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Lancet Published a Fraudulent Study: Editor Calls it “Department of Error”

Alliance for Human Research Protection | June 2, 2020

…The fiasco of the publication of essentially fraudulent reports in the journals with the greatest impact on both clinical treatment and public health policies, reveals how thoroughly corrupted so-called peer review has become because it lacks external, independent review by scientists who have NO STAKE in the study outcome. It was only after the reports by The Scientist and The Guardian, that the editors of The NEJM and The Lancet were compelled to issue an: “Expression of concern.” This fiasco demonstrates why intelligent people seek alternative sources for reliable information.

The website, Science Defies Politics exposes numerous scientifically invalid studies that were essentially “hit jobs” against the use of hydroxychloroquine.

WHY are very powerful corporate-government stakeholders so intent on killing a drug with a 70 year track record? Because the drug works against the pandemic; it is readily available, and costs very little. Therefore, it poses a financial threat to both pharma companies and their partners in government and academia, those who are intent on profiting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

As uncovered by Science Defies Politics : 16 of the panel members selected by NIH to formulate the official COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines – including two of the three co-chairs – were paid by Gilead. They issued guidelines that raised fear, uncertainty, and doubt about the use of HCQ combined with AZ, while raising no fear, doubt, or uncertainty about using Gilead’s unproven, unapproved, drug remdesivir; a drug that has shown mediocre performance in clinical trials. Seven of the NIH panelists failed to disclose their financial ties to Gilead. They are listed here.

The medical scientific literature is infested with financially motivated, shoddy, studies aimed at promoting products and, when a life-saving, non-patentable product, proves effective, scientists are hired to author study reports that are designed to tarnish scientists’ reputations, and to proclaim findings that refute legitimate findings. In this case, studies designed to “debunk” the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine against COVID-19.

Examples of countries and physicians who have witnessed the effectiveness of the HCQ – Az combination as a treatment for covid-19, are viewed by corporate-government collaborating partners as posing a major threat to their marketing agendas. … Read full article

India Puts the CDC on Notice

By James Corbett – – June 6, 2020

Flying completely under the radar of the various crises that have come to define 2020, an interesting story is playing out in India. This story shines a light on the increasingly globalized nature of medical research and on the dark practice of using poor people in third world nations as guinea pigs in that research.

In early May, the US Centers for Disease Creation and Propaganda (CDC) announced a $3.6 million grant to “further strengthen and support the Indian government’s efforts to increase laboratory capacity for SARS-COV-2 testing.” But just days later, it was reported that the grant may be delayed because the CDC was placed on a “watch list” by the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs last December.

Wait, what? The Indian government placed the CDC on a “watch list” last year? Why? … continue

COVID-19 Global Economic Downturn not Affecting CO2 Rise: May 2020 Update

By Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D. | June 5th, 2020

The Mauna Loa atmospheric CO2 concentration data continue to show no reduction in the rate of rise due to the recent global economic slowdown. This demonstrates how difficult it is to reduce global CO2 emissions without causing a major disruption to the global economy and exacerbation of poverty.

After removal of the strong seasonal cycle in Mauna Loa CO2 data, and a first order estimate of the CO2 influence of El Nino and La Nina activity (ENSO), the May 2020 update shows no indication of a reduction in the rate of rise in the last few months, when the reduction in economic activity should have shown up.

I had previously explained why the slowdown would likely not be large enough to affect measured atmospheric CO2 levels compared to natural variations in global sources and sinks of CO2. I calculated that the Energy Information Administration-estimated 11% reductions in CO2 emissions during 2020 would have to be four times larger to stop the rise of atmospheric CO2 over 2019 values (assuming no substantial natural variations in CO2 sources and sinks).

Claim: Global Warming will Increase the Threat of Weeds

By Eric Worrall | Watts Up With That? | June 6, 2020

Despite the fact tropical countries do just fine controlling agricultural weeds, computer models suggest global warming will cause weeds to be a big problem in the USA, though unusually for a climate study the authors admit there are serious limitations to their modelling technique. … continue

Ahmadinejad to Run for President Again in 2021

Sputnik – 06.06.2020

Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad plans to make another run for the presidency in 2021, Iran’s Young Journalists Club news agency has reported.

