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US sanctions on Iran a threat to India’s energy security: Rao

By Iftikhar Gilani | Daily Times | July 6, 2010

NEW DELHI: India on Monday reached out to Iran to seek help in Afghanistan, and even expressed its concerns over the fresh US-led sanctions.

Addressing experts at the India-Iran strategic dialogue, Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao said the deepening Afghan conundrum could have a deleterious impact on both countries, fearing the return of the forces of extremism and obscurantism.

“Our cooperation and information sharing on counter-terrorism must be the subject of more intensive focus and attention in the future,” she added. Rao also expressed the need for a structured, systematic and regular consultation with Iran on the situation in Afghanistan.

The Indian foreign secretary further expressed concern at the unilateral sanctions imposed by ‘’individual’’ nations on investment by third countries in Iran’s energy sector.

‘’We are justifiably concerned that the extra-territorial nature of certain unilateral sanctions recently imposed by individual countries, with their restrictions on investment by third countries in Iran’s energy sector, could have a direct and adverse impact on Indian companies and more importantly, on our energy security and our attempts to meet the development needs of our people,’’ Rao said.

Calling for a flexible approach for a comprehensive solution to all issues, the foreign secretary said the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) continued to provide the best framework for addressing technical issues related to the Iranian nuclear programme.

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No UK ban on refueling Iran planes

Press TV – July 6, 2010

No ban has been imposed on refueling Iranian planes in British airports, an informed source in Iran Air’s Britain and Ireland office says.

“No limitation has been placed on the refueling of Iranian passenger planes in Britain so far. The Iranian flights to London are being conducted regularly and on a daily basis and Iran National Airlines Company conducts three direct flights to Tehran and one direct flight to Shiraz (from London) each week,” the informed source told IRNA on Monday.

“No unusual behavior by the companies providing fuel for Iranian planes has been observed so far. Iran Air Lines Company, however, is fully ready to encounter any likely limitations in this regard,” the source added.

The remarks came in reaction to some media reports indicating that the airports in the Untied Arab Emirates (UAE), Germany and Britain have refused to refuel Iranian planes following the ratification of unilateral US sanctions against Iran.

The Emirati and German airport officials, however, dismissed the reports on Monday, saying they continue refueling Iranian planes with no limitations.

“The countries, which are keen to counter the Islamic Republic, have spared no efforts over the past 30 years to impede Iran’s air transportation. Following the Islamic Revolution, we have been constantly entangled by limitations and setbacks, but fortunately these hampering efforts have been to no avail as the enemies had expected,” the source continued.

According to some media reports, the United States has violated international laws by exerting pressure on some companies in Germany, Kuwait and the UAE so that they would not provide Iranian passenger planes with fuel.

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