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Israel’s Arrow Ballistic Missile Shield Fails First Live Interception Test

Al-Manar | December 16, 2014

Israel’s upgraded Arrow ballistic missile shield failed its first live interception test on Tuesday, Reuters said, citing security sources.

Operators of the Arrow 3 battery at Palmahim Air Base on the Mediterranean coast reportedly canceled the launch of its interceptor missile after it failed to lock on to a target missile fired over the Mediterranean.

“There was a countdown to the launch, and then nothing happened,” according to one source.

The Defense Ministry said that a target missile was launched and carried out its trajectory successfully.

Arrow 3 interceptors are designed to fly above the Earth’s atmosphere to destroy incoming nuclear, biological or chemical missiles.

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  1. and this the second failure to Arrow 3 missile test .. haha … man they tested the missile in jan 2014 and the same result and almost 11 months later the same result isnt it the right time for them to change the things with missile


    Comment by Stephen | December 18, 2014 | Reply

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