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Irishmen subjected to CIA-style ‘5 techniques’ by British not tortured – European court

RT | March 20, 2018

A European court has rejected a request to find that a group of 14 men detained during internment in Northern Ireland suffered torture. The prisoners were subjected to white noise, sleep and food deprivation as well as beatings.

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) rejected the Irish government petition to revise a 1978 judgement against the UK and find that the prisoners, known as the ‘hooded men’ were subjected to torture.

The men were exposed to methods known as the “five techniques” – hooding, white noise, stress positions, sleep deprivation, and food deprivation. The practice was applied over an unknown period of four to seven days for an unspecified number of hours at a time. Similar interrogation techniques have since been deployed by the CIA and outlined in a 2014 Senate Torture report.

The men, who were all Catholic, were detained in 1971 at the height of The Troubles after Northern Ireland used the Special Powers Act to introduce internment without trial for those suspected of being involved in violence. They were hooded and flown by helicopter to a secret location, later revealed as a British Army camp outside Derry in Northern Ireland. Before landing they were dangled out of the helicopter and told they were high in the air, although they were close to the ground. None of the individuals were ever convicted of wrongdoing.

In 1978 the ECHR found that the British authorities’ actions amounted to inhuman and degrading treatment, but not torture. Following a TV documentary in 2014, which brought archived files to light, the Irish government requested a revision of the original judgment.

The Irish government submitted that a psychiatrist who gave evidence as an expert for the British government misled the Commission by saying that the effects of the ill-treatment were short-lived when he knew that the use of the five techniques had long-lasting and severe effects. The government cited archived documents that allegedly revealed the British authorities had tried to prevent the court from accessing the full truth about the five techniques.

Overall, the court found that the documents did not demonstrate facts which were unknown at the time. It added that it could also not be said that such knowledge might have had a decisive influence leading to a finding of torture, noting that the original judgment had made no reference to the issue of such long-term effects. The revision request was dismissed by a chamber of seven judges by six votes to one.

Amnesty International, who visited the detainees in 1971 and stated then there was evidence of torture at the camp, described today’s decision as “disappointing.” It noted that the ruling is not a statement that the ‘five techniques’ do not constitute torture as it is legally defined today.

“What has been revealed in the files withheld by the UK government cannot be denied. These men were tortured, and with approval at the highest levels of government. The record of what these men endured in those interrogation rooms 47 years ago, and the devastating impact on them afterwards, still stands,” Amnesty said.

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    In the course of a continuing research project into the role of British intelligence in various aspects of the creation of Nazi Germany, a book recently came to my attention which stands out from the current flood of distorted and misleading historiography on the Third Reich. This book, titled The Men Behind Hitler: A German Warning to the World, was written in 1971 and circulated privately by the German author Bernard Schreiber.

    Schreiber’s book tells the story of a 150-year process of British “scientific” frauds which culminated in the Nazi eugenics program–the “racial” and “mental hygiene” policies which led to mass sterilization, euthanasia (“mercy killing”), and finally genocide.

    By 1948, after World War II made “eugenics” and “mental hygiene” dirty words to the nations which defeated Hitler, every population-control policy and “mental hygiene” policy which had been promoted by British “social scientists” and applied by Nazi physicians and psychiatrists was simply renamed. The Eugenics, Euthanasia, and Mental Hygiene Societies of Britain and America, not to mention Germany and the rest of Europe, simply changed their names to the Mental Health Association of Great Britain, the National Association for Mental Health of the United States, and so on.

    The sociologists, psychiatrists, and anthropologists who founded the World Federation for Mental Health in 1948, including its president John Rawlings Rees of Tavistock Institute and Britain’s wartime psychological-warfare operation, and Sir Julian Huxley (a founder of the British Eugenics Society and first head of the United Nations’ UNESCO) changed the name of their program for enforced birth control, zero economic growth, and the technology of mass mind control, and continued to apply the principles which created Nazi Germany’s mass murder against the “mentally deficient,” the “racially unfit,” the politically undesirable.

