too. … continue

Why We Must “Quit Worrying About Uncertainty in Sea Level Projections”

By Kip Hansen | The CO2 Coalition | December 2, 2021

Jeremy Bassis, an Associate Professor in the Department of Climate and Space Sciences, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, recently published an Opinion piece in EOS , a science news magazine published by AGU (American Geophysical Union), titled “Quit Worrying About Uncertainty in Sea Level Projections”.

It is an interesting read but not because it presents good advice to the scientific community. Rather, it presents the case that climate and ice models, which are used to make projections, are not up to the task. While those who program climate models have been trained in what we know about the basic physics involved in the biggest sea level rise issue – ice sheet dynamics – the actual projections by those models depend on parameters that are loose guesses about things we don’t know. As a result, Bassis says “… recent studies using climate and ice sheet models are, more and more often, coming to very different conclusions about future rates of sea level rise and even about the sensitivity of ice sheets to future warming…”  and because of that, he tells us:

“Large discrepancies among model projections of long-term sea level rise have spawned calls among the scientific community for scientists to work on reducing uncertainty. However, focusing on uncertainty is a trap we must avoid. Instead, we should focus on the adaptation decisions we can already make on the basis of current models and communicating and building confidence in models for longer-term decisions.”

I agree in part with Bassis on one major point: “we should focus on the adaptation decisions we can already make”. But I strongly disagree that these decisions should be based on current models and their outputs. It is not that I think differently than Bassis about the problems of the models, they have problems galore. If one reads Bassis’ opinion just to understand why the models perform so badly, one will have gained something useful.

My disagreement comes from a different angle: Today’s observational data about global sea level rise itself reveals sharp disagreement between sea level research groups and measurement methods. NOAA says tide gauge records for the U.S. tell us the global absolute sea level rise for the 20th century has been 1.7 mm/yr. NASA’s satellite measurements claim 3.4 or more mm/yr, about double NOAA’s figure. Simply put, there is vast uncertainty about how much the sea has risen this year, last year and the last 50 years… we don’t need to look to the future for uncertainty about sea level rise. … continue

Fossil Fuel Restriction Dam Starting To Break

By Francis Menton | Manhattan Contrarian | December 4, 2021

Somewhere a couple of decades or so ago, the rich parts of the world embarked on a program of replacing energy from fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas) with energy from intermittent “renewables” (mainly wind and solar). In trendy academic, journalistic, and otherwise progressive circles, the idea took hold that this was the way to “save the planet.” This program was undertaken without any detailed engineering study of how or whether it might actually work, or how much it might cost to fully implement. In the trendy circles, there took hold a blind faith in the complete ability of the government, by dispensing taxpayer funds, to order up whatever innovation might be needed to move us forward to this energy utopia.

The latest UN-orchestrated effort to implement the renewable energy program, known as COP 26, has just broken up. To read the verbiage emanating from the affair, all is on track, if a bit slower than one might have hoped.

But I have long predicted that this program would come to an end when (absent some miraculous innovation that nobody has yet conceived) the usage of the renewables got to a sufficient level that their costs and unworkability could not be covered up any longer. Until very recently the pressure of elite groupthink has been able to maintain a united front of lip service to the cause. But consider a few developments from the past few weeks, just since the end of COP 26… continue

Tesla Shares Plunge After Reuters Reports Ongoing SEC Probe Over Defective Solar Panels

By Tyler Durden | Zero Hedge | December 6, 2021

Shares of Tesla plunged under the key $1000 level this morning after Reuters reported that the company was being probed by the Securities and Exchange commission over claims about defects on its solar panels made by a former-employee-turned whistleblower.

In describing the allegations made by the whistleblower, Reuters wrote that “… the company failed to properly notify its shareholders and the public of fire risks associated with solar panel system defects over several years.”

The SEC disclosed the probe after “a Freedom of Information Act request by Steven Henkes, a former Tesla field quality manager, who filed a whistleblower complaint on the solar systems in 2019 and asked the agency for information about the report,” Bloomberg wrote early Monday morning.

“We have confirmed with Division of Enforcement staff that the investigation from which you seek records is still active and ongoing,” the SEC reportedly said in their response to Henkes.

