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Hamas condemns Israel’s bombing of media offices in Gaza

Palestine Information Center – May 5, 2019

The Hamas leader Raafat Murra on Sunday decried the Israeli occupation army’s targeting of several media offices in the ongoing aggression on the Gaza Strip.

Murra condemned the Israeli attack on the Anadolu Agency office and described it as “terrorism” and “deliberate crime”.

He affirmed that Hamas fully supports all Palestinian, Arab, and international media platforms which cover the events in Gaza objectively and professionally.

Israeli warplanes on Saturday bombed the Anadolu Agency office and the Palestinian prisoners media office with several missiles during large-scale aerial attacks on Gaza.

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  1. When will the sentient, civilized world “put paid” to this goddammed Zionist enterprise? I’m more and more impatient (but impotent); how must the Palestinians be feeling?

    I’ll re-phrase for this particular scenario a question/observation I’ve made at several junctures over the past week or so: Can anyone doubt that the “several missiles” noted above that constituted criminal Zionist terroristic attacks against the media in Gaza EXCEEDED, IN POWER/PAYLOAD BY ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE, THE ENTIRETY OF THE PAYLOAD OF THE SAME-TIME-WINDOW 600-OR-SO “ROCKETS” FIRED BY GAZAN RESISTANCE FIGHTERS INTO PALESTINIAN LAND OCCUPIED BY THE ZIONIST ENTITY SO-CALLED ISRAEL?


    Comment by roberthstiver | May 8, 2019 | Reply

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