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  1. In 2001 with the 911 attack it would be safe to say that The FBI’s War on Black America has become the FBI’s War on America!


    Comment by Dana | May 10, 2013

    • No, there is STILL a war on Black people in AmeriKKKa that non-Blacks ARE immune to…not everything has to do with Whites and other non-Blacks, as racism against Black people is very real and very much alive today!


      Comment by BlackPride&Intellect | May 10, 2013

      • Duh, there is obviously is still racism I’m not saying that has gone away, what I was specifically refering to is the dynamic that now whites are beginning to feel and understand what blacks have been going through regarding the corruption of our police and government, things aren’t just geared towards blacks anymore, it’s geared towards americans regardless of race!


        Comment by Dana | May 11, 2013

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