    The first man in modern history to label huge sections of the human race “useless eaters” was not Heinrich Himmler, but Britain’s Parson Thomas Malthus in 1798. When the Nazis’ radical program to eliminate useless eaters finally foundered, the Anglo-American social controllers simply changed their profile and continued their work under the protection of the United Nations and its associated organizations. Today the social “scientists” of the Anglo-American ruling circles are part of the conspiracy, which calls itself the “Aquarians,” to destroy half the world’s population. Today’s “mental health” movements, mind-altering drug movements, abortion-on-demand and sex-education movements, are 100 percent traceable back to the “mother” of Nazism, the eugenics and mental hygiene networks of the first three decades of this century.


    In 1798, Parson Malthus published his Essay on the Principle of Population which formulated in “scientific” guise–replete with fallacious graphs and lying equations–the theory of constant overpopulation which the British aristocracy imputed to the “incessant breeding” of the colonial poor of the empire and the working poor of England. Malthus lied that there were always more people in the world than food to feed them, and suggested that workhouses and enforced birth-control–or perhaps enforced starvation–would cure the problem of these millions of unmanageable people who, if not unwanted by God, were certainly unwanted by the British East India Company.

    In 1859 Charles Darwin published his Origin of Species, in which he “discovered” that all of Nature, “red in tooth and claw,” follows Malthus’s population precepts by creating vast populations of living creatures to throw them into life-and-death competition for intrinsically limited resources. This perversion, which cannot account for the development in the universe of any form of life, Darwin called “survival of the fittest.” By 1871, when he published The Descent of Man, Darwin had “discovered” that Nature also applied this principle to human survival, just as Malthus had insisted, and Darwin announced that human intelligence was merely a brain secretion which had proved to be biologically useful in the struggle for existence.

    Small wonder that religious Christians and Jews denounced the Darwinian form of evolution as a stupid irrational brutality of which God would not be guilty!

    By the 1860s, Darwin’s cousin Francis Galton, an English psychologist of sorts, developed a subject he called “eugenics” (in Greek: “good birth” or “good [racial] breeding”), which he suggested be applied on a world scale to control the procreation of the huge numbers of humanity whom Malthus had stigmatized as unproductive eaters at “Nature’s feast.”

    Thomas Malthus had recommended letting the poor starve. Galton suggested sterilization and legislation against their reproduction would be more efficient and more “humane.”


    Were these English kooks really guilty of Nazi atrocities? Absolutely. The conveyor belt into the Nazi political movement and ideology was direct. Houston Stewart Chamberlain, the wayward scion of one of the Britain’s leading turn-of-the-century families (and a relative of Nazi-appeaser Neville Chamberlain) popularized throughout Germany the racialist, genocidal theories of Malthus, Darwin, Galton, and the French racist Gobineau. In fact, he particularly convinced Germany’s ruler Kaiser Wilhelm II, whose intimate he was, of the necessity to mobilize the “Aryan races” of Europe against the breeding of their “inferiors” throughout the world.

    Chamberlain’s polemics in his Foundations of the Nineteenth Century (published in 1899) fell on fertile ground. In the first years of the new century, before World War I, the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Genealogy and Demography was founded at the University of Munich to promote the racism of Chamberlain and the Pan-German Society he influenced. In his declining years in the early 1920s–as he lay dying in the arms of his wife Eva Wagner, daughter of the race-cultist composer Richard Wagner–Chamberlain the Englishman found his most eager disciple: the young Munich political assassin and demagogue Adolf Hitler, who had just “graduated” from an Army-sponsored political indoctrination course at the University of Munich.

    “You are the hope, the star, of Germany and the Aryan race,” Chamberlain wrote his protégé in 1923 from his deathbed.


    Chamberlain was not the only Britisher who fostered the development of the Nazi project with injections of British race-science.