To take part, Ahmadinejad’s candidacy will first need to be approved by the Guardian Council of the Constitution, a 12-member constitutionally mandated body determining who can run for national office. The body rejected his candidacy in 2017, but YJC noted that his supporters plan to make every effort to ensure approval this time around.Iranians will go to the polls in May or June 2021. Current President Hassan Rouhani cannot take part, since he is serving his second and final consecutive term.

Although his past as mayor of Tehran, ascetic lifestyle and populist economic policies are rarely discussed, Ahmadinejad enjoys something of a celebrity status in the West over his war of words with the Bush administration between 2005 and 2008 over the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as his 2006 statement that Israel “must vanish from the page of history,” often misquoted as “wiped off the map,” a sentiment which sparked outrage throughout much of the world at the time he said it.

Also in 2006, he was famously misquoted by CNN, who translated his statement about Iran’s ‘right to nuclear energy’ as Iran’s ‘right to nuclear weapons,’ a mistranslation which cost CNN its accreditation in the Islamic Republic. In 2007, during a trip to New York, Ahmadinejad told students at Colombia University that gays and lesbians “don’t exist” in Iran, which earned him angry front page coverage in many major US newspapers. … Full article

FBI launches open attack on ‘foreign’ alternative media outlets challenging US foreign policy

By Gareth Porter | Grayzone Project | June 5, 2020

Under FBI orders, Facebook and Google removed American Herald Tribune, an alternative site that publishes US and European writers critical of US foreign policy. The bureau’s justification for the removal was dubious, and it sets a troubling precedent for other critical outlets. … Read article

MSNBC hires former FBI attorney Lisa Page as legal analyst

RT | June 6, 2020

Lisa Page, the FBI lawyer whose leaked anti-Trump text messages with another federal agent indicated deep-seated bias in the Russiagate probe, has been hired as an analyst at MSNBC, drawing jeers and praise alike.

Announcing the move on Friday, MSNBC said Page had been brought on as a national security and legal analyst after making her debut on the channel’s ‘Deadline: White House’ program. Wasting little time before weighing in on the decision, President Donald Trump deemed it a “total disgrace!”

Page rose to fame in 2017 after a series of text messages with FBI agent Peter Strzok – with whom she was then having an affair – were leaked, showing the two bureau employees disparaging Donald Trump, who had not yet won the Oval Office at the time. In one of the messages, Strzok told Page that “we can’t… risk” a Trump presidency, describing an “insurance policy” that was apparently meant either to guarantee he never got elected or to have a back-up plan in case he did. Due to his apparent bias, Strzok was removed from the special counsel probe into Trump’s alleged ties to Moscow following the leaks, while Page later left the bureau on her own accord.

Much like the president, critics online have also castigated MSNBC for the hiring decision, with some poking fun at her credentials as a “non-partisan” and “impartial” analyst.

Page is not the first MSNBC hiree to feature prominently in the Trump-Russia probe following the 2016 election, with jobs also handed to Obama-era CIA Director John Brennan and Andrew Weissmann – who the New York Times described as former special counsel Robert Mueller’s “pit bull.”

Rep. Ilhan Omar Surrenders to Israel Lobby

By Philip Giraldi | American Free Press | June 1, 2020

The nearly complete corruption of the U.S. republican form of government has largely come about due to the Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court in January 2010 that basically permitted unlimited donor-spending on political campaigns based on the principle that providing money, normally through a political action committee (PAC), is a form of free speech. The decision paved the way for agenda-driven plutocrats and corporations to largely seize control of the formulation process for certain policies being promoted by the two national parties.

No one has benefited from the new rules more than the state of Israel, whose hundreds of support organizations and principal billionaire funders euphemized as the “Israel Lobby” have entrenched pro-Israel donors as the principal financial resources of both major political parties. … continue

Israel airliner uses Sudan’s airspace, while another flight lands for the first time

MEMO | June 6, 2020

An Israeli El Al Airlines airplane flying from Buenos Aires crossed through Sudan’s airspace on Thursday, the first commercial Israeli airliner to do so, according to The Times of Israel, as a potential indication of improving relations between Israel and Sudan.

The El Al flight marked ELY046, was seen on flight tracker site flightradar24 entering Sudan’s airspace around 18:30 UTC, about 12 hours after it took off from Buenos Aires, and was scheduled to land in Tel Aviv a few hours later.

According to the Times of Israel‘s source, Sudanese authorities sought to minimise the attention the flight would get, insisting that the flight be delayed so that it would only enter Sudan’s airspace after the country’s evening news ended.

