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The Judgment of Jeremy Corbyn

By Martin SIEFF | Strategic Culture Foundation | 13.08.2018

For a man who is assailed and accused of lacking judgment even more than US President Donald Trump, it’s amazing how often British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has already been proven courageously and presciently right.

In 1990, Corbyn opposed the most powerful and successful peace time prime minster of the 20th century, Margaret Thatcher when she tried to impose a so-called poll tax on the population of the UK. His judgment was vindicated: Thatcher’s own party rose up and threw her out of office.

At the beginning of the 21st century Corbyn was pilloried throughout the UK media for his outspoken opposition to Prime Minister Tony Blair’s support for the US invasions of both Afghanistan and Iraq. Blair was prime minister for a full decade and won three landslide general elections, yet today he is discredited and politically virtually a recluse. Corbyn‘s opposition to both wars looks wise, as well as principled and courageous.

Corbyn’s support for the revolutionary Irish Republican movement was so strong that the UK security service MI5 monitored him for two decades listing him as a potential “subversive” who might undermine parliamentary democracy. On the contrary, in the late 1990s, Prime Minister Blair engaged the Irish Republican Army and its political wing Sinn Fein in a peace process that has led to a lasting peace in Ireland. Corbyn, who supported strongly the 1998 Good Friday Agreement proved once again to be ahead of his time.

Corbyn has never been afraid of taking ferociously unpopular positions. In 2015, after shocking Islamic State terror attacks in Paris he advocated the urgent need for a political settlement to end the Syrian Civil War. His advice was ignored by every major Western government. Hundreds of thousands of people have been killed and millions more turned into destitute refugees flooding into the European Union since then.

Corbyn was also ahead of his time in seeking to engage Iran constructively. He hosted a call-in show on an Iranian TV channel for three years from 2009 to 2012 even though he knew that at the time such activities would seem to rule him out from ever being a serious contender to lead the Labour Party. But in 2015, the Conservative government of the UK, along with those of the United States, France and Germany joined in signing a far reaching nuclear agreement with Tehran.

Corbyn’s economic positions have long been despised by the Western liberal intellectual elites who have been spared the price of having their livelihoods destroyed by such policies. He strongly advocates using the power of government to encourage the rebuilding of major national industries and manufacturing power. These views are hardly radical, Robert Skidelsky, one of the most influential UK economists of the past generation has given significant support to Corbyn’s proposal of a National Investment Bank. These policies are neither Marxist nor revolutionary. But they can certainly be described as Social Democratic and humane.

Corbyn is no unprincipled careerist either. In voting his convictions and his conscience, he puts 99 percent of the UK parliamentarians of his generation to shame. Between 1997 and 2010, during the Labour governments of Blair and Gordon Brown, Corbyn voted most often against the official party line than any other member of parliament (MP) – a total of 428 times and an astonishing figure. In 2005 he was labeled the second most rebellious Labour MP of all time when his party ran the country.

One of the few areas Corbyn was clearly ambiguous on was the question of whether the UK should remain in the 28-nation European Union or leave it, and even here his ambivalence appeared honestly come by and reflected the genuine divisions in his country. Corbyn recognized the enormous differences between both extremes that have been tearing the British public apart on the EU issue.

Ironically, only Donald Trump in the United States – a figure for whom Corbyn certainly has no personal or policy sympathy whatsoever – is comparable to the degree to which he has defied the Conventional Wisdoms of the political media establishment yet done impressively well in fighting elections that were supposed to be impossible.

In fact, the record and pattern of Corbyn’s career has been very clear: His real “crime”- which he has repeated consistently – is to be years, often decades, ahead of Conventional Wisdom.

In routine, tranquil times, people like Corbyn are usually seen as troublemakers or even as dangerous lunatics. But at times of crisis when the wisdom of mediocrities is exposed as worthless, such figures prove vital to national survival.