Henkes was “fired from Tesla in August 2020 and he sued Tesla claiming the dismissal was in retaliation for raising safety concerns,” the report says.

Reuters offered additional details on Henkes’ complaint with the SEC, stating:

Henkes, in the SEC complaint, said he told Tesla management that Tesla needs to shut down the fire-prone solar systems, report to safety regulators and notify consumers. When his calls were ignored, he proceeded to file complaints with regulators. … Full article

Russia’s trade minister shares his experience of driving a Tesla in winter

RT | December 5, 2021

Driving one of Tesla’s electric vehicles can be a real challenge during Russia’s severe winters, as its drive range inevitably drops in low temperatures, according to Russia’s trade and industry minister, Denis Manturov.

“The existing energy storage units aren’t yet a fully established technology, particularly in our climatic conditions,” Manturov said at the plenary session of Russia National Day at Expo 2020 Dubai. […]

“It has a claimed range of up to 450km, but my experience shows that, after being parked for an hour and half at -30 degrees Celsius, the vehicle is barely able to get me home, as the remaining range was only enough to drive less than 100km – in fact, even less,” Manturov said. … Full article

What’s Left? How Greenwald, Covid and Rittenhouse Exposed a Plague Among Progressives

By Riva Enteen | MintPress News | December 1, 2021

Caitlin Johnstone asserts that “[t]he most significant political moment in the U.S. since 9/11 and its aftermath was when liberal institutions decided that Trump’s 2016 election wasn’t a failure of status quo politics but a failure of information control.” Since Trump’s election, information control contributes to why those critical of Democrats are called Trump sympathizers. Journalist Paul Street epitomizes this tendency, seeming to speak for many who equate any criticism of Democrats with support for Trump and his policies.  To the extent that this attitude serves to obstruct political dialogue and struggle, it does not serve us well — especially in these dark times,  when we must pull our forces together to overcome the challenges we face.

Street’s CounterPunch article, “Glenn Greenwald is Not Your Misunderstood Left Comrade,” obstructs political dialogue and struggle. He gives no substantive rebuttal to a Greenwald article that declares “grotesque” the sight of “masked servants and unmasked elite at the New York Met Gala.” In a classic ad hominem attack, since Street couldn’t summon up an intelligent response, he just hurled insults. Sadly, this is what currently passes for political debate. … continue

Nobody can explain why the vaccinated are more likely to get COVID and die

By Steve Kirsch | December 5, 2021

ICYMI, here’s a chart from a recent post by my good friend Mathew Crawford. It basically shows, the more you vaccinate, the more cases and deaths you get.

Critics would argue, “it’s confounded! more elderly are vaccinated.” But the same critics cannot show us this is false. They can only do “hand-waving” arguments that it must be wrong. Not very convincing. … continue

Biden’s Throat Frog Hints at the Coming Normalcy


What happened to Joe Biden could have happened to anyone. In fact, it happens all the time. Throughout human history. He (presumably) caught a cold from his one-and-half-year-old grandson. His theory is that his grandson “likes to kiss his pop.” As a result, he got a “frog in his throat.”

It’s just a cold! No reason to freak out!

Biden’s spokesperson says that he has taken recourse to therapeutics. He “is taking some over-the-counter medication and probably some cough drops and some tea, but otherwise he’s proceeding with his schedule,” said Jen Psaki.

It’s all so normal. So much part of life. There is no way to know if Biden is correct in his casual contact tracing. He might not have gotten the cold from his grandson but he could have. Any parent will tell you that the first child comes with a full year of household sniffles and sickness. The second one is not so bad because the parents have built up immunity. And so on.

But maybe Biden should not have been letting his grandson kiss on him? That’s absurd. He would gladly risk infection in exchange for which he obtains and grants affection. It’s part of the deal we have all made with pathogens: we do a dangerous dance with them in order to experience love, freedom, choice, and human rights. … continue

New Brunswick begins allowing essentials like grocery stores to ban those without a vaccine passport

The next step

By Ken Macon | Reclaim The Net | December 5, 2021

Since Saturday, grocery stores in New Brunswick have been allowed to ban those who do now show a vaccine passport. Authorities are trying to justify the measure as a way to keep Covid infections down.