    Montagu Norman, governor of the Bank of England in the 1920s and 1930s, and a director of the Bank for International Settlements, is well known among historians for his enthusiastic financial support of the Nazi project well before Hitler came to power in 1933. Norman controlled the political activities in Germany of Hjalmar Schacht, sometime director of the Reichsbank and one of Hitler’s most important backers and intelligence connections from the late 1920s. Schacht was rewarded for his British connections when Hitler made him Nazi Finance Minister in 1933.

    Far less well known is the story Bernard Schreiber’s book tells. Montagu Norman and his wife Lady Norman, Priscilla Koch de Gooreynd, played a leading role in England’s Eugenics Society and in German eugenics circles from the post-World War I period on. Priscilla Norman was one of the leaders in Britain of the Mental Hygiene movement, which propounded the same genocidal theories as its mother-house, the Eugenics Society. During the Second World War she chaired the Provisional Association for Mental Health in England. (Already, as word of the Nazis’ eugenics “excesses” filtered out of the continent during the war, English eugenicists had determined that a change of name, to “mental health,” would be propagandistically prudent.)

    In 1944 Montagu and Priscilla Norman hosted at their estate the founding meeting of the National Association for Mental Health in England, and Priscilla Norman became one of the first Executive Board Members of the freshly laundered World Federation for Mental Health after the Second World War.


    Hitler’s English financial backers and political controllers were not alone in sponsoring the eugenics belief-system. Also in the 1920s, while the Nazi movement was cemented with foreign finance, the Rockefeller Institute in New York helped to supply the ideology of Nazism which the Rockefeller financial interests were helping to fund. The Rockefeller Institute paid to found the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Genealogy and Demography of Munich, and specially funded the “research” of one German psychiatrist: Dr. Ernst Rüdin, who directed the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute and Munich University’s Research Institute for Psychiatry. In 1933, Ernst Rüdin became the leading German psychiatrist to devise Nazi Germany’s “T4” project: the elimination, by euthanasia, of 400,000 mental patients in German institutions.

    The Rockefeller Institute was not confused about whom it was backing. In the 1930s Rockefeller Institute researcher Dr. Alexis Carrel published a tract titled Man the Unknown. His recommendations for dealing with criminal recidivist problems and the chronically ill included: “The conditioning of petty criminals with the whip, or some more scientific procedure … [felons] should be humanely and economically disposed of in small euthanasic institutions supplied with proper gases.”

    This book was published, not in Nazi Germany, but in the United States, in 1935.


    One of the most useful aspects of the Schreiber book is that it utterly destroys the notion of German “collective guilt” for Nazi atrocities–an explicitly genetic theory of the racial guilt of Germans developed by the same racist-geneticists who personally pioneered the radical applications of their theories by the Nazis. The only people in this world who are “collectively guilty” are the Aquarian conspirators.

    While Nazi Germany institutionalized one after another of the racial-hygiene laws favored by the Eugenics Society and Mental Hygiene Societies of Britain and the United States, the popularization and legalization of forced sterilization and euthanasia in the rest of Europe and in the United States continued to expand.

    The Nazi laws are famous: The Nuremberg laws of 1935 forbade “race-mixing” between Aryans and Jews, and reclassified Jews, Gypsies, Freemasons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Slavs as “Reich-subjects” but not Reich citizens. Equally famous is Hitler’s 1939 euthanasia-authorization, drafted by Ernst Rüdin and his psychiatrist colleagues, permitting doctors to practice euthanasia on anyone they personally deemed incurably ill.

    Less widely known is the pace at which identical legislation was enacted or at least routinely proposed in the United States and Britain.

    In 1935–the same year that the Nuremberg Laws were read out to howling mobs at the annual Nuremberg Nazi Party rally– Lord Moynihan, president of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, founded the Euthanasia Society of Great Britain for “protection of the race.”

    In 1938–the year that Neville Chamberlain groveled before Britain’s protégé Hitler at Munich–the American Society of Euthanasia was formed. Medical organizations in Illinois, Nebraska and other states began vocal agitation for legalization of “mercy-killings” at state discretion.