When told that General James Wolfe, the UK’s one brilliant general of the mid-18th century, was believed to be insane, King George II replied “Mad is he? Then I wish he’d bite some of my other generals!”

The UK political establishment has sneered at Jeremy Corbyn’s bark. Perhaps it is time they need to experience his bite.

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  1. Corbyn GREATEST mistake was to be @ one time ‘friends’ with a Jew.

    Not just any Jew, though….But a vilified Jew.

    Meet Paul Eisen:

    Righteous Jews
    My Life as a Holocaust Denier

    By Paul Eisen

    January 2008

    In December 2004 I completed my essay “The Holocaust Wars.” Nearly 17,000 words long, the essay was the result of six months’ dedicated reading1 and the final piece of a trilogy beginning with “Speaking the Truth to Jews” and followed by “Jewish Power”. The manuscript sat on my desk for four months while I wondered what to do with it and in May 2005 it was posted at my request, on Israel Shamir’s website. There was hardly any response other than from the revisionist community which was, as expected, positive.
    A couple of weeks later, again at my request, it was circulated by Gilad Atzmon on his private e-list. Now controversy broke out centering on the proposed appearance by Gilad at two Socialist Workers Party events. Two Jewish Marxists,2 Roland Rance and Tony Greenstein and others were outraged that a declared anti-racist organization like the SWP give a platform to someone who defended and circulated the writings of, if not an actual Holocaust denier, then certainly an apologist for the same.
    Gilad denied the charge of Holocaust denial, but not only defended my right to think, speak and write as I liked, but also the quality of my thinking and my writing. The essence and tone of the controversy may be found in a published email exchange between Gilad and Tony Greenstein.
    The SWP stayed committed to hosting Gilad who, despite picketing largely by anti-Zionist Jews, successfully appeared at both events. At the first of these—a book-signing at Bookmarks, the SWP bookshop—I, a Holocaust denier, was refused entry.
    The controversy raged over the internet for some weeks until June 26th when an article by Jewish, ex-SWP Trotskyite now Neo-Con journalist David Aaronovitch, appeared in The Times entitled “How the Far Left Got into Bed with the Jew-Hating Right”.3
    The article was largely an attack on Gilad and Israel Shamir with me in a non-speaking walk-on part as “Eisen the Holocaust denier.” Like Adolf Hitler’s infamous portrayal of the Jew as “a maggot in a rotting body …” I had metamorphosed into that lowest of animal life forms, the maggot at the bottom of the food chain—a Holocaust denier.
    Until now the attacks had been from Jewish activists, mainly Marxist, anti-Zionist Jews; but now they spread. Colleagues, associates, and even friends slowly but surely began to distance themselves—some in genuine horror and shock—others with shrewd, maybe wise, calculation at the effects on their solidarity careers. Even those closest in opinion hurried to find opportunities to state again and again that they, categorically, absolutely and completely did not deny the Holocaust.
    Stalwarts of the Christian solidarity community with whom I had worked closely for years, began to distance themselves. Prominent members of Christian organizations with whom I had had close and friendly relations, now expressed ‘concern’. There were moves to cancel the appearance of Sabeel’s Naim Ateek at the forthcoming Green Belt solidarity event if I remained on the Executive Committee of Friends of Sabeel UK. In response to a request by Roland Rance, the Executive Committee of the UK Palestine Solidarity Campaign began to discuss my possible expulsion and also whether the PSC should continue to work with Deir Yassin Remembered.4

    Comment by Leland Roth | August 13, 2018 | Reply

  2. Corbyn seems to have a great record for ultimately being right, but he’s up against the British Establishment, Media, and the Powerful Rich(not to mention, “The Parliamentary Friends of Israel” who seem to carry enormous ‘clout’ in the British Parliament, just like AIPAC has in the USA.

    Tony Blair on the other hand, knew whom he had to please whilst P.M. and now is widely despised as a War Criminal. Good luck and best wishes to Corbyn, if he does get to the top, he’ll be surrounded by ‘sharks’ waiting to devour him.