If access to Sudan’s airspace becomes permanent, it would allow for direct flights between Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport and Argentina’s Buenos Aires to be shortened by two hours.

Although this was the first Israeli commercial airliner to enter Sudanese airspace, it was not the first Israeli aircraft to do so. There was a flight that used Sudanese airspace, back in February 2020, while an unidentified Israeli aircraft entered and landed in Sudan last week. … Full article

All Tom Cotton has to do to get back in the NYTimes’ good graces is call for the US military to bomb ANOTHER country’s civilians

By Helen Buyniski | RT | June 5, 2020

Republican senator Tom Cotton’s controversial op-ed demanding US troops be deployed against American protesters would have been embraced by the New York Times if he’d just stuck to cheering on military actions abroad.

The Times has been consumed with angst over the backlash to the Arkansas senator’s piece, which called for the military to be turned loose in US cities as an “overwhelming show of force to disperse, detain and ultimately deter lawbreakers.” Hundreds of the outlet’s staffers have slammed management’s decision to publish, insisting Cotton’s words somehow put them in danger.

Yet the Paper of Record has a long, colorful history of publishing op-eds (and even news pieces) supporting the deployment of the US military against civilian populations. Sure, those populations generally live outside the US – maybe they’re in Iraq, or Venezuela, or Iran – but the Times can almost always be relied upon to support the idea that the US military is a force for good, bringing sweetness and light (and, of course, democracy) wherever it goes.

That the Times would then balk at Cotton’s call to send those same troops into American cities is a bit surprising. Are these writers suggesting military activity in civilian areas isn’t limited to building schools for needy children, or freeing kittens trapped up tall trees?

And if they are aware of the destruction that takes place when US troops invade a country – civilian casualties, terrorism, drug and human trafficking – what’s their excuse for declaring, again and again, that military intervention is the answer to any nation’s problems? … continue

George Floyd protest is ‘for the benefit’ of ‘democratic struggles’ abroad: NED

RT | June 6, 2020

The National Endowment for Democracy, a soft-power group mostly known for splashing government dollars on pro-US influence campaigns overseas to enforce regime change, has endorsed protests against police brutality at home.

In a statement on Friday, the NED came out in support of the protests against the police killing of unarmed black man George Floyd, which, while originally peaceful, spiralled into violence, wrecking havoc across dozens of US cities. The group, which styles itself as a “private and nonprofit foundation dedicated to the growth and strengthening of democratic institutions around the world” but is notorious for being used as a vehicle of US foreign policy abroad, said that it hopes that the movement for racial justice in the US will inspire other “brave people” to challenge the status quo all around the globe. … continue

George Floyd’s Case Used to Destabilise Political Situation Ahead of 2020 Vote, UK Politician Says

Sputnik – 05.06.2020

A lawyer acting on behalf of George Floyd and his family has stated that a pandemic of racism led to his death at the hands of the Minneapolis police last week.

James Dalton, Party Secretary of the 5 Star Direct Democracy Party, reflects on the nationwide protests in the US sparked by the murder of George Floyd in police custody. … continue

Hydroxychloroquine reduces risk of coronavirus in healthcare workers: Indian Council of Medical Research study

India Today | June 1, 2020

A sustained intake of anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) has shown positive results in reducing the risk of coronavirus in the healthcare workers, the ICMR study says. However, HCQ prophylaxis should be taken in tandem with wearing the personal protective equipment (PPE) to minimise risk exposure. … continue

Top Indian Scientist Condemns WHO’s “Knee-Jerk” Move to Suspend Trial of Malaria Drug for COVID-19

Sputnik – 05.06.2020

A top Indian scientist, Sekhar Mande, Director General of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research under India’s federal Science and Technology Ministry reproached what he described as the WHO’s “knee-jerk” decision to suspend the trial use of the Malaria drug hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus infections.

“They shouldn’t have temporarily suspended (the trial) in haste. Emergency meeting of experts at a short notice would have dismissed the results of The Lancet study in the first read, which most around the world did,” tweeted Mande. […]

India is a major producer of hydroxychloroquine and New Delhi had shipped the drug to over 120 countries since the outbreak of the global pandemic, of which about one third obtained it for free. … Full article

Antifa ‘fight instructor’ tells prospective rioters how to cause ‘CRIPPLING PAIN’ to victims

RT | June 5, 2020

Project Veritas has released new “undercover footage” from its investigation into the controversial Antifa (anti-fascist) movement which shows organizers schooling newbies on violent tactics to deploy during riots.

