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Argentina Considers Taking Legal Action on US Espionage

By Kahina Boudarène | The Argentina Independent | July 15, 2013

Hector Timerman, Argentine Minister of Foreign Affairs, declared today that he will take to court a list with names of government officials allegedly spied upon by the US. The list was given to him on Friday, during the Mercosur summit.

“I can’t let the judiciary out of it,” said Timerman. ”I will briefly explain to the court what happened last Friday,” he said referring to the list he received with the names of people who have been spied on by the US government.

“I leave everything into justice’s hands,” added the minister.

Last Friday, during the Mercosur summit held in Montevideo, Uruguay, Timerman declared: “I received an hour ago, from a country present in this room, the names with the e-mail addresses and the passwords” of people that the US were spying on.

However, he refused to say who sent him the list. “They asked me to remain silent. This list has been given to me by a person that I trust.”

According to the minister, the list includes the names of “the governor of Buenos Aires, Daniel Scioli, as well as other regional representatives, secretaries, officials’ wives, and other actors of Argentine civil life.” Vice-President Amado Boudou is also mentioned.

That same day, member countries of Mercosur issued a resolution condemning the espionage activities carried out by the US government, as revealed by whistleblower Edward Snowden. The resolution states the intention of the member countries to work together for “cybernetic security”, something they describe as “an essential aspect to defend countries’ sovereignty”. They also demanded “an immediate stop to these actions” and “an explanations about [the US’s] motivations.”

“Crime prevention, as well as transnational crimes repression, including terrorism, must be done according to international law,” they added.

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  1. Snowden has the US government by the gonads.

    If he is harmed in any way – everything he has will be released on the internet – something the Jews cannot have happen.

    The cooperation between Israel and the US spying apparatus is total.

    The US government said they did not torture people – BUT – they have other countries torture for them.

    The US government says it is not spying on Americans – BUT – Israel is doing it for them.

    That is the forbidden story that Snowden can tell.

    Comment by JohnJ | July 16, 2013 | Reply

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