Announcing the “winter action plan” the government of New Brunswick allowed all businesses, businesses that provide essentials such as food, to require proof of vaccination from clients. … Full article

Oregon is Now Pushing for Permanent Mask Mandate


It’s no surprise to note how certain state and local governments are more enthusiastic than others in ordering lockdowns, as well as vaccine and mask mandates. Undoubtedly, this is now trending along partisan lines, with Democrat-run governments pursuing stricter Covid policies, while Republican-run leadership opting for a more measured and freedom-based approach.

Presently, there are six states – Illinois, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii – which still require most residents to wear masks in indoor public places, regardless of the individual’s vaccination status.

Arguably, the most leftwing of all of these governments is Oregon under the command of America’s most radical leftwing governorKate Brown, who has become a big promoter of mask wearing.

This week, Governor Brown, a lame duck in her final term, is marshalling her state deep into the authoritarian mask zone – perhaps permanently. But this latest announcement is certain to trigger a backlash, as many (including those of the political left) have now come to realize how Democrat politicians have completely overplayed their draconian-hypochondriac hand when it comes to all things Covid.

Paul Sacca at The Blaze writes…

Oregon is taking it to another level by considering indefinite mask mandates.

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) met on Thursday for about two hours to begin the process of drafting an order to make the state’s indoor mask requirement permanent. The OHA’s Rules Advisory Committee (RAC) discussed what the new indefinite face mask mandate would look like and the impact it could have on the public. … continue

Democrats receive pushback over social media censorship bill proposals

The bill would make social platforms liable for user “harm”

By Dan Frieth | Reclaim The Net | December 4, 2021

House Democrats called for the introduction of legislation that would allow users to sue platforms for “emotional injury.” Critics warned that such a law would result in more censorship.

On Wednesday, the House Energy and Commerce Committee discussed several pieces of legislation that would result in amendments to Section 230 (the law that protects online platforms from liability for content posted by users).

One of the proposals was the “Justice Against Malicious Algorithm Act.” The law would enable social media users to sue companies for causing “severe emotional injury.” However, the law does not define so-called emotional injury.

Rashad Robinson, the head of an advocacy group, was one of the people who testified in the hearing. He said free speech should be restricted to fight “misinformation.” … continue

Settlers let their herd loose on Palestinian farms in a Masafer Yatta village, attack farmers

WAFA | December 4, 2021

HEBRON – Israeli colonial settlers today let their herd loose on farms owned by Palestinians in Tuba village in Masafer Yatta, south of the occupied West Bank, and then attacked the farmers, according to a local activist.

Fouad al-Imour, from the protection and steadfastness committees in the south Hebron Hills, said dozens of settlers took their sheep to farming lands in the village and let them loose in the area severely damaging crops.

When the farmers attempted to protect their land and get the sheep out, the settlers, who are usually armed, attacked them.

Soldiers in the area gave protection to the settlers and arrested one of the Palestinian youths.

Israeli prime minister defends shooting of injured Palestinian

MEMO | December 5, 2021

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Sunday defended his soldiers who shot dead an injured Palestinian in occupied East Jerusalem.

“The officers acted outstandingly, exactly as is required from fighters in an operational situation like this,” Bennett said in a weekly cabinet meeting.

Mohammad Salimah, 25, was shot dead by Israeli police on Saturday near the Damascus Gate outside Jerusalem’s Old City for allegedly carrying out a knife attack.

A video shot by activists showed an Israeli police officer shooting Salimah when he was already lying on the ground. Another video showed Israeli police officers with guns drawn preventing medics from reaching the injured youth.

The UN Human Rights Office (OHCHR) called the Israeli killing of Salimah an “extra-judicial execution.” … Full article

Indian troops kill villagers protesting in remote state

Press TV – December 5, 2021

Indian forces have shot and killed at least 14 civilians in the remote northeastern state of Nagaland.

An army officer said on Sunday that Indian troops, operating on intelligence about a movement of militants in the area, had mistakenly shot dead six laborers after firing on a truck in an ambush. The soldiers later opened fire at a crowd that had gathered to protest the incident by burning two army vehicles, killing eight more people.

One soldier was also killed in the clashes and nine other civilians were being treated for gunshot wounds in local hospitals.