    In the 1920s, before Hitler ever got near the German government, mass sterilization was introduced in many states of the United States and in a number of European countries. By 1939, sterilization was law in 22 states in this country. Among those Americans legally and compulsorily sterilized by state intervention were thousands of epileptics; alcoholics; sufferers of multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and polio; and those diagnosed as mentally defective.

    So intimate was the relationship between the Anglo-American eugenics movement and its more radical version in Nazi Germany that Nazi doctors like Ernst Rüdin said publicly during the 1930s that they found the model for many of their practices in the work done in the state of California in the 1920s and 1930s by the American Association for Voluntary Sterilization, which “pioneered” the way.


    The successes through the 1970s of the “death with dignity” and hospice movements originated in London as a “meaningful” way to put unwanted patients to death, and the hideous propaganda use to which cases like that of Karen Ann Quinlan have been put, are acclimatizing Americans to the notion of legalized “mercy killing.”

    The process of acclimatization (brainwashing) of German citizens into accepting mercy-killings in the 1920s and 1930s was not a whit different from the American propaganda of the present. Straight through to 1938, when the Nazi policy of looting and devastation of neighboring economies could no longer be hidden, the international community of sociologists, psychiatrists, cultural anthropologists and so on, continued to attend symposia in Germany, cheek by jowl with the Nazi doctors, to discuss the need for eugenics, “mental racial hygiene,” and state-backed euthanasia.

    It may be hard for misinformed Americans of the 1980s to believe, but the figures who the Aquarians have made into “culture heroes” for this generation– like the late Margaret Mead of the American Museum of Natural History in New York; the late Sir Julian Huxley, relative of counterculture-founder Aldous Huxley, like him an important British intelligence operative, and the first head of UNESCO; and the late Carl Jung, propagandizer of the “collective racial unconscious” who linked on early to Hitler’s career–not only attended conferences year after year with the Nazi doctors, but wholeheartedly supported every “theory” which underlay the Nazi catastrophe.

    Unfortunately this is not an exaggeration, Carl Jung has gained a great reputation as a precursor of the “Aquarian Age”–which he hailed as beginning in the year 1940, the “turning point” for the West. Probably the characteristic high-point of Jung’s career as a psychiatrist was his prewar years editing of the German Journal for Psychotherapy with Dr. M.H. Goering. Dr. M.H. Goering was Hermann Goering’s cousin and a participant in the “T4” euthanasia project.

    In 1948, when British psychological-warfare expert Colonel John Rawlings Rees was elected president of the new World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH), Jung was elected a vice-president. The vigorous laundering of former Nazi doctors into the new organization included the decision to overlook some of Jung’s prewar excesses, like his 1934 published attack on Freud as a proponent of “insidious Jewish psychology” and his 1938 essay Wotan in which he praised Hitler as a “visionary, an inspired shaman with magical power, a spiritual vessel.”

    Rees and Jung acknowledged as their colleague in the WFMH the German doctor Werner Villinger, who with Rees ran a series of WFMH sessions in 1951 in Sussex. Villinger also sat on the White House Conference on Children and Youth in the United States in the 1950s and became a world-famous psychiatrist during the same decade. But he was arrested in 1961 for Nuremberg crimes–specifically, euthanasia– by the authorities of the Federal Republic of Germany. Rather than stand trial, Villinger threw himself off a mountaintop near Innsbruck, thus depriving the WFMH of one of its most effective propagandists.


    Is it really true that these pioneers of postwar “mental health” conspired to popularize population control, mass sterilization, and (where need be) mass murder?

    The career of the venerated Julian Huxley is a classic of conspiratorial activity. Huxley was a director of the Abortion Law Reform Association in Britain from its inception; an Executive Committee member of the Euthanasia Society; an officer of the Eugenics Society; a leading member of the British National Association for Mental Health; and of the WFMH, and so on. Think again of Aldous Huxley’s book Brave New World. Julian Huxley was committed, all his life, to that “brave new world.”

    Anyone who ever read that book remembers very clearly one curious thing about it. The population is divided, genetically and for enforcement, into Alphas, Betas, and so on all the way down to the synthetically produced “Epsilon morons.”