PV founder James O’Keefe said the expose shows “just how far the group will go to engage in physical combat, evade arrests and promote the most damage possible on the streets.”

Footage shows one “fight instructor” at the New York-based Antifa chapter, named only as Chris, informing training session participants that “if you get a good liver or kidney shot, it’s pretty much crippling” to the victim.

Chris also advises people to aim for the floating ribs which are “very painful” if broken. “One good body shot could potentially give you all the time in the world to run away while they’re doubled over in pain,” he says.

The training session is described as “a safe space to practice aggression” and to harness aggressive energy.

In footage previously released by PV on Thursday, one alleged Antifa organizer from a Portland faction said its goal was “to get out there and do dangerous things as safely as possible.” Another suggested using the “eye gouge” to debilitate opponents. … Full article

Syria: Protest against US-Backed SDF Forces in Hasaka Countryside

Al-Manar | June 5, 2020

Syrians went to streets in southern Hasaka on Friday to protest the killing a civilian by US-backed forces in the area, known as Syria Democratic Forces (SDF).

SANA news agency said that protests took place in al-Shadadi city.

“Protests against practices of US occupation-backed QSD groups were renewed in al-Shadadi city and its countryside after the martyrdom of a civilian due to bullets fired by QSD on Thursday,” the agency said referring to Arabic acronym of SDF.

The agency quoted local sources in al-Shadadi city as saying that the protest was in condemnation of QSD groups’ practices, poor living conditions, and randomly fired shots at locals.

The protestors cut off the main roads in the city with tires and stones, demanding QSD leave the area, according to SANA.

On Thursday, a civilian was martyred, and three others were injured by QSD bullets when the US-backed groups dispersed a protests held against their practices in al-Shadadi city.

Syria: Israel Attack Against Scientific Target, No Casualties

teleSUR | June 5, 2020

Syrian air defenses intercepted an Israeli missile in western Syria, a military source said on Thursday.

“At 21:25 local time this Thursday, June 4, 2020, Israeli warplanes entered Lebanese airspace and attacked from there one of our military positions in the vicinity of Messiaf,” the source said.

The strike was directed to the Scientific Research Facility near this vicinity in western Hama. The Syrian Army also said that “air defense batteries immediately repelled the hostile missiles and shot down several of them.” … Full article

Jewish Settlers Destroy Dozens of Olive trees near Nablus

Palestine Chronicle | June 5, 2020

Jewish settlers cut down around 36 fully grown olive trees in the village of Burin, near Nablus, in the northern occupied West Bank, according to the Palestinian news agency WAFA.

Munir Qadous, a member of the human rights group Yesh Din, told WAFA that Jewish settlers sneaked their way into agricultural land in the southern part of the village of Burin and cut down at least 36 fully grown olive trees belonging to a local resident.

Settlers further set fire to the wheat fields in the village. However, Palestinian residents managed to put out the fire and prevented it from spreading.

Settler violence against Palestinians and their property is routine in the West Bank and is rarely prosecuted by Israeli authorities. … Full article

Israel to Withhold Palestinian Tax Money until PA Reactivates ‘Security Coordination’

Palestine Chronicle | June 5, 2020

Israel is withholding tax revenues it collects on behalf of the Palestinian Authority for the month of May until the PA reactivates the security coordination agreement with Tel Aviv, Palestinian officials said.

Palestinian Premier Mohammad Shtayyeh on Thursday pledged not to allow trading the release of Palestinian tax revenues withheld by Israel for political concessions, Palestinian news agency WAFA reports.

“The tax revenues ]withheld by Israel[ belong to our people and are our right, but Israel wants to exchange money for politics,” Shtayyeh told UK Minister for Middle East James Cleverly… Full article

Palestinian student Yahya al-Qarout abducted by Israeli occupation forces

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network | June 4, 2020

Today, Thursday 4 June 2020, Israeli occupation forces abducted Palestinian university student Yahya al-Qarout from his family home in the Aqtaba area in occupied Tulkarem after large numbers of occupation soldiers stormed the home at 4:00 a.m. Al-Qarout is in his third year of study at Bir Zeit University, where he studies computer science. He is also the secretary as the preparatory committee of the Bir Zeit University Student Council.