Nagaland police officer Sandeep M. Tamgadge told AFP that the situation in the region was “very tense right now.” … Full article

NATO’s Jens Stoltenberg needs to calm it down

By Daniel Larison | Responsible Statecraft | December 3, 2021

Twice in the last two weeks, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has made public comments that threaten to worsen already strained relations between Russia and the alliance.

Instead of calming things down, Stoltenberg has been carelessly ratcheting up tensions over nuclear weapons in Europe and the conflict in Ukraine. At exactly the moment when the U.S. and NATO need to be working to deescalate the situation with Russia over Ukraine, the top official in NATO has been throwing kerosene on the flames. … continue

First Comply, Then We’ll Grant You Some Rights


More and more people feel like something is “off” about our response to the “Covid” pandemic. This pandemic is claimed by political establishment prophets to be the first time in history that we need universal, worldwide “vaccination” to dissipate a respiratory pathogen. The proffered “vaccines” do not provide sterilizing immunity; rather, they lead to regular “breakthrough” infections. Yet we are directed to “mix and match” them as we like, on a regular basis, in order to eat in restaurants and attend events.

Having recovered from the disease itself does not suffice to maintain your rights. The ability to prove that you are not susceptible to the pathogen due to inherent good health does not suffice. To maintain freedom of movement, you must submit to the injections.

Something is off. They want us to take these “vaccines” very badly. They want to build a QR/tracking infrastructure on this “safety” premise very badly. One must ask: did they ever have a legitimate basis to lead us to this point? Did they really believe they could “save grandma” with a lockdown? … continue

A giant Florida hospital system has ended its vaccine mandate

By Alex Berenson | December 5, 2021

Advent Health will no longer require its 83,000 employees to be vaccinated against Covid.

Given the fact the mandates are causing crippling staff shortages around the country, expect other hospitals and healthcare providers to follow soon.

Amazing that rules that are likely never even to take formal effect have caused such a crisis. Just another gift from Uncle Joe this holiday season.

Vaccine mandates were also suspended at the Cleveland Clinic, across other NE Ohio hospitals.

I’m guessing now that this is happening all over the country and the elite media has just refused to report it.

28X increase in stillbirths in multiple parts of Canada

Stillbirths Exploding Across Canada in Fully Vaccinated Mothers

Steve Kirsch | November 23, 2021

This is a story we hear nowadays from everywhere, especially from morticians who’ve been horrified by the huge increase in deaths of these babies in vaccinated mothers.

The 4 minute video shows the stillbirths are happening in different parts of the country and they are ONLY happening to vaccinated mothers. … continue

Vitamin D: Government Should Have Promoted to Combat Pandemic

Medical evidence strongly justifies a proactive approach for using vitamin D

By Joel S Hirschhorn | December 4, 2021

There seems to be an endless refusal by the public health establishment to fight the pandemic with the best science-based tools. Instead, they keep pushing vaccines.

Great German research provides unequivocal medical evidence that the government should be strongly advocating two actions: 1. Take vitamin D supplements and 2. Have your blood tested for vitamin D.

The title for this October 2021 journal article says it all: “COVID-19 Mortality Risk Correlates Inversely with Vitamin D3 Status, and a Mortality Rate Close to Zero Could Theoretically Be Achieved at 50 ng/mL 25(OH)D3: Results of a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.” … continue

Official Data shows Deaths of male Children are up 54% since they were offered the Covid-19 Vaccine


An investigation of official ONS data has revealed that since the Covid-19 vaccine was offered and administered to kids in England and Wales there has been a 54% rise in deaths among male children compared to the same period in 2020.

The UK’s Medicine and Healthcare product Regulatory Agency (MHRA) have openly admitted that they suspect myocarditis and pericarditis are potential side effects of the Pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines, especially among young males. A suspicion that has been strong enough for the UK Medicine Regulator to officially add warnings about myocarditis and pericarditis to the safety labels of the Covid-19 vaccines.

Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart muscle, whereas pericarditis is inflammation of the protective sacs surrounding the heart. Both are extremely serious conditions due to the vital role the heart plays in keeping a person alive, and the fact that the heart muscle cannot regenerate. Serious myocarditis can lead to cardiac arrest and knock years off a persons life. … continue

2,809 Dead Babies in VAERS Following COVID Shots as New Documents Prove Pfizer, the FDA, and the CDC Knew the Shots Were Not Safe for Pregnant Women

By Brian Shilhavy | Health Impact News | December 4, 2021

The latest data dump into the U.S. Government’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) happened yesterday (12/3/21) and covers data through 11/26/2021.

There are now 927,740 cases reported to VAERS following COVID-19 shots for the past 11 months, out of the total of 1,782,453 cases in the entire VAERS database filed for the past 30+ years.

That means that 52% off ALL vaccine adverse reaction cases in VAERS for the past 30+ years have been reported in the last 11 months following the COVID-19 shots.

In addition, 68% of all deaths following vaccines reported in VAERS for the past 30+ years have been reported in the last 11 months following the COVID-19 shots.

We are on pace to see 21,307 deaths reported in the first year following the experimental COVID-19 shots, while the average yearly deaths reported after FDA-approved vaccines for the past 30+ years is 305 deaths. … continue

Possible consequences of using boosters in an Omicron wave

By Rob Verkerk PhD | Alliance for Natural Health | December 1, 2021

… What we have witnessed since early 2021 when covid jabs were rolled out across the industrialised world is a gradual loss of synchronicity in the injection efforts. Different countries had different uptakes, the speed of roll out across successively younger age groups, hesitancy and refusal varied country to country and sometimes even region to region. All of that loss of synchronicity actually reduces selection pressure – as does having big reservoirs of unvaccinated young people with lively innate immune systems, like in much of the African continent.

Omicron will re-synchronise the injection campaigns. Vast numbers of people will get a top up of the first generation jab, only to be hit yet again when the ‘must-have’ omicron-specific jab rolls off the production line probably in under 4 months. More synchronisation means that more intense selection pressure will be applied to the spike protein of omicron, and more replication will occur as the antibodies generated by the injections will not effectively block infection. This creates the vicious circle that Geert Vanden Bossche has described that we have been caught in already for a year with ever greater risk of more dangerous and more infective mutants being generated.

Higher frequency of exposure also means more insults to the immune system and that means more damage to the innate immunity of our species – our primary weapon against a mutating pathogen. The conditions are set for escalating risks of antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) of disease when injected people are exposed to disease, as well as an ever greater toll of adverse events and deaths mediated by autoimmunity, inflammation, neurological and cardiac issues. … Read full article

Cold weather blood clots?

gatito bueno – bad cattitude – december 4, 2021

i’m not a doctor or anything, but i think maybe that our “experts” are probably not very good at their jobs.

i mean, how did they never notice all this stuff before?


Why hide what happens in the first two weeks after vaccination?

Hiding part of the data leads to wrong conclusions

Health Advisory and Recovery Team | December 1, 2021

There have been numerous papers published showing how well the vaccines protect people after the second dose. Some of this effect is an illusion. The effect happens as a result of inaccurate measuring and a phenomenon called survivorship bias.

Survivorship bias happens when a group is compared at two time points, but the members of the group change between the time points. It would be like assessing the quality of a swimming school which favours the technique of throwing people into the middle of the ocean, leaving them for a couple of hours and claiming credit for how well the remaining students can swim. After two hours, the only people left would be the ones who could already swim and possibly a few who learnt to swim the hard way! The poor souls who drowned in the interim don’t even make the count. Attributing the remaining people’s swimming ability to the coach who turned up 2 hours later would obviously give a very misleading picture. Pointing out that no-one drowned in later lessons would be equally misleading in determining the success of the ‘teaching technique’.

With covid vaccination there is a two week period after vaccination that is not included in the data. The rationale given for this is that vaccines take a while to induce antibodies and therefore the first two weeks’ data are not relevant. Obviously this is flawed. What if the vaccines have deleterious effects that are visible straightaway, that have nothing to do with antibody production? An example is the high rate of shingles seen after covid vaccination, suggesting there is a problem with viral reactivation. This may explain why Sars-CoV-2 infection rates are actually higher in the vaccinated than in the unvaccinated in the first two weeks after vaccination.

