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  1. Watching a documentary on the Peasants’ Revolt in England in 1381, it struck me of the similitude with the Giletsn Jaunes movement. Corrupt politicians impose an unjust task with heavy handed methods which leads the peasantry (but not only the peasantry) to rebel. The organization of both movements was spontaneous and spectacular with immense numbers of non-militant people suddenly becoming actively engaged.
    The propaganda during and after the Peasants’ Revolt by the nobility and those in power also bears a chilling similarity with people being branded as ignorant peasants in both cases.
    The differences are also there but interesting
    The peasants cut off many unworthy people’s heads; the Gilets-Jaunes have not (yet).
    Even after the treacherous assassination of Watt Tyler the peasants believed the promises of reform offered
    by King Richard; the Gilets Jaunes have ignored King Macron’s offering of bread crumbs and are
    demanding a referendum process and a constituent assembly (

    It is obvious in the video whether you understand French or not that these people are not public speakers – they are speaking from their hearts. The Macrons of this world promise everything so eloquently and deliver nothing so rudely; the opposite would be refreshing.


    Comment by redracam | January 12, 2019 | Reply

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