Samidoun Network in occupied Palestine communicated with Yahya’s family, who told Samidoun representatives that this was his first arrest. His family is making attempts to reach the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Prisoners’ Affairs Commission in order to learn more about their son’s situation and seek his immediate release. He is expected to be brought before Israeli occupation military courts on Sunday.

This marks the latest arrest in an ongoing Israeli policy of targeting involved and active students and the Palestinian student movement as a whole. There are hundreds of Palestinian university students held in Israeli jails, including approximately 80 from Bir Zeit University.

Over the years, thousands of Palestinian university students have been targeted for arrest and persecution. Palestinian universities have been frequently raided by Israeli occupation forces; student organizations’ offices have been ransacked, their belongings confiscated and destroyed.

Palestinian student activities are notable for their political diversity and expression. … Full article

Why would Australia Want to Worsen its Relationship with China?

By Vladimir Terehov – New Eastern Outlook – 05.06.2020

The following explanation framed as a question could be added to the headline of this article to make it even more informative: “Why would a prosperous country, which has managed to stay above the fray during global political squabbles and to handle the current COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc worldwide much better than other nations, voluntarily look for trouble?”

It really has no reason to at present. Why is Canberra all of a sudden so concerned about the origins of the Coronavirus? And what practical value is there in finding out the answer? Once the battle against COVID-19 has been won in all parts of the globe, enough information will have been gathered in order to have a fruitful discussion on the aforementioned topic. At present, there is no reason to make any kind of allegations against China either openly or less directly.

So why would a country, such as Australia with its current standing, wish to get involved in a global conflict (and the COVID-19 pandemic is its focus at present), whose main participants are two world powers, and decide to support one of them? In fact, Canberra chose to back the nation whose actions, in response to the pandemic, are almost completely motivated by its worsening domestic problems. … continue

Does Germany blame Russia for cyberattacks to appease Washington?

By Paul Antonopoulos | June 5, 2020

Berlin is insistent on maintaining problematic relations with Moscow by making claims against Russia. Long-time German Chancellor Angela Merkel accused Russia in the Bundestag that she was the target of Russian hackers, adding that she had concrete proof of the “outrageous” spying attempts, without actually providing any evidence. She even went on to suggest that sanctions could be placed against Russia.

The German Foreign Ministry said in a statement on May 28 that “The Russian ambassador was informed that on the basis of an arrest warrant issued by the federal prosecutor’s office on May 5 against Russian national Dmitry Badin, that the German government will seek in Brussels to use the EU cyber sanctions regime against those responsible for the attack on the German Bundestag, including Mr Badin.”

The alleged cyberattack occurred in 2015 and brings to question why Berlin is now resurrecting a 5-year-old issue that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov highlighted there was no evidence for Russian involvement. EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, shared Lavrov’s sentiment and said he also did not have data on a cyberattack on the Bundestag and could not comment on this issue despite Berlin’s threat that it will use the EU to place sanctions on Russia. … continue

‘System glitch’: Facebook admits RT Deutsch story was WRONGLY labeled ‘fake’ but damage to traffic is already done

RT | June 4, 2020

Facebook fact checkers have labeled a video published by RT’s German-language branch RT Deutsch ‘fake news,’ after the outlet reported a viewership spike. They later blamed a ‘technical glitch’ but the damage was already done.

An innocent post about a hospital being built in Russian city of Ufa to treat people suffering from Covid-19 had somehow incurred the displeasure of Facebook’s ever-watchful fact checkers. It is trivial to discover lots of stories about the project in Russia’s regional and national media, as well as a plenty of videos of the hospital under construction on platforms such as YouTube.

Yet Facebook’s guardians of truth still declared that video of the hospital was false and labelled it as such in mid-May, just a day after it was published. When RT sought to find out the reasons for such a move, it emerged that the fact-checker involved was Fatabyyano, a platform normally verifying Arabic-language stories about the Middle East and North Africa.

In what came as an even bigger surprise, the link attached to the RT Deutsch video as proof of its alleged falsehood led to a post analyzing an entirely different story about some quotes on Covid-19 falsely attributed to the former French minister and ex-UN Under-Secretary-General, Philippe Douste-Blazy.

