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  1. The Master race… were did we hear that before…….

    The Master race and sub-humans…. who did say that before?

    More important…. who in 2010 is repeating those words?
    Who has seemingly learned from what someone said in 1939…. and is practicing it in 2010?

    One wonders were the brains of this major rabbi are? Left them behind in auschwitz perhaps?

    Comment by Adrian Masters | October 18, 2010

  2. And they complain they’re “victims” of “anti-semitism”? Why?

    Comment by Palehorse | October 18, 2010

  3. Yosef further elucidated his ideas about the servitude of gentiles to Jews, asking “why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap; and we will sit like an effendi and eat.”

    “That is why gentiles were created.”

    This guy isn’t just a Jew, he’s a kike; a very SPECIAL type of Jew.


    Comment by hybridrogue1 | October 18, 2010

  4. This so called Religious moron, Wouldn’t dare say such
    words in another country.

    Comment by Peter | October 18, 2010

  5. Oh but Peter, there HAVE been rabbis in America say such things. This is deep Talmudic teaching and it is in no way restricted to the maniacs in Israel.


    Comment by hybridrogue1 | October 18, 2010

  6. Gosh, they have been saying this same old same old for thousands upon thousands of years. They also say, NO WE WOULD NEVER SAY THAT! YOU GOYIM ARE OUR FRIENDS! Then they snicker at our naivete behind our backs saying, “for as long as we can use you.”) They can do it because we were taught to tun the other cheek stuff they made sure we learned.

    Well, now they are tired of hiding the truth perhaps. It seems more and more of the dark Talmud is slipping out as they become more and more full of hubris and their own closeness with their Lucifer gives them a boldness beyond their usual overdose of egocentricity.

    Comment by Noor al Haqiqa | October 19, 2010

    • Who is that in the pic you use as your gravatar Noor al Haqiqa? That is one beautiful face. Certainly not one of a donkey.


      Comment by hybridrogue1 | October 19, 2010

  7. Idiots!

    Comment by karen | October 19, 2010

  8. Time is up…

    Comment by Duncan | October 19, 2010

  9. Comment by Zane | October 19, 2010

    • Yea, I have followed Kamanski’s work for some time…

      RICO does fit…but all the lawyers are Jews, whattaya do?
      Well, forget court. Law has been destroyed in this nation.

      There will be no answers from within this system.


      Comment by hybridrogue1 | October 19, 2010

  10. Why is anyone surprised? All he is doing is voicing what’s already in their holy book:

    “Yahweh created the non-Jew in human form so that the Jew would not have to be served by beasts. The non-Jew is consequently an animal in human form and is condemned to serve the Jew day and night.” (Midrash Talpioth 225)

    “The ‘goyim’ םיוג (cattles/gentile) are not humans. They are beasts.” (Baba Mezia 114b)

    “All children of the ‘goyim’ םיוג (gentiles) are animals.” (Yebamoth 98a)

    “Although the non-Jew has the same body structure as the Jew, they compare with the Jew like a monkey to a human.” (Schene Luchoth Haberith, p. 250b)

    Comment by thirdeyewise | October 19, 2010

  11. What is “The People’s Voice”? How do you know the author didn’t just make up the quotes?

    Comment by matt | October 20, 2010

    • Matt,

      The People’s Voice simply published Amayreh’s article.

      Amayreh is widely published and has a solid track record for accuracy in reporting and is based in the West Bank.

      In this case the Rabbi’s quotes are also published in the rabidly Zionist Jerusalem Post as reported by their own sources.

      In any event, as commentators have noted above, the supremacist ideology is central to Judaic scripture. Some of these offensive ideas are found in the old testament. Ask any religious scholar or seminarian.

      Comment by aletho | October 20, 2010

      • I don’t see anything about it on

        There isn’t anything about gentiles being animals in the Old Testament. Adam was a gentile, for instance. So was Noah.

        Comment by matt | October 21, 2010

        • Matt, the Torah is the Old Testament {apprx} for the Jews.

