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Iceland to bring former premier to trial over financial crisis

Press TV – March 5, 2012

Iceland’s former Prime Minister Geir Haarde is to go on trial over charges of leading the country, once proud of its oversized banking sector, to bankruptcy in 2008.

Haarde is accused of negligence in failing to prevent financial collapse in the small island country. The 60-year-old former premier, however, rejects the accusations, calling them “political persecution.”

The trial is set to begin on Monday at 0900 GMT and to last 10 days, until March 15, but it is unclear how quickly a verdict can be expected after that.

He is one of four politicians blamed in a 2010 report for their roles in banking sector collapse when the country’s all major banks failed in a matter of weeks.

Some argue that Iceland’s economic crisis was the result of global crisis and the government could not have predicted or prevented it.

But parliament voted in September 2010 that he was the only one who should be tried on charges related to the crisis.

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  1. Wouldn’t you say is hard to believe that the President alone could bring the Democratic Iceland to bankruptcy ? There Must be others involved …

    If BushToTheHague didn’t work with over one million Iraqis dead as proof , a cooperative and Bankster friendly President is a piece of cake . I mean , he is untouchable , so this trial is for proving it to Others – as a lesson or Bet – , Or he tried to screw the banksters some how and is punished now . The verdict will tell even if he commits “suicide” …

    The point still remains that is hard to believe he Alone is responsible for the Whole Mess …

    See what our specie can became , gene-pool-cleaning and all , at
    , future shocking .


    Comment by Doru | March 5, 2012

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