The effect of eliminating the first two weeks is a misleading data bias. … continue

BBC’s Fake Hurricane Season Claim

By Paul Homewood | Not A Lot Of People Know That | December 4, 2021

How the BBC twist the facts:

2021 hurricane season was third most active

In fact this year was nowhere near the third most active for hurricanes. Since 1851, there have been 50 other years with as many or more than the seven recorded this year in the Atlantic.

Neither was it a particularly active season for major hurricanes. There have been 29 other years with as many or more.

It is true that this year has had the third highest count of TROPICAL STORMS, a category which includes weaker storms as well as hurricanes. But this is largely due to changes in observing practices. Nowadays every single storm is monitored by satellite, whereas in the past many crossed the ocean unobserved.

Dr Neil Frank, who was Director of the US National Hurricane Center from 1974 to 1987 goes further, maintaining that many of the storms now named would not have been in his day.

He made two particular complaints about current methods last year:

1) Many named storms are actually winter storms, not tropical storms. He states that the first six tropical storms last year would not have been counted in his time.

2) Nowadays the NHC rushes to name a storm, simply based on wind speeds. His team would have waited until the central pressure dropped to confirm that it really was a tropical storm, and not just a thunderstorm. This often explains why named storms are often so short lasting now.

Even the BBC admitted earlier this year that increasing numbers of hurricanes were due to changing observation practices and not global warming, in article written by the same Simon King! – Full article

Zero Global Warming This Century

By Ron Clutz | Science Matters | December 3, 2021

… recent rapid cooling has now completely overcome the warming from the last 3 El Ninos (1998, 2010 and 2016). The UAH record shows that the effects of the last one were gone as of April and now again in November, 2021 (UAH baseline is now 1991-2020).

For reference I added an overlay of CO2 annual concentrations as measured at Moana Loa. While temperatures fluctuated up and down ending flat, CO2 went up steadily by ~55 ppm, a 15% increase.

Furthermore, going back to previous warmings prior to the satellite record shows that the entire rise of 0.8C since 1947 is due to oceanic, not human activity. … Read full article

Scientist Under Investigation by the Royal Society of New Zealand for Defending Science

By Toby Young • The Daily Sceptic • December 2, 2021

In my column in the Spectator this week I’ve highlighted an egregious assault on free speech in New Zealand that was brought to my attention by the NZ Free Speech Union, which has issued a statement about it.

A distinguished biochemist, Professor Garth Cooper, is being subjected to a disciplinary investigation by the Royal Society of New Zealand that could result in his expulsion. Here’s an extract… continue

UK surgeon remains suspended a year after saying governments are using Covid to control people

By Christina Maas | Reclaim The Net | December 4, 2021

Last year, the UK medical register suspended a consultant surgeon for 12 months pending an investigation by the General Medical Council (GMC) for posting on social media that Covid-19 was being used by elites to control the world.

Colleagues wrote to the organization arguing he should not have been suspended for his personal opinion.

Mohammad Iqbal Adil, a Pakistan-born British doctor, has worked in the NHS for almost three decades. An interim orders tribunal suspended him for a year because of videos he posted on social media.

The doctor expressed “his point of view on the Covid-19 pandemic and the far-reaching effects of the lockdown on the economy, public health and wellbeing,” his campaign page states.

Researchers Acknowledge SARS-CoV-2 Is Gaining Vaccine Resistance

By Dr. Joseph Mercola | December 3, 2021

Looking at the viral evolution of SARS-CoV-2, researchers from the prestigious universities Harvard and MIT have found that the virus not only will continue to mutate and create new variants in the future, but will become resistant to the vaccines as it adapts to humans.

Their study, published December 2, 2021, in the journal Science, shows that the mutations serve as bridges to conferring resistance to neutralizing antibodies. “The severity of the phenotypes we observed in vitro suggest that further evolved variants will more adeptly escape therapeutic antibody neutralization than currently circulating variants of concern, with potential resistance to two-component antibody cocktails,” the study authors wrote.

The scientists urged that “proactively examining the consequences of further viral evolution before the next highly antibody resistant strain emerges is of utmost importance.”

A brief reminder: Health agencies were not always deranged

a trip down memory lane

el gato malo – bad cattitude – december 4, 2021

it was february of 2020, a kinder time. a gentler time.

and the WHO was putting out guidelines to avoid stigmatizing people who got covidcontinue