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  1. So I guess this means when I see an Israeli/Jew I just start shooting and consider it self defense?
    Can’t be too careful, don’t you know


    Comment by kalidas | March 3, 2010

  2. Well it looks they’ve been busy in Austin. On April 18, 2008, a Palestinian activist was found dead in Town Lake, downtown Austin: wrapped in duct tape with his hands tied behind his back. Our investigators declared this a suicide. What follows is what I understand was the condition Riad Hamad’s body was in when pulled from the water: Hamad’s body was found bound with duct tape, cut from the shoulder to the stomach, his arms were cut and his face was bruised, the rear of his skull was bashed in.
    How many passports, how many z agents pulled this one off?


    Comment by The Lone Ranger | March 3, 2010

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    Comment by swati | March 22, 2010

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  6. At a slight tangent to the topic, do they have the technology to induce heart arrythmias and/or heart attacks from a distance?


    Comment by jes | May 31, 2011

  7. mossad killed John Wheeler III’rd, that’s now leaked out from the investigation into his murder a few months ago. one of the gumshoes involved in the investigation went to the press with it, but the member of the press decided to contact the F.B.I. over the leak…but another set of eyes saw the information on the flat panel display and then leaked this out.

    so we know the F.B.I. now is covering up mossad murders in the U.S. as I type this.



  8. Petras wrote:

    ‘……It is time to speak out against their impunity, before another Israeli secret police murder takes place, possibly inside the USA itself and with the shameless complicity of Zionist accomplices……

    We have had that already in the United States. The assassination of President John Kennedy is one, the USS Liberty is another, Bobby Kennedy assassination with a Palestinian patsy no-less! And 9/11 was an Israel Mossad & CIA conspiracy operationally, and the coverup included nearly everyone outside of activist on the issue, of which I am one.

    Then their is the assassination of Senator Paul Wellstone too. I have have doubts on the assassination of Senator Huey P. Long, 75 years ago.

    Also note that the stolen passports were used as part of identify theft by the Massod assassins. The same holds true with the passports of the alleged hijackers on 9/11.



    Comment by Bill Mitchell | May 31, 2011

    • Paul Welstone’s death was more due to the fact that ‘neither’ of his pilots who flew that King Air that day were truly properly certified to fly it. the alleged ‘senior’ pilot in the plane, logged flight hours while in prison in North Dakota. the co-pilot, who was actually flying it at the time of the ‘stall and spin’ the plane did due to improperly flying the instrument approach, which, in essence exists to stabilize the aircraft in the landing configuration after slowing it down appropriately…had maybe more flight time but less familiarity with the King Air, or for that matter, PT-6A turbines and their power band characteristics once you pull all the power OFF instead of using propeller settings to brake the plane on the approach. So, you can’t blame Wellstone’s death on assassination, as much as you might want to. I wanted to, until I studied how the plane was flown that day, and it doesn’t compute. If you check the Star Tribune stories about the qualifications of those airmen in that plane, about ‘pencil whipped’ logs, and about improperly flying the IFR approach procedure published for that airport there, as even a non-aviator as I assume you are, you will have to concur that the reason the plane went in was NOT because someone sabotaged it. It was a classic stall and spin precipitated by improperly flying it at TOO SLOW AN AIRSPEED with the flaps extended at the position they were found in at the crash scene.

      so we agree on all but this. Wellstone’s unfortunate death had more to do with IMPROPERLY or NON CERTIFIED AIRMEN flying his machine that day, not sabotage/murder.


      Comment by WELLSTONE DID NOT DIE BY SABOTAGE | May 31, 2011

      • and more points abut the approach procedure that was ‘blown’ or to the point, simply not adhered to or flown at all that day:

        on a ‘VOR A’ or non-precision approach of this kind, ATC will radar vector the aircraft over the navaid (VOR) and then outbound on a reciprocal course to the final approach course, for typically not much more than 10 n.m. ‘outbound’ away from the airport, at an intermediate but low altitude closer to the field elevation to negate the need for a high descent rate ‘dive’ to the runway on the course reversal. And then, the pilot, per the ‘approach procedure’ or ‘plate’ as they are called, executes a procedure turn (teardrop shaped, usually) and joins the inbound radial of the VOR, crosses an approach fix marked by another cross radial or point in space that is determined by other means, and begins his descent at approach speed…landing gear down, flaps extended, plane slowed down to proper flaps extended speed, and if turbulence is present, or icing, flown at this speed times 1.3 or so for the extra airspeed for lift to allow for a bit of safety margin in the event of an inadvertent ‘stall’ due to wind shear or heavy turbulence on the final.

        In this case, the aircraft barreled in directly to the VOR, at high speed, and the gear extended, some flaps but not full flaps extended, and condition levers went to ‘flight idle’ position (power), meaning the two turbines which require considerable spooling time to come back into full power from flight idle, were suddenly reduced to a power setting that made recovery from a ‘stall’ almost impossible so close to the ground/terrain. Speed on the aircraft decayed below stall speed, and with most aircraft, one wing usually drops abruptly, the plane rolls over, inverted, and spins into the ground. There was insufficient altitude at the approach altitude they were at, to either regain control of the aircraft, or at least, roll to wings level and try to mitigate the crash forces by being in some semblance of control.