          We are speaking of the Talmud–{Commentary and Law}

          See: B. Pranaitis, for a scholarly review of the Talmud by other than the rebe:

          “Towards the end of the 16th century and at the beginning of the 17th, when many famous men undertook diligently to study the Talmud, the Jews, fearing for themselves, began to expunge parts of the Talmud which was published at Basle in 1578 has been mutilated in many places”.~Rev. I. B. Pranaitis


          Comment by hybridrogue1 | October 21, 2010

          • @hybridrogue1:

            I realize you are speaking of the Talmud, because I know you antisemites well. However the other person did say Old Testament, that is why I referred to the Old Testament.

            I have not read the Talmud, but it is doubtful that many antisemites have either. I even find it doubtful that self-proclaimed Christian experts on it, such as Texe Marrs and Michael Hoffmann, can read Hebrew, but I do not know enough about them to know if this doubt is deserving. That said, there are many places on the web that refute the claims that the Talmud teaches that gentiles are animals, may be killed, or that pedophilia may be practiced with them, etc. I see the same anti-Talmud quotes come up again and again, suggesting they are merely copied and pasted from antisemitic/anti-zionist websites.

            It is possible that there have been Jews who have said anti-gentile things in the past, but I doubt it conforms to normative Judaism throughout the centuries. Anyway, the idea that we are to serve the Jews is not offensive to me because Jews are to serve God and exist in even greater slavery to God than we do to them. For instance, we have more freedom with our mere 7 Noahide Laws against their 613 laws.

            Comment by matt | October 22, 2010

            • utter rubish.. if u wish too serve u serve by your self,,, is this why in the 30, 40 hitler came to power..

              Comment by j h | May 5, 2012

        • Matt,

          You dolt, here it is:

          Yosef: Gentiles exist only to serve Jews
          By JONAH MANDEL

          and here’s the same story at the neo-con New Republic:

          “Goyim Were Born Only To Serve Us”: The Moral Wisdom Of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef

          By Martin Peretz

          One more false assertion and you are banned from commenting here, Matt.

          Comment by aletho | October 21, 2010

          • OK thanks. But why did you call me a dolt? I searched for his name on and did not see this article.

            Go ahead and ban me though

            Comment by matt | October 22, 2010

  12. The hypocrisy of these people in full splendor:

    The American Jewish Committee condemned the rabbi’s remarks in a statement issued Monday.

    “Rabbi Yosef’s remarks — suggesting outrageously that Jewish scripture asserts non-Jews exist to serve Jews — are abhorrent and an offense to human dignity and human equality,” said AJC Executive Director David Harris. “Judaism first taught the world that all individuals are created in the divine image, which helped form the basis of our moral code. A rabbi should be the first, not the last, to reflect that bedrock teaching of our tradition.”

    Jewish scripture:

    “Yahweh created the non-Jew in human form so that the Jew would not have to be served by beasts. The non-Jew is consequently an animal in human form and is condemned to serve the Jew day and night.” (Midrash Talpioth 225)

    Comment by thirdeyewise | October 20, 2010

  13. And the AshkeNAZI jews are the Synagogue of satan(Revelation 2:9,,3:9),you people should read the Bible and see that those so call jews are converted Khazars that adopted judaism in 740 black see kingdom of Khazaria.
    Christians have been duped by the unholiest hoax in all history, by so-called Jews. This is considered their most effective weapon.”

    “This ‘big lie’ technique is brainwashing United States Christians into believing that Jesus Christ was “King of the Jews”, in the sense that so-called ‘Jews’ today call themselves ‘Jews’. This reference was first made in English translations of the Old and New Testaments, centuries before the so-called Jews highjacked the word ‘Jew’ in the 18th century A.D. to palm themselves off on the Christian world as having a kinship with Jesus Christ. This alleged kinship comes from the myth of their common ancestry with the so-called ‘Jews’ of the Holy Land in the Old Testament history, a fiction based on fable.”