    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | August 13, 2018 | Reply


    Check out:

    Lev Davidovitch Bronstein.aka Trotsky the sadistic jew

    Juri Lina: (…) Trotsky was a sadist of the worst sort. He often executed his victims personally. He even ordered ordered children murdered. His cruelties are well documented in the Communist archives (…)

    After the Bolsheviks took control of the Soviet government, Lenin ordered the formation of the Red Army and appointed Leon Trotsky its leader. Spring 1918. He murdered 1,5 million Russians.

    The jew tyranny in the USSR. Free pdf of Juri Lina Under the Sign of Scorpion :

    Read 134 – 176

    (…) By the aid of (his teacher) Alexander Parvus, Trotsky reached the conclusion that the true purpose of freemasonry was to eliminate the national states and their cultures and to introduce a Judaised world state. This is also stated in “The Secret Initiation into the 33rd Degree”: “Freemasonry* is nothing more and nothing less than revolution in action; continuous conspiracy.” Bronstein became a convinced internationalist who, by the agency of Parvus’ care, learned that the jews were their own collective Messiah and would reach dominion over all peoples through the mixing of the other races and elimination of national boundaries.

    ….Parvus aka Israel Helphand had studied the history of Russia and knew that the country would be quite helpless if the nobility and the intellectuals were eliminated. All these ideas made a great impression on Leiba Bronstein and Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin).

    The truth about Jeremy Corbyn

    vid: 4.44 Corbyn called for complete rehabilitation of Trotsky in UK parlisment.

    Those who don´t see this as a red flag are Stevie Wonder + Ray Charles trillion times over.

    Corbyn has deeper jew roots than he admits en is a hardcore commie otherwise you can´t be an adorer of Trotsky.

    Those goyim zombies are so dumbed down, they will not know who my idol Trotsky is.

    *Juri Lina´s book on Freemasons: Architects of Deception free pdf:

    CIA O

    Comment by Gabreal Jones | September 30, 2018 | Reply

  4. Video on who Trotsky – a hero of Jeremy Corbyn- really was apparently removed. No problem:

    Juri Lina opens with: Trotsky was a cynic and sadist of the worst sort….

    “ In 1921 messengers representing starving European peasants asked Trotsky for help. He said this- “You are Starving? This is not famine yet, when your woman start eating their children then you may come and say we are starving”. Leon Trotsky born Lev Davidovich Bronstein; (7 November 1879—21 August 1940), was a Jewish Communists mass murderer and Marxist ideologue. An international subversive and Bolshevik politician funded by Jacob Schiff and Max Warburg Trotsky was the preferred candidate for the international Jewish bankers. Trotsky, Parvus, and other Jewish accomplices including Jewish Bolshevik Leonid Krasin (really Goldgelb), organized and coordinated bank-robberies, mutinies on 12 warships including the Potemkin (June 1905) , revolts in Kronstadt, Sevastopol and other places, murdered policemen and bought weapons to destabilise Russia prior to Jewish seizure. He is best known as the founder of the Red Army, as well as for his criminal role in the Holodomor Genocides against ethnic Europeans. Trotsky also invented the word “racism” in 1927 to disable constructive debate and place the enemy on the defensive.´´

    Comment by Gabreal Jones | December 5, 2018 | Reply

    • Great links & comments Gabreal on truly linking Trosky to the devil & then some😅🎯

      As an aside…Some good stuff on another ‘recently’ deceased ‘devil’😉 “Because the officers in charge were seen as heros by many of the political right-wing that took control in Washington in 1981, most were protected by the changing political elite. Many of those who had either openly backed the alien cause, or had profited from it in one way or another, were forced to pull back from their position for nearly ten years. Only WHEN GEORGE BUSH SR. BECAME PRESIDENT WERE THE ALIENS ABLE TO RETURN, and then only in much smaller numbers.”

      Comment by Leland Roth | December 6, 2018 | Reply

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