        having stated this, it is absolutely clear that neither airman on this aircraft understood how to execute a ‘VOR A’ approach procedure, and why these non-precision approaches are tailored to slow the machine down, stabilize it, and have the airplane in the proper power/speed/flaps/gear configuration for a normal landing. Based on pilot reports or PIREPS from other planes into the area’s airports, nobody reported icing of any significant amount, however, that is not totally out of the question if the plane’s de-icing equipment was neither in use or being properly utilized if structural icing was occurring on the descent to the approach.

        needless to say, hanging this on assassination is a very inappropriate idea given the radar track, speed, altitude from Mode C (transponder encoded altimeter to the RAPCON or approach facility is known), showed this airplane was barely at 70 or so knots without the benefit of full flaps, meaning it was not in the proper landing configuration to be flown so slow, and expect a stall to not happen. Given the power was at flight idle, the PT-6A turbines would have taken far too long to respond to condition levers pushed all the way into max power range, and without lowering the nose to regain the critical airspeed, which is in fact risky that low to the ground, they stalled and spun in.

        everything points to crew inadequacy, as the King Air is notoriously a reliable and quite forgiving machine IF YOU FLY IT WITHIN IT’S PROPER OPERATIONS ENVELOPE!

        so no, Wellstone didn’t die by sabotage.

        if anyone is culpable here, it’s the F.A.A. for failing to adequately check airmen’s logs and pilot proficiency when they are flying Part 135 operations like this charter was.

        so the responsibility is with them. and this operator, American Air there at Flying Cloud Airport, had a number of really questionable pilots there, one who’d created his pilot certification on a color copier, and then later resigned and admitted he never had a real license.

        sound like fiction? Check the facts, but don’t blame the GOP scum for this one, they didn’t do it…unless you want to hang it on Marion Blakey, the F.A.A. Administrator, who had no clue what F.A.A. stood for…as a GOP appointee under the Bush frog.

        in any case, the N.T.S.B. report is online I do believe. Go find a career pilot to explain IFR approach procedures to you, any of them with any number of decades of experience is qualified to do that.


        Comment by BLAME THE F.A.A. LACK OF PART 135 OPERATION OVERSIGHT | June 2, 2011

  9. No, Obama’s got better assasination insurance with Joe Biden, then JFK had with Lyndon Johnson. If I was flying into a rural winter area airport in a little double or single engine job like the ‘Bopper’ went down in there’s nothing wrong with asking to see one of those new FAA licenses you can’t dupe.


    Comment by jim-bob | June 2, 2011

  10. when writing to the MPLS Red Star Trombone (TRIBUNE) and informing them of the ‘pencil whip’ problem with pilot’s log books, it took them awhile to look into it and get the lowdown on the f’ers who were flying out of American there at FCM (Flying Cloud Municipal) south of the Twin Cities in Eden Prairie, MN.

    but it gets worse. A few years before this, a kid I knew had gotten a job with Mesaba, who flies for Northwest as their commuter, in SAAB 340’s back then, which is a Swedish built twin engine turboprop. His logs were entirely fake when he got hired. When discussing this with his dad, a WW-II naval aviator, dad says to me; “oh, my kid’s bright…he’ll be fine….”

    Well, having looked up ‘son’ right after 9/11, it showed he was no longer an active pilot (lapse in medical cert.) so my best guess is that before he too could make a smoking hole with passengers following him into it, someone audited him, or he raised the eyebrows of someone who flew with him, and he quietly exited stage right before being arrested for FRAUD. Back then, it was a 3 to 5 year prison term, 10k dollar fine, if they actually caught you flying under a bogus credential. But having cited this one case where something in the system stopped the guy before he could kill himself and a bunch of passengers, because he just may have someday made that smoking hole had he continued to fly, it is absolutely certain the F.A.A. didn’t catch him, but most likely, MESABA fired him before F.A.A. could make a federal case about it.

    My best guess, based on the rampant amount of fake logs and most of that thru ‘pencil whipping’ (flights that never were flown in airplanes that were doing other things that day, usually) is that if F.A.A. did a full audit of all airmen’s logs, which would take time, that easily 25 percent of the pilots out there would be fired and then in some federal penitentiary for fraudulent logs.

    Why? Well, let’s put it this way. The path to an airline slot is both long and expensive, and many people who aspire to fly just are willing to take that risk not just with their being found out, but with the potential as was the case with the Wellstone crash, that their incompetency would catch up with them.

    Flying airplanes is dangerous work strictly from the viewpoint that safety is only possible with good common sense, constant self-criticism for those windows in your flying career where you get either cocky or complacent, which happen to all of us…even the best of us, per the actuarial data in insurance company data bases (pilot insurers) that shows specific windows of time when airmen are most likely to delete themselves from the gene pool.

    In the case of the F.A.A., in my professional opinion, they no longer are competent or capable of pilot oversight, strictly because they haven’t had decent airman leadership like in the day of Langhorne Bond, as F.A.A. administrators, for a very very long time. To be a decent administrator, you have had to have been not just a private pilot or pilot wannabe, but someone who was an experienced, competent, and critical pilot. Without that, you have an agency that is willing to roll the dice and wait for the next pile of smoking wreckage to happen. And if you fly commuters, your number is much much more likely to come up, due to the dearth of experience in the ranks. Some carriers hire with ridiculously low hours, and seldom will do the psychological profiling that the major air carriers like Eastern used to do when they were still around, before you got hired. So another Wellstone like accident is just around the corner, sometime in the future, somewhere. Just waiting to happen, at the hands of an under qualified or totally unqualified airman.


    Comment by THE PROBLEM IS VERY COMPLEX | June 2, 2011

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