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Hamas delegation meets Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister

MEMO | February 20, 2020

A senior Hamas delegation has met with Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov in Doha, the capital of Qatar.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the Islamic Resistance Movement said that its delegation was led by the head of its International Office, Mousa Abu Marzook, accompanied by Political Bureau member Sami Khater and the former leader of its Political Bureau, Khaled Meshaal, as well as its representative in Moscow.

The Hamas delegation briefed Bogdanov on the latest political developments in the Palestinian cause, including the US “deal of the century”.

They reiterated that the deal is targeting the Palestinian people, their legitimate right to return and the efforts to establish an independent and sovereign state, which is why it has been rejected not only by the movement, but also all segments of Palestinian society.

Bogdanov reaffirmed his country’s support for the Palestinian people and rejection of any “peace plan” rejected by them. Russia, he explained, is ready to provide support for the Palestinians in order to end the internal division and achieve the national unity that is the key to achieving their legitimate objectives.

Furthermore, the Russian official stressed that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict should be solved on the basis of international law, including UN General Assembly resolutions and the Arab Peace Initiative.

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  1. “Furthermore, the Russian official stressed that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict should be solved on the basis of international law, including UN General Assembly resolutions and the Arab Peace Initiative”.

    I know his intentions are good, but Israel routinely ignores UN General Assembly resolutions urging it to behave in a fair and decent manner, towards the Palestinians……..Israel has NO intention of taking their “Jackboots” off the necks of the Palestinians……and the USA Government, just looks the other way, and whistles Dixie…….

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    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | February 20, 2020 | Reply

  2. Here, good on Russia! (although Russia often projects itself, in my view, as two-faced regarding the Palestinian-Ziomonster morass)

    Good on Hamas! It is the true nationalistic representative of all Palestinians. (I’ve always been drawn to and had great respect for Dr. Meshaal…good to see that he is still active and useful. Also good that the Ziomonster has not — yet — found the opportunity to exploit an opportunity to assassinate him.)

    Viva Palestine!


    Comment by roberthstiver | February 20, 2020 | Reply

  3. Hamas’s peaceful diplomatic missions testify to its enviable patience to counter Israeli propaganda against it. But aren’t there enough General Assembly Resolutions censuring Zionist aggression, repression, theft and war crimes? Mikhail Bogdanov should persuade President Putin to Table a Resolution to the Security Council calling for universal sanctions against the rogue state until it abides by international law, withdraws from Occupied Territory, lifts the siege, stops bombing Gaza, demolishing villages and imprisoning children for a start.

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    Comment by jbthring | February 21, 2020 | Reply

    • Great comment! Wish that “We, the people…” had a hotline to President Putin. He can, and should, pursue his intensely Russian-nationalistic views and policies, but he should leave ample room for support of those suffering while waiting for an end to colonialism, state terrorism, human rights violations, vast injustice et al. The hapless Palestinians are tormented, with excruciating Zionist vindictiveness (a vindictiveness grounded, I am convinced, in a guilt complex that has become a raging criminal psychosis that no one has the vision or courage to confront and take measures to control), beyond all measure….

      I wrote at another venue a couple of days ago, while assessing the status of the Ziomonster “left” — it’s a mere memory — of my recall of the “great old man” Israeli Jew Uri Avnery (R.I.P. ~two years ago at 94), whose life traversed soldier-Zionist-terrorist-parliamentarian-author-peaceseeker-editor-prophet-dissident leader of Gush Shalom intersections along the path of his life. He was able to overcome the psychosis recognized by him, but he was the lonely — and vilified for it — exception. (I shouldn’t “gush” all over MK Avnery: to his end, he harbored hope that a “two state” solution might come to reality, thus saving the land and the Israel he couldn’t but love. His passion, I believe, was always directed to that end even after his conversion to the “left” — and the Palestinians, let us remember, reluctantly accepted that reality as far back as 1988. [To me, “two-state” was finally executed by the Zionists circa 2006.])

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      Comment by roberthstiver | February 21, 2020 | Reply

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