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UK Police shootings take another life

Press TV – March 4, 2012

The British police have shot a man dead during a “pre-planned” operation without any given reason, raising concerns that all the citizens facing officers in any potential operation could simply lose their lives.

The Greater Manchester Police said it can “confirm” that its officers were deployed on a pre-planned operation in Cheshire on March 3, which led to the death of an unidentified man.

The force did not clarify what prompted the shooting of the man whose car was stopped at around 7:20 pm by Cheshire police.

“As a result, one man was shot and suffered fatal injuries. This matter has been referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission who will be carrying out an independent investigation and Greater Manchester Police is unable to comment further at this stage,” the police added.

There were reports after the incident that the police were chasing a number of criminals at the scene.

The Cheshire Constabulary has tried to cling at the reports, pretending the victim has been a criminal.

The constabulary said the incident has been an “isolated incident” and that “there is no risk to the community as a whole”, yet the British police’s past record raises doubts that the community is indeed open to the threat of officers in shooting sprees.

East London police shot a member of the Ghanaian minority last month saying he has been involved in a car theft and that he had threatened the officers with a knife.

The police used exactly the same pretext for the shooting of the ethnic minority man as they used to justify the fatal shooting of Mark Duggan, which triggered some of the worst turbulence in the modern British history in August.

Officers shot dead the 29-year-old father of four in Tottenham area of London claiming he had fired at them.

However, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) had to admit three months later that Duggan was not even holding a gun when he faced the officers.

The chain of police shootings, in ‘unclear’ circumstances, raises fears that the top brass in the force have given their officers free rein to use their guns indiscriminately, especially against suspects from minority groups, who would have received worst-scenario jail terms in case they were found guilty.

The case is especially worrying as no officers have been convicted for over 300 deaths in police custody or after arrest, recorded for the period since 1998.

The British police are now facing annual demonstrations against the persistence of police brutality and corruption.

During the latest such event in London back in October demonstrators marked the 13th consecutive year of their protest rally, distributing posters with names of 3,180 individuals killed in British custody since 1969, which should now be revised to 3,181 after the Saturday incident.

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