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The US Is Receptive To Kissinger’s Suggestion To Revive Talks With China On A New Détente


Two new narratives were introduced into the West’s information ecosystem over the past week. The first concerns the need to adapt to multipolar processes by engaging more with the Global South, which was expressed by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, former US National Security Council member Fiona Hill, and Goldman Sachs’ President of Global Affairs Jared Cohen all on the exact same day last Monday. The next narrative complemented this one and came two days later on Wednesday.

Global affairs guru Henry Kissinger’s lengthy interview with The Economist from late April was published on that day, in which he devoted considerable time explaining why the US should revive its talks with China on a New Détente that were unexpectedly derailed by February’s balloon incident. CNN then reported on that same day that “Biden administration looking at arranging high-profile visits to China by senior officials,” which suggests that it was briefed earlier about his proposal and heeded his advice.

The first narrative about engaging more with the Global South complements the second one about reviving talks with China on a New Détente in the sense that the former is one of the three prerequisites for successfully accomplishing the latter, at least according to how American policymakers likely view it. They want to signal that the US won’t voluntarily cede influence in the Global South to China, but instead plans to compete with it there via economic and diplomatic means.

This goal will be greatly advanced through a combination of pragmatic engagement with the Global South’s informal Indian leader, whose Prime Minister visits the US late next month, and coordinating between America’s “Build Back Better World” and the EU’s “Global Gateway” development initiatives. These subgoals also align with Kissinger’s suggestions about cooperating more closely with India as well as crafting an inspirational vision for this century (i.e. merging the West’s development initiatives).

The second prerequisite for successfully negotiating a New Détente with China upon the seemingly impending resumption of this process is to diplomatically displace its envisaged role in the Russian-Ukrainian peace process. In pursuit of this, the US wants to “de-Sinify” the scenario of a ceasefire after the end of Kiev’s NATO-backed counteroffensive, which explains its support of the African-led peace mission that was announced on Tuesday in between Monday and Wednesday’s new narratives.

What’s most interesting about this initiative is that it’s organized by the Brazzaville Foundation, whose French chairman Jean-Yves Olivier is known for his shadow diplomacy over the decades that was documented by Wikipedia. This suggests that their peace mission is secretly organized by France with the US’ tacit approval, if not jointly coordinated with it, which would advance their goal of diplomatically engaging with the Global South in parallel with “de-Sinifying” the Russian-Ukrainian peace process.

Both’s prospects would be bolstered by India’s participation in these efforts, which has its own interests in presenting itself to the world as a peace broker, especially throughout the course of its G20 chairmanship. These two prerequisites for enhancing the odds that the US successfully negotiates a New Détente with China concern the economic and diplomatic spheres respectively, while the third that’ll now be described deals with the military one.

The US Is Rounding Up Allies Ahead Of A Possible War With China”, while “NATO’s Planned Liaison Office In Japan Will Accelerate The Expansion Of AUKUS+”, both of which will contribute to more effectively containing China in the Asia-Pacific. American policymakers apparently expect that the People’s Republic will accept this emerging regional military reality instead of it serving to preclude the resumption of their talks on a New Détente.

Not only that, but they seem to think that it could even give their side an edge of some sort in those negotiations too, or at least enable the US to speak to China “from a position of strength” as they see it. The message would be that this containment noose could tighten even more if Beijing doesn’t agree to resume such talks, not to mention if they fail to achieve anything tangible, thus making it a form of military blackmail when viewed from this perspective.

Altogether, the introduction of this week’s two complementary narratives into the West’s information ecosystem suggest that this de facto New Cold War bloc’s American leader is recalibrating its grand strategy. Policymakers appear to have concluded that their side can’t restore unipolarity, instead settling for managing multipolar processes in the direction of their interests as much as is realistically possible, to which end they must engage more with the Global South and revive talks with China on a New Détente.

The observations shared in this analysis shouldn’t be interpreted as predicting the success of these policies, but simply as arguments that this approach is indeed being attempted and was almost certainly influenced by Kissinger’s suggestions that he shared in his interview. He and The Economist are close to American policymakers so they likely passed his ideas along to relevant figures, after which they agreed with the gist thereof and subsequently began implementing them this week as proven in this piece.

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  1. Zionist-occupied US negotiates in bad faith–proven over and over. The Ukraine debacle relates to bad faith by US (The West, Israel in background) Minsk agreement. Note the annual practice of Jews renouncing all vows–called the ‘kol nidre’. With fingers crossed behind their backs, they make deals.


    Comment by Ed Kendrick | May 19, 2023 | Reply

  2. Henry Kissinger admitted long ago that he works for Chatham House, British Intelligence. Fiona Hill cannot be trusted either. She belongs to the Atlantic Council crowd of warmongers and would only work to create a wedge between China and Russia. A Russia she vehemently loathes. And as for Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs looted Athens the way Merrill Lynch looted Orange County, CA in 1995. Goldman Sachs should not be allowed anywhere near China’s Belt and Road. Goldman Sachs is in it for Goldman Sachs.
    Conversely, the new paradigm of win-win is championed by all the nations that have participated. Some 150 nations at last count. Because the new paradigm it is not based on competition and short-term gain for a few. But on long-term development to the benefit the many. I don’t believe Xi Jinping will bend enough to allow the Western winds that blow his way to have any effect on the outcome.

    The transAtlantic region as it were, was stripped of its industrial potential long ago. Financial locusts in the City of London have been feeding off whats left ever since and now want to take a big bite out of the Global South. These same parasites want to eliminate a third of the world’s agricultural production in the name of Climate Change, dictated by the Paris Accord.

    Peoples residing in Europe and N. America who are being forced to swallow the same bitter austerity that nations in the Global South have had to endure for decades are rebelling. They have finally awakened and are fighting back. Millions of farmers and their supporters in European countries have allied together to protest against what amounts to government-imposed subsistence living. They have come to view Climate Change as the new face of Fascism. And as long as economies in the West continue to devolve and disintegrate the Global South should resign itself to that fact and go it alone, without the Global North.

    China provides the Global South nations with an umbrella of peaceful economic development without the British jackboot. And like Russia, Xi Jinping’s China is a nuclear power with enough fissionable firepower to destroy NATO nations several times over. So this makes for a new anti-colonial reality that has emboldened leaders in Africa and Asia. We have witnessed how this has strengthened the backbone of African leaders who have imparted to Western government leaders “it would be wise for you to think twice about what you intend to do to us in the future. For we are with China and the Belt and Road Initative.”

    Americans must act now to end the war in Ukraine before it gets out of control. NATO’s Frankenstein Monster is on a short leash but it is being encouraged by the British to attack Russian territory. The British want to break Russia up into many different pieces. Putin has vowed not to yield to such intentions.
    Vladimir Putin and Russia have born the brunt of NATO’s fascist war machine for more than a year now. And for that, the world owes Russia a debt of gratitude. We can show our gratitude best by ending the war.


    Comment by Thomas Lee Simpson | May 20, 2023 | Reply

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