When RT attempted to contact the fact checkers and point out the discrepancy, it received no reply. … continue

China urges Facebook to drop ‘ideological bias’ after it slaps warning labels on ‘state-controlled media’ pages

RT | June 5, 2020

The Chinese government has accused Facebook of “ideological bias” after the social media giant announced plans to put warning labels on Chinese “state-controlled” media pages including Xinhua and CCTV.

The Chinese news agency and TV channel are among the outlets which Facebook has designated as “wholly or partially under editorial control of a state”, based on the opinion of unnamed experts. Beijing criticized the change on Friday, saying social media platforms should not create obstacles for traditional media.

“We hope that the relevant social media platform can put aside the ideological bias and hold an open and accepting attitude towards each country’s media role,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said during a daily briefing.

Facebook started labeling media pages on Thursday. Outlets associated with countries including China, Russia or Iran are described as “state-controlled”.

However, public broadcasters in nations allied with Washington, have been given softer markers. The BBC in Britain has the label: “Confirmed Page Owner: British Broadcasting Corporation”. The Facebook page of the US government news channel Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty had no label at the time of writing.

BBC’s Fake Claim About “Hottest May”

By Paul Homewood | Not A Lot Of People Know That | June 5, 2020

On the BBC Today programme on Radio 4, at 2hrs 8mins 50 seconds in, and in the actual news slot, this statement was read out:

“Last month was the hottest May on record globally as well as in the UK.”

I make no comment about the global numbers, but would simply point out that none of the official agencies have released their data for May. The BBC claim comes from Copernicus, the EU agency, not regarded as a reliable source.

However the BBC claim about the UK is hopelessly wide of the mark. According to the Met Office, last month was only the 15th warmest May since 1884, and was not even as warm as 1893 and 1911!

Such sloppy reporting is only too common at the BBC, and not just where climate change is concerned. It only takes a minute to find the Met Office data, and I find it hard to understand why the programme editors did not think it worthwhile checking such an outlandish claim first.

Needless to say, I have filed a complaint, to add to the list of BBC climate lies!

The Media Has Conveniently Forgotten George W. Bush’s Many Atrocities

By James Bovard | Mises Wire | June 4, 2020

Former president George W. Bush has returned to the spotlight to give moral guidance to America in these troubled times. In a statement released on Tuesday, Bush announced that he was “anguished” by the “brutal suffocation” of George Floyd and declared that “lasting peace in our communities requires truly equal justice. The rule of law ultimately depends on the fairness and legitimacy of the legal system. And achieving justice for all is the duty of all.”

Bush’s declaration was greeted with thunderous applause by the usual suspects who portray him as the virtuous Republican in contrast to Trump. While the media portrays Bush’s pious piffle as a visionary triumph of principle, Americans need to vividly recall the lies and atrocities that permeated his eight years as president. … continue

Authors of Hydroxychloroquine Study Retract Publication in Lancet Over Unverifiable Source Data

Sputnik – June 4, 2020

Since the promotion of hydroxychloroquine by US President Donald Trump as a possible treatment for those afflicted with the coronavirus, the drug has been the subject of controversy, as top medical journals rebuked the claim and major drug trials were halted.

Three authors of an article that claimed to have discovered that taking hydroxychloroquine led to an increased fatality risk among COVID-19 patients retracted the study on Thursday over concerns that the primary source data used to support the work was unverifiable.

According to the authors, Surgisphere, a data analytics company said to be responsible for providing the raw data, refused to supply the full dataset to an independent review. The authors then acknowledged that they “can no longer vouch for the veracity of the primary data sources”. … continue

Rush to trash hydroxychloroquine exposes fundamental flaws in profit-based medical ‘science’

By Helen Buyniski | RT | June 4, 2020

As the WHO and prestigious medical journal the Lancet back away from questionable data provided by healthcare analytics firm Surgisphere, ulterior motives for the rush to demonize hydroxychloroquine become clear. … continue

Critical Review Confirms IPCC Assessment On Extreme Weather “No sign that extreme events are getting worse”

Global Warming Policy Foundation | June 4, 2020

A new review of the scientific literature on extreme weather events published today by the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) confirms what IPCC assessment reports have concluded: There is little evidence of any significant changes in most indices.

The paper, by physicist Dr Ralph Alexander, looks at trends in hot and cold weather extremes, floods and droughts, hurricanes and wildfires and finds only a minor increase in cold weather extremes.