    “American Christians little suspect they are being brainwashed twenty-four hours of every day over television and radio, by newspapers and magazines, by motion pictures and plays, by books, by political leaders in office and seeking office, by religious leaders in their pulpits and outside their churches, by leaders in the field of education inside and outside their curricular activities, and by all leaders in business, professions and finance, whose economic security demands that they curry the favor of so-called “Jews” of historic Khazar ancestry. Unsuspecting Christians are subjected to this barrage from sources they have little reason to suspect. Incontestable facts supply the unchallengeable proof of the historic accuracy that so-called “Jews” throughout the world today of eastern European origin are unquestionably the historic descendants of the Khazars, a pagan Turko-Finn ancient Mongoloid nation deep in the heart of Asia, according to history, who battled their way in bloody wars about the 1st century B.C. into eastern Europe where they set up their Khazar kingdom. For some mysterious reason the history of the Khazar kingdom is conspicuous by its absence from history courses in the schools and colleges.

    “The historic existence of the Khazar kingdom of so-called “Jews”, their rise and fall, the permanent disappearance of the Khazar kingdom as a nation from the map of Europe, and how King Bulan and the Khazar nation in about 740 A.D. became so-called “Jews” by conversion, were concealed from American Christians by censorship imposed by so-called “Jews”, of historic Khazar ancestry, upon all U.S.A. media of mass communications directed by them. Then in 1945 this author gave nation-wide publicity to his many years intensive research into the “facts of life” concerning Khazars. The disclosures were sensational and very effective but apparently angered so-called “Jews” who have continued to vent their spleen upon this author since then solely for that reason. Since 1946 they have conducted a vicious smear campaign against him, seeking thus to further conceal these facts, for obvious reasons. What have they to fear from the truth?

    “In an original 1903 edition of the Jewish Encyclopedia in New York’s Public Library, and in the Library of Congress, Volume IV, pages 1 to 5 inclusive, appears a most comprehensive history of the Khazars. Also in the New York Public Library are 327 books by the world’s greatest historians and other sources of reference, in addition to the Jewish Encyclopedia, dealing with Khazar history, and written between the 3rd A.D. and 20th centuries by contemporaries of the Khazars and by modern historians on that subject.

    Comment by Mihail | October 20, 2010

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  15. “…because I know you antisemites well.”~Matt

    A statement so general as to be called vague beyond rational meaning, and skirting a form of reverse xenophobia it tiself.

    “there are many places on the web that refute the claims that the Talmud teaches that gentiles are animals…”~ibid

    There are many places on the web…bla bla bla
    This is not an argument from your own personal opinion, just a jejune reach for a seamingly statistical argument that falls flat even for an “appeal to authority”.

    “I doubt it conforms to normative Judaism throughout the centuries.”~ibid

    The Talmud IS normative Judaism throughout the centuries, and is held as above even the Torah by the vast majority of the rebe.

    Michael Hoffmann CAN read Hebrew…so you are striking out in both your hunches and your ability to reason.

    “..the idea that we are to serve the Jews is not offensive to me because Jews are to serve God and exist in even greater slavery to God than we do to them.”~ibid

    Since you cannot read Hebrew, ancient Greek, Aramaic, Coptic, nor in all likelihood, Olde English nor Anglo-Saxon; this blind subservient and gutless declaration puts you 3000 years and five languages between your knowledge and your accepted point of view.

    I think it is a fair assessment on several counts to call you a dolt.


    Comment by hybridrogue1 | October 22, 2010

    • You can read Hebrew? And you have read the Talmud?

      Comment by matt | October 22, 2010

  16. “You can read Hebrew? And you have read the Talmud?”~Matt

    No, but I have researched enough of the history of English translations by, in FACT the Rebe itself–In print in various Jewish journals and such, to come to the conclusion that they have indeed admitted to these ‘haughty naughty’ things prior to the 18th century, quite openly–and still do from time to time, which is the very genesis of the article we are discussing.

    And of course all of this is handwaved with the magic phrase, “Anti-Semitism”, a term now so abused and vague that one might as well utter, “Abracadabra”.

