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Israeli forces shoot photographer in Bilin demonstrations


Ma’an – 29/12/2013

RAMALLAH – A photographer was injured and dozens suffered from excessive tear gas inhalation as Israeli forces dispersed a demonstration in Bilin near Ramallah.

Israeli forces fired rubber-coated steel bullets, tear gas and stun grenades at demonstrators as they neared their lands close to the wall.

Photographer Mohammad Yassin, 20, was hit with a rubber coated steel bullet during the protests.

The demonstration was held in celebration of Christmas and the release of Samer Issawi, and in protest of Israeli settlement activity and the separation wall.

Participants, some of whom wore Santa Claus costumes, raised Palestinian flags and chanted songs for unity and resistance.

Since 2005, Bilin villagers have protested on a weekly basis against the Israeli separation wall that runs through their village on land confiscated from local farmers.

Previous protests by Bilin activists have forced the Israeli authorities to re-route the wall, but large chunks of the village lands remain inaccessible to residents because of the route.

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  1. I suggest to find a lawyer to file a complaint with a relevant court, and when that court refuses to hear, appeal, and go up to the International Court of Justice in the Hague, so that there is a final decision on international level,so that even when Israel doesn’t accept it, the international community (UN and EU for instance) have to abide the ruling, and stop trading with Israel!

    Meantime I suggest also to take as much photos and vids of any military action and military individual with faces as clearly as possible, as well as registration plates of cares, vehicles, etc. etc; to ensure proof of the crimes committed! Document the occasion, archive the material (at multiple places and locations!), and forward them to ALL international and national news- and press agencies!
    No one then can claim afterwards that they didn’t know!


    Comment by masteradrian | December 29, 2013 | Reply

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