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Israel Secretly Arrests Golani Druze, Accusing Him of Exposing Syrian Rebel-Jewish State Collaboration

By Richard Silverstein | Tikun Olam | February 28, 2015

Israel’s Shin Bet rearrested Golani Druze Sedki al-Maket (age 48). Until his release in 2012 (Hebrew), he’d been the longest serving Israeli security prisoner, having spent 27 years detained. News of his arrest is under gag order by Israeli media. The gag is laughable since the arrest has been reported not only by Syrian media, but in a Hebrew Facebook post.

Though Israeli security services haven’t offered any reason for his arrest, it’s likely they’re angered because a week ago he followed Syrian rebels to a meeting inside Israeli-occupied territory. The rebels met with Israeli forces who’ve previously been shown to receive logistical and intelligence support from Israel in previous reports here and in Israel and foreign media. Al Maket filmed a video  while the meeting was underway, in which he described what he saw and offered it to Syrian TV.  It was aired to the entire nation and likely monitored by Israeli security.

The Shin Bet doesn’t want any further leaks about such collaboration because it allows the Syrian regime to paint the rebels as Israeli stooges. It also gives the lie to those Israeli intelligence figures and journalists who’ve spoken falsely about Israel remaining neutral regarding the two sides fighting in Syria. Despite numerous air attacks against Syrian government facilities, assassinations of Syrian, Hezbollah and Iranian military, and security cooperation with rebels, Israel continues to maintain the fiction it hasn’t chosen sides.

If anyone wonders why Islamists are beheading western journalists and occupying Iraq and Syria, while carefully avoiding Israeli targets, this will explain a lot. It will also explain Israel’s approach which is to weaken central power in Syria, so that the Golan region closest to the border will become a protectorate, as was southern Lebanon until Israel’s withdrawal in 2000. Having Syrian rebels under Israeli sponsorship ruling the Syrian Golan will be much more conducive to maintaining Israel control and occupation for years to come.

Meanwhile, the Israeli media is content to publish happy news about the Golani Druze village of Majd al-Shams (home to al-Maket), which apparently has become a playground for a certain hip Israeli scene which enjoys pub crawling in the midst of Israeli-occupied Golan. If the report is to be believed, you can hardly tell the difference between it and Berlin or New York!

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  1. A country that officials gags a news-item is considered to be a dictatorship……. but in the case of the state of Israel it is considered a democratic act…… by the state of Israel ofcourse!

    Who in a sane state of mind can maintain arguing that putting an official(!) gag on news items is democratic?

    News of for instance arrests will be often known as soon as they happen, at least a couple of hours later the news of an arrest is spread all over the internet, damaging the reputation of the country that already suffers from the baddest reputation ever in its history after the deliberate killing of children playing on a beach and the deliberate bombing of an international hospital and that maintains referring to itself as the only democratic state in the Middle East, while almost every day proving it is one of the most sickening and most undemocratic countries on earth, claiming it is there because some religious reason gives them the right to be were they are!

    Personally I think that he state of Israel has a right to be, BUT that the way the state of Israel in 2015 exists is illegal and should be corrected, and that such correction should be done as soon as possible, if needed because of the lack of voluntarily cooperating with the correction by the state of Israel, by and through military force, mandated by the World!

    I think and feel it is impossible for the World to any longer accept a country to exist as is when that same country is in fact practicing the most undemocratic and most inhuman actions possible!

    Just my opinion


    Comment by masteradrian | February 28, 2015 | Reply

  2. Certainly explains complete lack of assaults by ISIS against the state of Israel. Says a lot about Israel’s non-participation in the “anti-terrorist” coalition as well.


    Comment by Jerry "Peacemaker" | February 28, 2015 | Reply

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