According to Dr Alexander, weather extremes is one area where the IPCC has been reasonably empirical and scientific in recent years. … continue

Prince Charles sees ‘golden opportunity’ in Covid-19 pandemic as UK economy faces biggest recession in centuries

By Helen Buyniski | RT | June 4, 2020

The UK’s Prince Charles has said that the coronavirus crisis represents a global “reset moment” – one which seemingly allows leaders to ram through sustainability initiatives as cash-strapped citizens have no choice but to obey.

The virus’ “unprecedented shockwaves may well make people more receptive to big visions of change,” the heir to the British throne declared on Wednesday. He made the comments during a virtual meeting of the World Economic Forum’s Covid Action Platform, announcing the unveiling of his ‘Great Reset’ initiative. Charles cited the dramatic changes wrought by the pandemic as proof that a revolutionary shift was possible, glossing over the destruction the outbreak has wrought on the lives of average Brits to outline his ideal green future.

The project’s aim is to ensure businesses “build back better” in an environmentally-friendly fashion after shutdowns enacted in response to the epidemic left the UK economy in ruins. Businesses would be wise to “think big and act now,” the prince advised, noting “we have a unique, but rapidly shrinking, window of opportunity to learn lessons and reset ourselves on a more sustainable path.” … continue

UK battery electric car strategy is ‘doomed to failure’

By Andrew Forster | Transport Xtra | June 1, 2020

The Government’s push to electrify road transport is based on naivety, the undue influence of the Committee on Climate Change, and a lack of engineering expertise within Government, an academic has said.

Professor Michael Kelly, the former chief scientific adviser to the Department for Communities and Local Government, issues the warning in a paper published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation. … continue

Russia ramps up natural gas delivery to China via Power of Siberia mega pipeline

RT | June 4, 2020

The customs service for Heihe in northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province has said some 1.58 billion cubic meters of Russian natural gas have been imported via the Power of Siberia pipeline over the past six months.

The 3,000km (1864 miles) cross-border pipeline started official deliveries of Russian natural gas to China in December. The so-called eastern route’s capacity is 61 billion cubic meters of gas per year, including 38 billion cubic meters for export.

According to Xinhua News Agency, the pipeline enters China via the border city of Heihe and runs through nine provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. It has also been connected with existing natural gas networks in China to allow the Russian natural gas supply to reach China’s northeast, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and the Yangtze River Delta region.
Also on Russia pivots East with launch of natural gas deliveries to China

Agreement on gas supplies via the Power of Siberia pipeline was reached in 2014, with Russia’s energy giant Gazprom and the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) inking a 30-year contract. It is Gazprom’s biggest-ever agreement and the first natural gas pipeline between Russia and China.

The Russian company plans to start with deliveries of 10 million cubic meters a day and aims to reach peak capacity by 2025. Gazprom plans to export five billion cubic meters of gas to China this year, 10 billion in 2021 and 15 billion in 2022.

Gas consumption in China, Asia’s biggest economy, has surged in recent years as the government pressures homes and factories to use it instead of coal to combat air pollution. Gazprom intends to become China’s biggest supplier, making up more than 25 percent of gas imports by 2035 as demand for natural gas grows.

Two U.S. senators determined to stop Nord Stream 2 by imposing extra sanctions

By Paul Antonopoulos | June 4, 2020

The Nord Stream 2 project involves the construction of two gas pipelines with a total capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year from Russia to Germany via the Baltic Sea. The gas pipeline will run through the territorial waters or exclusive economic zones of Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. However, this gas pipeline is strengthening Russia’s relations with European states, making the U.S. desperate to end the project.

As reported by Bloomberg on Wednesday, U.S. senators are planning to extend sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 project. Sanctions are expected to target insurance companies associated with the project.

Senator Ted Cruz led the charge against Moscow and said the Russian pipeline is “a critical threat to America’s national security and must not be completed.” He added that Russian President Vladimir Putin is trying to circumvent the sanctions passed by Congress last year. He of course did not explain how a Russian pipeline a continent away from the U.S. and in northern Europe could impact their security.

Cruz, a Republican, was joined by Senator Jeanne Shaheen, a New Hampshire Democrat, who said that the pipeline “threatens Ukraine, Europe’s energy independence and gives Russia an opening to exploit our allies” and that “Congress must once again take decisive action and stand in this pipeline’s path.” He, just like Cruz, did not explain exactly how the pipeline is a threat or security concern, especially against Ukraine. … continue