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Israel’s influence on US foreign policy leads to increased tensions with Iran

By Sarah Abed | InfoRos | May 22, 2019

In order to understand the role that Israel plays in the increased tensions between Washington and Tehran, I reached out to Press TV Correspondent, Ali Musawi.

Sarah Abed: What role, if any, does Israel play in the increased tensions between the United States and Iran?

Ali Musawi: We don’t need to go far to see Israeli fingerprints over a US war in the region. Leading up to the 2003 US invasion of Iraq, Israel and more specifically its current Prime Minister Netanyahu led the choir about Iraq’s WMD and threat to peace and security.

Now, if we look at Netanyahu’s antics concerning Iran, we will see a similar pattern, whether  it was the bomb sketch at the UN General Assembly, his almost regular videos about the Iranian threat and the push by Netanyahu to end the “bad deal” between P5+1 and Iran over its nuclear program. Israel doesn’t play a role; Israel clearly orchestrates US war policies.

Sarah: To your knowledge has Israeli intelligence provided any information to the United States that supports the idea of an increased “Iranian threat”?

Ali: As of this moment, no one knows what this sudden “threat” posed by Iran is. We can speculate about anything, from increased Iranian war drills in the Persian Gulf to its military commanders’ typical aggressive tone when addressing the US and allies’ behavior towards the Islamic Republic. And I think before we even try to address any kind of “Iranian threat” we should acknowledge the boy who cried wolf. Is the US administration being truthful? We need evidence, where is Washington’s proof? We should always remember the non-existent WMD used to rally the world against Iraq.

Sarah: Is Israel advocating for a military response by the United States against Iran?

Ali: It is in Israel’s best interest that the US engages in a direct war with Iran. Israel has been threatening attacks against Iran for years simply because Tehran’s support for resistance movements in Palestine and elsewhere threatens the Zionists’ plan to control the region. Israel with all their access to weapons and blank cheques provided by the US and allies, is simply not a match to Iran. By using the US and the excessively armed Gulf countries, Israel is hoping that, at best, a war will weaken Iran, or at worst, a buffer of countries who will sever Iranian support for the resistance movements.

Sarah: What impact would a war between United States and Iran have on Israel?

Ali: Such a war will impact, not only the countries in the region, but the rest of the world. But from a military prospective, if there is a war between the US and Iran, those resistance movements, from Iraq to Palestine, through Yemen and Syria will respond. They will either attack US and allies’ bases in the region or directly attack Israel. We can say that having such resistance movements has been the real deterrent against what can only be a hugely destructive conflict, probably the worst in our lives.

Sarah: Is a full-fledged military confrontation between Israel and Iran likely?

Ali: This is a definite no. While Israel still plays the role of a superpower in the region, it has not been so in over a decade. The 2006 defeat against Hezbollah in Lebanon and the bravery we see from the Palestinians in Gaza, whenever Israel launches wars on the besieged strip, have destroyed its invincibility myth and shown that Israel and its supposed advanced weaponry are only so on paper.

Sarah: How would that scenario play out and what do you suppose would be the outcome?

Ali: Only if the US is directly involved against Iran, will there be a war.

Sarah: What impact could a war between Israel and Iran have on the neighboring countries, primarily Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq?

Ali: If the US is involved of course. All these three countries have been directly impacted by US/Israeli wars over the past few decades. So, the people as well as politicians are aware of the devastation of such conflicts. This is why they will back Iran and even fight alongside Iran simply because the majority of people in these countries oppose US hegemony. The Middle East is divided. There are countries who are controlled by the US/Israel and there are those who are not. No one will sit idly by if a war breaks out. Everyone has something to lose and gain. Such wars don’t usually have winners and will be very expensive to all sides. This is why we are seeing the US backtracking on some of its threats and will continue to do so because the US has become a bully who is afraid of being hurt.

Sarah: Ali, makes some great points that should put the wheels in motion in everyone’s mind, and in particular those who live in the United States. I will pose one more question to our readers, are we willing to go to war with Iran to benefit Israel?

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  1. “Israel’s influence on US foreign policy leads to increased tensions with Iran”

    That headline should read, “Israel’s OVERWHELMING influence on US foreign policy leads to increased tensions with IRAN.
    The AIPAC Gang in the USA are “the Organ Grinders” and The U.S. President is their “Monkey”………It’s blindingly obvious….why can’t everyone over there see it?…….So what if you get called an Anti-Semite?? Too Bad! Wear it as a badge of honour, as you stand up for The USA…….

    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | May 22, 2019 | Reply

  2. Tehran’s support for resistance movements in Palestine and elsewhere threatens the Zionists’ plan to control the region

    …specifically, their long-cherished scheme of annexing southern Lebanon as far north as the Litani River, emptying it of its goyish population (expelling or exterminating the whole lot of them), and sluicing off every drop of the river’s water for the benefit of Jews exclusively. Ginning up a war between the USA and Iran may seem like a disproportionate means to that end, but the Zios figure, what the heck, it’s no skin off their noses.

    Comment by traducteur | May 22, 2019 | Reply

  3. How true, “…it’s no skin off their noses.”
    The increasingly mounted campaign against the American war on Vietnam in the1960’s was for a number of reasons: its immorality, the required conscription for the military, the ever-more obvious lack of victory, among others.

    For the first, with the Vietnam war, those who made know the reasons for the immorality, they finally converted American sentiment. Where is the moral objection to aligning America, in so many ways, as financing, allowing a blockade, financial strangulation, with aligning with such a brutal, racist, murderous, thieving county–Israel, as is evident in Israeli conduct for decade after decade? So continuous as to be numbed into the soul of America?

    If so, then ghastly has become the soul of America.

    One answer is how well hidden, how well countered, how well censored and how well deceived are Americans.

    Another, is how well divided in so many ways, are Americans. It is a different country than that of the 1960’s.

    Another, is how well aimed a focus on issues other than what Israel is able to divert attention, by means of its influence on American news media, other than independent sources, such as this.

    Another, is directly ties to the “skin off their noses.” And that is conscription to military duty was universal in America.

    As to the first of those which would bring the immorality of alliance to Israel, the wholesale demonization of Islam, of repressive Arabian dictators has an influence.

    The question then is, how can America align itself with Saudi Arabia? Equally questionable, if only some of the criminality of Israel is available, how can Americans align themselves with it?

    For the latter, the most vigorous and persistent campaign to legitimize the whole of the Jewish-state worth has been conducted since before the establishment of the state of Israel.

    One ironic aspect is how before this, the contribution, philanthropically to American on the part of Jews before World War 2, was so prominent. To a very large extent, that evaporated to philanthropy to Israel, after.

    And now, how ironic that this “philanthropy” has caused such distrust and hatred toward America, as the national origin of this philanthropy is America and to continue it, has made America a partner in one of the most brutal, racist, land thieving… nation-states to its non-Jewish citizens, and war to its neighbors because of it.

    Comment by michael | May 23, 2019 | Reply

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