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  1. Unfortunately, it’s the same arse-holes, over and over and over and f’ing over again.

    this is the ‘international’ version of ‘Devil on the Doorstep’ where JizzRaHell comes, kills people on your doorstep, rings the doorbell, and runs away…you come out, find corpses and organ harvested dead people on your doorstep, and then you close the door, and a while later, they’re doing the same shit again.

    After awhile, you get to the point where when the doorbell does ring, you just cringe and don’t go answer it.

    The world has been letting JizzRaHell do this so many times to it, that not only would it be smarter to just put a sign on the driveway and or the walkway that says; “zionist jew piles of MERDE, go somewhere and DIE!!!” with the warning, implicitly stated; “Tresspassing ZIONISTS WILL BE SHOT!!”

    unfortunately, more corpses, more financial horse shit, more war fomenting, and more war profiteering for these Rothschilds ZIONIST jew scum. I’m sorry, but they are scum, and the U.S. is, in fact, ‘scum by proxy’ for supporting these filthy zionist bastards every step of the way.

    A 21 year old New York woman lost an ‘eye’ the other day at the hands of these filth, and you’d think that Barry Soetoro would then at least call her in the hospital and wish her a speedy recovery. Oh no, he probably instead called the jizz wad in the IDF and said; “good shooting there, sport!!”

    that’s the nature of this crap. It’ll go on and on and on till people get tired of this zionist Devil on their Doorstep, and put an end to it’s existence, once and for fucking all..



  2. When WILL too much be enough for “my” US government?
    The world watched, in some cases, LIVE, the pre-planned massacre of peacful human-rights activists, yet our supposed (shill of a) president needs, “more information”, and is actually looking to Piss-ra-Hell to provide said info? Is this guy crazy? Is the world upside down; did we fall aslumber to awaken to a world that sides with PIRATES of a rogue-state?
    How can any of this be anything but wrong?
    I realise that our so-called president owes his seat to the Ape-pac, but he now HAS the seat, and it’s time he does what the majority of people in the U.S., including good American Jews. need; he must send a clear and simple signal: THIS is not reasonable, nor is it rational.

    For the ugly Americans who still, incredulously, side with the Bastard of the Middle-East, get out of MY country. If you like this behaviour, move there. The way I see this is, any American who plants his feet in and with Israel IS as un-American as he can be. If we don’t do the right thing now, we can look forward to WWIII, with Israel, ONLY, as our ally. Considering their track record, even they won’t be on our side for long, regardless of our undying support for them. They don’t comprehend allegience. Just look at how many so-called, “dual citizens” there are in “our” white-house and “our” congress, and then ask yourself where these people honestly hold their allegience, as it surely is not WITH US!


    Comment by AnneB | June 2, 2010

  3. Dear first two Posters, your bias is showing.

    See below for quotes from P.A. official press:

    “Palestinian Authority daily Al-Hayat al-Jadida:

    “Three of the four Turks killed in the Israeli attack on the ‘Freedom Flotilla’ bound for the Gaza Strip wanted to die as martyrs, said their relatives and friends. The wife of one of them, Ali Haydar Bengi, told the Vatan daily: “He used to help the poor and the oppressed. For years, he wanted to go to Palestine. And he constantly prayed to Allah to grant him shahada (martyrdom).

    “Ali worked at telephone repair shop in Diyarbakir, the largest city in southeastern Turkey. Sabir Ceylan, a friend of Ali, told the Milliyet newspaper: ‘Before embarking on this journey [to Gaza], he said he desired to become a martyr. He had a strong desire to die as a martyr.’

    “Another Turkish victim was Ali Ekber Yaratilmis, a 55-year old pensioner. He was a father of five who lived in Ankara. Ali volunteered for the Turkish Aid and Human Rights Organization [IHH], which transfers aid to Gaza. A friend, Mehmet Faruk Cevher, told the Sabah daily that [Ali] ‘devoted his life to charity work, that’s why he went to Gaza. He always wanted to become a martyr.’

    “The third victim was Ibrahim Bilgen, a 61-year old pensioner and father of six sons. He was a supporter of the Felicity Party, an Islamic movement in the southeastern city of Siirt, Anatolia news agency reported. His brother-in-law, Nuri Mergen, told the agency: He was an exemplary man and a truly good man. That’s why he was truly worthy of shahada (martyrdom). Allah granted him the death that he wished for.’”

    These dead went looking for “martyrdom” and succeeded in dying. IDF soldiers were beaten, pelted with stones, and shot at. IDF soldiers were only authorized at first to use paintball guns. PAINTBALL GUNS! Only after they were beaten with iron rods and nearly lynched did they request permission to use their firearms. They exhibited superhuman restraint.

    Thanks for your time in reading this.


    Comment by solhachuel | June 6, 2010

    • solhachuel,

      You must be some kind of fool.

      The originating source on the internet for this story is a Jewish hasbara site. They claim that the story is from the Arabic press however they take credit for translation. Given the reputation that MEMRI and other Zionist operations have in translations from foreign press we might as well just chuckle at your being such a fool.


      Comment by aletho | June 6, 2010

      • More lies!

        Gaza Belongs to Israel! ♥♥♥Israel♥♥♥


        Comment by Farley | July 16, 2010

    • solhachuel;
      I find it ironic that you state “[our] bias is showing”. while you have shown your own bias toward Israel. The use of the word, “martyr”, is not exactly what one thinks of when one uses such in the English language; those who went understood that there was a strong probability that Israelis would attack and murder them, for the CAUSE; they did not go to die for Gaza, but they accepted this as a possible reality.
      Still, these men (including the 19 yr.old with American citizenship) did not go there with arms of ANY sort. Yes, at the last minute, they did attempt to arm themselves (against all odds and against horrendous force and military might) with mop-handles and with kitchen knives and with water-hoses. However, this was only after IDF commandos fired upon them with LIVE AMMUNITION.
      How I wish more in this insane world would comprehend that this fight WAS one picked by Israel and that these men did what they could to survive. They will always be, in my eyes, freedom fighters..; sufferers for the cause of freedon for Gaza and for all of Palestine.
      Pull the wool from your own eyes before you accuse me of being blind to the truth!


      Comment by AnneB | July 1, 2010

      • Lies. You are a liar. This page – written by liars.

        Gaza Belongs to Israel! ♥♥♥Israel♥♥♥


        Comment by Farley | July 16, 2010

        • Aww; gee. Ain’t you the “smart” one??

          Yeah, not…

          So, I see you learned how to make hearts; that does not mean you should post them everywhere, especially on a blog such as this, where death is being explored, and your (lovers) id*iot-f have proven, again, how horrible they are.


          Comment by AnneB | July 25, 2010

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