    Again, a good scholarly source is the Rev. I. B. Pranaitis.

    Are you not in the slightest puzzled by the fact that it is the Free Masons who have the site with the strongest arguments against the “Anti-Semitic” claims against the Talmud?
    Well, then I have to ask myself, why am I continuing this conversation…knowing the futility of arguing with a True Believer.

    Comment by hybridrogue1 | October 22, 2010

    • A true believer in what? And what Freemasonic site are you referring to?

      Here’s a site I had in mind about the Talmud:

      I doubt that the Talmud has been censored considering its importance in religion and history. Yes, maybe certain English copies from a few centuries ago, but today’s Hebrew?

      Anyway, the Talmud is (from what I understand) a book of discussions and debates. There is bound to be many dissenting and differing opinions on certain matters. However I doubt VERY SEROIUSLY there are such things as “Jews may have sex with gentiles as young as 3” — for one thing, it is criminal for a Jew even to THINK about sex with someone other than his wife, and he can only marry a Jew. Plus he is forbidden to have sex with animals, and if the Talmud also says the gentiles are animals, then he’d be forbidden with having sex with a gentile of any age based on just this.

      Comment by matt | October 22, 2010

  17. “I doubt that the Talmud has been censored considering its importance in religion and history.”~Matt

    Oh yes it has been censored in the text–and the passing on of the forbidden fruits in verbal instruction. This too is spoken of by the Rebe.

    The Masonic site in at the very top of the list on both Yahoo and Bing.

    Angelfire is obvious Hasbara.


    Comment by hybridrogue1 | October 22, 2010

    • Where does “the Rebe” say this? And who are you referring to?

      I don’t see anything wrong with the Angelfire site (Gil Student). Seems like good arguments.

      Also still don’t know what Freemasonic site you are referring to, because I don’t know what to search for in Yahoo or Bing.

      Comment by matt | October 22, 2010

  18. Matt,

    Just type “Talmud” into the browser, like I said the Masonic site tops the list.

    You have taken up a good deal of my morning. If you haven’t found it by sometime later, I will get back to you with the URL, when I can.

    I am fairly organized, but I don’t have every quote available at a moments notice.

    So why don’t you do some study, take a devils advocate view for awhile and look at things you might kneejerkingly take as “anti-Semitic” at a glance, and try to follow the reasoning and evidence.

    Douglas Reed, THE CONTROVERSY OF ZION, available as a free PDF
    Reed, is referred to as an “anti-Semite” roundly, and was censored out of existance after this 1956 work. However, once the work itself is read, the scholarship and splended reasoning cannot be sanely denied. It is one of the most important history books ever written.

    Please, find yourself before you find me again. Thanks,


    Comment by hybridrogue1 | October 22, 2010

  19. There are several opinions on the subject but not sure this is the right way

    Comment by משכנתא | October 22, 2010

  20. משכנתא,

    So, what do you find it an encumbrance to?
    Greater Israel?


    Comment by hybridrogue1 | October 22, 2010

  21. A Jew, by the fact that he belongs to the chosen people and is circumcized, possesses so great a dignity that no one, not even an angel, can share equality with him.(1) In fact, he is considered almost the equal of God. “He who strikes an Israelite” says Rabbi Chanina “acts as if he slaps the face of God’s Divine Majesty.”(2) A Jew is always considered good, in spite of certain sins which he may commit; nor can his sins contaminate him, any more
    than dirt contaminates the kernel in a nut, but only soils its shell.(3) A Jew alone is looked upon as a man; the whole world is his and all things should serve him, especially “animals which have the form of men.”(4)

    (1) cf. Chullin, 91b
    (2) cf. Sanhedrin, 58b
    (3) cf. Chagigah, 15b
    (4) “Thus on the Sabbath day Jews celebrate with wine, meats, fish and all the delicacies made for men; for them it is a full holiday; they abstain from all kinds of work and will not lift a finger to do anything that has the appearance of labor or that involves work of any kind. Thus if there is need to light a fire in winter, to light or blow out a candle, to cook or heat food, or to milk cows, they employ poor Christians to do such work. Hence they glory in the fact that they are masters and Christians are their servants who must minister to them while they rest at their ease.