    These divisions are accomplished by applied eugenics, or Nazi breeding laws. Different synthetically produced “I.Q. groups” are predetermined to perform different tasks for the society, and are kept happy in their pre-fixed places by mind-altering drugs. Every agency Julian Huxley worked with is committed to such a society.


    This is no opiate dream of the drug-user Aldous. The enforced division of the population into “I.Q. groups” not allowed to cross breed–or in some cases to breed at all–has been an obsession of the British oligarchs since Malthus’s time. A British pioneer in this field was the late, notorious Sir Cyril Burt. For years active in England in the Eugenics Society and one of the eugenics freaks who streamed into the World Federation for Mental Health, Burt spent his professorships in England “investigating” the relative I.Q. differences between different classes.

    In a series of famous, and later infamous, papers, Sir Cyril revealed to the world that intelligence was indeed “genetic,” and that his studies had moreover proved that class differentiations–between rural farmers, the industrial working class, welfare populations, the middle classes, the upper classes in Britain–were genetically determined class differences. This he deduced from comparative I.Q. tests he said he had administered among England’s working poor and other classes.

    Burt was therefore able to announce, when he published his “scientific” results, that workers were genetically predetermined to have lower I.Q.s than middle-class professionals, and hence, class distinctions were “natural” (“survival of the fittest”). Just as Thomas Malthus and Charles Darwin claimed! There was nothing “unfair” about the immiseration or elimination of “less well equipped” populations. That’s how Nature would do it.

    Inspired by this vision of an Alpha-through-Epsilon society, Sir Cyril founded the well-known “high-I.Q.” cult which still pervades American and English academic life, MENSA. For anyone who has ever encountered these MENSA-ites on a college campus, endlessly discussing their Stanford-Binet I.Q. scores, it is no surprise to learn MENSA was founded by a racist Aquarian kook. Unfortunately for MENSA-members, in the past two years it has been documented in British and American science magazines, including Fusion magazine, that Sir Cyril’s famous I.Q. studies were all based on doctored data, and it seems that his reported field work in England’s slums never even took place.


    Burt’s epigones abound. In a 1972 “scientific” study Professor T.L. Pilkington, senior lecturer in social medicine at Scotland’s University of Edinburgh, discusses the Concept and Prevalence of Mental Retardation, as his paper is titled. After discussing the distribution of intelligence scores among a sample population, complete with graphs and equations, Pilkington declares: “Modern medicine has given doctors almost ‘unbelievable’ powers to preserve alive creatures that Nature would have previously destroyed.

    “It will be seen that by the end of the next generation we can expect to have up to 200,000 persons in Scotland, two million in England and Wales, and 200 million in the world, who are mentally retarded ‘at risk.’ These still have to be retained within the same mass, and their absorption into the population may pose severe social and economic problems.

    “Although it is not the purpose of this article to discuss methods of prevention and treatment, there seem to be clear indications that technologically developed nations will be rapidly obliged to review the complexity of the life that they create, embark on a modern eugenic programme designed to steepen the fall of the graph of the normal I.Q. distribution below 100, or consider some form of legalized euthanasia. It is possible, of course, “that the final solution will combine all these increasing methods of specific prevention.”


    Pilkington is a leading member of Britain’s National Association for Mental Health and of the World Federation for Mental Health. He wrote this coy appreciation of Hitler’s “final solution” in 1972. Similar evil is written today. Although the American public may not yet realize the commitment of “mental health” practitioners, the sterilization movement, and the Planned Parenthood Leagues, to a dark Aquarian Age of zero growth and mass-killings, the men and women who are propagandizing “death with dignity” and anti-life filth in every conceivable form are entirely aware of their commitment.

    The Aquarians have embarked on precisely the same enterprise as the Nazis did before them: through mass use of drugs, media brainwashing, and the “right to die” ethic, to accustom a presently humane civilized population to the idea of, first, “little” killings, and then a depopulated world.

    by Molly Hammett Kronberg

    Comment by Buddy Silver | March 21, 2018 | Reply

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