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US House Proposal on Surveillance ‘Does Not Protect Privacy of Americans’

Sputnik – October 13, 2017

WASHINGTON – The American Civil Liberties Union said on Friday that the current version of the USA Liberty Act leaves Americans vulnerable to unlimited spying.

The Legislation proposed by the US House of Representatives would give the US government improper authority to spy on private citizens, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) said in a press release.

“As written, the bill still allows the government to read emails, text messages, and other communications of Americans without a probable cause warrant or even a shred of evidence suggesting that the person has information necessary to protect against an imminent threat,” ACLU legislative counsel Neema Singh Guliani said in the release on Friday.

Neema Singh Guliani said that the bill does not do enough to protect Americans’ privacy and it must be improved.The measure does not address concerns that it includes a loophole that could be used to “improperly” spy on journalists, government critics, activists and other private citizens, the release said.

The measure dubbed USA Liberty Act, would extend the government’s surveillance powers under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which is set to expire at the end of the year, the release said.

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  1. If the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act allows unlimited spying, just imagine, the government will quickly be able to find out who’s not paying their taxes, who’s selling drugs, which politicians are taking bribes, how many movie moguls are sexually abusing young starlets, or naive young actors etc, terrorism plots etc………Crime could very quickly be wiped out.
    Oh, it won’t be used for that sort of thing? Only to oppress the average American citizens? Corruption at the top will be “off limits”?….Oh, ok.


    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | October 13, 2017 | Reply

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