    Comment by hybridrogue1 | October 22, 2010

  22. TALIBAN,

    I saw your message in my email to this page, but I don’t see it here…perhaps it was extinguished.

    I wanted to ask if you as TALIBAN, are a student of the CIA created TALIBAN like the “students”–meaning TALIBAN, in Afghanistan?


    Comment by hybridrogue1 | November 1, 2010

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  24. Should Christians Support Israel?

    How the Jews Treat Christians in Israel?

    Comment by MUJAHIDEEN | December 3, 2010

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  28. Sabem porque judeus não comem carne de porco ? Eles acreditam na reencarnação?

    Comment by Pavlov | March 8, 2012

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  30. So… Jewish religious bigotry is an ideology entwined with Marism, Jewish nationalism, Jewish repudiation of all things non-Jewish, Jewish self-attributed genetic superiority, etc. Words such as “aparthid,” “racism,” “hatred,” are not strong enough to condemn these Jews.. Any non-Jew can only deduce that Jews intend to take over the entire planet and subjugate anyone non-Jewish into a form of slavery. This slavery may not entail “hewing wood,” “bearing water,” “harvestinjg crops,” etc. but perhaps take the form of financial exploitation and subjugation. A good argument is that is already defacto in place. These people have a plan to put their so-called “race” at the forefront of everyone else, regardless of race, color, religion, etc. They proclaim themselves a “chosen people” and it is clear that it is Christians that have empowered them the most, and now, our own federal government which has heeded Israels every beck and call. The last a group of people decided tha they were a “master race,”, it was the Jews being killed. Seemingly, “Never Again” means that they are going to kill or enslave non-Jews just like what Nazi Germany did to them. Jewish religious doctrine has been teaching these concepts for more than 3,000 years so this is not a new notion for them. They are posisbly the original architects of oppression and murder on a large scale, and when they are found out, they are pushed back by the populations that they are trying to oppress. Jews admit that they were in fact cornering the German economy, and now have virtually taken over the US.. This has to make you wonder if we are seeing the Jew become the master of us all. Of course they will kill anyone that doesn’t go along, or anyone that knows too much. You have to wonder why the Chinese and Russians are behind Iran. Supporting Islam. which is just as sick and oppressive as Judaism is like trying to decide between the devil and his brother. The USA needs to abandon Israel and declare many of the organizations that Jews are using as fronts to be terroristic and treasonous, round them up, arrest them, and deport them to Israel.

    Comment by Fiver | September 7, 2012

    • “deport them to Israel”???

      Isn’t that Zionism?

      Comment by aletho | September 8, 2012

      • How is that Zionism? Sending them back to their “proimsed land?” They’re Semites and that is their historical, if not ancestral home. Where these people came from is debatable, but what can we do with them? They are wicked beyond redemption.. Judaism is a dangerous religion that seeks to subjugate, by death or slavery, any non-Jewish people. How can anyone not arrive at this logical conclusion, since it comes from their own Talmudic doctrine, ltheir own actions and behaviors? Let them live among themselves to protect the rest of us from their wickeness.

        Comment by Fiver | September 8, 2012

  31. yeah if it wan’t so sick their should be a DVD for it “Jews Gone Wild “…. money money money .. mitt needs to belly up with a bucket of new money or he has zero chance…maybe send over a few of his old ladies caddies

    Comment by Shrek Schecter | September 8, 2012

  32. What an a$$h0le!
    Makes me proud 2 be goyim
    …. this rabbi is surely sick in the head!

    Comment by Better Than Him | December 9, 2012

  33. Yeah, but it’s only wishful thinking. They haven’t even been able to exterminate all the goyim in Palestine, let alone the entire world. They’re subject to delusions of grandeur, that’s all.

    Comment by traducteur | May 13, 2013

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